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Sia Music Video Castigated for Portrayal of Restraint & Seclusion

Bella Hand
Evidence in my daughter's case

From the Washington Post.  Our children, from young through adulthood, deserve respect and proper treatment. As someone whose daughter was abused, leading to a criminal case and felony result, there are few pains as sharp as knowing people who are supposed to care for ,teach, assist are too angry, underpaid, untrained and lazy to do their jobs without resorting to base actions.


The very real, very painful reasons the autistic community demanded two restraint scenes be removed from Sia’s new film ‘Music

At least 745.

That’s how many times, court documents say, Jennifer Tidd’s son was restrained and secluded in school.

The Northern Virginia mother can’t say much about the lawsuit she and other parents launched about a year and a half ago against Fairfax County Public Schools. But what Tidd can share, and is eager to, is what her inbox has shown since she became a receptacle for questions, complaints and worries from parents across the country: Too many autistic people have been restrained against their will, and too often that action has resulted in injuries, trauma or death.

“This is what we’re dealing with when we have kids who have intellectual and developmental disabilities,” says Tidd, who has two autistic sons. “They’re not seen as people.”

If they were, she says, people wouldn’t do things to them that they would never consider doing to other children. They wouldn’t respond to their meltdowns by holding them down or locking them away, instead of taking the time to figure out what is bothering them.  Read more here.



Sad with autism,
if you are not a troll maybe explain a little more about yourself like your gender and job if you have on
we will not ask for life story nor your name. We would believe you more then. I have autism and NEUROFIBROMATOSIS and got infected with SARS COVID 19 myself moderately.

Laura Hayes

sad with autism,

To add to what Emmaphiladelphia wrote, I hope you will read, ponder, and take to heart this Bible verse:


@sad with autism

If you know God, He is enough. When our first born was 8 months old, I was looking out of the kitchen window while doing dishes. Our house faced a park, and sometimes homeless people would hang out there. On this occasion, I saw a man lying on the park bench, and my sin nature was irked that a drunk was "ruining" the park atmosphere. He didn't move for a long time. God's small voice was telling me to go check on the man, and I tried to ignore it- not wanting to get involved. I heard the voice several times, and finally I told God I would obey, even if I didn't want to. As I walked out of the house towards the park, I was overcome with the Love of God. It was a miracle. I knew this overwhelming emotion was not from me. I was experiencing how much God loved this broken man, and I was worried that he might die. He lay unconscious on the bench, unkempt and about 60 years old. Again I heard God's voice telling me to lay hands on him and pray that he would be healed. I obeyed, and God's words of healing flowed from my mouth. The man opened his eyes and sat up. At first he thought I was an angel. I assured him that I was not, but that God loved him and called me to help him. He began to tell me his story and how he ended up homeless. He had been injured at his job and couldn't work. Eventually he turned to alcohol and ended up on the street. He told me his mother was a Christian and had been praying for him. I fed him and helped him get back on his feet. His mother took him in and helped him get disability assistance. He started to go to church with her. I know all of this because about a month after I met Bobby, there was a knock at my from door. There he stood, like a resurrected saint, nicely dressed and with a smile on his face. He handed me a new baby stroller for my son. He was so thankful for me helping him. I was so humbled, because I knew it was the urging of the Lord that made me go over to the park. I was the one who witnessed God's miracle that day and experienced His unconditional Love. It is supernatural. It is not like us.

But God wasn't through. About a week later, a teenager, hooked on drugs, had been watching our house from the same park. It was a Sunday. We had gone to church and then went to my parent's house nearby. While there, we got a call from our neighbor telling us our house was on fire and she had called the fire department. We hurried home and arrived while the flames were still shooting out the roof. The fire department was very efficient getting the fire out, so it wasn't a total loss. Yet, as I watched the flames, I had this overwhelming sense of peace. I knew that God had everything under control. My neighbor and her husband had been separated, but he had returned home that day to try to work things out. He had gone out for a walk, and saw our house in flames. That quick call to the fire department saved much of our possessions. It turned out that the teen had broken in to rob us, didn't find much (it was stored in a hidden closet) and then doused our bedroom closets with gasoline from our garage and set them on fire. He was never caught.

But God still wasn't through with me. We were able to find a house much closer to my husband's work, in a better neighborhood. Not long after we settled in, my new neighbor and her husband were both in separate car wrecks around the same time while on their way to work. The husband just had minor injuries, but Kathy, the wife, came out of her seatbelt and her head hit the windshield. She ended up paralyzed from the shoulders down. She developed seizures from the head injury. I have never met an individual who has endured so much suffering as Kathy. She and her sister were born out of wedlock, and when she was about five, her mother gave her and her sister up to foster care because she could not care for them. The sisters were separated, and Kathy was moved around to many different homes. She was emotionally damaged from the trauma. Yet as an adult, she met Jesus and gained tremendous strength through him. I could write a book about all the trials she went through after the accident. However, it too had a miraculous outcome. She physically improved beyond doctor's expectations, and after many surgeries, could walk with leg braces and crutches. Sadly, her husband, who had been abusive, died. But, he had repented and found salvation. Kathy's biological father was a wealthy business man who lived in Florida. Kathy was able to make contact with him, and he brought her to his home so he could help care for her. While there, she met a sea captain, they fell in love and got married. A true happily ever after.

Sad with autism, you have a purpose in life and God is waiting to show you the way forward. All things are possible with Him.

Laura Hayes

sad with autism,

See if there is a local FEAT chapter in your area (Families for Early/Effective Autism Treatment), as it might have some wonderful people in it willing to help, support, and encourage you.

Also, I would like to recommend the movie “Fat Fiction”, as it might prove helpful in guiding you to a healthy diet that would help with some of the health issues you listed.

I hope you find someone locally who is able to help you advocate for yourself. And please hang in there!

sad with autism

I’m not a troll, but I have PDD NOS and borderline classic autism, even though I have severe anxiety/medical issues/autism I am intellectually mid-high functioning. Unlike most of AOA’s children I can talk (mostly only to my parents/family) and use a keyboard.

I have PANDAS and suffered regression with Strep infections.

My youngest sibling (5 years older than me) has Intermittent Explosive Disorder and Aspergers and he literally smeared poo on the bathroom walls when he was living with me. Even though he’s high functioning. He also choked my parents behind my back while I was eating yogurt (I never choked my parents, my brother did), my brother destroyed $1000’s worth of furniture, put on numerous meds he flushed down the toilet, he gave my mom a black eye, and he k*lled 2 cats while I wasn’t looking. He’s in a group home in Tampa FL now.

Kate C

To sad with autism
I am so sorry for all you have endured. You are a survivor, and I hope you will continue to choose to survive and to tell your story.
Do you play computer games? There are groups who play together on line. Some universities have anime clubs you can join, if you are interested in anime, even if you’re not a student.
You are obviously smart and articulate. I believe you will find your way.


"Sad with autism" sounds like a troll to me. Prove me wrong.

Tim Lundeen

Being restrained ALWAYS results in trauma. What has happened to us?


Agree with Hera! At 19 you are finally in the exciting position of shaping your own future; maybe even reinvent yourself in a different place or life situation. Have you considered the possibility of starting over in a new location with perhaps better supports than what you have available now? You’re too young to be give up hope. Remember that the current COVID situation is making things even worse right now, for others too. I’ll include you in my prayers.


Hi Sad With Autism.
Please call a friend, or a help hotline, or someone you trust and get some support.
As someone who had a hard childhood; please take it from me; life gets so very much better. At 19, you are able to take charge of your own life. You can make it good.
Please take care of yourself.

sad with autism

I’m 19 and don’t want to live anymore - after a scary and sad childhood of being restrained, put into mental asylum and school scream rooms, profound physical health problems (arthritis to the point of needing a wheelchair sometimes, GI problems, obesity, extreme joint pain, and breathing problems), and inability to attend any high school (I was homeschooled for all my HS years so no HS memories), being put on numerous painful restraints and injections since infancy (both psychiatric and immunizations)

I want to die before i’m 25. By euthanasia in a peaceful and voluntary setting. Send me back to heaven already God. I can’t keep “living” this painful autistic existence. So many are blinded by normalizing autism and psychiatric torture such as restraints, injections and patient abuse, also blinded by the denial autism is destroying countless lives on Earth such as mine.

Psychiatry 4 Prison
Pharma 4 Prison

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