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The DePlatforming of Robert Kennedy Jr

DeplatformedRobert Kennedy Jr was "deplatformed" from Instagram because he created and shared an event (with over 43,000 participants) that discussed the safety, efficacy and very existence of the 2021 Messiah. Co V A X.  From Children's Health Defense:

RFK, Jr. Responds to Instagram’s Removal of His Account

RFK, Jr.’s Instagram account was deplatformed Wednesday. Dozens of media outlets reported the censorship, saying the account was removed over “vaccine misinformation,” a characterization Kennedy unequivocally rejected.

Children's Health Defense Team

Wednesday, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Instagram account was deplatformed without advanced notice. Dozens of media outlets reporting on this censorship asserted the account was removed over “false COVID vaccine claims” or “vaccine misinformation.” Some reports referred to Kennedy as an “anti-vaxxer.”

Kennedy, founder, chairman and chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense,” unequivocally rejects those characterizations as false and misleading.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD), including Kennedy, advocates for vaccine safety and health freedom. CHD’s mission is to end childhood health epidemics by exposing the causes, eliminating harmful exposures, holding those responsible accountable and seeking justice for those harmed.

As Kennedy has said many times, for a democracy to function, civil debate of issues —  including vaccine science — must be allowed. Censorship of that debate is anathema to democracy.

Kennedy and Mary Holland, CHD president and general counsel, issued the following statements on Instagram’s removal of Kennedy’s account:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense, said:

“Every statement I put on Instagram was sourced from a government database, from peer-reviewed publications and from carefully confirmed news stories. None of my posts were false. Facebook, the pharmaceutical industry and its captive regulators use the term ‘vaccine misinformation’ as a euphemism for any factual assertion that departs from official pronouncements about vaccine health and safety, whether true or not. This kind of censorship is counterproductive if our objective is a safe and effective vaccine supply.

“The pharmaceutical industry is hastily creating vaccines using taxpayer money and untested technologies. These include a rash of risky new products that are exempt from liability, from long-term safety testing and that have not received FDA approval. Emergency Use Authorization is a mass population scientific experiment. If it has any prayer of working, it will require extraordinary scrutiny from the press and the public. READ THE REST AT THE DEFENDER.


Meanwhile, this article was published yesterday from a small school district near Syracuse, New York, and it's not the first district to suffer system wide adverse reactions that shut down classes. Can you afford to take time off from taking care of your family? Your job? Short term? We have no idea about long time effects. None. Nada. Zero. We just had a "Snow Day" here in Connecticut. Guess we need to build in "Co" days now too?

CNY Schools & Colleges Central NY school district closes after many staff sick with side effects from Covid vaccine

The Sandy Creek school district closed today after numerous staff members reported feeling ill after the second vaccine, district officials said.

Superintendent Kyle Faulkner told | The Post Standard that health care provider ConnectCare came to the district to give teachers, staff, substitutes, aides, bus drivers and others the Moderna vaccine.

More than half the employees received the first shot a month ago, and the second injection was Wednesday, Faulkner said.


Tim Lundeen

I'm glad to see all these high-tech businesses showing their true face. Before, it was hidden behind shadow banning, suppressed search results, etc.

Now everyone can see the censorship.

I don't think laws and regulations are the answer. As long as there is centralized control, they will find ways to work around the law and distort the discussion. We have to have a new system, with no central control.

We need distributed social media, and it will happen. The sooner the better :-)

Jonathan Rose

Happily, the deplatforming of RFK Jr. will very likely backfire. I've noticed that the mainstream media has widely reported the suppression of CHD. Of course they approve of this censorship, but at the same time they are giving enormous publicity to RFK and CHD. Many if not most people who follow the mainstream media don't trust it, and they may quite reasonably assume that anything censored by the tech companies is probably true, so they will naturally check out the CHD website. The MSM also ruefully reports that in spite of the COVID epidemic, vaccine skepticism in increasing apace, and they can't figure out why that's happening. It doesn't occur to them that their own clumsy attempts at propaganda and censorship are fueling the resistance.

Joe F.

The statement from RFK, jr. and Holland was excellent--really stellar. I think it's the strongest stance he's publicly taken. Ironically, I think the pressures of censorship are forcing RFK, jr. to dig in his heels and take a much, much stronger and more honest position vis a vis vaccines than heretofore. I knew he had it in him!

The dishonesty of the censors will separate people out. No one respects a censor. Facebook and YouTube are definitely less vital and relevant platforms now that they've shown they're all about censorship and not the free flow of information. People have already gravitated to BitChute and Rumble. Facebook will go the way of Myspace.


Bob Moffit

"The Sandy Creek school district closed today after numerous staff members reported feeling ill after the second vaccine, district officials said."

Once again … repeat after me … "CORRELATION DOES NOT MEAN CAUSATION" .. just because numerous staff members reported feeling ill after second vaccine … DOES NOT MEAN THE VACCINE CAUSED THEM TO FEEL ILL.



Gerardo Martinez

Fight on Mr. Kennedy!! You speak the truth. We got your back!! Long live Liberty and Freedom!! Love from Texas.


If CHD does not sue the "Vax-checkers" for defamation, they have lost my respect.
This has already been successfully done by a conservative "Blexit" leader.


"Let America be America again.
Let it be the dream it used to be.
Let it be the pioneer on the plain
seeking a home where he himself is free."
Langston Hughes
Let America Be America Again


Pure evil.

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