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Brotherly Loved Inspired OTSIMO Special Education App

Zafir Elcik contacted us to see if we'd be interested in spreading the word about the AAC app series he co-created called OTSIMO. Yes please! Many of us use iPads and other devices to help our children learn, communicate and socialize. Video modeling is  a great way for our visual learners to process info. How many of you remember the "Watch Me Learn" DVD series from many years ago.  (Did you just sing the jingle? LOL.) DVDs and CD-ROMS have given way to apps.  Thanks to Zafir, a brother with a big heart and brain. Siblings will help make the world a better place for our children throughout the lifespan.  Visit Ostimo.com to learn more.

By Zafir Elcik, Founder Otsimo

How brotherly love inspired to democratize autism therapy solutions

My brother was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of 2 when I was 10 years old. Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that affects one in 54 children in the US according to CDC. It causes learning difficulties that can vary depending on where the individual is on the spectrum.Considering the average attention span of a child with autism is no more than 5 minutes, I was shocked when I realized my brother kept his interest in my first smart device for around 45 minutes. The first thought I had was to install an app for him that was designed for special needs children. But there weren’t any.

With my background in software engineering and the invaluable support of my co-founder, we started to build Otsimo, a special education app specifically designed for children with special needs . Despite the increased rate of prevalence, there weren't any unified efforts or an affordable solution. At Otsimo, we democratize access to special education through our leading game-based learning app by teaching children core skills vital to cognitive and behavioral development. Otsimo develops affordable, accessible, and easy-to-use mobile apps for kids with special needs.

What makes us unique is the state-of-the-art technology we employ in our apps, designed to empower and engage children with developmental disorders. Otsimo turns mobile devices into a platform for learning for those with special needs. First and only in its market, Otsimo utilizes novel technologies such as speech and face recognition with machine learning to give the most unique and tailor-made education experience possible.

With our apps you can practice anytime, anywhere, so it’s a great fit for homeschooling, too. Kids love playing on smart devices, right? Kids with special needs also love it. What better way is there to spend quality screen time on an educational app that helps with developmental milestones? The wide range of content in our apps allows children with special needs to develop core cognitive, social, and speech skills through gamification. Otsimo apps target specific concerns, while also being highly customizable to the needs of each individual.

We offer daily progress reports for parents and caregivers to track the educational experience their child will have and choose which games to be played. Many to choose from, the apps have over 200 games, packed full of materials meticulously selected and developed to help overcome difficulties and boost strengths.

Through the services we provide, families of all economic backgrounds can access forms of social and behavioral therapy methods without the need for a classroom or therapist present. Through democratization of access to early intervention methods, it is possible to help the child reach their full potential. 

With our latest Speech Therapy app in the market, we also focus on developing speech milestones as well. Our app was created to teach children sounds and words in the most engaging way possible. With over 500 exercises, your kid can practice anything from basic sounds to complex words and phrases, depending on the level families and kids feel most comfortable with. Kids learn the fastest from their peers and when under no pressure at all. That’s why Otsimo Speech combines the scientifically proven methods of video modeling and peer mimicking.

To this day, we have managed to reach and touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of children across 217 countries and territories, and we aim higher. At Otsimo, we strive to provide high quality and affordable special education to every household that needs it.

Building upon a strong foundation, we have designed apps in collaboration with professionals in their respective fields as well as parents who know the ins and outs of daily life struggle and their child’s needs. Through this know-how, we are working on expanding our platforms even further to reach every single child across the globe.

Zafer Elcik

CEO & Co-Founder of Otsimo



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