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Is Death the Final Awakening?

Death is the awakeningChildren's Health Defense shared data the deaths reported to VAERS post Co Vax. We know all too well that officials and average citizens will jump through hoops, bend over backward and do anything they can to refuse to believe that the Covior (new word, Covid Savior, perfect for this Lenten season) could cause the ultimate "event."  As far as awakening, most of us haven't slept in years.


One-Third of Deaths Reported to CDC After COVID Vaccines Occurred Within 48 Hours of Vaccination

The numbers reflect the latest data available as of Feb. 12 from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System website. Of the 929 reported deaths, about one-third occurred within 48 hours.

According to new data released today, as of Feb. 12, 15,923 adverse reactions to COVID vaccines, including 9a29 deaths, have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) since Dec. 14, 2020.

VAERS is the primary mechanism in the U.S. for reporting adverse vaccine reactions. Reports submitted to VAERS require further investigation before a determination can be made as to whether the reported adverse event was directly or indirectly caused by the vaccine.  Read more at Children's Health Defense.


No Jab,noJob, ?
Six Covid Vaccination questions for HR.
By Jo Mosley ,20 Jan 2021.
States -Anti-Vaxxers subscribing to the myriad of conspiracy theories doing the rounds are unlikely to be protected because they have to show that their beliefs are worthy of respect in a democratic sociaty .

Oh What ! Define the situation /terminology ?
What exactly is an Anti-Vaxxer ?

Grenfell Tower Residents ,were described as Anti-Cladding, pests and rebel rousers, because they had concerns over fire safety/fire prevention ,issues ,problems and difficulties at Residents meetings . Apparently at present, 11 million people now living in "Tinderbox Accommodation !"
No Cladding or No Home? Oh What!

Lockdown Sceptics -Stay Sceptical -Control the Hysteria
No Jab ,No Job, GMC Threatens Doctors with Disiplinary Action for Declining Vaccine
By Will Jones 25 February 2021 .


Quite a hum-dinger of who flung dung ! between Neill Ferguson Versus the informed public !
Lockdown Sceptics
Article 21 February 2021

The dung response being chucked around being,
https/ content/uploads
2020/03 Conspiracy Theory Handbook [pdf]

Edward L Bernays would be laughing at them as well!
Who was Edward L Bernays ?
Suggest folk take the time to go and find out for their own selvies sake !


If Rachel Hotez experienced an adverse event from the Covid 19 vaccine, would she even know? Would daddy say, "one generation of imbeciles is enough"? The quote is in reference to Buck v. Bell. I apologize if the word "imbecile" hurt someone. No one is an imbecile! I use the word to make a point.

Donna L.

And this is just the beginning. Just think about how these victims' families will feel a year from now, when this whole scam has been revealed as just another big "whoopsie" in the long history of medical/political mistakes, and Covid is just another cold virus we can all deal with naturally, and these families of Co Vax victims will be censored and silenced and the lives lost to the 'vaccine' will have been all for nothing. All for absolutely nothing.


929 reported deaths, so if vaers collects 1% of ae's then we're looking at ~ 92,900 US alone. America is 4.25% of world pop. so 92,000/.0425 = 2,185,882 worldwide.
I'd love to see the Supreme Court become involved, perhaps they'll do a better job than vaccine court. Certainly the executive and legislative branches of gov are lost to corporate interests. I do think mandatory vaccination policies will break down from the inside. The very healthcare workers giving the shots are afraid of the shots and they're witnessing the same carnage we are. The justices on the Supreme Court see it too, they have friends and family in skilled nursing facilities. A 30% death rate in SNFs from vaccines will not slip by them. or will it ?

Jonathan Rose

Apropos of CHD, the New York Times has just told its readers to stop thinking critically, and it specifically mentions RFK Jr. as someone to be avoided:

See, it's easy. Just check out Wikipedia (which always tells us the whole truth), and you'll see that Bobby is an "antivaccinationist" and "conspiracy theorist". What more do you need to know? Yeah, sure, this used to be called an "ad hominem attack", but what's wrong with that? You certainly don't want to investigate the science behind all this, that's a waste of time.

Bob Moffit

"Meanwhile, the FDA has not yet implemented systems to monitor the safety of the experimental COVID vaccines. FDA officials told The New York Times they don’t expect the systems to be up and running before the Biden administration reaches its goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans — nearly one third of the U.S. population."

Predictably .. the "warp speed" production of Covid vaccines DID NOT include a "warp speed" introduction of a "system to monitor the safety" .. and … "they don't expect the systems to be up and running before the Biden administration reaches its goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans .. nearly one third of the US population"

Del Bigtree is right .. the ONLY way to protect our country from such lack of responsibility of vaccine manufacturers and their allies in the Washington SWAMP … is to go to Supreme Court demanding LIABILIY BE RETURNED TO VACCINE MANUFACTURERS FOR THE INJURIES AND DEATHS THEY ROUTINELY CAUSE.

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