Schools Know C V A X is a Chimera

Dr. Tom Frieden on VaxPorts

FreedomRemember CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden? Under his watch, the autism rate went from 1 in 88 to 1 in 54. Now he is CEO of "Resolve to Save Lives," with several Public Health initiatives.


Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Tom Frieden told CNBC on Thursday he believes making so-called Covid vaccine passports mandatory may be ill-advised because it could deter Americans from wanting to receive the shot.

"I think a vaccination certificate is something that you should have the right to have but not be forced to have," said Frieden, who led the public health agency under former President Barack Obama. Read more at CNBC here.


Jody Murrens

Sounds like the abusive (IMO) parent who says, "I think dinner is something you should have the right to have but not be force to have."

Bob Moffit

Gerardo .. won't presume to know what caused Frieden raise concerns about mandatory covid vaccine passports … but … I am pretty confident that it's not GUILT.

Gerardo Martinez

It is early here in Texas and I have not had my second cup of Coffee. Could this "man" be feeling guilty??To bad he did not feel the same way about those toxic life saving childhood vaccines he was promoting earlier in his career. Thoughts anyone? I have to look for the good not just the negative, so this is good that now he believes the Covid 19 vaccine should not be mandatory. Again its early. Thanks and blessings to all!
G. Martinez

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