The DePlatforming of Robert Kennedy Jr
Covid Absolutism


Laura Hayes

She hits the nail on the head again:


Governing Global Health ,Who Runs the World and Why?
Book By Chelsea Clinton and Devi Sirdhar.

United Nations- The Sustainable Development Goals -17 Interlinked goals set in 2015
Goal 3 - Good Health and Well -being [ Define Well-being?}

Goals wanted a new nomenclature for shepherding the new narritive ?
See Ideology summary -Wikipedia .
Hence the" who flung dung " Glossary/Kardex, needs some new "slag off" descriptors /Labels ! List .
Perfect example -Vaccine Hesitancy -Wikipedia .

Anyone not in "Click Step" with the "Clucking Flock Ideology" considered a baa-baa high value black sheep and "Not a hive mentality team player?"
Sustainable Healthy Haggis, still banned from the United Nations ,Head Office canteen menu as
Very savvy and fab, Lord Jonathan Sumption's ,severe media, tongue thrashing. for daring to point out to the public's cognative dissonance .That Feudal -system class structure has not changed it's values .Just using a different nomenaclature /Labels for "Public Health Improvers?"
www.the guardian .com
Experts unconvinced by Lord Sumptions Lockdown Ethics 19 January 2021

Runrig -Dance Called America You Tube


So, I’m supposed to believe that the guy leading the charge against Monsanto & Exxon, and FOR disabled children is the enemy?

Dr King said the arch of the moral universe .... bends toward justice.

Yes it does. I’m on the side of justice.


God love our neighborhood pages: "When posting, please make sure to keep this Community Guideline in mind:

We're committed to the safety of our members and we are taking active measures to reduce the spread of misinformation related to critical events such as the 2020 U.S.election, COVID-19 and the U.S. Census."


Wow! Everyone is coming together. Hearts

angus files

Power in numbers folks and the dark side knows that a few powerful people at the top cannot stop the masses many have tried - we the people will win.

Pharma For Prison


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