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Our First Deletion

RizzoI feel a bit like Rizzo in Grease. Yesterday, for the first time in almost 15 years, we were shutdown on social media. Twitter blocked our post on the Centers for Disease Control having made a change to their website relevant to our core topic. 
Our information was accurate to a fault. I guess 8604F188-D519-4447-A73C-D7EE70BD8909 that was the problem.

I have copied below the COVID policy currently at Twitter.  This was our first offense, so the Tweet was deleted. I don't know how many violations the post ticked, and the policy is clear as mud. Who defines false or misleading uncontextualized info that can prevent the public from making informed decisions regarding their health, and puts individuals, families and communities at risk that could lead to harm?  Stopping information leads to more informed decision making? 

I don't feel confident we'll be around the Twitterverse much longer - The accumulation of multiple violations of this policy will result in suspension. Further, if we determine that an account is dedicated to Tweeting or promoting a particular misleading narrative (or set of narratives) about COVID-19, this would also be grounds for suspension.


COVID-19 misleading information policy

You may not use Twitter’s services to share false or misleading information about COVID-19 which may lead to harm.

Even as scientific understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, we’ve observed the emergence of persistent conspiracy theories, alarmist rhetoric unfounded in research or credible reporting, and a wide range of unsubstantiated rumors, which left uncontextualized can prevent the public from making informed decisions regarding their health, and puts individuals, families and communities at risk.

Content that is demonstrably false or misleading and may lead to significant risk of harm (such as increased exposure to the virus, or adverse effects on public health systems) may not be shared on Twitter. This includes sharing content that may mislead people about the nature of the COVID-19 virus; the efficacy and/or safety of preventative measures, treatments, or other precautions to mitigate or treat the disease; official regulations, restrictions, or exemptions pertaining to health advisories; or the prevalence of the virus or risk of infection or death associated with COVID-19. In addition, we may label Tweets which share misleading information about COVID-19 to reduce their spread and provide additional context.

What is in violation of this policy?

In order for content related to COVID-19 to be labeled or removed under this policy, it must:

advance a claim of fact, expressed in definitive terms;
be demonstrably false or misleading, based on widely available, authoritative sources; and
be likely to impact public safety or cause serious harm.

This policy addresses 5 categories of misleading behavior and content:

False or misleading information about the nature of the virus.

We will label or remove false or misleading information about:

Transmission of the virus, such as false claims about asymptomatic spread, or false information about how it is transmitted indoors;
Susceptibility to the virus, for example claims that specific groups or people are more or less prone to be infected or to develop adverse symptoms on the basis of their nationality or religion;
Symptoms commonly associated with the virus, for example, misleading instructions on how to self-diagnose;
The pandemic or COVID-19 vaccines that invoke a deliberate conspiracy by malicious and/or powerful forces.

False or misleading information about the efficacy and/or safety of preventative measures, treatments, or other precautions to mitigate or treat the disease.

We will label or remove false or misleading information about:

The safety or efficacy of treatments or preventative measures that are not approved by health authorities, or that are approved by health authorities but not safe to administer from home;
The sale or facilitation of medicines or drugs that require a prescription or physician consultation;
Adverse impacts or effects of receiving vaccinations, where these claims have been widely debunked;
Vaccines and vaccination programs which suggest that COVID-19 vaccinations are part of a deliberate or intentional attempt to cause harm or control populations.

False or misleading information about official regulations, restrictions, or exemptions pertaining to health advisories.

We will label or remove false or misleading information about:

Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as claims about the efficacy and safety of face masks to reduce viral spread;
Preventative measures such as hand-washing, proper hygiene or sanitation methods, or social distancing;
Local or national advisories or mandates pertaining to curfews, lockdowns, travel restrictions, quarantine protocols, innoculations, including exemptions from such advisories or mandates;
How vaccines are developed, tested, and approved by official health agencies as well as information about government recommendations.

False or misleading information about the prevalence of the virus, or risk of infection or death.

We will label or remove false or misleading information about:

The prevalence of the virus or the disease, such as information pertaining to test results, hospitalizations, or mortality rates;
The capacity of the public health system to cope with the crisis, for example false information about the availability of PPE, ventilators, or doctors, or about hospital capacity;
Research findings (such as misrepresentations of or unsubstantiated conclusions about statistical data) used to advance a specific narrative that diminishes the significance of the disease.

False or misleading affiliation
You can’t create fake accounts which misrepresent their affiliation, or share content that falsely represents its affiliation to a medical practitioner, public health official or agency, research institution, or that falsely suggests expertise on COVID-19 issues.
What is not a violation of this policy?

We seek to protect robust, public debate about the response to COVID-19, and recognize that the state of scientific knowledge about certain aspects of the pandemic and public response to it (including the development of vaccines) is still relatively nascent. In the absence of other policy violations, the following are generally not in violation of this policy:

Strong commentary, opinions, and/or satire, provided these do not contain false or misleading assertions of fact.
Counterspeech. We allow for direct responses to misleading information which seek to undermine its impact by correcting the record, amplifying credible information, and educating the wider community about the prevalence and dynamics of misleading information.
Personal anecdotes or first-person accounts.
Public debate about the advancement of COVID-19 science and research, including debate about research related to COVID-19, such as the effectiveness of treatments and mitigation measures, so long as the claims don’t misrepresent research findings.

Who can report violations of this policy?

Rather than in-product reports, we are enforcing this policy in close coordination with trusted partners, including public health authorities, NGOs and governments, and continue to use and consult with information from those sources when reviewing content.

Our Global Public Policy team has open lines of communication with relevant multinational stakeholders, including the World Health Organization, numerous government and public health organizations, and officials around the world, to ensure they can troubleshoot account issues, get their experts verified, and seek strategic counsel as they use the power of Twitter to mitigate harm.
What happens if you violate this policy?

The consequences for violating our COVID-19 misleading information policy depends on the severity and type of the violation and the account’s history of previous violations. The actions we take may include the following:

Tweet deletion
The first time you violate this policy, we will require you to remove your Tweet. We will also may temporarily lock you out of your account before you can Tweet again.

Permanent suspension
The accumulation of multiple violations of this policy will result in suspension. Further, if we determine that an account is dedicated to Tweeting or promoting a particular misleading narrative (or set of narratives) about COVID-19, this would also be grounds for suspension.

If you believe that your account was locked or suspended in error, you can submit an appeal.

In circumstances where we do not require the removal of content which violates this policy, we may provide additional context on Tweets sharing the content where they appear on Twitter. This means we may:

Apply a label and/or warning message to the Tweet
Show a warning to people before they share or like the Tweet;
Reduce the visibility of the Tweet on Twitter and/or prevent it from being recommended;
Turn off likes, replies, and Retweets; and/or
Provide a link to additional explanations or clarifications, such as in a curated landing page or relevant Twitter policies.

In most cases, we will take all of the above actions on Tweets we label. In some instances, we’ll also turn off your ability to reply, Retweet, or like the Tweet. We prioritize curating landing pages with the latest information in cases where misleading content on Twitter is gaining significant attention and has caused public confusion on our service.
Additional resources

Learn more about our work to fight misleading information about COVID-19 here, and our expanded approach to COVID-19 vaccine misleading information here.

Learn more about our range of enforcement options and our approach to policy development and enforcement.


sad with autism

It’d be best to create alternatives to Twitter just by AOA/Anne Dachel, some potential names: Childhood Lost, Generation Lost, Loss of Childhood Trust.


Thank GOD for AoA!....


Ginger--your article contained a mistake, not misinformation. In my mind there is a difference. What sets you apart from the other psuedo-journalists, pretend journalists we see in the media is your integrity. A 'simple mistake' causes you shame. NBC, PBS, NPR, CDC, FDA, WAPO, NYT and the rest of usual suspects have no shame. You would win the Dan Olmstead award for journalistic integrity if there was one.

Bayareamom--I liked your comment regarding new technologies. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) was/is a new technology. Here is a link to the Seed Industry Structure 1996-2018 chart.

He who owns the seeds controls the food; He who owns the food controls the people. Its clear from the chart that the major chemical companies--Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, BASF, DuPont, Dow control many of the organic seeds and conventional seeds. Unlike Ginger Taylor, they have no ethics, or integrity. I see 5G posing the same sort of threats as GMOs.

Bayareamom, I could use a dose of " hope for humanity". Is it available on Amazon?

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Slowly but surely... people are beginning to ask the important questions...
How can we identify the "non-negligible" portion of the population? What if it turns out that portion of the population, is the target of the vaccine? What exactly is a pre-existing condition to ITP? (breathing? having skin? unlucky?)


I don’t use any social media sites so I don’t know how to judge this new app:

Apparently, it allows one to comment on these SM sites (like Twitter) without being censored (presumably from other’s who also use the same app.) There is a better explanation of it by Elizabeth Heng the CEO here:

Don't Allow Yourself to be Censored

It requires user verification to show that one is a real person and not a sock-puppet, which is an excellent feature. However, with these free apps there is often a hidden down-side so I would welcome a tech savvy person to review it’s privacy policy:

Ginger Taylor

Kim, I have to issue a mia culpa and an apology. There was misinformation in the article I wrote.

I wrote that Jimmy Carter was president in 1976, but Carter was only ELECTED in 76. Ford was president in 1976!

I have since corrected the misinformation, and apologize both to Age of Autism and to @Jack for misusing both platforms.

I promise to do better next time.

In Shame,


@Laura Hayes:

THANK you for posting the link to that video in your latest comment. Am viewing it now. In a word - fantastic.

Here's the issue for me: I am absolutely not on board w/much of the content contained in many of the comments here of late and have no desire to participate in some of the convos re political viewpoints vis-a-vis Trump, etc. From my perspective, there are issues with misinformation/disinformation on both sides of the political spectrum. Thus, I've not commented much at all on this blog for quite some time.

But regarding the issue of AI, this video fascinates me. The concern that many have re the use AI (now already far exceeding that which most are unaware in our society today) mirrors the mindset of many people who have always, during times of various re-sets in our society. Many people, as but one example, were not at all comfortable with the new thing called the automobile and would have been more than happy to have driven their horse-and-buggy for ages to come. Change does not come without its issues, obviously.

I can still recall this huge conversation I had with my dad many years ago wherein he discussed various issues with me, both inside and outside, the scope of his non-disclosure agreement he held at that time, and right up until his death back in 2018. He warned me during this conversation that many changes would occur in our not-too-distant future/lives, and that some of these changes involved technologies which, in his words, were "like magic."

These same technologies can be used for benevolent purpose or, if in the wrong misguided hands, be used for nefarious purposes. However, some may see 'nefarious' behind every nuance and every turn taken, no matter how true that purpose may be.

I've a feeling the human species may be taking a giant leap into the future, which of course leaves most of us somewhat jittery as to the real breadth and scope of this new age we are about to take a flying leap into.

I do hold some hope for humanity, however, as to all of this change.

The fact is, this 'change' IS ALREADY HERE. And it is about to take hold of our society on a massive scale, whether we're comfortable with it or not. There is no stopping it.

I hope everyone reading at this blog will view this video.

It is a real eye-opener.

angus files

Like many they cancel the media accounts then they demonetize the person or group involved. Always remember there are more of us than them we have the numbers to do something about it. I am with Parler and Telegram. Just waiting for Parler to get up and going as there will be a lot more accounts on both sites now.

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

Simply excellent video about the current global situation:

Tim Lundeen

Might be time to open a Telegram account :-)


Winston Churchill, Gestapo Speech YouTube

In full- Rowan Atkinson on Free Speech . YouTube

NHS hospital nurses Santa back to health in charity Facebook One month ago Fact Or Fable
Was on a special prescription diet, from a selection of fools?

Could person accountable and responsible for the COVID -19, NHS sponsored and funded? TV adverts end up being under
"Safeguarding Investigation" for promoting emotional child abuse ? and prescribing Trauma and fear in public tv adverts?


I pray every night cause this can go two ways.
We are crushed, setting back any advancement of human kind understanding for decades.
We prevail.
Right now it don't look like we are does it. Dark times.

Hans Litten

Medical Freedom fighters are routinuely banned from these CIA social media websites every single day.

Its a badge of honour, to be censored and silenced.
This situation has been going on for a year or two at least.

We are killing them, because our information is being shared all around the world.

Communication is our greatest weapon. The allegation they hate most : Vaccinocide

Jenny Allan

From above:- Twitter "our expanded approach to COVID-19 vaccine misleading information".
Since the article banned contained no references to Covid-19 vaccines, then this 'expansion' would seem to cover just about every health article, which does not suit the politicians or corporate pharma interests..

Bob Moffit

"Who defines false or misleading uncontextualized info that can prevent the public from making informed decisions regarding their health, and puts individuals, families and communities at risk that could lead to harm?

Ah yes ... that all important question: WHO DECIDES FALSE OR MISLEADING INFO???

As Joe Stalin once infamously said: "I don't care WHO votes .. I only care about WHO COUNTS the votes.

Common sense no????

sabina de sturler

me too, for the same tweet!

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