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Dr. Andrew Wakefield Discusses Covid mRNA

Dont shoot the messengerDr. Andy Wakefield discusses the mRNA vaccines - m =  messenger.

From Brittanica (remember the encyclopedia folks?)

Messenger RNA (mRNA), molecule in cells that carries codes from the DNA in the nucleus to the sites of protein synthesis in the cytoplasm (the ribosomes). The molecule that would eventually become known as mRNA was first described in 1956 by scientists Elliot Volkin and Lazarus Astrachan. In addition to mRNA, there are two other major types of RNA: ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and transfer RNA (tRNA).



Gary Ogden

John Wolfram Bohr: I, too, am a big fan of Dr. Wakefield. He displays that rare quality among humans of moral courage. To correct the record, neither he, nor any of his twelve co-authors on the Lancet paper ever made the ". . .claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism" They raised the question, as all good scientists do, and called for further study. This would not do, as GSK has immense political power in the UK. Here is a detailed history of the entire affair:


Dr. James Neuenschwander Did say that we should continue to try to get aluminum our of our bodies though cause is is an on going point of irritation.

I wonder if this lipid -- they speak of, this PEG lipid is just another version of squalene, Safe like olive oil till put inside the body other than the stomach?


Not hard to do I was referring to safety studies. - at the end of the post about Shaw-- I meant to say safety studies to see if antibodies would be made against the brain, or protein folding would result in the Moderna vaccine, but none were done.

Yet mRNA was found in the brain and all over the body by Moderna's own animal studies.

I love it when some one else reads all this stuff and I don't have too.


Expert, Dr. James Neuenschwander; I messed up, when my son and I were living up in Michigan we had an appointment with him, but I did not know who he was. Missed it there.

Neuenschwander was glad he followed Dr. Shaw cause he did not know about Moderna's animal studies of finding nRNA in the brain.

Dr. Neuenschwander says it looks like these neurological reactions they are seeing in these covid 19 vaccine injuries looks just like the aluminum containing vaccines of the Gardasil vaccine yet the covid 19 vaccine had no aluminum.

He says the three different videos of 3 different covid 19 vaccines injuries; were three different types of brain injuries. mRNA or DNA is a danger signal, as well as damaged fatty lipids, the PEG lipid which the brain is made of lipids- that these things are not suppose to be outside the cell. If they are floating around the body it sets off a cell danger response.

This sets off inflammation and Generating antibodies against the brain, then what are these antibodies directed against. Is it directed against a dopamine receptor, or a glutamate receptor, or against GABA or the basal ganglia - we get different reaction.

Now we got to deal with a life time of learning how to calm down the immune systems and antibodies.


Chris Shaw British Columbia professor looks at the animal studies from Moderna. Their own animal studies said that it is found mRNA, spiked protein, this lipid covered whatever is found every where in the body, including the brain. Moderna's own data. It is suppose to be contained in just that little area of the muscle were the vaccine was given. But the mice studies are showing it is everywhere.

He says all of the neurological degenerative diseases he studies; all of them are the misfolding of different types of proteins, depending on the neurological disease, but is all misfolding proteins, a cluster or beta sheets of proteins. So now we are asking the cells to make proteins, and these are in the brain. It is not hard to do Dr. Shaw says. They could look at different regions of the brain, a few mice; it would take less than a year. But they were not done, which is typical.


John Wolfram Bohr,

I read your comment for the first time yesterday and wrote to a friend only to point it out as excellent.


John Wolfram Bohr

Let us focus down really small on what exactly is an autoimmune disease.

That is fine for a second only; then you have to do more complex thinking. Butter fly effect; the web of life and all that. .

So let us refocus on a constant state of inflammation. Which would happen if your cells constantly made a protein that your body was constantly making white blood cells, and immune cells to fight against. Constantly?

See what was Dr. Wakefield's paper all about? No clue? Hmmmm?

IT was about a new, novel gut problem caused by inflammation.

Dr. Wakefield you can find it written in the archives on here "Age of Autism" I will always hate the little guys that played the role of thugs for the more powerful. The smallest of heart , and little would Brian Deer.


mRNA can be converted to DNA and can alter the human genome. see ref. reverse transcriptase RT. That enzyme is heat sensitive, it denatures above a certain temperature, and loses it's activity. It's usually found in retroviruses like HIV which of course begs the question, why are you giving mRNA to HIV patients ? Further, since viruses are ubiquitous in our environment, we all have some of them, all the time. Perhaps not HIV, but other retroviruses we may not have even discovered yet. That means we all potentially have reverse transcriptase in our bodies.

I'd like to learn more about RT but NEJM sold out to big Pharma years ago so that's not possible. Science and Nature, same thing. I'd like to challenge and encourage these formerly prestigious journals to publish objective and honest science for a change. You can start with Autism.


The Health Secretary warned the variant — which has already been spotted in the UK —


Has already been ..... spotted ?? What the hell does that even mean?


Thank you Dr Andrew Wakefield.
If they do not want to listen,then they will callously disregard the fire alarm, all over again !>news>staff joked-about -insulation's- fire safety- classification.
9 December 2020

Brutalist Architecture , Grenfell Fire Tragedy 2017

The buildings "Cytokine Storm" but the new combustable cladding had passed the "Building Regulators"
as being "Safe and Effective " for human housing ?
As all buildings must be insulated as part of the UN sustainability 2030 agenda. Conserve heat escaping from houses ?

John Wolfram Bohr

First off, I want to thank Dr Wakefield for coming forward with such a controversial statement in such times, He’s truly brave.
Second, from what I have read online (again this info is only off an official Pfizer research paper) that the mRNA doesn’t code for the virus or disease itself, but instead it codes for the antigen present on the outer protein layer of the virus and so it helps the body recognise the outer layer of the virus the next time it encounters it. But again these pharma companies are as we all know pushing their agenda.

Third, an autoimmune disease is a disease where the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks normally healthy cells. However, in the case of the mRNA vaccine, the immune system attacks these virus proteins produced by the body because they’re foreign proteins to the body and this way the body can recognise it for later. So this doesn’t really fall under the “autoimmune disease” category because the body isn’t mistakenly attacking any healthy cells but foreign proteins.
Lastly, as mentioned before I’m a huge fan of Dr Wakefield’s. I admire him so much. But I don’t understand did he lose his medical license in the UK after his brave yet still unproven claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism. This man doesn't deserve this at all. He’s a true man of god and science and we can’t allow the big pharma companies to drag his name like because they want to profit off of us.


Wow, My hero!!!


I happen to own the complete set of Mission Impossible episodes, spanning mid 1960's through early 1970's. It is an intriguing show. The sage viewer will recognize that many shows are based on actual alphabet operations happening during that time. I just finished watching a 1970 episode that featured an MKUltra project. Of course the original viewers of the show were clueless and just thought it to be great drama. About a month ago, the episode I watched featured the IMF team trying to prevent a catastrophe at a nuclear power plant. To infiltrate, they had to disable the personnel. They did this by releasing a harmless but irritating gas to simulate a known contagion. Vaccines (secretly brought in by the IMF) were quickly given to all personnel to counteract the exposure. Of course, the vaccine actually had a knockout drug (harmless as usual) in it and all quickly fell to the floor , incapacitated. The IMF was able to accomplish their task undetected. This episode was from about 1969.


Yes, Emma our federal agencies are tyrannical. They are not there to protect us. If so, HCQ in the right dosage would be available during this time to everyone.


Put this mRNA into our cells, into our DNA so it will make a protein that our immune system will attack.

Our cells are making a protein that our own immune cells will attack.


I don't care what you call it. A shot is a hollow tube. You can put anything in it. Bill Gates, Fauci, CCP and assorted other Globalists are in charge of the "anything." That is all you need to know.


Covid 19 is not just a biological weapon, but a psychological biological weapon.

Put the fear of God into us with the randomness of those that fall very ill and even die.

Get that vaccine, Put the fear of God into them.

Make the DNA of our cells with this mRNA help make proteins that mount a defense by the immune system against this protein. It is called an auto immune disease, that your cells is making a protein that the immune cells don't like. What could go wrong.

Frederic Chopin

mRNA vaccines (Moderna or Pfizer) don't alter your DNA.

Bob Moffit

Dr Wakefield predicts the RNA Covid vaccine experiment will fail and be removed due to serious adverse reactions over 6 to 8 months of widespread trial … his prediction is based upon PRIOR experiment vaccines that were eventually proved far more dangerous and RISKY than targeted disease of vaccine.

Prior experience with failed vaccines should never be IGNORED by the unproven ASSUMPITIONS OF SCIENTISTS .. those who ignore history are doomed to repeat .. how hard is that to accept???


Gerardo Martinez

Great to see Dr. Wakefield again. Always telling the truth! Always pressing ahead and not afraid to face the Giants of Evil in this world. Blessing to one of our first that went through that wall of lies and deceit. He paid a price, but ultimately he is the winner along with all of us who seek the truth and will protect and love our children to our last breathe.
Blessings to all.

Jenny Allan

And of course, once your cells have been programmed to produce a specific Covid-19 spike protein, as Dr Wakefield states, 'There's no going back.'

Recent Covid-19 mutations have already evolved spike proteins which have different combinations of amino acids. So does that mean the mRNA vaccines, in order to produce an immune response, will need to be 'tweaked'?......and tweaked again? ...and again? What about persons already vaccinated?

Already in the UK there is incipient panic within Public Health England and our political leaders.
"Matt Hancock today revealed he is 'incredibly worried' about the highly-infectious South African coronavirus mutation which top experts fear could scupper Britain's vaccine roll-out.
The Health Secretary warned the variant — which has already been spotted in the UK — posed a 'very, very significant problem'.

Angus Files

Thats why they see Dr Wakefield as a must stop ,as he can explain the most complex scientific science for the ordinary person.

Many thanks

Pharma For Prison


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