Survey on Pandemic's Impact on Autism Families
Can We Protect More People with a "Fitness to Vaccinate" Exam Akin to a Pre-Op?



But I had a spiritual moment in the garden, involving black widow spiders under my pumpkins and then there was that CDC SPIDER letter.

There are people inside our government that are perhaps still Good and pure. Not all are corrupt - we pray and hope.

There are things that we perhaps have to make happen, as Mark said; we really have already proved that vaccines are causing brain injuries and now we have to go political and make them care.

God is with us on this. Take heart.


I did not know what QU anon or what ever they call it ; was? First time I ever heard of it was right her on Age of Autism.

I am out of the loop, well I am in the Age of Autism loop. .

But I started reading Lin's tweets like every one else every day.

A savior, the army special parts are going to save us, all we have to do is just wait and we will be saved. Never came, and as was explained to me it is a psyops thing that has been used before over in Eastern Europe some where.

Still with election law suits going no where in the courts, state legislation being by passed, then on top of it all right in the middle of Republican senators making their case of fraud a riot and a surprise break into the capitol -- in which all such talk was then by passed; one can hardly tear their eyes away and pray it might be true.

One small satisfaction in all of this though; those that have lied BIG, a LOT, Sucking all the money out of our country to put in their pockets, those that have made deals with foreign countries and are not facing any court or punishment did get scared of this psyops too.

They locked down D.C to bad that put North Korea to shame. Then the vetted the national guards.

You got to take a bit of satisfaction where you can. . And then onward to better understanding and thus change the direction of this behemoth .

Darn Fauci is still a hero. Grrrrrr.

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