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NPR Reports on Use of Boosters

Miss targetWe live in a nation where we have to tell consumers to not eat the pizza straight from the freezer. That the coffee they ordered is hot. That the cheap plastic bag they just paid $.10 for at the grocery store is NOT A TOY, although at some point soon, it might be a form of mask....  So, imagine the complications of adding boosters and new product variants to future Co vid V a cc ines?

I see many autism families on social media who are getting vaccinated and making sure their kids do too.  In the USA, recipients get the Pfizer or Moderna, with J&J perhaps coming on line. There's no choice. You get what's being dosed at your site. Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, no Pfizer, MODERNA. We wish all recipients well.  The NPR article below makes the science sound like a recipe Grandma might make as drugmakers "tweak" their original vaccines. Note that the NPR article calls the vaccines "FDA approved". However, these products were given emergency usage approval under the PREP act, which is not the same. We are in a mass clinical trial.


COVID-19 Vaccine Makers' Booster Shots Aim At A Moving Target: Coronavirus Variants

Putting the boosters front-and-center: As drugmakers tweak their original vaccines to respond more acutely to variants, they will also consider whether new versions of their vaccines might effectively replace the initial recipes. Moderna says it will explore whether its variant-specific booster and its multivalent booster should become the primary vaccination series of shots for people who haven't been exposed to the coronavirus. 

In the future, different circumstances will likely determine which vaccine or booster a person receives.

Someone who has antibodies from a previous infection or immunization would probably only get a booster shot, for instance, while someone whose system hasn't been exposed to the coronavirus would receive "an updated vaccine that aims to provide immunity to both the ancestral strains and variants of concern," Moderna said on Thursday, during a call with investors.

It's also possible people could receive a vaccine that's tailored to variants that have been detected in their country.
Read more at NPR.






Grace Green

I think it's called "emergency usage authorization", which, you're right, is completely different from 'FDA Approved'. I believe the wording is the same with the MHRA over here in Europe. But so many people don't understand the difference, and really believe the vaccines have been fully tested and proven safe! I'm sure the administering nurses/doctors/soldiers/homeless people don't tell them either.

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