Dr. Tom Frieden on VaxPorts
Massachusetts withdraws School Flu Shot Mandate



Bob, you can add this favourite of the Victorian (Australia) government's; Staying apart keeps us together.


In the 2018 Netflix documentary, Booby Kennedy for President, my dad is the reporter outside SanQuinten saying “SirhanSirhan has been in SQ since 1969“, in the last 15/20 mins.

There’s definitely a correlation.

Only the brave claim cause.


the greatest civil rights issues of our times, and instagram says shaddup.
naughty, haughty book burning times.


I never thought this could happen in our country. How did this happen.

I never thought though that my children and husband and even I myself would suffer vaccine injuries, and when we did -- I never expected the attitude of the medical profession.

Then again I have never experienced the attitudes of so many about silly theories of carbon and global warming and change either.

or for that matter that our government went so far out on the literature about holes in the ozone layer -- lying.

Maybe it all comes back to minimal brain injuries caused by vaccines? Humanity has lost it's way for sure. Those that lie and lie so big, and know it; and those that will actually just believe the lies and gets all over emotional about the lies.

52 million Americans out of 332 million of the entire population are diagnosed as mentally ill. That is a lot of people, can a country of humans manage with minimal brain injuries?

Bob Moffit

Who knew Orwell was predicting the USA when he wrote "Animal Farm" … where all pigs are equal .. but … some pigs are more equal than others.

USA today has many examples of "equality" .. such as .. all people have free speech .. but … some have more equal freedom to speak than others .. or … all crimes are forbidden .. but … some crimes of hate are more equal than all other crimes.



People who are OK with social media bans usually point to the fact that FB, IG, Twitter, etc., are private companies. However, there is obviously a difference between the posts that get banned (free expression of ideas not endorsed by Corporate America) and the posts that **violate federal law** but are totally cool with IG... like the one in which Kim Kardashian, who was paid by Duchesnay to endorse a morning sickness drug, made false and/or misleading claims. That post wasn't a problem for IG until the feds caught it: http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/EnforcementActivitiesbyFDA/WarningLettersandNoticeofViolationLetterstoPharmaceuticalCompanies/UCM457961.pdf

One of the things that is incredible to me is how totally OK the Boomers are with an icon like RFK, Jr., being trashed by Corporate America for daring to question its hegemony. I get that they don't like Jenny McCarthy (which is why Big Pharma loved to pretend she was the only person who noticed that there are environmental causes for health problems), but Bobby Kennedy, Jr.? What the heck, people.

Gerardo Martinez

A true warrior of Justice! So grateful to God that RFK Jr is on our side!!! Keep up the good fight Mr. Kennedy. You bring honor to your family's name and legacy!

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