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Shameless manipulation: Positive PCR tests drop after WHO instructs vendors to lower cycle thresholds

Numbers don't lieBelow is an expert from an important article by by Dr. Meryl Nass. Numbers can be manipulated as easily as people. Molded. Shaped. Crafted to create a dialog of hope or fear.

Shameless manipulation: Positive PCR tests drop after WHO instructs vendors to lower cycle thresholds. We have been played like a fiddle

Hospitalization rates associated with Covid have dropped from a high of 132,500 Americans on January 6 to 71,500 on February 12.  The US had 920,000 staffed hospital beds in 2019, of which 14.4% harbored a Covid case last month, and 7.8% do now.

This tremendous drop was predicted. Every hospitalized patient is tested for Covid, often repeatedly, using PCR tests with high false positive rates. False positives are due in considerable part to exhorbitant cycle thresholds. This refers to the maximum number of doublings that are allowed during the test. The problem caused by excessive cycle thresholds was well described in a NY Times article last August, but has otherwise been ignored by the mass media. Dr. Sin Hang Lee challenged the FDA's reliance on exhorbitant cycle thresholds in its acceptance of efficacy claims for Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine in early December. He and FDA remain engaged in this debate.

The WHO instructed PCR test users and manufacturers on December 14 and again on January 20 that PCR cycle thresholds needed to come down. The December 14 guidance stated WHO's concern regarding "an elevated risk for false SARS-CoV-2 results" and pointed to "background noise which may lead to a specimen with a high cycle threshold value result being [incorrectly] interpreted as a positive result."

The first instruction has been superceded by the second, which additionally advises on clinical use of the test:  If the "test results do not correspond with the clinical presentation, a new specimen should be taken and retested..." While this implies that the test should only be performed in those with symptoms, and its results should be interpreted with the clinical context in mind, most PCR tests in the US are used very differently: to screen asymptomatics at work, at colleges and universities, to permit border crossings, etc.  No caution is applied to the results. One single positive test defines someone as a Covid case. Yet it is well known, and was acknowledged in WHO's January guidance, that screening in low Covid prevalence situations, such as in the screening of asymptomatics, increases the risk of false positives. And the risk increases as the prevalence of disease drops, such that in situations of low disease prevalence, it is common to find that most positives are actually false positives.  For example, see this BMJ chart and then the real-life example in the comment below it.

Everyone in the field knew that the PCR test results were bogus.  Even Tony Fauci admitted last July that cycle thresholds above 35 were not measuring virus, and furthermore that virus could not be cultured from samples that required a high number of cycles to show positivity. 

But the drumbeat from the Coronavirus Task Force and some academics and others was "Test all, test often"--despite the inordinate numbers of false positives and negatives. Congress repeatedly allocated many billions of dollars for testing (often free for the person being tested) and so testing quickly mushroomed. Nearly two million Covid tests a day were recorded in the US over the last 3 months. Most of these have been PCR tests which, despite their problems, are still considered the most accurate. Most of the remaining tests performed were rapid antigen tests. These tests too suffer from high false positive rates, as the FDA warned last November.

While daily deaths have only dropped about 15% since January 12, there have been dramatic drops during the month in new cases (down 60% from 250,000 new cases/day to 100,000) and, as noted, in hospitalizations (down 46%). Reports claim a total of 475,000 Americans have died from Covid.

However, none of these numbers are reliable.  In addition to inaccurate PCR results, a variety of other measures have skewed the reported number of deaths from Covid.

While CDC electronically codes other causes of death, it has chosen to hand code every Covid death, and explains: 

    • "It takes extra time to code COVID-19 deaths. While 80% of deaths are electronically processed and coded by NCHS within minutes, most deaths from COVID-19 must be coded by a person, which takes an average of 7 days."

I am waiting for CDC to answer my Freedom of Information Act query, which requested the protocol CDC's coders use for coding Covid-19 as a cause of death. Why is CDC treating Covid deaths differently from deaths due to other conditions? 




I am sorry to hear about your treatment. The video I linked had nothing to do with Florida's (or any other state's) treatment of people with autism. It is a video of Florida's response to Covid-19 in terms of lockdowns, masks, school openings etc. I hope you can find some support soon. Good luck.

angus files

Iam sad keep writing please, there are plenty on here that don`t need convincing about your torture. Florida is making a small step so we hope its a start that spreads exactly what the power freaks and their minion's, don`t want.

Pharma For Prison



Julie, please don’t defend Florida. As a teenage autistic with seasonal affective disorder and severe trauma I was restrained injected neglected drugged and tortured inside a so called “behavioral health center” there. I was then forced into awful coercive “therapy” services there too.

I feel sad but also happy about wanting to go back to Heaven and leave this cruel traumatic “life” forever, but I don’t know if God would allow me into Heaven.

I was tortured, restrained, injected and abused for wanting basic rights and a better home, the only reasons I had such meltdowns in the first place. Does God hate me? Will God ever forgive me?

angus files

Its not until we get as mad as hell and agitate! that this madness stops.

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

Still relevant, maybe more so now than when aired in 1976 (in the movie “Network”):

“I’m Mad as Hell!”



This is a short video on the more sensible approach taken by Florida, and the results.



My sister in law is convinced that you can get Covid twice

She lost one son. Another son she says has been tested out again and has it the second time
They all have had Covid but getting the vaccine anyway. Nothing I can do

Will they lie to you baby, every time, all for schemes that make it impossible for us to figure out.


We're seeing many serious injuries and deaths from this covid vaccine, it's a bad one. Definitely some second guessing going on, both for what the shot did to them and their friends. Some didn't lose anyone from covid (pcr positive) yet they're seeing painful losses in their immediate 'bubble'. Was it worth it ? Would you do it again knowing you would develop 'some form of MS' or your brother died ? Have we all been tricked by Bill Gates and Tony Fauci ? How many people died in that nursing home in Spain from covax, 30% ? Extrapolate that to America, it's a government led massacre. Jonestown.
I say this to stop further injuries in the family and friends everyone, including the diverse and wise commenters at AofA. Spring will come again someday, you know it will, and we just need to hang in there until we can make it happen.

Bob Moffit

"Everyone in the field knew that the PCR test results were bogus. Even Tony Fauci admitted last July that cycle thresholds above 35 were not measuring virus, and furthermore that virus could not be cultured from samples that required a high number of cycles to show positivity."


When you compare Del with Fauci .. it is obvious that Del is far more reliable and well informed during the entire pandemic .. which scares the heck out of me because Del is warning of various problems with the Covid vaccines being given to MILLIONS OF PEOPLE .. especially troubling are potential LONG TERM EFFECTS ON FERTILITY AND FUTURE GENERATIONS YET BORN.

Why does Del have so many problems informing people with information that has proven him to be very RELIABLE .. but .. Fauci on the other hand has prominent voice on all media even though he has proven himself UNRELIABLE on a number of occasions?????

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