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Dr. Tom Frieden on VaxPorts

Schools Know C V A X is a Chimera


That is the actual verbiage sent by a school district in the Midwest to all of their staff. It was sent to Age of Autism via email and the source CONFIRMED. January, 2021, and schools know the Covid vaccines are a chimera. A bait and switch. A sham. A scam. Got any other names?





Carefully worded to provide incentive to take the vaccine while retaining justification to keep us masked up and locked down.

Sell Absurd Reports, Cash Out Version 2

Thank you, Laura Hayes! That is important info... I wonder how they'll try to keep it hidden?

I've been looking for data like this ever since I saw a graph (unsourced) that shows death rates for kids dropped during the lockdowns because kids were missing 'wellness' appointments. Thanks again... now it's time to open some eyes!


Cia, neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna product has been demonstrated to reduce deaths, even by the much lower Emergency Use Authorization, let alone by the full licensure/approval standard. Please just stop. There was also no suggestion, even by Pfizer, that the Pfizer product prevented severe disease. I'll give you a quote from VRBPAC member Sheldon Toubman: "Frankly, almost nobody cares about COVID-19 disease that’s a sore throat."

It would be great if there were an injection we could offer people that harmed no one and prevented an infectious disease from making anyone very sick. Unfortunately, that is not the reality we have at present.

Many, many people have been rooting for a vaccine because they thought it would allow their children to have their right to a free and appropriate public education restored, or allow them to walk around in public without being hassled by the mask nazis. For a three-year-old child who has been sucking in his own carbon dioxide and breathing in cloth mask particles all day for months, the fact that two vaccines have been emergency-approved based on extremely limited efficacy data, but everyone is still required in most places to wear a mask, not touch each other, not go to school, etc., is no good news at all.

And I don't want to hear, "But a child died of coronavirus!!!" A beautiful young lady at our church, who was only 24 years old, died in a car accident two years ago. No one said, "We must eradicate cars at all costs," even though (unlike any virus) cars are man-made. We're all going to die. Some of us will die in car accidents. Some will die of heart attacks. Some will die of cancer. Approaching this coronavirus with a "zero tolerance" mentality is completely inconsistent with normal human functioning.


I work in community mental health. This is an actual quote from an email from our medical director encouraging us to get vaccinated last week:
"Even after you are immune, you can still get the Covid-19 sickness and you can still spread the disease to other people."

Does the word "immune" not mean what I think it means?


Lessening the symptoms means preventing hospitalizations and deaths. Sounds good to me.

Sharon D Kistler

It is called A MURDER WEAPON by Dr Larry Palevsky.

Laura Hayes

Here is an email I sent to my email group yesterday, which I think will be of interest to AoA readers:

Subject: The next time someone says that "science" supports vaccine usage, ask them this question...

"What about the control group?"

I hope you will find time to read the information below, sent to me by Kristen Chevrier of Your Health Freedom Utah, and listen to her interview with attorney Greg Glaser. Then think of all the young couples you know who either have children, or who are expecting their first child, who don't know the critically-important information contained in this interview. Perhaps this will be the one you share that they listen to and have their eyes opened to the fact that vaccines are the major culprit in the chronic health issues and developmental disorders afflicting American children today, in never-seen-before numbers, affecting more than 1 in 2 children, and on the rise. Nothing normal or desirable about those numbers. Laura

Link to Kristen Chevrier's Ktalk Radio interview with Greg Glaser:

New court documents filed in December 2020 prove that unvaccinated Americans enjoy exponentially better health than vaccinated Americans:

Specifically, 1,248% better health for unvaccinated adults, and 1,099% better health for unvaccinated children.

Constitutional litigators Greg Glaser and Ray Flores are requesting the Federal Court issue an order immediately protecting all Americans from discrimination based on vaccination status:

These litigators maintain that control groups are necessary to the scientific method, and the Court’s job is to preserve this particular vital evidence necessary to rescue our Nation from the current trajectory of chronic illness.

Sign the petition today at, to show your support for this evidence.

This is not a small case. The litigators have utilized the tool of judicial notice to compile thousands of pages of top scientific evidence supporting the known fact that vaccines are dangerous. Request for Judicial Notice requires the Court to accept certain statements made by government officials and other authoritative sources.

P.S. from Laura:

I highly recommend clicking on the 2 links after the interview link above. Under "New court documents filed in December 2020", you will find some incredible graphs when clicking on each of the 2 graphs pictured (by clicking on them, the whole array under that category will be shown). Do not miss the graphs comparing the Vaccinated with the Unvaccinated!

Under the link titled "requesting the Federal Court", look through the Table of Contents, then begin reading through the document. These are the facts that the attorneys are asking to be legally recognized and acknowledged via "Requests for Judicial Notice". (Judicial notice is used by a court when it declares a fact presented as evidence as true without a formal presentation of evidence. A court can take judicial notice of indisputable facts.)

Also, I asked Kristen this question:

"How do these requests for judicial notice, which would require courts to accept certain statements as facts, help to connect the dots between the affliction noted and it being caused by vaccines?"

Kristen reached out to Greg for him to reply to my question, and I am sharing his reply below, with permission:

"Answer: First, our judicial notice documents prove that vaccines are designed to cause, and do cause, permanent alterations to the human immune system. Second, we prove that the immune system is located everywhere in your body. Third, our judicial notices prove that all these chronic illnesses are immune mediated. Fourth, we move from correlation to causation by presenting national data comparing the exact increase in CDC vaccine schedule to the exact increase in chronic illness (i.e., via Pearson correlation coefficients). Fifth, we present our vaxxed v. unvaxxed survey data proving causation (i.e., via p-values)."

Friends, please read, listen, read some more, and share! If you are interested to financially support this legal endeavor, you will find a donate link under the "New court documents filed in December 2020" link.


Bob Moffit

The "actual verbiage" of the school district admittedly does not meet required standard of a VACCINE .. instead .. what the school district describes is a MEDICAL TREATMENT REDUCING SYMPTOMS AND RECOVERY TIME.


We should not be surprised … these are same morally bankrupt "scientist" who use the term PLACEBO to mislead public into believing vaccines are vigorously researched using various substances far removed from being described as a PLACEBO.

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