Boardman Ohio Teachers "Aide" Stapled A Note To Young Man With Autism's....Head
Heart Attack IN A Stick

CT To Permanently Deny School to Thousand


Update from “a friend of ours:” Ridiculous. #967 right here 🙋‍♀️ Not going to make it in. They will most likely only get to 400 of the over 1900 who signed up. And all of the written testimonies sent in have not been loaded. The legislators will not be able to read our testimonies before voting. Last year, it took a week to upload all of the written testimonies...

Connecticut politicians are likely to vote to deny school to thousands by passing HB6423. Kicked out when the Religious Exemption is removed. Covid Lockdown. Permanently. A hearing is today. Last year, constituents slept over at the Capitol, speaking one after another for more than 24 hours. This year, the legislature will only allow a much smaller list. And guess how it’s stacked? 

If CDC adds C v a x to the pediatric list, how many more will be banned from the schoolyard or Zoomyard? 



Yep, we certainly have been played. As Mercola says, 'The world is suffering from mass delusional psychosis.' I doubt that many on this site are deluded, though. That's why I love to visit it; it keeps me sane. Thank you.


@ Pogo. Spars Pandemic, Public Health Panto , trying to play, public health poker?

Criteria, Ghetto Containment Lockins ,with Gulag Guidelines.Following The Frankfurt School 11 Point Plans to the punctuation point?
Brutal criminal clinical negligence through lack of a basic treatment care plan co-ordination !

Up coming tiers of seclusion on trial ? destination Jail facility under Iron Mountain ,big enough prison perhaps ?

When The Battle's O'er [Bagpipes] YouTube

Donna L.

@ Pogo
Thank you for posting that link! Have we been played, or what?!
I halfway expected that the article would end with "What have we learned? Next time, develop the vaccine BEFORE unleashing the virus onto the public."
Good grief. I can't believe I can still be astonished by just how low these people can stoop.

Grace Green

I'm not sure why no-one seems to have heard your cries, but it makes me feel sick to my stomach. I too have commented on this thread without responding to your cry, for which I apologize.
I believe God does hear your cries, though you may not feel so at this time. You can be sure that churchgoers, and other people describing themselves as religious in one way or another, will do nothing to help you. Do not waste any time on them. I, too, have been abused and persecuted in other ways, and no-0ne has come to my aid, except my own dear sons, who have themselves been attacked for their trouble. I can only humbly suggest that patience will bring us our reward in the end, and that that time may not be far off. Be sure that you are way superior to those who have abused you.

Laura Hayes


Wow! Thank you for that link! Can you say PLANNED-DEMIC??!


This was published in 2017 by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. From the time line suggested in this document, maybe we can foresee how this current SARS Cov-2 pandemic is going to unfold.
The SPARS Pandemic 2025 — 2028

False scientists

Homeschool/tutors. Get together with other families, it’s the only way. Maybe the school boards will get the message. Honestly student abilities/aptitudes will shine through in the end.


Does God care for autistics who were restrained and mistreated inside mental wards and schools?

Grace Green

We've been to Morrisons' recently and not had any trouble. They do have rows of people dressed like police as you go out the door! And a cardboard cut-out policeman on the way in. Perhaps it depends which store you go to. Just smile sweetly - it disarms them. Definitely don't wear a yellow sticker of any shape. Del was absolutely right to highlight that comparison.


every time i see these "hearings" I am reminded of the (deliberate?) misrepresentation of what a medical exemption is- not a medical concern for the welfare of the patient, or a medical judgement on the possibility of vaccination harm, but rather checking of a very limited contraindication list.

Shocking treatment of Chris Shaw for mentioning the Nuremberg Code, Helsinki and other human rights agreements of which the US is a signatory, to the committee-
The legislator was outraged he mentioned it LOL!


Talking of Religious Exemptions. Remember when Del Bigtree wore the Yellow Star of David to show solidarity with the NY Jewish community… Well. At a super market in the UK shoppers are being ask to wear a yellow sticker to identify them as medically exempt from wearing a mask. The super market chain is Morrison Supermarkets plc, trading as Morrisons, which is the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom.

Here is a link to a video upload to Youtube where the police are called when a shopper refused to wear one.

Tim Lundeen

Schools are greatly overrated. We switched to homeschooling this year, and are watching our son blossom. And he has lots of free play with neighborhood friends, so the best of all worlds. More work for us, but not bad, and we're not spending time every day driving him to school. I know not everyone can do this, but if possible it has lots of benefits.


I saw this from Sen Sampson
The takeover of the democratic party and the democratic process by pharma is so problematic.
Strategically, it seems they are frightened of the visual of large numbers of constituents who disagree with lobbying money policy.


Every day I want to die because of being injected and prone restrained by 6 “doctors” at age 14 and having autism. I feel my right to die at age 14 was violated as I was medically r@ped and denied care in a mental ward after having a violent autism meltdown with reverse seasonal affective disorder (missed snow for many years, was forced to

I hope I pass away soon. This disease called autism has already k*lled me and I’ll never have any normal life nor attend any high school nor college. This isn’t life.

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