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Dr. Meryl Nass: The Virus Is Real

Real fakeBelow is the latest article from Dr. Meryl Nass. We aren't going to be wall to wall Covid - our main topic is and will always be autism. Of course, Covid has overtaken pretty much every topic for just about a year. Some of what I read here and there doesn't serve us as a community. I know how I feel when people tell me that vaccine injury doesn't exist. Dr. Nass deconstructs that arguments that there is no Covid virus. I don't mean to tiptoe around Covid- we aren't known for tiptoeing around anything.  But with so many from all walks of life and political points of view at each others' throats, good friends and even families turning their back on each other, I'm trying to focus on posts that can at least draw a line into our community. I hope you understand. Thanks.


By Dr. Meryl Nass, MD

Is the Virus Real?

I continue to be asked if the virus is real.  I answered this question in 2 prior blog posts, below.  But Off-Guardian has a new article claiming the virus is fake, and I was again asked to comment.

Here is a description of its culture and isolation, with additional details in the supplementary materials, for those who continue to clamour for it

Since I have explained some technical aspects in the two prior posts, I will be brief.  Please read John McGowan's comment to the second post for greater detail, which helps debunk the Off-Guardian article.

  1. There has been tremendous falsification of information on almost every aspect of the pandemic.  I don't think there is much question about that, and I understand that it makes people understandably suspicious about the reality of the virus, too.  Particularly when people with MDs and PhDs after their names claim it does not exist.
  2. I am willing to go on record to say that Andrew Kaufman, MD (a psychiatrist, not a molecular biologist, who got his undergrad degree in the same department I did at MIT--Biology) who is quoted in the piece, is wrong and ignorant, besides. As are others.
  3. Here is the key argument:  I have challenged those who deny a real virus to explain what, exactly, is causing these symptoms if it is not a virus.  One suggested toxins.  Or 5G.  
  • Well, toxins and 5G and exosomes are not contagious, but this disease is.  
  • It has a very predictable incubation period, averaging 6 days.  
  • Properly used PPE protects the wearer from exposure. 
  • It causes mostly similar syndromes in those who get very ill.  
  • The syndrome, while relatively unique, is similar to that caused by SARS-1 in 2003.  
  • The illness responds well to antiviral drugs.  Patients get better quickly when viral-killing protocols, including hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, are used early in the illness. 

These simple facts, along with the arguments I have made in the two linked blog posts, confirm that we are facing an infectious disease, and it is caused by a virus.

  1. Hundreds of thousands of whole genome sequences (maps of every nucleotide in the virus' RNA) have been uploaded by scientists in scores of countries to international databases, each with its own local mutations.  You would need to isolate and grow these viruses in order to sequence them.  Saying that all these sequences are false requires that thousands of scientists are lying, together, about the work they have done.  Since these scientists are from the US, China, Russia, and everywhere else, getting them all to tell the same lie would not be simple.
  • Did this virus originate in a lab?  Almost certainly. Was it spread deliberately?  I don't know.  It could have been accidental.  It it was spread deliberately, who did it?  I don't know that either.

If you approach this question by asking who had the means, motive and opportunity to commit such a crime, we can at least begin the discussion.

  1. Means:  Scientists in multiple countries, including the US and China, had the means to produce a virus like this.
  2. Motive:  who is benefiting from the pandemic?  The $US dollar, Amazon, Elon, Facebook, Zoom, Twitter and the surveillance state, for a start.
  3. Opportunity:  Since the world military games were held in Wuhan in October, military staff from dozens of countries had the opportunity.  Wuhan is also an international trading center. Maybe anyone visiting Wuhan last fall had an opportunity. 

If this theory is so easy to debunk, why does it keep popping up?  I am starting to wonder if it isn't a psyop, repeatedly inserted into the discourse to stop people from looking into the true origin of the virus... looking into the funders of Gain of Function research on coronaviruses at NIAID and elsewhere... and looking into what exactly they were trying to do, and for whom...

Those are the important questions, particularly in terms of avoiding a repeat lab-derived pandemic.

Please don't waste any more of your time on the "fake virus" hypothesis.  We don't have the time or luxury to fight each other.  We need all hands on deck to turn back the Great Reset (whatever it is supposed to be) and regain sane control of our societies.



video of original document that was deleted.

"In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas transferred to the other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells. DNA is built from charged electrons and atom and has an inductor-like structure. This structure could be dividing into linear, toroid and round inductors. Inductors interact with external electromagnetic waves, move and produce some extra waves withing the cells. The shapes of these waves are similar to shapes of hexagonal and pentagonal bases of their DNA source. These waves produce some holes in liquids withing the nucleus. To fill these holes, some extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases are produced. These bases could join to each other and form virus-like structures such as Coronavirus. To produce these viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size of the cell. Thus 5G milimeter waves could be good candidates for applying in constructing virus-like structure such as Coronaviruses (COVID-19) within cells.

Ed S.

Masks are Harmful: 17 Ways That Masks Can Cause Harm

Like others have said, there are a myriad of viruses but life goes on and no lockdowns, mask mandates or mass vaccinations are going to end the life long conditions.

When they've combined Covid-Flu-Pneumonia under one umbrella as "covid-like" and suddenly flu deaths have miraculously ended, one should pause and reflect upon the powers that be who are pushing unscientific decrees and contradictory information to keep the public in a frenzy of fear.

They've not isolated the virus and yet we're being told to get a drug cocktail vaccine from an industry that's immune from liability for a virus where there's over a 95% survival rate and that there are therapeutics that can help to treat and prevent this virus and others that come down the pike.

Do you really want to risk your life with an untested mRNA vaccine that can cause injury, autoimmune diseases or death when your risk is minimal to begin with?

There's no reason to not return to normal; period.


Also no name ,unidentified group of experts? at.
NICE -National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
NICE Guideline [ NG159] 12 fEBRUARY 2021 .With updated One Page Critical Care Referral Algorithm
To support decision making .
NICE updates Rapid Covid -19 Guidelines on Critical Care 25 March 2020.

Follow your guidelines and criteria orders or else!
The Giant Tap-dancing noses scene from...YouTube
The Nose Royal Opera House 15 Feb 2021 News Mr Gates presents as a temple high priest of some sort?


Thank you very interesting article, unidentified origin ,Respiratory Poc [ Oxygen depleting ] family from Island Roan wuold have labeled it "Boat Cough ,on a slow boat from some where".

The label/descriptors not so important ,but the treatment plan and care plan co-ordination is left suppurating and festering at the state of it's own assessment standards ?
Fury at "Do not resusciate " notices given to covid patients with learning disabilities .
By James Tapper 13 Feb 2021 .

Assessment standards and Guidelines and criteria .
Clinical Frailty Scale -NHS Specialised Clinical Frailty Network . 23 March 2020 .
Clinical Frailty Scale and Covid -19 Why ,what ,how ,where and when ?
[CFS] Scale not to be confused with .
Quality Adjusted Life Years -QALYS]
See BMJ Global Health Population Health Economics and ethics in the age of covid -19 .
By Sanjay G Reddy 2020.

Define Critical Care
If people do not get access to critical IV fluids for acute dehydration , What's the predictable outcome ?
If People do not get access to critical oxygen therapy for covid air hunger ,what's the predictable outcome ?
Overall care and treatment plan co-ordination . been chucked in a garbage bin as not fit for
purpose . Vets may describe it in their records as [PTS] Put to sleep ?


Sorry for typos. When I try to preview on my phone the system always loses my comments.

About of was supposed to be if

Karalyn Finnegan

Thank you Kim.

I have been trying to model this:

I care so much that 1 person might get Covid that I will take the minor risks (for me) by wearing a mask and distancing to protect that one hypothetical person.. (and I respect
that for some the risk is wearing a mask is high and they should never be coerced).

In return I would like you to honor my request that vaccine mandates be abolished because e 1 in 100 children might be seriously harmed by 1 too many vaccines for them.

I also feel that wearing the mask of successful proves that there are other ways beyond vaccines to avoid illnesses. That we shouldn’t have just one solution.

We need to protect the outliers. I am happy to protect you by reducing your risks and I ask that you in solidarity protect my vaccine-Injury vulnerable family.


Even if a "virus" exists, that doesn't mean it's responsible for COVID-19. I've read 3 books on HIV=AIDS, which prove that HIV has nothing to do with AIDS. The 3 books are:

1) "Inventing the AIDS Virus" (1996) by Peter Duesberg. Duesberg is a prominent scientist who's career was destroyed by his opposition to the HIV virus dogma. This book has an incredibly unflattering depiction of the CDC and Fauci. Duesberg believes HIV is a real virus, but he presents overwhelming proof that it has nothing to do with AIDS. The CDC/WHO and Fauci used AIDS as a "cash cow" and their corruption led to the deaths of millions by promoting AZT and other toxic drugs (which actually can cause symptoms exactly like AIDS). This book is out of print and can be freely downloaded as a pdf from:

2) "Virus Mania" (2007, 2020)- this book is a sequel to the Duesberg book and some of the authors wrote the aforementioned "Off Guardian" article. Their main point is that virus fanatics like Fauci create pandemics for profit. They also point out that many past plagues were blamed on infectious diseases and were due to some other factor (e.g. polio was likely due to DDT spraying and "mad cow disease" was likely due to a toxin that was used to kill flies in cows).

3) "Science Sold Out- does HIV really cause AIDS" (2007). The author is a former AIDS researcher. Unlike Duesberg, she questions if the HIV virus actually exists and she notes that it would cost $100k in order to isolate it and yet no one has done it yet- perhaps because it doesn't really exist. She also describes how useless AIDS testing is- just like COVID-19 testing.

Perhaps a COVID-19 virus really does exist and is the root cause, but given the lies of HIV=AIDS, people SHOULD be sceptical. The HIV=AIDS lie has endured now for 36 years and 99.9% of people still believe in it. Just like 99.9% of people believe that vaccines don't cause autism. Fauci was the "AIDS czar" and now he's the COVID-19 czar (no suprise he's using the same tactics). AIDS hysteria was the precedent for today's "medical tyranny" as the Duesberg book shows.

If not a virus, could something like 5G or natural EMF be responsible? Cowans' "Contagion Myth" (banned on amazon) and Firstenberg's "Invisible Rainbow" promote this idea. (A few renegade scientists blame cosmic rays and meteroites.) Perhaps we're simply not advanced enough to determine the real cause and are laughingly blaming innocent viruses- just like diseases used to be blamed on "bad smells" (miasma).



I agree. It is obviously a coronavirus. I’m looking forward to reading books which will try to explain the social dynamic of so many seeking to vehemently contradict every single last correct statement describing the virus and its effects. I think, though, that it is not very influenced by seasonal change of temperatures, if it is at all. They were saying a year ago that it might be like seasonal influenza and colds and subside with warmer weather. Chris Martenson did a video with an elaborate chart which he thought showed that Covid was most prevalent when the temperature was dry and in Italy he forties or fifties. And was gracious enough to admit his error when that turned out not to be the case. Because our first wave of extremely high deaths (little did we know) peaked on April 17, full spring. Same for most of Europe: April was the killing month. Everyone locked down and it subsided. Opened again and it resurged to new heights in July and August, worst in the hot South and West. Locked down again, cancelled school. New resurgence in December and January post-holidays. There may be a post-Super Bowl resurgence now. Ireland was doing great until its prime minister announced a normal Christmas at the beginning of December. Then wow. Thousands and thousands stricken and killed. My ex-husband said that after the Italian massacre in northern Italy last March, people let down their guard, went back to normal in the summer, then pow! Another massacre in September.

Sorry, Gerardo, arguing about whether the sun comes up in the East every morning is just not worth my time. You want to believe it doesn’t, fine, it’s your right.

Grace Green

I think it's inappropriate to focus on whether or not "there is a virus". There are millions of viruses all around us most of the time, yet we don't get ill from them. Our response to any of them is what determines whether we become ill, and it has been shown that certain food supplements, or pharmaceuticals if they're your poison, can enable us to avoid succumbing to this coronavirus (which I believe is related to the common cold). I am taking vitamins C and D, and zinc, among other things. If I get a cold I increase the dose.
I believe pollution and other environmental insults probably play a part in these type of illnesses. We must also be aware that there is a great deal of fabrication in the official narrative, even in the data. So we should remain extremely sceptical.
My favourite explanation of virology for dummies comes from Professor Dolores Cahill. I can't link to a particular talk, but if you Duck Duck Go her name whatever comes up will be informative. I agree with Dr. Nass that the most important thing for us all to focus on now is The Great Reset. I think that has been the real reason behind the Plandemic.


Thank you, Dr. Nass, for your recognizing the obvious. I mean that very sincerely, not being sarcastic. I know you are greatly respected here and maybe your supporters will be influenced by your correct statements. Notice I didn’t say opinions. I’m amazed at all the denial of a terrible pandemic and denial of the protective nature of masks, social distancing, lockdowns, isolation, quarantines, etc. Denial of human suffering on a level we have not seen in many decades. I wouldn’t have believed this could occur a year ago. Thank you.

Tim Lundeen

@laura hayes

Cowan/Kaufman are correct that some illness are due to environmental stressors/poisons and are misdiagnosed as infectious disease. But are they correct that COVID is not caused by a virus? Have they explained all of the following?

When you look at number of cases over time for infectious diseases, they have a typical curve: exponential on the way up as the infection spreads, and a slow decline as herd immunity takes hold (a Gompertz curve). The COVID cases follow this pretty exactly. It is overwhelmingly unlikely that we would see a case history like this from an environmental stressor or poison.

Influenza and corona virus have a seasonal character; they occur in higher northern latitudes in late winter, and in closer-to-the equator northern latitudes in the summer. COVID follows this pattern, again extremely unlikely to be due to environmental stressors.

If you look at the research on antibodies and activated t-cells, they are greatly increased and are specific for proteins in the virus. How can this be explained by environmental stressors? It is pretty much impossible that an environmental stressor would exactly create activated T cells and antibodies SPECIFIC for the SARS-Cov-2 virus proteins.

If you look at treatments, ivermectin is extremely effective, and its most likely action is to block entry of viruses into the cell nucleus. I don't know of an explanation for why ivermectin would protect against environmental stressors. It's certainly possible, but again something that has to be explained by the "there is no virus" camp.

I have been reading/researching COVID/SARS-Cov-2 for about a year now. I looked at the Kaufman idea a while ago, and just found WAY too much legitimate, publicly verifiable stuff it doesn't explain. I think Cowan/Kaufman are wrong, there is a virus :-)

Laura Hayes

Although I am one who appreciates the work and contributions of Dr. Nass, I am not in agreement with the definitive stance she takes in this article of hers.

1. If one reads this article to which she linked,, and notes its country of origin, Australia, home of terribly tyrannical vaccine mandate laws, and also reads the Acknowledgments section at the end of the article, where information is listed that should have been under Competing Interests (which said “No relevant disclosures” - ha!), one should be immediately suspect. I found the Off-Guardian article far more compelling than the one from the Medical Journal of Australia.

2. Where has it been proven that “Covid” is contagious?

3. Where has it been proven that properly used PPE protects the wearer from exposure?

4. The “similar symptoms” list has been ever-expanding by those controlling the narrative, to the point that it now includes any number of symptoms from various illness descriptions.

5. Cowan and Morell explain why certain drugs and treatments may help those who are ill, whom they assert, quite convincingly, are not ill due to any virus.

6. We in the vaccine-injured community know that thousands (many more, actually) of scientists, doctors, researchers, government regulators, elected officials, corporate executives, the media, PR firms, and others, LIE as easily as they breathe, so when Dr. Nass writes the following, I must say that getting people across the globe to tell the same lie (e.g. vaccines are safe, effective, and needed, vaccine injury is rare, and vaccines should be mandated) is shockingly simple (money talks, and controls).

“Saying that all these sequences are false requires that thousands of scientists are lying, together, about the work they have done. Since these scientists are from the US, China, Russia, and everywhere else, getting them all to tell the same lie would not be simple.”

7. Is it possible that dangerous research goes on in taxpayer-funded labs, research that could be used/released to purposefully harm and kill people? Absolutely! Nothing new there.

Do I have the answers to what is transpiring? No. But what I do know is that lies have been told from the get-go, those in positions of power cannot be trusted, the manufactured fear and prolific propaganda “flooding the zone” across the globe include false narratives and lies of all forms, there is an evil agenda underway to permanently eliminate our rights and freedoms and usher in a global totalitarian rule...and certainly, that is more than enough to bring us together to fight the evil ones trying to usher in their evil plans, whether or not we agree on the virus/no virus/a combination thereof issue.

Gerardo Martinez

Very Interesting Point of View Ms. Jessica McGovern. Thanks for sharing. Seems the dots are starting to be connected. Blessings.
Waiting for the usual poster that visits our site, from our security agency(cia) to contradict you. Should be fun. Thanks again.

jessica mcgovern

In the description of NCBI article, Was 1st subject (58 year old man from Wuhan) ever tested for influenza?
The "virus" has a man-made spike protein attached. (lab made)
The virus was never fully isolated and replicated. Never met ALL of the 4 Kochs postulates steps.
PCR test is flawed (used in the NCBI patient)
Every step of Covid is a lie.

From the research i have done, its an altered influenza virus.
CDC told labs/doctors to NOT test for flu this year. I wonder why? Because its a lab altered influenza virus.

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