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Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine - An interview with Vera Sharav

Vera Sharav
Vera Sharav, a medical activist, is the founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, and an activist against some practices of the biomedical industry, particularly in matters of patient consent and children.

Thank you to Anne Dachel for this detailed transcription.


Below is a transcription of Part Two of a video interview with health freedom advocate, Vera Sharav.

In Part One (HERE)  Vera called everyone to stand up against the growing forces bent on taking away our rights.  Here she expands on the topic with chilling examples of what’s at stake for all of us.

Vera very much echoes the words of Robert Kennedy, Jr.  when he said, recently,

These government agencies are orchestrating obedience and it is not democratic—it’s not the product of democracy. It’s the product of a pharmaceutical-driven, bio-security agenda that will enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare where the apocalyptical forces of ignorance and greed will be running our lives and ruining our children and destroying all the dreams and dignity that we hope to give to our children.

Part Two: Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine - An interview with Vera Sharav

Hi, I’m Leah Wilson, executive director of Stand for Health Freedom , a nonprofit dedicated to protecting basic human rights.

Thank you for tuning in to part two of our exclusive interview with Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and renowned champion for human rights.

Vera is an expert on biomedical research ethics, and she has rare and valuable insight into the landscape of public health today and the government’s response to the coronavirus.

In this second segment, Vera draws parallels to what she seeing happening today and what her family saw in Nazi Germany.

She also talks about the dangers of using children and minorities as research subjects, and the dangers of blindly following authority, and what we can do to protect ourselves, our children and the most vulnerable among us.

I hope you enjoy the second part of my conversation with Vera.

Vera Sharav: This is a eugenics way of looking at the world. Eugenics was exported from the United States to Nazi Germany.

It never, never was abandoned; it just got its name changed.

There are all kinds of institutions that essentially continue to push the eugenics agenda with policies that they easily set because of the money.

Some populations are targeted for weeding out those who you consider lesser, inferior. People of color in the United States have in fact been very much targeted for medical experiments that were anything but medicine, that were really criminal.

Everyone knows about Tuskegee, but black and Hispanic children have been used as guinea pigs repeatedly in experiments that should never ever have been done.

Is it too explosive or whatever to compare Nazism? I’m sorry, this is what Nazism was about. This is how they did things. This is how they did things when they began with the children.

The Jews, in the Nazi order, were the despised minority. And here we have the blacks and Hispanics being treated like a despised minority, like their lives don’t count.

We have to stop it, and this might be the trigger.

If the African American community gets up and says no and really says no, and we help them to say no, that’s very important. 

Leah: Vera, one of the pharmaceutical industry strategies right now, to reach their goal of “Leave No One Behind, Immunization Agenda 2030,” is to eliminate vaccine exemptions across the United States.

This is a state issue, but we’re seeing the trend sweep the U.S. to eliminate religious exemptions, medical exemptions even.

What do you say to those who don’t yet see the not so obvious concern of giving up autonomy and giving up rights to make your own health care decisions?

Vera: Every word there is exactly— it’s absolutely the talking points during the Nazi regime. It’s the same.

At this point there are already so many, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of children who’ve been damaged by vaccines.

More parents will come into contact with someone, whether it’s in their own extended family or neighbors or school children who are damaged.

They need to think very, very hard about, is it the right thing to do to obey authority, because those authorities bear absolutely no responsibility.

If your child is harmed, the only one who has responsibility is you. You’re left with the medical bills, You’re left with the heartache of having a children that’s never going to have a normal life. So to entrust the schools or a doctor who doesn’t bear any of the problems when things go wrong.

Do you really want to play Russian roulette with your child’s life? We’re talking about their life. Some of these abnormalities that are caused by the sheer number of vaccines, it is just so enormous that you better think really hard whether it might not be a good idea to find out more of the evidence.

There are articles. Those vaccines also have labels; they don’t give them to you. You have to make sure to get them, to read them and maybe have a lawyer look over and get that kind of advice.

Once your child is harmed from the things that are in the vaccines, it’s not necessarily the virus that it’s trying to prevent. There are a whole lot of other elements in vaccines, including fetal tissue, including different animal tissue.


There are a whole lot of things in vaccines that have never ever been tested for safety in children. It’s a very, very dark area.

Vaccines don’t undergo the kind of safety trials that drugs do.

No vaccine on the children’s schedule has ever been tested against a real placebo, saline, saline placebo.

They’re tested against other vaccines, or against those adjuvants that are in the vaccine but are not the virus. Those adjuvants very often are the thing  that cause the most damage.

Leah: And just because a vaccine is state mandated, you’re saying, does not change who’s responsible for the child.  It does not shift responsibility. In fact, not only does the state not have responsibility; the manufacturers do not have responsibility.


Vera: Everyone has immunity.

Leah: Can there truly be immunity when the state is mandating the vaccine be given to school age children?

Vera: Parents are not being offered the information that is known already. They’re not being given that information.

They’re being told, “It’s fine. It’s been found to be safe and effective.”

That’s the mantra: Safe and effective. Every vaccine that we recommend to you, safe and effective.

It’s just not true.

The fact that there are thousands of children who are damaged, you really can’t write them off. And that number keeps growing.

Leah: Startling. It’s destructive for not only that child but for the entire family.

Vaccines are not studied with their synergistic effects in combination with the rest of the childhood schedule. They’re also not studied for their cancer-causing effects, impairment of fertility or mutagenic effects.


So, in your opinion, does that make children who receive vaccines unwilling research subjects?

Leah: Yes, a huge, uncontrolled medical experiment.

They refuse to conduct a trial that compares vaccinated against unvaccinated children and see which ones are healthier.

You’re not willing to do so because you know that the findings will be on the side of the unvaccinated. They’re the healthier ones.

Leah: Issues like this— Historically you’ve had a lot of success with getting the press attention, but now the pharmaceutical industry has such huge influence over not only the media and the press, but over government and lawmakers and the government advisors, and even the medical industry associations. What voice do the parents, as stakeholders, have left?


Vera: Even though they’re censoring a lot even on social media, because again, those who own the social media are those big corporations that have partnerships with pharmaceuticals or with Gates. He owns a lot of the media now.

Nevertheless, there are websites. There are organizations that do provide legitimate information.  Parents need to address them. They need to go to them. They need to find them.

Leah: I hear a lot with the moms in our circles that the first question they ask when becoming curious about their child’s health decisions and making decisions independently, “Don’t my children have to comply in order to go to school?”

And that’s where we have to make moms aware that that can’t be the determining factor.


Vera:  They need to rebel. If enough rebel, it won’t happen.

Unless African Americans had marched on Washington with Martin Luther King, it would have not changed. It would have gotten worse and worse and worse.

Even though we still have a lot of racism in society, it is not the same as it was before the march.

It requires people to rebel.

This country was started with a revolution. That was their rebellion against the mother state, against England.

So where is that spirit now?

People who are dependent on government are kind of the first victims. They have the least options. So it’s difficult to kind of put it on them.

I think that middle class, educated people, who do have options, who have been able to work from home and maintain their income, they have choices. They have options and it behooves them to lead.

There are crossroads in life. Many times, not only the Holocaust, really, there are many crossroads, many points in life where you have to make choices. And if you don’t, someone who will make the choice for you is not going to make it for your best interest. Just be aware of that.

You and your child, the parent in most, ninety-nine percent of cases, has the best interest of the child. Yes, there are some abusive parents, we know that, but they are not anywhere near even the smallest minority, because that’s against nature.

I’m a very strong believer that you don’t go against the natural instincts. Use your natural instinct. That’s what I learned as I was six years old.

Go by your instinct. It’s probably your best guide if you have no other.


Better still of course, get informed. Get informed so that you’ll be armed with accurate information that you can argue against the imposition of medical interventions that may harm you forever.

Leah: I’ve heard you say we’re at a crossroads in history.

Vera: This is exactly the crossroad that we are now [at]. Either we go along, as so far as most people have, or we say, enough. Let’s look back at this COVID.

Initially the lockdowns happened because they followed Professor Neil Ferguson at the Imperial College of London.

He had projected that there would be two and a half million Americans who would die from COVID-19 and 510 thousand in the U.K.

Not only did it turn out to be completely, completely off base—totally, not even close, but Professor Ferguson has a record of similar disasters that his predictions caused.

The first one was in 2001 when he predicted that 50,000 in the U.K. would hoof and mouth disease from the cattle and that you had to slaughter the cattle. So they went and slaughtered millions of sheep and cows. No such thing happened. …

Then it was SARS. Again he came out with absurd numbers. Now what does that tell you? And this is the world expert: an epidemiologist that his mathematical calculations were the things that everybody went by, but he has been wrong over and over again.

So I asked myself, why would you go with someone who has really an absurd track record? Just one disaster after another.

I found out the answer. He gets millions of dollars every year from the Bill Gates Foundation.

So he had an exact model to follow in order to create a panic. This was to create a panic. It was totally false.

 So when the media talks about fake news and anti-vaxx and all that, no, no, no. None of us are against vaccine per se. We want them to be safe, and we want to have a choice as to which ones we think we need because we might be exposed to that disease, and which ones we don’t need.

And we certainly wouldn’t want to have our infants get tetanus shots and hepatitis B. They’re not going to be going in the dirt with nails, and they’re not exchanging needles. These are infants.

This is the way to expand the market. The market is too small for tetanus

And who are the most vulnerable? Right there in the delivery room. That’s not a time where the mother can make a choice. She should be given the opportunity to make that choice before she enters that birthing room.

Leah: The justification is if we get maximum uptake, it’s for the whole, it’s for the better. However, is there ever a higher morality than making the best decision for that child?

Vera: But even that, they’re conflating. Tetanus is not catching, so there’s no herd immunity.

Leah: And hepatitis B is not spread in the classroom.


Vera: That’s right exactly, and it’s the same thing with HPV.

I mean, once people understand that what is ruling this entire thing is a business model.

It’s a marketing model, and they have a captured audience and a captured market because the government hands it to them.

That’s what has happened. The government now doesn’t represent us. The govern is there to enforce what Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical companies want.

We never voted for them. We never gave our approval to them; we weren’t asked.

The corruption is just so systemic, so wide in government, and unfortunately it’s completely polluted the scientific, medical literature.

Nothing is what it appears. A few years later, someone comes and shows how it was totally flawed. But in the meantime, each one of those very strategically placed reports, like in the New England Journal of Medicine and in the Lancet, they place it there because they have great impact on the profession.

Now we’ve had both of them caught with fraudulent study, each one of them right now. It had to do with hydroxychloroquine. It was all fraud, and each one of them, it went through their peer review.

What kind of peer review wouldn’t realize that there was no data really?

Leah: What does the accountability look like when they’re caught with the fraud?

Vera: Fraud? Nothing, there’s no accountability.

Leah: There’s no accountability for the journal.

Vera: Not really. I mean you would think… What could be worse? And both of them in the same month. I posted it before they retracted it even.

They were forced to retract because it was just so absurd.

Leah: It’s clear, Vera, that you value the sanctity of life and that you’ve gone to bat for millions and same that will never even know.

Vera: I guess some of us are kind of propelled, an inner feeling that if I don’t do it, how could I expect then that others should have done better when I was in trouble?

That  was what initially started me off. I laid blame, after all. Then I realized, most people end up blame worthy because they won’t take that step.

You have to be honest with yourself too and not believe in fairy tales. Unfortunately a lot of what people have been taught to trust, they don’t deserve our trust, so we shouldn’t keep wasting it on them. Trust your own instinct.

Trust your own instinct. Your children will be so much better off.


Leah: If those who hear this interview could learn one thing from your story, what would hope that would be?

Vera: Don’t believe that those who are constantly being touted as experts, that that means anything. It really, really doesn’t.

People give each other these kinds of titles to impress the people who aren’t schooled in the same way…

An expert at the very least should be one who’s most of the time right. I would think that would be like the first thing right?

If one after another, you’re wrong and by zillions; I mean we’re not talking about a little bit wrong. Then there’s another reason why that person and those persons are called experts.

They help to create panic in order to set the stage for mandatory whatever the government says, that’s it.

What wants to live in that kind of a society? Who wants to live cooped up the way we’ve been, when it shouldn’t have been that way in the first place?

Real scientists, independent scientists have been arguing the [lockdowns], against all this nonsense that destroyed the economy. That creates so much worse consequences that really—more people committing suicide, there’s violence within the family. Not everyone has a nice spacious apartment.

People with three children, four children and cooped it, it gets on your nerves. You know, they don’t have a way to let out their energy because parents are afraid to let them out.

That’s outrageous to have a breakdown of society because of a virus that isn’t anything like what we’ve been led to believe.


They want control. They want total control of us, that we should become robots.

And let’s understand that …the Bill Gates crowd of multi-billionaires, and it seems that there have been more billionaires created in these last ten years since 2008 when there was a again an economic recession.

That should tell you something. They consider themselves an elite, and this is an eugenics way of looking at the world.

Eugenics was exported from the United States to Nazi Germany. It never, never was abandoned.  It just got its name changed.

So population control, there’s a population council. There are all kinds of institutions that essentially continue to push the eugenics agenda with policies that they easily set because of the money.

So some populations are targeted for weeding out. That’s the eugenics kind of way of reducing populations. You weed out those who you consider lesser, you know, inferior.

Leah:  So I hear you saying a few things about teaching others to think about what makes them an expert, when we’re listening to experts, who’s profiting and what makes this situation different than what we’ve seen before.

Vera: On a larger scale, it’s a more insidious scale because a lot of it is electronic. We don’t really see it. You don’t have to have quite as many Gestapo around.

They can do things without that now. Really the electronic way of doing things gives them much more control. We know that everything, Facebook,, all of those models, the data about people has gone into a central bank.

Leah: Vera, what do you think about the notion that we’ve been hearing, first from Melinda Gates, of giving the black community the first round of COVID-19 vaccines, after the health care workers?

Vera: We have to be clear that the African American community and also people of color in the United States have in fact been very much targeted for medical experiments that were anything but medicine, that were really criminal.

Let me explain. Everyone knows about Tuskegee and syphilis trials on African American men.

Children, black and Hispanic children have been used as guinea pigs repeatedly in experiments that should never, ever have been done.


Let me give you some examples. You talked about the New York City children who given fenfluramine.

That was a drug that was eventually removed from the market. This was done at Columbia University. It was to test whether you could predict violence in little six year old children because they had a sibling who had problems with the law.

Now first of all, the idea of tagging a violence tag to these children, boys, they were all boys, who had shown no violence—they were perfectly innocent children—and to expose them to a drug that to this day, I don’t know what really the connection was going to be because how you react to a drug now is how the drug is acting on you at this point.

How could you even fathom what’s going to happen ten years later in that child? It’s going to be a different body. And this was government sponsored.

Yes, I saw that as a travesty, an absolute travesty.

 During the AIDS epidemic black and Hispanic infants and children were used as guinea pigs to test experimental AIDS drugs and vaccines. They were government sponsored. Some of them were co-sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, but the government gave its imprimatur to do these.

The experiments were conducted at, I think it was, about eight different states. My work on this was New York City because this was a major place. There were a few hundred children

The experiments, these were foster children, children in foster care. Now, children in foster care, federal law, which was adopted in 1983, doesn’t allow foster care children to be used in medical research unless it is potentially of benefit to them, unless it is something about their condition which wouldn’t be invasive drugs, but rather psychological. But if they had an illness, and this might help them, then it was allowed. Other medical research is not allowed to be done on wards of the state.

They did do that with these children.

Leah: Post 1983.

Vera: It was after 1983. It was between 1985 and 2005.

Now what they did first of all, they assumed in most case, that the children were infected with HIV because the mothers at birth may have been infected or just shown some symptoms. The tests were very unreliable during that whole period. There were a lot of false positives, and most of the children would have had the mother’s antibodies but not really be infected, and that was in fact found out eventually when they did an investigation.

The experiments, the drugs and the vaccines that they were testing were horrific.

Children older than the infants who tried to run away, who resisted, they took them and inserted a plastic tube into their abdomen so that they could not refuse.

They tethered them essentially. That’s torture. There are both national and international laws against torture, and this is torture of these little children. The directive was completely against federal law which requires that any foster care child, if they’re in research, they have to have a personal advocate as well as informed consent.

This committee was told there’s no need for individual informed consent. You can just do consent for the group.

That’s applying herd methods to human beings. These little babies, and eventually because the media at that time did do some stories which I worked on, the city contracted the Vera Institute—I have nothing to do with it—but the Vera Institute to investigate. They investigated and they found indeed— I also filed a complaint with the federal.  I always did that.

Federal found that the children didn’t have personal advocates as required by law. They found a few things, but again these agencies are essentially, they work together with these hospitals. They work together. All the grants were coming from federal government so even though this Office of Human Research Protection is supposed to be separate, they’re not really separate. They are employees of the Department of Health and Human Services. You know, the ones who are also giving the grants.

But they found a few things, and then the Vera Institute found a bit more.


They found 80 children died.  Nobody investigated what they died of.  It was assumed that it was AIDS.

There was this nurse who worked at Incarnation House. This was near Columbia, a home for foster children run by Catholic Charities, and she adopted two children. Two of those children she adopted.
They were on massive drugs, cocktails of AIDS. They were in very bad shape.

Once she had them in her home which had a backyard, she slowly started to wean the children from the drugs. And low and behold, they thrived. They thrived.

What did Children’s Protective Services do? They came and they took away the children, and she never saw them again.

Leah: Did they give a justification?

Vera: She wasn’t complying with the protocol. She was devastated.  She really felt that she could save them. So in order not to have that kind of evidence against the drugs, they took the children away. …don’t know whether they survived or what.

That’s a crime. I mean this— you asked before is it too explosive or whatever to compare Nazism. I’m sorry. This is what Nazism was about.

This is how they did things.


This is how they did things when they began with the children. The Jews in the Nazi order were the despised minority.

And here we have the blacks and Hispanics being treated like a despised minority, like their lives don’t count.

I found several articles, later reports in the journals which in fact found that some of the children didn’t have HIV or anything.

So there they were. There was absolutely no justification for the use of these children in experimental, such very, very toxic drugs and a vaccine that was never developed. Each one of them was not safe and effective.

Leah: So how do we stand up for these issues in terms of, in this day and age we’re seeing—or in this specific time, we’re seeing specific minorities being targeted?

Vera: You have to stop it, and this might be the trigger. If the African American community gets up and says no and really says no, and we help them to say no. That’s very important.

Then we could stop the whole mandate. In other words, the minorities where they think they can get away with more, they do.

And they test the most toxic stuff on them because they don’t respect them as human beings, as having worth.

It’s very, very important that people get together and realize that there are people who will do anything, they will do anything to make money and to control.

This is really now about control.

It behooves us to stand up. People still have the ability right now to stand up and to let them know this won’t fly.

This has to be a citizens’ uprising. It’s that simple.

Otherwise why talk about democracy? Why talk about a free society?

We’re not. This is what we’re about to lose if we allow it.

Leah:  That’s what’s on the line.

Vera: What is so amazing to me and very painful to realize is, it’s one thing when you see the societies in the Far East, you know, Japan, Singapore, China, that’s their tradition to be submissive to authority.

But that wasn’t the American way. America was the exact opposite. 

And now we’re going along with things that are really harming us.

The lockdown is very, very harmful to more people than it is profitable. It’s only a few who are profiting, but they call the shots because they invaded everything. They are in all government, in local, state and federal.

We see part of this sheepish like subservience is part of the problem of our education system.

Children are not really encouraged to stand up and insist that they are right.

No, they’re supposed to be subservient, and that whole ADHD falls into that. Boys, who don’t want to say no, they’re being hushed and drugged.

And the schools aren’t teaching them. They really are not encouraging self-thinking. You know, thinking a problem through and coming to their own conclusion and then feeling that they know that they’re right.

They’re not being encouraged to do that. They’re being encouraged to simply repeat what the teacher says.

It is conditioning. This is psychological conditioning to be ready for each new order, a new edict, whether it’s the governor, the President, whoever.

And they are maintaining this high level of panic. A parent should say, I choose not to vaccinate my child for this and that and the other vaccine.

Leah: And when more of us become confident in what we choose then the shaming can start to subside.

Vera: Exactly. We are shaming people into line is so antithetical to a democratic process.

There should be lively debate, but they won’t debate because they know they lose the debate. That’s why they won’t do it.

We’re at a crossroads. I mean there’s nothing instead of standing up yourself. I mean nobody else will come and give it on a platter.









“There is today one which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception [of citizenship] are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States.”

"In the aftermath of the Second World War, many of the eugenics programs throughout the United States had ceased operations, either due to not having accomplished much in regards to their goals, or due to the more intense association with the Nazi eugenics programs. The Sterilization League of New Jersey, though, not only decided to continue operations but voted to grow into a national organization.

At first, the group had little in the way of funds, until Dr. Clarence Gamble joined the effort, he and his brother made considerable donations to the new group (now called “Birthright”). Birthright attempted to maintain a level of secrecy, as the Catholic Church was influential in its opposition to sterilization. Despite early setbacks, Birthright pushed ahead with its pro-eugenics literature. Several Birthright-run experiments took place, mostly in North Carolina, attempting to prove that eugenics had little to do with race and they sought to sterilize “the worst type in every social class”, including a controversial experiment that promoted “exceptional Blacks”. Birthright’s initial momentum died down by the end of the 1940s, and by the 1960s Birthright’s successor organization the Human Betterment Association of America renounced the practice of involuntary sterilization. Despite this, though, the post-War precedent Birthright set allowed involuntary sterilization to continue and expand to minority populations throughout much of the country."

"In 1937 Olden founded the Sterilization League of New Jersey, which later changed its name to the Sterilization League for Human Betterment in 1943. It was again renamed Birthright, Inc. in 1943 with the stated goal of “improving the biological stock of the human race.” In 1950, Birthright was renamed the Human Betterment Association of America (HBAA) and in 2001, the organization again changed its name, this time to its current title of Engenderhealth.

According to its website, EngenderHealth “supports comprehensive abortion care (CAC), including safe induced abortion, emergency treatment of abortion-related complications, and postabortion contraception.”

“We also work within communities to reduce abortion-related stigma and increase awareness of unsafe abortion as well as aid civil society organizations that advocate for conducive policies and systems,” the site states. “In 2019 alone, we helped to avert a total of 1.4 million unsafe abortions.”

"Leaked documents reveal that the federal government gave nearly 80 million dollars of taxpayer money to overseas abortion provider EngenderHealth over six years ending in 2019.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded two separate 5-year grants to EngenderHealth in 2013 and 2014, which originated during the Obama years but continued to be paid out during the first three years of the Trump administration.

According to the leaked documents obtained by Breitbart News, EngenderHealth received $74,490,086 over five years beginning in 2013 and ending in 2018 for its “Fistula Care Plus Project” and another $4,999,562 for its “Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health Program” between 2014 and 2019.

Founded as “The Sterilization League of New Jersey,” EngenderHealth today focuses on reproductive rights and women’s health. The organization was founded by the notorious eugenicist Marian Stephenson Olden, who began to promote compulsory sterilization of persons with traits considered to be “undesirable” while working for the Princeton League of Women Voters."


Appreciate the reminder that history can repeat itself.
It was October 1939 that euthanasia was legalized in Germany, a form of medical discrimination, a culmination of many prior restrictions.
What happens when your "medical records" are your passport to live, in society?
We know the answer.

Frederic Chopin

Thank Hans for the laugh. He’s a hoot!

Jenny Allan

I agree with Kim. AoA is one of the few-the very few - internet information and support sites which has not been 'bought' by establishment vested interests. The rise in autism is far more of a threat to future humanity than a transient virus, yet those of us who attempt to persuade our own governments and health leaders to at least listen to our pleas for properly funded research and support services, are denigrated and ridiculed.

In far too many cases, quite viciously, scientists and others who dared to question political and pharma sponsored so called 'mainstream' science, have had their funding removed and their livelihoods destroyed. We are all familiar with what happened to Dr Andrew Wakefield, but a more recent scientist Dr Christopher Exley, has also been targeted for similar 'treatment'. His very valuable research into aluminium in vaccines has plainly annoyed some very powerful vested interests. Thankfully, Dr Exley has survived efforts to starve his research team of essential funding, including pressure from vested interests to terminate a GoFundMe money raising effort. Keele University have not been at all supportive, but AoA have provided Dr Exley with a platform to explain his excellent science and readers have been supportive. In all the hubris, of course, it is forgotten that Dr Exley's vaccine research is valuable and should lead to improvements in vaccine adjuvants, which do not have to contain aluminium after all, but then, we still have dangerous mercury in some vaccines, particularly those destined for the 'third world'. This is the real scandal.

Those commenters alluded to by Kim will recognise themselves, but I could not resist a response to 'Fred', who posted, "The human race would not exist today without the miracle of vaccination." This made me laugh!
According to Wiki :- "Humans (Homo sapiens) are a species of highly intelligent primates
Early modern humans are thought to have diverged in Africa from an earlier hominin around 300,000 years ago."

Since vaccines have only been around for 200 years or so, it's a 'miracle' Homo sapiens was able to survive for nearly 300,000 years previously. I think Wiki needs to revise that 'highly intelligent' reference.

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She reminded me of the foster children that were very sick, and the brave woman that was making them better.

I forgot.

I should have never, ever allowed that to happen in my memory.
What was her name? What were their names? They are who we should remember.

Grace Green

Why would the democrats need to worry about their voter base, given that they can now manufacture as many votes as they need, with impunity?
Your comment is tasteless in the extreme. This woman was personally displaced, and lost her closest family members at a very young age, and I think she deserves to have her experiences listened to with respect. You are also disrespecting the name of Chopin, who would clearly not have endorsed your callous views.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 05, 2021 at 08:59 AM

Plezse stop this ridiculous conspiracy talk.
Vaccines are healthcare, not warfare.
The human race would not exist today without the miracle of vaccination.


Funny how, all of a sudden, the medical establishment pretends to go all “noble” on us now - how self serving of them. Tuskegee experiments, anyone?


Every week, another white male MD refuses to get the Pfizer or Moderna product, saying that he's giving up his place in line to a black person. In the US, 12 million doses have been distributed to health care and nursing facilities, with only 2 million doses being taken. These MDs should just admit that they aren't confident that the benefits outweigh the risks, instead of pretending they want black Americans to benefit from these amazing drugs that nobody seems to want. It's OK not to want a half-tested, kludged-together thing that won't protect anybody once the S protein mutates enough.

Frederic Chopin

Who is the US weeding out again? And the mechanism is vaccination? Is she saying the US government is trying to kill off black people by vaccinating them? Or hispanics? Asians? Who in government? Certainly not the Democrats right? Wouldn't they be killing off their voter base? So then it's the Republicans?

Bob Moffit

God bless you Anne ..for your continuing pursuit of TRUTH and your courage in publishing it here on AoA. This interview should be broadcast on every major media outlet in country … which we can be absolutely certain will never happen.

Population control has ALWAYS been Bill and Melinda Gates highest priority .. and .. it is no accident they are also the strongest billionaire supporters of VACCINES … a useful product to achieve their goal of reducing population.

Comparing today's public health TYRANTS with the Nazi's that preceded them is not only justified …. it is critical to understanding what is happening in our world today

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