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Heart-syringeThank you to Children's Health Defense for crunching this important safety data. VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Response System, and part of the Federal government. Reports of post v a x  cardiac events are frightening. Many of us have friends and family are are getting this new product. Some of our readers are likely getting it too.  From the CHD site:

What VAERS Data Reveal About Cardiac-Related Reactions to COVID Vaccines

As of Feb. 4, 1,171 cases of cardiac-related reactions were reported to VAERS, including 134 cases where the patient died — or 21% of the total COVID vaccine deaths reported to VAERS.

We are exactly two months into the COVID 19 vaccine rollout, which began on Dec. 14, 2020. Each Friday The Defender  reports on the latest vaccine reaction numbers from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database.

As of Feb. 4, 12,697 reactions, including 653 deaths, had been reported to the system, out of 35 million doses of vaccines administered.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is using the VAERS system as an passive reaction surveillance tool following the fast-tracked, Emergency Use Authorization of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Other systems being used are V-Safe and the Vaccine Safety Database.

We looked at the data we have so far to see if we could identify any emerging patterns. What immediately stands out is that the 12,697 reactions reported as of Feb. 4 are not limited to injection-site reactions. These appear to be serious reactions reported by medical personnel from all over the country.

One trend worth noting is the number of reported cardiological reactions, including myocardial and tachycardia disorders. We found 1,171 cases using the more common symptoms reported, including 134 cases where the patient died — or 21% of the total COVID vaccine deaths reported to VAERS.

According to VAERS data, of the 1,171 serious cardiac-related cases reported, 1,021 (87.2%) occurred within 48 hours of receiving the vaccine. Of the 134 cases where the patient died, 50% occurred within 24 hours and 60% within 48 hours.

Read more here and share with friends and especially, older family. Knowledge is sometimes scary, but so important.



Apparently no lessons learned yet from Vioxx injuries .
Early problems noted in 2001? but not removed from the market until September 2004 .
My mum had been on it for a year or so summer 2004 she said"Those tablets are definately not agreeing with me ,I think they are giving me heart palpatations, GP ordered 24 hr portable heart ECG summer 2004 all fine, heart -no problems at all .Jan 2005, day before hip replacement at ward admission ,
dr asked" how long have you had a heart murmer " "I don't have a heart murmer mum replied "
"Oh yes you do said the concerned dr " Echo heart test performed showed 88 mg hg Aortic stenosis
Hip replacemet cancelled permanently , Given about one year to live with that diagnosis, kept going till 2013 with self determination,in spite of 2 strokes, plus an extension, still to happen.
Please turn the radio over she asked one day ,I don't like that song anymore ,in fact I have gone off it ,aye right off it!
Frank Sinatra -I've got you under my skin youTube .

So thanks to Children's Health Defense and Alliance for Natural Health ,self determination will take the science "The full distance ,as and when required, to assist the regulatiors tae LEARN THEIR LESSONS!
Excellent Article at
Alliance for Natural Health ;Home
ANH -Intl Feature
Are We Lighting the fuse of an autoimmune time bomb ?
17 February 2021

Laura Hayes

Susan Welch,

Thank you for the link...I just had a read...excellent and easy to comprehend information!

susan welch


This is excellent information re the Covid vaccine trials. Even I could understand it.


A thousand injuries and a 500 or dead out of 35 million. My sister in law would deem as a rare event.

But wait!

VAERS just picks up 1 percent ? Is that correct?

So the real numbers are?

angus files

Replace the word death with COVID that`s what`s going down.

Oh Death! (COVID)


Pharma For Prison

VAERS form hides facts

One thing to note—if there are 2 Covid vaccines they put the date of the first one in the main date of the VAERS form. Then if the person dies or has events after the second one 3 weeks later it is temporally much more removed from
the date and won’t be so alarming. In the case of this dear relative of mine , an elderly woman in Ohio with memory loss, she fell 4 times after the 2nd dose and died 8 days later. But on the form at quick glance it is 31 days. Also they report she tested positive fot COVID but not subsequently negative prior to the shot. 975206-1 . Who knows if she is counted as a Covid rather than Covid-vaccine victim. The form is not designed to expose issues. You have to dig.


It's bizarre at OSU. I foresee many severe side effects of the vaccines being blamed on a second or third wave of Covid. Look at this new dashboard that could only ramp up fear. What a waste of time and effort when clearly no one is sick: https://news.osu.edu/university-updates-top-rated-covid-19-dashboard/


OSU warns all students that HAVING Covid 19 is what is straining the heart and to hold back on exercise 6 weeks after a cold: https://news.osu.edu/after-covid-19-fitness-fans-may-want-to-ease-back-into-exercise/


As a single parent, I'm afraid to take the vaccine because if I die or become disabled, both my son and I would become homeless. Who's going to pay the rent after I develop Bells Palsy and can't talk anymore ? What if I die ? Who's going to cook dinner ? Who's going to make sure my little guy (175#) does his homework ? No one. We both receive a death sentence from the US Government.

Bob Moffit

Odd how science works … if someone dies during a motorcycle accident and had covid at time of death … the cause of death may be listed as covid … on the other hand … if someone dies within hours or days of receiving covid vaccine .. the cause of death will ANYTHING BUT THE VACCINE …

Apparently …. science is whatever the money and politics involved says it is …

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