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Is there Anybody Out There Payin’ Attention?

AttentionBy Cathy Jameson

Extra appointments and errands had me out of the house a little bit longer than usual last week.  I didn’t mind the driving around, especially since I could listen to the radio uninterrupted while I was out.  Since it was just me in the car, I had no one asking me to change the station, to turn on a movie, or to turn a movie off.  I was glad for the chance to catch up on some news and follow-up analysis on a new fave XM station, 125.  But some days, with just how much is going on out there in the world, I just needed my music. 

This song came on a few times when I’d had enough of listening to talk radio.  It wasn’t just on my other go-to XM stations either.  I heard it on several stations at least once on one of the local ones.  I knew which artist was singing, but in the 4 or 5 times I’d heard it, I never caught the title. 

It’s quite the song!

The title is perfect.  

And the lyrics? 

They are so very good.

Is there anybody out there payin’ attention?

Is there anybody out there payin’ attention?

Is there anybody out there payin’ attention?

Is there anybody out there payin’ attention?

grandson asks that 4 times in a row at one point.  How many times have asked I myself that over and over again this last year?  Too many times!  I don’t agree with some of his politics, but I do echo his question, “…is anybody…payin’ attention?”  I’ve been asking myself that since January of 2020.   

0C19707D-8A6B-4527-91F2-E1D93AF1DCE1Each year, like clockwork, several of us in this community wait with bated breath as to what the “new virus” of the year would be.  Like Ebola, like zika, like the measles.  It was no coincidence that this meme was making the rounds this week exactly one year ago. 

This year, everyone is ‘freaking’ out about the vaccine for the new virus.  Their screaming isn’t in retaliation because a vaccine was fast-tracked or that it has no long-term studies.  They’re freaking out because they want a liability-free countermeasure that they feel is not being distributed fast enough.  Having “gotten my hands dirty” knowing the ins and outs of how vaccines work (and don’t work), I’m walking around dazed listening to the public.  They want the newest vaccines that comes with, some consider, the greatest risk.

Never in the last 16 years of reading about vaccines have I ever watched people rush themselves to get tested for an illness they’re showing no signs of.  And never have I ever seen so many people so willing to roll up their sleeves for a medical product that is so brand new, some questions about it can’t be answered:   

Will either vaccine prevent COVID19?  Maybe.  But maybe not.

The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19.

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.

Will the COVID19 vaccine transmit the virus?  They just don’t know yet.  But they hope not!

Most vaccines that protect from viral illnesses also reduce transmission of the virus that causes the disease by those who are vaccinated. While it is hoped this will be the case, the scientific community does not yet know if the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine will reduce such transmission.

Will it do what the Science says it will do and also what the public demand it to do?  Well, we can’t know that.   

Additional data on vaccine effectiveness will be generated from further follow-up of participants in clinical studies already underway before the EUA was issued, plus studies conducted by the manufacturer or by the U.S. government evaluating effectiveness of the vaccine as used under the EUA.

With how quickly these vaccines were rolled out, none of us can know right away.  Some will find out only after their get one.  I, for one, wish not be part of that group opting for it.  I know too much about this industry, their products, and how the government protects both of them.  The government will not protect me, the citizen, when something goes wrong.  They won’t drop everything and run to help any of the other citizens opting for the COVID19 vaccine either.  If something terrible happens, as is being reported, the people will, for the most part, be on their own.  Knowing this after seeing more and more people post their “I got vaccinated” photos on social media, it was time to crank the music again. 

Do you love your neighbor?

I do.  

But I sure as heck don’t understand some of them. 

I really don’t.  I will hope and pray that eventually something better will come from all of this.  Some days, praying this madness ends is the only thing left to do. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.




Well, here's some answers to my own question:
COVID-19’s impact on the Amish

...officials seek to determine virus’ spread among Amish

For Pennsylvania’s Amish, the coronavirus and the call for social distancing are a challenge

On topic: INSANITY!
Following freezer failure, nurses rush out COVID-19 vaccines to anyone available


Slightly off-topic, but I am wondering about the late AOA founder's original question: Do the Amish get autism? Now it would be: Do the Amish get Covid 19? Are they getting the Covid vaccine? Are they wearing masks and practicing social distancing? We should look into it. They still are one of the few generational "off-grid" people groups who mostly don't vaccinate. Has their naturally health immune system fended off the current plague?


Maybe half of those carrying and spreading coronavirus are pre- or asymptomatic. It is responsible of them to be tested and then isolate if they’re positive. Even given that the test is not that reliable, they’re showing consideration for others.

The mRNA vaccines are very effective at preventing Covid. Maybe not for that long, maybe will cause ADE or other side effects. But you can see why most people want to take it and bring this long nightmare to an end. I am grateful to them for taking the chance. I probably had better not, I had the Guillain-Barre vaccine reaction, and if anyone were going to react with transverse myelitis, Bell’s palsy, MS, or death, it would be me. I already have, except for death. But thank God there are others willing to take it!

Still with Trump

One can hardly believe the events of the past year with CV19 and the Goliath vaccine industry. A year ago, Dr. Fauci was stating the virus would not be a concern to Americans.

However, It has become well beyond clear that the American news media is fully owned by the "drug lords" who have almost nothing to provide but vaccine news, trying to promote poorly tested, unlicensed medical products, to the entire nation.

The CV19 vaccine disasters now taking place in American nursing homes will continue to come to light, which might be the only way to prevent them from trashing our children again.

Bob Moffit

Duh … US Congressman tests positive for Covid AFTER receiving BOTH doses of Pfizer vaccine .. here is CNN report:

Here is explanation:

Covid-19 vaccines prevent illness, but do not necessarily prevent infection. If someone tests positive and doesn't get sick, the vaccine has worked as intended. If someone tests positive within a few weeks of receiving the second dose, it may be because the vaccine hasn't yet fully kicked in.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says building immunity to Covid-19 "typically takes a few weeks" after vaccination.

Perhaps this is just another .. of THOUSANDS … false positive tests … or another COINCIDENCE .. of THOUSANDS .. of vaccine failures? Either way .. nothing to worry about here .. roll up your sleeves and move on ...

Gerardo Martinez

Amazing what has happened in one year! I do not understand it! People in my field with advance degrees dismissing any concerns for this life saver vaccine(covid 19). If CNN and Fox say it is is the Truth! That's it! no debate. When I bring up the U.S. Department of Justice Vaccine Injury Court Stats, the response is "oh I never heard of that and these injuries are rare" "Rare" I say, it is only "rare" if it does not happen to you or a loved one, because once it does, this "rare" injury tends to last a life time!

So sad. Bottom line is it should be about choice. If you want the covid 19 vaccine, get it by all means, don't judge me or trash me because I choose not to get it!. Leave me and my family alone. Sad that in New York, the state is not allowing children who are not up to date on their Pharma Vaccines to attend ONLILNE school!! Really!! I am speechless, what disease and a virus now travel by computer??
Thanks for the great insight and article. Blessings to all!

Bob Moffit

Vaccines … the "golden goose" of financial profit that keeps on giving, giving, giving .. just one more vaccine that will soon be replaced by another pandemic coming soon our way

susan welch

Well said, Cathy. Excellent post. Thank you for expressing what say many of us are feeling.


Great Sunday post as always, Cathy.

I have not yet seen any polling data broken down by age about interest in getting either of the two currently EUA'd products (Pfizer and Moderna). In my own personal network, the only people who have expressed enthusiasm for the vaccine are Boomers and medical professionals, who are true believers, and one guy my own age (low 40s, married with a kid). None of my other friends have any interest in taking the risk.

We hear a lot that people really want it and can't get their hands on it quickly enough, but then we see articles saying 50-60% of health care workers are saying, "No, thanks," and the folks willing to wait overnight in a parking lot all appear to be in their 70s--the generation that was sold Mercurochrome and the polio vaccine at an impressionable age. They still think the space program is a good use of money, because they were teens or young adults when the US landed on the moon.

"Another shopper, Margaret Hare, 72, of DeBary, was eagerly anticipating the vaccine roll-out at Publix after witnessing senior citizens camping out overnight in the cold at a recent vaccination event organized by Volusia County, the Florida Department of Health and city of Daytona Beach."

I remember the skepticism of some of the Boomers in my life when they encountered their first child with food allergies. Surely peanut butter couldn't kill someone!

One of my major fears with the dangers of these two hastily developed vaccines--much like my conern about the autism epidemic--is that we will, as a society, go from denial (Mike Pence with his "safe and effective" sign and of course the myth of "better diagnosis") to acceptance of massive collateral damage as a"necessary evil" in a world where choice is simply not permitted. People my age seeing massive special education budgets in our public school district that *still* don't even come close to meeting the needs of families still have to connect the dots, and then we have to care enough to take action. Maybe seeing ourselves as potential collateral damage will make us care.

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