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The Needle of Justice: By Shirley Blaier-Stein

The Needle of JusticeIt's a blizzardy morning here in Connecticut and much of Mid-Atlantic and NorthEast. How about a cup of coffee or tea and FREE chapter of a The Needle of Justice, a new book from the sharp legal mind of lawyer/autism Mom Shirley Blaier-Stein? Shirley lived here in Connecticut for many years. She's a warrior Mom who returned to Israel when her husband was appointed to the Supreme Court. The timing of the novel with the novel virus is perfect.  Click HERE to download a FREE first chapter!


Maya Stone, an autism mom from Fairview, Connecticut, dealing with her son Ben’s day-to-day hardship, observes in horror how the number of children affected by neurological disorders in the United States is rising exponentially and nobody can explain why. Maya, who used to practice law, comes up with a legal theory that turns into a class action involving many families in order to expose the truth behind the suffering of so many children. How far would the defendants go to protect their multimillion-dollar enterprise? Would Maya’s son stay safe? How will the needle of justice turn?



Did you watch "Focus on Fauci" with Kennedy Jr.?

In the end, they had no answers of how to get justice and Fauci to answer for his crimes.

They were standing around, all perplexed of how to get to him. Did you see it?



This is Shirley Blaier-Stein here.

Yes, I'm a real person. Used to live in CT and now living in Israel. We did move following my husband's appointment to the Supreme Court here.

I hope you've signed up to read the first chapter, and that you've enjoyed it and I'd love to hear from you.

This is my contact info



sad with autism

As a severely handicapped young person myself, whose mum works in the teaching profession with numerous special needs kids, i know the rates are really increasing much more than i thought.

Recently I saw this terrifying story where a boy almost k*led his mum in the UK, aged just 14, mostly playing computer games all day:

Teens being body slammed in Florida:


Emma boy that is the truth!


I hope she survives.
I would highly recommend MALICE by Jennifer Jaynes.
The author was apparently killed, just like the main character in her book.
And I don't see or hear anything about the book any longer...



In Big Pharma World, truth is fiction and fiction is truth.


"Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental."

Oh the irony! LOL!


I meant, is she really the wife of Supreme court judge of Israel? Wow, with a back ground like that this would have to be a fantastic book!


Is this fiction or based on real life?

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