COVID Relief Bill and Persons with Disabilities
Is It Better To Be Ignored?

The Swamp Approves

Drain the swampNote: The swamp is happily filling back up after limited draining during the last administration. Some would say very limited. After all, we locked down and the Trump administration jammed a warp speed vaccine program years after shutting down their own idea of a vaccine safety commission. In the USA, most large relief packages contain "boondoggles" and items fully unrelated to the catastrophe at hand. Politicians embed the relief package with cherry picked goodies so that if the package fails, they can blame the other side (they look a lot alike though) for denying help.

From Resist the Mainstream - Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Includes Health Surveillance, Languages, Animal COVID Studies

House Democrats unveiled Friday the $1.9 trillion economic stimulus package they hope to pass by late next week. Included in the bill are $1,400 stimulus checks and numerous other pandemic-related relief measures, like additional funding for state and local governments and more federal unemployment benefits.

The bill — which was “stitched together” by the Democratic-controlled House Budget Committee, according to Reuters — was also filled with dozens of items completely unrelated to direct pandemic relief.

The bill would enact a key promise made by President Joe Biden and Democrats, increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 by 2025.

The bill allocates $300 million of taxpayer dollars for the Agriculture Department to “conduct monitoring and surveillance of susceptible animals for incidence of SARS–CoV–2” as guided by the World Organization for Animal Health.

Addressing farm loans, the bill states that the Agriculture Department “shall provide a payment in an amount equal to 120% of the outstanding indebtedness of each socially disadvantaged farmer or rancher as of January 1, 2021, to pay off the loan directly or to the socially disadvantaged farmer or rancher.”

The purpose of the debt payments is to “alleviat[e] discriminatory barriers preventing socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers from fully participating in the American farm economy.”

According to The Blaze, the bill also provides another $1 billion to the same group for “outreach, mediation, financial training, capacity building training, cooperative development training and support, and other technical assistance to socially disadvantaged groups.

The bill allocates $91 million for the “Department of Education to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, domestically or internationally, including direct outreach to students and borrowers about financial aid, economic impact payments, means tested benefits, and tax benefits for which they may be eligible.” Read more here.



H.R. 1319 is called the ‘American Rescue Plan Act of 2021’. Likely we will need a rescue from the stitched together rescue.

John Stone


Don’t know what went wrong there but I think I fixed it.

Irena Stepanova

Happy Friday!
Kim, the link to Read More doesn't work
For me at least.
Thank you!

angus files

Gary Ogden Americas leader below, divide and rule I would usually think but this is Biden were talking about below where if a spitting image puppet was in power it would be a far more sensible coherent improvement.


“Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Pharma For Prison



"The bill allocates $300 million of taxpayer dollars for the Agriculture Department to “conduct monitoring and surveillance of susceptible animals for incidence of SARS–CoV–2” as guided by the World Organization for Animal Health."
Is this how we end up with gates wormburgers, cow covid clap?

Gary Ogden

What on Earth does "socially disadvantaged" mean?

L Land

Swamp draining? When? By whom?
Give me a break. I would have hoped people would have learned to stop believing all the lies.

Watch what they actual do.

Bob Moffit

The first measure enacted by the SWAMP .. now led by Biden .. was to install THOUSANDS of troops to protect the SWAMP .. now surrounded by a 40 foot high razor wire fence apparently to keep the most popular-elected president in our nation's history ,.. over 80 MILLION are said to have voted for him .. so popular he didn't have to campaign as others less worshipped have to do .. preferring instead to remain in his basement while declaring a "lid" on all media access day after day .. mumbling in front of a few dozen autos in some deserted Walmart parking lot ..

Odd a man so popular with voters feels the need to have THOUSANDS protecting him in the Capitol … it's probably cynical old me .. but .. I suspect those TROOPS will become as permanent in the Capitol as the covid masks will eventually prove to be.

Odd one of first actions was to end construction of wall on southern border to keep people from illegally entering country .. while at very same time constructing a wall around Capitol to keep people from entering Capitol grounds.

Odd new administration seems to fear the people who supposedly elected him .. while appears to have no similar fears of thousands walking into country … Covid be damned.

Of the SWAMP .. for the SWAMP .. by the SWAMP .. FOUR DARK YEARS AHEAD.

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