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Boardman Ohio Teachers "Aide" Stapled A Note To Young Man With Autism's....Head

WeepA Ohio teacher's aide working with a middle school aged boy with autism, used a staple gun to try to attach a reminder to take home his water bottle to his "hair." Here in Connecticut, we call them Paraprofessionals. Or Instructional Aides. I would call this woman a quasi-aide. Quasi - seemingly; apparently but not really. The staple cut into his skin. After all, A stapler does what staplers do.  The aide is a 20 year veteran. Imagine what she has done to kids over two decades. It was her INSTINCT to act in anger and staple paper to a child's head. She was cruel and punitive. And too stupid to know a Post It Note would have been a much better way to embarrass the boy in front of his peers. Because he doesn't feel different enough as it is.  Middle school is a breeze for students, dontcha know. Surely he doesn't have enough "reminders" that he has autism.  Maybe a piece of paper dangling behind his ear would help? But...but...but... kept forgetting to take home his water bottle. The horror!!! I don't care how frustrated she was with the youngster.  Most of us here at AofA live with levels of frustration that would blow away school aides who work their 5 hours days and go home. She's probably one of the educators who writes "Thank God it's a Snow Day!" and "Whoo hoo! School vacation starts today!" on Facebook.  Note to teachers and aides who proclaim their joy at days off, if you were my dentist or any other professional I visit and I saw how much you love NOT WORKING WITH MY KIDS, I'd never go back to you again. Are there fantastic aides? Heck yes, and I know many. This gal ain't one of them.   She is not someone I want around my children. She was reprimanded according to the Superintendant.  No, she was not.  verb. reprimanded; reprimanding; reprimands. Definition of reprimand (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. : to reprove sharply or censure formally usually from a position of authority. Someone needs to tell the dingbat Superintendent that a warning is not a reprimand. She was given less than a slap on the wrist.

Superintendent Tim Saxton “downplayed the severity of the events by stating the teacher’s aide who injured Ms. Myers’ son had “no intent to harm” and therefore only required a warning as reprimand.” Northeast Ohio mom says school aide tried to staple note to son’s head

BOARDMAN, Ohio — A teacher's aide within Boardman Local Schools has been reprimanded following a January incident in which a piece of paper was stapled to the hair of a student. According to a police report from Boardman Police Department, the student's mother said that the child, who is on the autism spectrum, was shaken up the experience and that he is afraid to return to school. Read this revolting story at WKYC Cleveland/Akron.


angus files

How about he staples onto the mother or fathers head-BIG MAN!

Pharma For Prison


sarah i

Thank you, AOA for reporting. I am also grateful to the parent for bringing attention to this cruel abuse and for hiring a lawyer. How can the school allow the aide to continue working with children? Infuriating.

Grace Green

When I was at primary school, I always used to forget that on Tuesdays and Fridays I would have my piano lesson, and should take my music to school. My mother thought that by not reminding me I would learn to "think" for myself! Fortunately, my piano teacher was endlessly patient. What a pity that 1.) I didn't receive a diagnosis of autism, and 2.) that no-one has been taught that autism is a brain injury which results in, among other problems, memory loss (clue, like Alzheimers.)


That sounds like an criminal assault on a disabled child by someone that is at least partially in charge of his safety.


The aide who stapled the little boys head, possibly the Principal and classroom teacher and certainly the Superintendent needs to be removed. End of story


He was/is 10 years old according to the local paper


A white female "teacher aide" gets a very lenient punishment for physical abuse of a child as usual. The special education industry such as speech and occupational therapy related subcontractors and the school teachers and principals themselves are saturated with financial fraud and physical and sexual child abuse. Imagine if a black man committed a similar but less serious crime the racist media outrage?!

Bob Moffit

Now I understand why so many products come with a warning not to do something really stupid .. like super-gluing your hair, drinking gasoline or other obviously toxic substances .. wonder if the staple gun came with a warning not to staple notes to a student's head???

It was left to the child's attorney to INFORM the media the note was STAPLED TO THE CHILD'S HEAD .. NOT HIS HAIR … a fact the reporter felt was unnecessary to report.

Ah yes .. the greatest power of the press .. the power to IGNORE …. head/hair same thing apparently.

Laura Hayes

More proof that many Americans have completely lost all common sense and basic decency, and I am talking about the Superintendent here, in addition to the aide.

It should not need to be stated or explained that any school district personnel stapling anything to a child’s head should result in immediate termination from employment. What a terrible, inappropriate, and unacceptable message this superintendent has just sent to all staff, students, and parents in the district. Yet another reason to pull your kids out of government schools and home school them instead.

This superintendent should be terminated, too, as well as the aide who did the stapling. He is an ineffective leader who has just set a dangerous precedent. Wonder what he would have done had it been his own child or grandchild who was stapled.

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