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Breaking News from Corvelva

Breaking newsFrom Children's Health Defense:

Breaking! Public Prosecutor Orders Investigation Into Vaccine Quality Control and Says Scientific Answers Are Needed (Italy)

The Italian citizens’ organization Corvelva has finally forced an inquiry into the quality of vaccine lots after having financed independent analyzes of different vaccines that showed many samples are not compliant with quality standards and health product regulations.

Corvelva just issued a press release of the decision made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome on December 28th. They proudly announced that our analyzes, which had led to a complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome, after a request for dismissal made by the Public Minister and with our subsequent opposition last year, were today considered worthy of further study. The judge in charge issued AN ORDER in which he indicates to the Public Prosecutor the need to proceed with investigations.

Particularly interesting is a quote of this decision that emphasizes the need to provide real scientific answers and not get away with administrative or legal arguments.  “It is believed that a merely formal response to the complaint is not sufficient to overcome the technical and scientific arguments of the exponent”. This sentence was written as a response to the Public Ministry who had motivated his request to dismiss, by arguing that the effectiveness of the controls of the Italian and European health agencies “cannot be questioned by the results of the analyzes carried out by private individuals”.

The order finds that arguments of the complaint are “detailed” and that it is therefore considered necessary to investigate what was reported.

Therefore there is an indication to proceed with independent analyzes by the health security police department to see if the findings can be reproduced.

Mattia Marchi a member of the Corvelva team summarizes the whole story: Read more here.


Angus Files

Scotland in the dark over how many disabled people are dying from coronavirus
Data is being checked in England and Wales but not in Scotland.


Scotland has no idea how many disabled people are dying from coronavirus.

Despite public health chiefs in England and Wales using census data to check how hard the pandemic is hitting those with disabilities, Scotland is still in the dark.

Shock figures show that in England and Wales, an estimated 60 per cent of those who have died of Covid-19 considered themselves disabled in the 2011 census. Disabled men under 65 are 6.5 times more likely to die of Covid, while disabled women are more than 10 times more likely.

A separate report from Public Health England also found those with learning disabilities are six times more likely to die from Covid-19 than the general population.


nice to know there are people with balls of steel among us.


Oh for heaven sakes this is "Italy" Go back to sleep, nothing to see here.

Perhaps Americans are snobs? It can't be that way here. LOL or perhaps - cry me a river.

Bob Moffit

We should all be aware the greatest power of the press is their POWER TO IGNORE that information which challenges their preferred narrative on any subject …. taken to a new level by CENSORSHIP practiced by social media behemoths FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE, ETC.

It is now apparent the greatest power of the DEEP STATE SWAMP is to IGNORE independent investigations of serious allegations of corruption at the highest levels of government .. such as .. refusing to investigate with any transparency a growing list of allegations against well protected persons .. for instance .. Hillary Clinton's missing emails and use of bleach-bit to obstruct justice, Hunter Biden's laptop information, origination of China's Covid PANDEMIC, most recently numerous sworn accusation of "election rigging" and transparent inspection of all DOMINION access to ballot counting, on and on.

We live in a world where the people who are RESPONSIBLE for maintaining the TRUST AND FAITH OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE .. the US Justice Department, FBI, CIA, CDC, WHO, MEDIA .. on and on .. continue to avoid and IGNORE investigating credible allegations of corruption at the highest levels of government and corporate America.

Let's hope and pray 2021 brings a new sense of PURPOSE in our most trusted institutions .. and we can end the MOVE ON .. NOTHING TO SEE HERE .. corrupt responses that have been constant for YEARS. We desperately need GOOD PEOPLE TO FINALLY COME FORWARD AND BLOW THE WHISTLE ON THESE CORRUPT INSTITUTIONS ….

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