Urgent warning re Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths in the elderly and Care Homes
"It Makes Me Feel Like A Grown Up" Dignified Housing In Connecticut


Hans Litten


India has suspended the pfizer abomination ? over indemnity issues ? Approval issues ?

Hans Litten


Blowfish comes to mind.


WHO would think to say ? Just in line with managed expectations ?

Global Health Governance Programme with World Bank Project advisory Board .

The Lancet -Richard Lane article published October 03 2020
Devi Sridhar ,illumminating Global Health Governance .

The medial and lateral aspects of our tear ducts were shunted in tae a sore spasm with the prescripted clinical advice in December 2020 .Anti -Covid strategy clinical public orders on TV
Sit grannie at the top of the table, beside an open window, to eat xmas dinner .House ventilation
clinical advice for Covid .
There was not a dry eye in the house from laughter ! The grannies "Cussing the air blue " refusing to sit in a direct, freezing, baltic cold, draught !


The CDC disavows any inaccuracies for the third party website "WONDER" which is used above.

Here is the CDC's official website and data to download to your own spreadsheet:
VAERS Data Sets

"Disclaimer: Please note that VAERS staff follow-up on all serious and other selected adverse event reports to obtain additional medical, laboratory, and/or autopsy records to help understand the concern raised. However, in general coding terms in VAERS do not change based on the information received during the follow-up process. VAERS data should be used with caution as numbers and conditions do not reflect data collected during follow-up. Note that the inclusion of events in VAERS data does not infer causality."

I think the EIS does the REAL tracking and it isn't made publicly available.
Remember the 1999 EIS report: Autism RR 7.6 ? It took 10 years to get that one via FOIA.
Vaccine safety is not a priority.


Where did they get the 545 from? Is that the total of injuries and 506 is deaths? Do I understand that right?


My daughter did not get it at her work place.
The other did.
She says they have been really grumpy, irritable, very short with everyone - for the past two weeks.
I thanked her for doing as I asked and not receiving hers.

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