A Dose of Encouragement from Connecticut
Autism and Increase Risk of Suicide

iPhone Update Includes Exposure Concierge


Check out the iPhone’s “concierge” feature. Exposure notifications for Covid. I can think of a thousands notifications I'd prefer before this one....  Ice cream parlor two streets away! Slow down, lady in a black Escalade with road rage and PMS just a half 1/2 mile in front of you. You kids are really grumpy, make a U-turn ahead. Covid sure has provided many new ways to digitally track citizens, hasn't it. Speaking of "digital" attacks, did you hear about the "new and improved" swabbing method out of China?





Thumbs up.
Don't forget to go and buy a Silver Eagle coin to fund the "war" bonds- if you can find any.
I'm sitting pretty. I bought a long time ago.

Tim Lundeen

I have been a long-time Apple user, but I'm not going to support companies that censor (removing Parler from their store), or support built-in tracking.

I turned off my automatic iPhone system updates last year, and do not plan to upgrade it, ever. When the time comes to get a new phone, I'm going to get an Android, then probably install an older Android release on it, or find a version without built-in tracking features.

I'm also stopping use of Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I've had it with these f***tards.


I installed this app on my phone last summer, but Missouri hasn’t activated the system. I’d like to know the information.

Hans Litten


7 Dead and 100% of Residents Infected in Spanish Nursing Home After Being Injected with Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Shots

Why isnt AoA seeing all of this ? Murders and maimings everywhere

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