Masks For Covid More Important Than The Masks Hiding MONSTERS Who Care for Autistic People?
Insta Never Misses a Chance to “Debunk”

Did CDC Intentionally Under-Report Allergic Reactions?

Numbers don't lieExcerpted from Children's Health Defense's The Defender with permission:

By John Stone and Dr. Meryl Nass, MD

On Jan. 13, California health officials issued a hold on 330,000 doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine after “fewer than 10” people at San Diego’s Petco Park stadium vaccine clinic suffered allergic reactions to the vaccine. Santa Clara County officials lifted the hold on the vaccine lot in question on Jan. 21.

One day later, on Jan. 22, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a Morbidity Mortality Weekly “early release” report on Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. For the report, the CDC used data reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) between Dec. 21, 2020  – Jan. 10, 2021 to investigate cases of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction, following injections of Moderna’s vaccine.

The CDC’s choice to use VAERS data to calculate the rate of anaphylaxis associated with Moderna’s vaccine is idiosyncratic and troubling. Why?

First, VAERS is a “passive” reporting system, which results in a high degree of underreporting. In fact, a 2010 study (Lazarus et al, 2010) commissioned by the CDC, concluded that “fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries” are reported to VAERS. A 2015 study (Shimabukuro et al, 2015) similarly concluded that vaccine adverse events are underreported.

The other problem with VAERS? Reports often get filed only weeks or months after the event, which means the data is not current.

There are other reporting systems that the CDC could have used to calculate anaphylactic reactions to Moderna’s vaccine.

For example, the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) data, which the CDC used to calculate its overall rate of 1.3 events per million doses, updates in real time. So does the V-safe database, which was created specifically to assess the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. V-safe sends text message prompts to vaccine recipients on a daily basis for a week after a person is vaccinated, and occasionally thereafter. The prompts urge vaccine recipients to report any side effects directly using a cell phone app.

CDC notified the public of six cases of anaphylaxis following Pfizer’s COVID vaccine during the first week of the vaccination program. Its information came from the V-safe active surveillance data.

Both the Vaccine Safety Datalink and V-safe are considered “active” surveillance systems, sensitive for identifying events and fit for calculating event rates in a vaccinated population. However, unlike VAERS, neither systems’ contents are available for public scrutiny.

CDC’s Jan. 22 report on the Moderna reactions surprisingly asserted that “reporting efficiency to VAERS … is believed to be high,” and “VAERS is likely sensitive at capturing anaphylaxis cases occurring after COVID-19 vaccinations.”

Read more at The Defender.



The rollout began on 8th December 2020 – to save the most vulnerable
Recorded Weekly UK deaths by ONS (all causes) of over 75’s are as follows:
11/12/20 8392
18/12/20 9058
25/12/20 7990
01/01/21 7148
08/01/21 12561
15/01/21 12549
22/01/21 13026

Since the mass roll out the death rate in over 75’s has increased by over 50%
Average up to 01/01/21 8147
Average since 01/01/21 12712
56% increase


Additional Information/ Reading. clinical-topics
Royal College of Nursing
Clinical Guidance for Managing Covid-19 infection
> Learning Disability.
> Ethical guidance /rationing health and care support
Also>covid -19 [NICE ] The National Institute for Clinical Health and Excellence.
Overview / Covid-19
Rapid Guideline/Managing Symptoms
Nice Guideline [ NG163 ]
Published date 03 April 2020 Last updated 13 October 2020

Guidelines - Reading suggestions ?
Best read with or on an empty stomach ,as high risk of "The Dry Balk " adverse reaction .


Figures don't lie, but liars figure.....

"New York State Senate Democrats blocked a subpoena for nursing home fatality data on Monday, mere days after New York Attorney General Letitia James released a damning report indicating Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) administration had “undercounted” the number of coronavirus-related fatalities in nursing homes “by as much as 50 percent.”"

I think Cuomo is positioning himself to get Judy Gerberding's job.
After all, these are 21st century marketable skills.


This virus likes to replicate in the ACE 2 producing cells.

Scary stuff.

Steve Hilton says that Fauci and Francis Collins did not do it on purpose, (I say they did).


My niece; still in her thirties got her firs corona shot the other day.

Now she is having severe pain in her neck, wrist, arms, legs; says she feels like she has been in a car wreck. Now is on steroids for a few days.

I asked why she got the shot when her Mother died of an auto immune disease as horrible as ALS?

At any rate I need to put up Steve Hilton's latest "Next Revolution" show from this pervious Sunday night Feb 01.

He reached out to the CDC asking them about the virus. LOL they said it was no problem. Seems like they sent back a different -- ID number -- different case all together.

I am sure the CDC was not trying to be tricky. Yeah, I am sure it was just a mistake.

Meanwhile Peter Daszak of Ecohealth is still Dashing around Wuhan as part of the WHO investigation -- trying to see what went wrong, all the while many call for Ecohealth to lose federal funding.

You can't make this stuff up!


Is this the D.C. supplier?

"Vaccine crime ring: Chinese police make 80 arrests & seize 3,000 saline-filled syringes"


Is Fauci that st*pid?
He's already flipped back to just one mask (Del made him look quite foolish on latest Highwire.)

The Polish get it:
"Elderly will not be given AstraZeneca jab in Poland, vaccine chief says as concerns persist about lack of trial data"

Laura Hayes

Hans Litten,

Yes, the stories of seniors dying post-vaccination are rolling in, just not being covered by PSM (Pharma-Sponsored Media).

Here is one first-hand account, from a CNA at a nursing home for the elderly. Wish he had condensed his account to a 3-minute summary. Listen to 10:30-20:30 for the gist.

And more here by Dr. Mercola today:

Hans Litten

Posted by: Laura Hayes | February 01, 2021 at 10:12 PM

The reports coming back from the Care Homes all over the British Isles are astounding.
They are culling (vaccinocide) the seniors everywhere, the mortality rate is going to go thru the roof.

Dublin Care Lusk home of 52 residents, 13 dead within a week of vaccination. 25% death rate
Limerick, Kerry, Wexford, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Fife, Highlands all recording the same scenario.
MHRA censoring all the murders and maimings.

Freddie , are you still with us ? (God bless you, should we contact your lodge for your status ?)

AoA ...Are you not able to find these stories ? The carnage is everywhere.

19 year old left maimed from pfizer corona vaccine. US

Grace Green

Another word of warning concerning the post from "Cannot say". If you don't have symptoms, you don't have "covid", or any other respiratory infection. The PCR test was never designed to give diagnoses and in fact has been found to give 97% false positives. This is what the "pandemic" consists of. Better not to have a test. This poor lady's mother probably didn't have any illness, but died of vaccine poisoning.

Laura Hayes

Cannot Say,

So sorry to hear the tragedy that befell your mother. A terrible way to die. Our elderly, with the rarest of exceptions, do not age gracefully anymore. Vaccines are one main reason why.

A few thoughts came to mind after reading your two posts:

When people tell me they "have to" when it comes to permitting vaccinations, I calmly explain to them that at this point in time, they do not "have to", there are still choices. Yes, one might have to change jobs/careers. One might have to home school their children. One might have to choose a different college or university, or forego "higher" education altogether. One might have to give up government assistance. One might have to forego certain careers (military, medical, and others). One might opt for home birth over hospital birth to protect their newborn, as parent directives are not always followed at hospitals. But until there is literally no choice, and one has a gun to one's head and hands tied behind their back, the words "have to" are not accurate. Vaccines may be a requirement for certain things, but at this point in time, one can still choose to not permit them for oneself and one's children, and it is important that we share this fact.

I support informed consent, specifically, the fundamental human right to decide what one permits, or doesn't permit, for oneself and one's child with regard to any and all medical and healthcare treatments, procedures, and decisions, without government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty. Presently, vaccines are on the legally-permitted menu of choices. What I like to point out is that they shouldn't be. Not one vaccine has been tested or approved properly or ethically, and therefore, not one vaccine should be on the market. Although one can presently choose vaccinations, there is no true "informed consent" because the information needed either doesn't exist, or isn't made available/shared. And, I repeat, there is not one vaccine that should legally be on the market. See my "Why Is This Legal?" presentation for specifics:

I believe it was last April, or thereabouts, when reports began circulating that ventilators were killing patients with "Covid", not helping them. Ventilators are not the answer to that which may be ailing those who are being diagnosed with "Covid".

Lastly, I highly recommend the book "The Contagion Myth" by Tim Cowan, M.D. and Sally Fallon Morell. It is paradigm challenging and a real eye opener.

I appreciate you commenting here at AoA, and hope you are making your way through the sorrow and grief of losing your mother.


All of the elderly in nursing homes are "experimental vaccine" guinea pigs. The vaccines have not been safety tested for their age. Many have not been able to withstand the severe "side effects." If nothing else, they should get paid to get the shot. We have successful treatments- hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and monoclonal antibodies or serum. The ventilators are proven failures and are now rarely used. Once they are on the ventillators, the elderly usually die. So, all your excuses for allowing your elderly parent to be injected amount to ZIP. Why do you continue to enrich the pharma monsters? If you feel judged, it's because you are.


There has been much information out there about the "covid" vaccine killing people, possibly by reducing their immune function and enabling them to get "covid" during the following two weeks. I've also seen videos of doctors and nurses saying that being on ventilators is killing people, mainly because there was nothing wrong with their lungs, but with their blood absorption of oxygen. (Poisoning?) I've been reading this website for several years, and have been deeply moved by all the suffering which has been caused by vaccines, but it seems that as soon as there's a cold going round everyone is rushing to get an illegal, experimental coronavirus vaccine which has never been proved safe, and is known to have killed most lab animals. Refusing vaccines takes a new mindset.


Hi Cannot say,
Please don't feel judged. All any of us can do is make the best decisions with the information available for the people we love and ourselves.
I am very sorry for the loss of your mother.
One of my friends who does not want the vaccine for herself has made the same decision for her mother in a nursing home. In her case, her mother is losing her memory and was deteriorating rapidly when she could not have family near. The hope is that the vaccine will mean she can spend more time with family while she still has some memory . I think her mother has only had one shot so far, and haven't spoken to her recently ,so don't know how it is going for them.
When there are no easy choices, everyone just has to do the best they can.

Cant say

@laurahayes I want to point out you are a hero of this movement. And I value your beautiful and provocative work and writing on this topic .
I just know that many who have had vaccine injuries in their family as we have can’t understand why someone would ever approve one.
I am sick of feeling judged by all sides. It’s my worst nightmare that a vaccine could harm a family member again. But every intervention is a cost benefit and that was my point. An 87 yo memory patient is different then a 90 year older with full mental capacity. I would not approve a shot for the 90 yo if they shared even one of my genes. But they would be able to decide fot themselves and that’s part of the trauma.

Cannot say

@laurahayes let me explain the complexity of this. I know you will get it but many are black s d white thinkers
my son was vax injured and we have a long line of vax injuries. My mom had to get flu vaccines to keep her job in accounting at a nursing home. She didn’t like them. She later developed memory issues and had to be put in the same nursing home. We stopped all her flu shots.
She got Covid but didn’t get any symptoms. But we saw how people end up in ventilators. The thought of a memory patient in a ventilator was scary—she would think she was being tortured. We thought it was HG she reacted to. We thought the new shots were differentZ We agreed to the first shot. She fell. They didn’t make the connection and we didn’t know. Or we would have said to stop. So then she got the second shot and fell twice hitting her head. She stopped eating and drinking. They notified us about the falls. I asked about the vaccines and then they got the connection. She died a few days later, last week. We are still gathering info and they are doing a VAERS and possibly other reports. I wouldn’t get a Covid vaccine in a million years because I would know if I was in a ventilator that it was to help me. We made a different choice for my mom due to her lack of being able to understand or be comforted by us in the case she ended up on a ventilator. It’s a heartbreaking choice but if the vaccine is effective I think it was the right choice for her. We never thought the flu vaccine was the right choice. This is the whole point of informed consent and of no mandates. We have complexities. Had my mom not been a memory patient we would have denied the vaccine because a ventilator wouldn’t have seemed like torture as she would have understood its purpose. This whole discussion is way too complex for the morons to understand and I would be called an antivaxxer. But I am not. But I would defend your right to never get one and I defend others rights to get them. But we do not have true informed consent. I just got banned from Twitter for pointing out that vaccines cause encephaly in a Jenny McCarthy bashing thread. Even though it’s right there on the HHS site. I feel like I am in this vast middle ground.

Ronald N. Kostoff


"VAERS is a “passive” reporting system, which results in a high degree of underreporting. In fact, a 2010 study (Lazarus et al, 2010) commissioned by the CDC, concluded that “fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries” are reported to VAERS. A 2015 study (Shimabukuro et al, 2015) similarly concluded that vaccine adverse events are underreported."

I have published on the VAERS issue multiple times in multiple forums. The latest is in my Toxicology Reports paper ( To quote the relevant section from that paper:

"Much of the published data for vaccine adverse events (at least in the USA) originates from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database. VAERS is a passive monitoring system, and, like all similar systems, suffers from substantial under-reporting of adverse events [138]. A groundbreaking study [139], performed by Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Inc, reported that fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. In other words, the actual numbers of adverse reactions to vaccines are one to two orders of magnitude higher than those reported in VAERS!

The methodology used by Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare. Inc, for obtaining this result was as follows: Every patient receiving a vaccine was automatically identified, and for the next 30 days, their health care diagnostic codes, laboratory tests, and medication prescriptions are evaluated for values suggestive of an adverse vaccine event. When a possible adverse event was detected, it was recorded, and the appropriate clinician was to be notified electronically.

Thus, these adverse events that were identified are single-visit short-term adverse events (within thirty days of the vaccination). They do not reflect the results of vaccination combinations administered over a longer period than thirty days, and they do not reflect results of vaccinations of any type in the mid-or long-term [139].

If fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported, how well does this sample reflect the total number of adverse events actually experienced? This is not a randomly-selected sample, as would be required for a statistically-valid result. Thus, even analyses of short-term adverse effects based on VAERS data are severely flawed. And, if fewer than 1% of these short-term adverse events are reported, what fraction of longer-term adverse events (where the connection between the adverse event and the vaccination becomes more tenuous as time proceeds) would be reported? One can only conclude that a negligible fraction of long-term adverse events is reported in a passive monitoring system like VAERS."

Recent events have convinced me the situation may even be worse than described above. Someone has to make the vaccine-adverse reaction connection even before they can think about how to report it. There may be political and financial reasons to not make the connection in the first place, just as there appear to have been political and financial reasons to attribute all deaths (where presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus occurred in a sea of comorbidities) to the virus, and therefore show that a pandemic was occurring. I suspect the vaccine-adverse event connection is being deliberately dismissed by many evaluators in the first place, and, if something is reported, it is a miniscule number. So, the 1% may be an optimistic upper bound, not a lower bound!


I think the actual quote is, "Figures don't lie, but liars figure."
Here's another "misreported" figure:

"...the (N.Y.) state’s attorney general said that Cuomo’s team had severely undercounted coronavirus deaths in nursing homes in the state by more than 50%."

In response to this outrage, a Twitter troll strikes back.....


"CDC’s Jan. 22 report on the Moderna reactions surprisingly asserted that “reporting efficiency to VAERS … is believed to be high,” and “VAERS is likely sensitive at capturing anaphylaxis cases occurring after COVID-19 vaccinations.”"

"is believed to be"
" is likely sensitive "

On what scientific EVIDENCE do they base their OPINION?
Why is that OPINION better than the average citizen's?

Tim Lundeen

I'm curious to see how people with "Covid Vaccie Arm" do after their second shot, or next time around when they are supposed to get boosters.

This is very likely due to the PEG in the shot (polyethylene glycol), and suggests that they have developed enhanced sensitivity to it.

They may find that they are now allergic to many products containing PEG...


thank you Laura, your words mean so much to me and many others.
A vaccine injury severely hurt my son 16 years ago and we live with it every day. Back then, very few knew of vaccine injury. Now, I think the movement has been heard - 50% of Americans in healthcare are asking the right questions and saying "no thank you" to Rona vax. It's like Horton Hears a Who..."we've" been heard and "we" are 50% of your local medical center. "We" are 50% of your neighbors. "We" are your spouse.


Psychology Today. Interesting article . What's the New Phenomenon called "Covid Vaccie Arm"?
The eighth day delayed reaction to the Moderna Covid -19 Vaccine .
By Chris Gilbert .MD., PhD . Posted January 28, 2021 .

Biceps too busy ?for a covid vaccine arm, never mind, re-site the jag tae approach from a multifaceted big but? different approach tae get needled from a low flying angle instead?

"Bernie The Bolt" The Golden Shot - British television show -1967 Game Show .

On a risk assessment sliding Scale ? High Risk of setting the medial and lateral aspects of some folks tear ducts in tae a sore spasm ! Oh What ?

John Stone

We might like to consider btw that if adverse events are of the order 2.3% - obviously the Covid products have routine unpleasant effects - whether you would avoid vaccinating someone in a frail condition rather than targeting them.

John Stone


Well, that is all very fine but perhaps they can share basis of their decisions and the data they reviewed with the public.

Frederic Chopin

It also wasn’t the MMW report that led to California resuming its vaccinations - that had already been done after multiple agencies reviewed multiple data sets.

John Stone


Lazarus et al said less than 1%. They had in fact calculated adverse events occurring 2.3% of the time from their survey. There were at the time only about 300k events listed on VAERS which would only have taken about 13m vaccinations to generate (which is a very low number for a heavily vaccinated population of ~280m).


Fred ma dear, your perception of "Anaphylaxis" indicates you lack the skill ,knowledge and experience of dealing with this acute emergency in real life ?" Acute Air hunger with respiritory failure can happen in the first few mins of the adverse reaction ,certainly under 5 mins ."

CDC- Head Office gets stupified /sloshed on it's own risk assessment menu?
The Brock-Bin Menu.
The Brock-Bin menu at Lennox Castle Hospital ,"The Castle" There was a brock-bin outside each ward
for for all the scraps of leftover food from around 900 patients and staff .
The contents of the brock- bin [pig -swill] then got sold on to local pig farmers for the piglets main menu ! One patient on the ward had a close brush with death from an anaphylaxis event ,it would have been a waste of time looking at the brock- bin contents. when it was the bottle of tomato sauce that was the source of the acute emergency .NHS changed brands from" big brand logo
Beanz means ......? brand to cheaper ops sorry, should say different brand !

Images for Vaccination Hetrolgistic Boost . No information available ? some info at ,
Government Vaccines Taskforce .
"New Buzz Words Menu " for sloppy soup of the day special?
menu suggestion states -- Use multiple Covid Vaccines for cumlititive? effect of aspects of the available different covid vaccine brands ? Oh What! That sounds totally Brock -Bin Bonkers for certain!


Fred, 'Reports often get filed only weeks or months after the event, which means the data is not current.' The point is that the adverse reaction numbers on VAERS would not have been up to date, yet these figure, presumably, were the ones relied upon to ok the resumption of the rollout. Would it not have been more accurate/safer to rely on the V-Safe system numbers? Surely you would agree that we should be concerned with safety? Wouldn't you? Surely?
BTW, it became quite apparent when Polly Tommey was interviewing numerous doctors on her travels around the US, that many were not even aware of the VAERS. How would they report to VAERS when they don't even know of its existence?


Chopin, the CDC doesn't find it accurate....they don't use it
The CDC does not monitor vaccine injuries.


Frederic, they feel liable in so many ways....NO..they don't


It is just speculation that only one percent of vaccine injuries are reported to VAERS. I think it was said that between one and ten percent, but how were they calculating the total number, since they were never reported and remained unknown? It continues to be the case that not many people know of its existence, have never heard of Vaccine Court, and have no idea what the symptoms of a vaccine reaction are. It’s safe to say that only a minority of reactions is reported for those reasons, but impossible to be precise. It’s good that either medical professionals, the injured person, or his family members can report: many doctors wouldn’t recognize a vaccine reaction if it hit them on the head. Reports to VAERS were responsible for making medical professionals aware that the oral polio vaccine in some cases was causing paralysis and led to its no longer being used in developed countries. They also led to awareness that in some cases the first rotavirus vaccine caused intususseption and that vaccine was taken off the market. Dr. Yazbak used VAERS reports for the year Cecily got the DTaP booster that erased her words, 2002, and found several reports of deaths in Missouri caused by it that year. I think it is a valuable registry. It surprises me that public awareness of what vaccine injury looks like is increasing so slowly. But until awareness is better, it does little good to have a registry for reporting injury.


Y. Y. Is this all happening

Frederic Chopin

I don’t find VAERS accurate at all but anyone, not just doctors, can file a report. In the current environment of vaccine misinformation and paranoia I’d think anaphylaxis would be over reported if anything.

angus files

Aye Chop sure you know but its Jobs Worth more than the Physician/ Drs Job is worth reporting a vaccine as faulty.

Pharma For Prison



Frederich, you can't just decide that the VAERS database is accurate because it feels right to you.

I could argue that serious reactions are *more* likely to be unreported because doctors hate the idea their precious vaccines cause anything more than a sore arm.

The fact is that the system is corrupt and not one vaccine should be given to any member of the public until all pro-vax trolls and health bureaucrats have been given 1000 vaccines each, thus proving that they're safe.

Laura Hayes


Forgot to mention that I Ioved your first sentence below. So true! VAERS is not a system, it is a scam...established and maintained (as be unknown, unused, and ignored) by corrupt and evil men and women.

Laura Hayes


I read the article whose link you posted. It reminded me of the article I read yesterday, by Dr. Mercola:

Which reminded me of Tiffany Dover:

Which reminded me of this guy from Seattle:

Time and time again, after vaccine-induced medical crisis, including to the point of death, we hear that so and so "believed in vaccines", or would "do it again", or that it was "worth it".

Good grief! Can people no longer apply basic logic and common sense, and see that "belief" in vaccines does not make them safe, effective, needed, or free from corruption? That when someone dies or almost dies from vaccines, that is proof that they are not worth it? (Let's not forget the survival rate is nearly 100% for "Covid".) And that to state that one would repeat a procedure that proved to be highly dangerous/nearly fatal is a combination of stupidity and insanity?

The indoctrination is deep. So deep that people truly cannot see the truth even when it stares them in the face, causing them or a loved one to drop dead, become permanently disabled, or chronically ill.

Painful to witness, especially when one has devoted nearly 25 years of one's life trying to warn others.

elaine f. dow

I am sure, just like with the vaccines that harmed children, the medical community has been encouraged not to report any adverse affects. Do we think that the stores now participating with administering the co-vid vaccine are taking the claims of adverse affects and reporting them to Vaers? Now Amazon has offered to help give these vaccines out. MSN reported today, not to use Tylenol and other pain relievers after vaccination. Pediatricians were calling and telling parents to give these before and after vaccination. After all the adverse affects the children experienced, the news never mentioned them, but now we are hearing about a fraction of the side effects with the co-vid vaccine. Now, the CDC has said that in a emergency, the physician has use one kind for the first shot and another for the second. They absolutely do not know what they are doing, or maybe they do? I hate how the media shows over and over again the vials of vaccines rolling off the production line. It sickens me. The medical community in charge of the co-vid vaccine roll-out, really need to read the First Commandment, they truly have a god-complex.


The game was rigged from the start. Read the EUA letter sent to Pfizer by FDA. Pfizer is not required to **begin** providing safety reports (in other words, its own take on adverse events) until Feb. 15 (15 days after the end of the first full calendar month following EUA). See page 6, part G here (

The only reason we know about any of the adverse events right now is because they happened publicly enough that they could not be hidden, or because family members spoke out.

Frederic Chopin

Since anyone can enter whatever they want in VAERS, and given the social media-induced fear generated about the new vaccines, it's hard to imagine anaphylaxis (anaphylaxis!) would be UNDER-reported in VAERS. Also, isn't adverse event reporting low because they're mostly minor things like sore arms?

Bob Moffit

Gee ..who would question why CDC chose VAERS as the main source to rely upon for monitoring adverse events following Covid vaccine? After all … CDC knows VAERS is by far the most unreliable source for recognizing adverse events following vaccination .. as it is well known VAERS captures less than ONE PERCENT of adverse reactions. Which accounts for the following statement in article:

"If the CDC were desperate to improve the appearance of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine safety profile, and release the 330,000 doses quarantined in California, using the VAERS data — and hoping no one would notice — was probably the best option."


Ergo … the CDC's decision on who counts adverse reactions is VAERS .. the most unreliable but convenient source of LOWERED ADVERSE EVENTS they have at their disposal.



An information system that captures less than 1% of AEs really isn't a system, it's a piece of junk masquerading as a system.

Not sure if it captured this death following the Pfizer vaccine, apparently the second dose is a killer:

Some of the people at work are getting the Rona vax, it's hitting them like a truck and they're missing days of work. They come back with ashen faces looking like they've walked through the valley of death. Hopefully they don't develop auto immune symptoms in a few months. I know some are second guessing their decision, delaying the second shot, not recommending it to family, but it's too late, once that shot's in your arm, it can't be undone. 50% of America knows this and are refusing the vaccine. Peter Hoetaz and Fauci may get on TV every night but 50% of us know they are lying. Talking heads, blowing blue smoke to cover their crimes.

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