Why Don't Americans Want Informed Consent?
Urgent warning re Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths in the elderly and Care Homes

Money! Fame! Glamour! The Secret World of the A-V

Money puzzleThis article came into my email yesterday. Thank for Lord I wasn't mid-coffee sip. I'd have choked or had a major keyboard clean up laughing.  If you'd like to have a frank conversation with the vast majority of us who have kids with vax injury and who have dedicated and sacrificed to try to prevent others from falling into the same rabbit hole, check out the tax returns of the non-profits. The kitchen table non profits. Age of Autism? We file the post card tax return every year.  Google it. Most of the orgs doing on the ground work have salaries that could fill a thimble and leave room for your thumb. Do we deserve to make a decent salary? Hell yes. I made more money when the Apple Mac was the new kid on the block.  This work is a labor of agony and love and a refusal to quit. Stubborn. That's what we are. Too stubborn to walk away and make more doing unfulfilling work. Too stubborn to leave behind friends who've become family. Our autism family. Sure, the big orgs like Autism Speaks, who were never about to jeopardize funds by pursuing the V is for Verboten topic, had huge salaries. Maybe other orgs we know do too. God bless them. The orgs that have fought for more than 15 years for every individual with autism that I know and respect operate on shoestrings.  Some have partners who help support our work. Others successful non-autism businesses that allow them to rock the autism work. And thank God for that.

Are there shysters and opportunists? Yes. And we've seen some come and go over the years. But I will tell you in no uncertain terms, we do not get rich doing this. WE GET BROKE. 

We were here through H1N1 Swine flu. Antivaxxing. We were here through Ebola. Antivaxxing. (By the way, the Ebola vaccine was announced just before Covid, and went into hiding I guess.) And we'll be here during and after the Covid hysteria. Because autism doesn't wax or wane. It's here and even if it disappeared tonight, our loved ones have a long life ahead of them and they need us.

The article below has one mission. Protect the Covax. Become one of the Vaccinointed and you too can join the choir.


How COVID-conspiracists and anti-vaxxers are getting organised and making money

By Sanya Burgess and Victoria Elms, reporters

It's easy to dismiss conspiracy theorists who say COVID-19 doesn't exist, or that we are all living through a "plandemic" - an event orchestrated by the evil and powerful.

But NHS workers and the police have told Sky News the people who spread those theories are a "genuine problem", whose "fake news" may damage generations to come.

The Police Federation told Sky News currently around three quarters of protests are against lockdown restrictions. Worryingly, the remainder are largely organised by COVID-conspiracists and anti-vaxxers.

Sky News took a detailed look at those promoting COVID conspiracy theories in the UK - online and offline.

We found endless groups and pages circulating conspiracies, but three organisations dominate the landscape - Stand Up X, Stop New Normal and Save Our Rights UK.

These groups seek to generate money, often through donations. The leader of one group has amassed at least £45,000 from the public. Other groups have launched paid-for social media platforms and a shop.

Our investigation into these three groups shows they push an array of conspiracies including that coronavirus is less harmful than science says, to denying COVID-19 exists at all, to the debunked dangers of taking the vaccine.  Read more here.


Cherry Misra

Ye shall know the evil ones by the words they speak and write. ! Got a great treatment for cancer or autism or anything else that deviates even a tiny bit from the mainstream? You're a snake-oil salesman. Got some facts supported by 119 peer reviewed studies , all challenging mainstream ideas. ? You're sure to be DEBUNKED !

And now with a drumroll, ........ the verb "amassed." Bill Gates (simply as an example, of course), receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, but those bad antivaxxers AMASS large sums such as maybe 40,000 dollars. !!!
Anyone care to add further to the list? or maybe write a country western song about bad anti-vaxxers.


Emma; What is scary is that populist states they are saying are the ones that are efficient at getting the vaccines in the arms.

The Progressive states are so messed up with equity of who gets it first; they are behind.

Well one way to get rid of those pesky domestic terrorist, and further more a good way to the cleansing of those brain washed cult Trump supports.

Let the beheadings continue. Beheading -- more than one way to remove a head.


Finding Nimmo:

The new face(book) of social media censorship.....

He's from the U.K. Does he serve The City of London?



Facebook conspiracy to censor truth about vaccines.....

Facebook to BAN claims about ‘man-made’ Covid-19 & ‘unsafe’ vaccines as it launches election-like campaign to promote vaccination

"Facebook is expanding the list of ‘false’ and ‘debunked’ claims about the coronavirus and vaccines that will be grounds for banning from the platform, while launching the largest ‘authoritative’ vaccination campaign worldwide."

"The new policy was implemented following consultations with the World Health Organization (WHO) and others, and will help Facebook “continue to take aggressive action against misinformation” about Covid-19 and vaccines, Rosen added."


Sign them up!
Get Fauci, Gates, and W.H.O. leaders to go on a LOOOOOOONG spelunking mission.....

"China bat caves need exploring for Covid-19 clues, says WHO, adding that virus circulation may predate identification in Wuhan"

And you thought Bat Man was fiction. LOL!


"but still have to obey the laws on things like mask mandates. "

A mandate is not a Constitutional law passed by Congress. The Executive Branch does not make law.
Show me a mask product box that states that the mask protects from Covid 19 infection. A common brand sold at a certain Big Box store states under the "warning" on the package, "These masks do not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection, nor reduce the risk of illness or death.

susan welch

What an incredibly horrible hit piece! How dare they write in such a pious way about people who, from my experience of them, especially Save our Rights Group (as I have more experience of them) have played by the book? I especially took exception to the criticism of Louise's 'UNFOUNDED claim that the vaccine had been rushed'. That sentence more or less sums up the whole hit piece. How could any 'journalist' say this vaccine has NOT been rushed.

Thank you, Kim, for 'being there' and I do so wish you could be well rewarded for all the amazing work you do. Sometimes life seems to reward all the wrong people and I think all of you, in the U.S and here in the UK deserve so much more than you get.

Hopefully our love of this page and our sincere appreciation for all that you do may help a little.


If only the writers of that article were as passionate about following the REAL money, in Big Pharma’s modern medicine system, as they are about tracking the finances of these small potatoes ... the arrogant, ignorant cowards.


These groups have a right to express their opinions, but still have to obey the laws on things like mask mandates. So far I’m not aware of laws mandating the vaccine, and there shouldn’t be such laws, since the vaccine has the potential to injure or kill. Every person has to be aware that on every issue there will be those promoting the opposite view: everyone needs to use his intelligence and common sense to analyze the information he reads or hears on all sides.

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