California Demonstrates a Paucity of Caution Allowing Moderna Vaccine Back into Citizens
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Baseball and Civil Rights Legend Hank Aaron Had Hoped To Help POC During Covid

4D961318-FD89-41D0-A105-FA735924125EYet again, I preface a post with, "We take no joy in this story."

On January 5, baseball and civil rights icon Hammerin' Hank Aaron publicly received his Covid vaccine in the hopes of instilling confidence in people of color. His heart was in the right place. Two weeks later, he has passed away "peacefully in his sleep." No mention of Covid or the vaccine. We’ll make the comment some readers are itching to type to save them the effort: “Correlation does not equal causation.” Rest in peace, Hank Aaron.

Source Buffalo News: ATLANTA (AP) — Hank Aaron, who endured racist threats with stoic dignity during his pursuit of Babe Ruth's home run record and gracefully left his mark as one of baseball's greatest all-around players, died Friday. He was 86.

The Atlanta Braves, Aaron's longtime team, said he died peacefully in his sleep. No cause was given.

Aaron made his last public appearance just 2 1/2 weeks ago, when he receive223541EF-BFB8-4CDB-80C9-C8C3ED882326d the COVID-19 vaccine. He said he wanted to help spread the to Black Americans that the vaccine was safe.

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"I don't have any qualms about it at all, you know. I feel quite proud of myself for doing something like this," he said. "It's just a small thing that can help zillions of people in this country."

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When a man in Fauci's position denies treatments in two major epidemics, and the second time he is not just denying treatment, but trying to ruin some one like Didier Raoult's reputations --- and darn he has the muscles to do it; The public needs to be able to demand some major psychological testing.


This is an old article about Fauci ignoring frontline doctors during the AIDS crisis.
So sad when institutional bias leaves patients in the lurch.

In this case, it was ignoring advice of frontline doctors who found a prophylactic antibiotic could save lives of AIDs patients, a situation which may echo the determined ignorance and now censorship of Drs observations who treat covid patients.


I found this while looking at the book reviews on Amazon on "Fauci writtne by Chuck Ortleb.

A reviewer named. Thomas J. Busse wrote about this small book Fauci:

In which he gave 4.0 out of 5 stars A Very Personal Account of one of the 20th Century's greatest Mass Murderers
Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2020
Chuck Ortleb is one of the gay liberation movement's unsung heroes, and his account of Fauci is only one of many vignettes of the cast of characters Ortleb's "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-Up Vol. 2." I should note that Volume 2 is much better than Volume 1 and of broader interest. It stands on its own.

Fauci is one of the most evil mass-murderers of the 20th century - and an even fuller account of his misdeeds can be found in John Lauritsen's "The AIDS War." Ortleb employed Lauritsen at the New York Native and Lauritsen exposed how Fauci's "Protocol 019" lead to the poisoning and death of 200,000 gay men due to pay-to-play propaganda at Burroughs Wellcome. I would recommend Lauritson's book over this mostly because Lauritsen's work deserves to replace Randy Shilts's "And the Band Played On" as the defining chronicle of the Real "AIDS" Epidemic.

Readers might be off-put or surprised by Ortleb's HHV-6 hypothesis, and I think he should have pulled back on that assumption for the purposes depicting how evil Fauci really is. For those coming to Fauci only recently - Ortleb has been following the Fauci Fraud for decades, and he really knows what he's talking about. The HHV-6 Hypothesis is not without substantiation - and untangling the AIDS mystery in a sea of propaganda and lies may never come to resolution. For more on Fauci, I would also recommend Kary Mullis's interview with Celia Farber for "Spin Magazine."

Fauci is a pathological liar, murder, fraud, and racketeer. His pretense at being a government official is a front for his true nature as a mob boss for organized crime. This becomes clearer in context of the other criminals portrayed by Ortleb in his Vol 2 CFS book. In the context of Fauci's cronies, crooks, and cutthroats, it becomes the entire public health establishment of which Fauci is the public face is rotten to the core.

After this review; I got to thinking what do I, that have lived most of my life in the bosom of communities that really are pretty close to "Mayberry, North Carolina" would know about mob bosses.


I have tried to tell myself that I am just naïve.
I do know that if you have a good job, a house, kids, a car; that a person might do desperate things to save that job, that life style: well at least have desperate thoughts at least.

BUT still?
I can't shake the feeling that we are missing something BIG about the total refusal to help the population in the USA with cheap, antiviral drugs to deal with viruses.

That it has to do with more than money?

Am I just being naïve about the enticement of having a powerful position?

I can't help thinking we are missing something. That it is something else? But I don't know what else it could be?

I sure have heard recently a lot of people in the medical profession saying something to the effect that HCQ ability to help is a paradigm shift in their thinking on viruses. Still I can't stop think something is missing on the reason for all this anti - on the anti virials?



I wasn’t able to find anything about the Sabin vaccine used in the UK in the ‘90s, phrasing the question many different ways and using first Google and then Yandex. I finally went to get my Halvorsen book. I find that the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation only in Jan 2002 recommended the change from Sabin to Salk, coinciding with the EU declaration that there was no more wild polio virus in Europe. It wasn’t until Sept 2004 that the change was made with the Salk vaccine being used in the five in one Pediacel vaccine.



I don’t know about the UK; I’ll look it up. In the US the oral Sabin vaccine was routinely used from 1963 through 1996. Starting in 1997, the first two doses were the injected killed virus Salk vaccine and the second two the live Sabin vaccine. I think that’s better if there’s any polio virus left in the society. The oral vaccine is more effective (though the Salk vaccine is very effective), and it mimics the natural route of infection, being given orally, so the immune system receives advance warning in a more natural way. In tropical countries like India, the injected vaccine just isn’t effective enough to eliminate polio. But giving the injected vaccine first gives immunity so that when the oral vaccine is given in the second two doses, the advantages of the oral version accrue without any danger of paralytic polio occurring from the live vaccine. They did it that way for three years. In 2000 they switched to using only the Salk injected vaccine for all four doses. At two months, four months, six to eighteen months, and four to six years old.

I think the moment of realization of the dangers of the Sabin vaccine must have been in 1996, very recent.

John Stone


Of course, you can’t prove it but they scarcely deserve the benefit of the doubt.

John Stone


Can that be right about the Sabin vaccine? I would have thought it was discontinued a while before the inception of the database.

Sad story. VAERS now lists 329 deaths from Covid vaccines.



I agree that the CDC should make available the instant ongoing reports requested of the vaccinated rather than VAERS. Goodness, they’ve spent twenty years contending that no reaction reported there was authentic. Although Dr. Yazbak said that VAERS reports were how they found out about polio paralysis caused by the Sabin vaccine and the first rotavirus vaccine causing intususseption. I’m glad they’re using such a solicited system, but of course it should be of public access. I read this morning of a health care worker in Michigan whose employer is said to have mandated the vaccine because she worked with old people. Her brother thinks she got the Pfizer vaccine a month ago. She felt dizzy and weak the weekend after getting it, then drove to her apartment complex on Monday (end of December), pulled into the parking lot, and died. I am the last person who would deny vaccine damage. If the CDC can be pressured into releasing the solicited patient reports, it would be very desirable. I’m glad you brought it to light.

But I’m tentatively glad that the vaccination program is creeping along. I think I got the following tweet comparing EU deaths in the first and second waves from the ADE article I linked earlier.

All I can say is that the number of deaths is appalling. A ton more in the second wave. A lot of them due to the increased numbers affected by the Kent variant. I put up more comments at Nextdoor. Thousands and thousands of people everywhere are clamoring to get the vaccine. I’m shocked at their unquestioning trust, but may benefit from it. One of the many health care professionals describing how uneventful his vaccination was said that for a couple of days he felt dizzy and weak. He said how weird it was to feel dizzy when walking but all right when sitting down. I didn’t say it, but thought, Well, MY autoimmune vaccine reaction has caused ME to have MS and feel dizzy and weak all the time, every day, decades later. But long Covid can do exactly the same thing and for the same reasons. I think that the disease causes a lot more deaths and disability than the vaccines do: if I’m wrong, I’ll change my opinion.

We don’t have enough information, but at the same time our situation really is desperate and may call for desperate remedies. About ten people at Nextdoor said they had had a very sore arm and fatigue, one said loss of appetite, one said vomiting, but they all say they were back to normal two days after the shot. I assume that shortly after they get the second dose, they’ll be out of the Covid maelstrom for an unknown length of time, and won’t be transmitting it to others either. I am against forcing anyone, but in favor of everyone willing to go ahead and get the vaccine. A lot of people are, and I hope they will be the way out of this.

John Stone


The trouble over the anaphylaxis is that the CDC went to an incomplete data source when they had others - so all we know is that they behaved in a peculiar way in dealing with the issue, and it is a reasonable inference that they were not revealing their hand. Other than that I am not sure that there are any other intuitions to go from.


John Stone:
As always you hit the nail directly on the head with the first lick.
It was on purpose, but Fauci is powerful. He is the spider in the middle of this complex web, that directs grant funds to hospitals and such. The head of the hospitals are not going to buck him.



I agree that gain of function research was useless and very dangerous from the outset. And now the worst has come to pass.

While I think the vaccine appears to be the best attempted solution, and don’t think the cases of anaphylaxis (completely treatable so far), have been frequent or dangerous enough to stop the vaccination campaigns, there are many questions, doubts, and reasons for concern. On a comparative level, Pfizer has been much less reactive than Moderna.

I’m worried about ADE. About whether having had the disease, even unknowingly, could cause severe problems when you create antibodies by taking the vaccine. And, even more, if you will eventually have severe autoimmune problems if you get the vaccine, then are later exposed to the virus when disease protection has diminished or when you encounter one of the many variants. Like with the first, killed-virus, measles vaccine. Or many other vaccines which were withdrawn because of this problem, which could first manifest years after having gotten the vaccine.

Vaccines are not the only cause of the problem. Even exposure to a new serotype can cause ADE if you have antibodies to a similar serotype you recovered from before. Dengue has four known serotype: recovery from one often means a severe hemorrhagic form the next time you get it. A vaccine has the function of a serotype, and can lead to more severe disease.

I found this article last night. It was very interesting, including the many comments. But it means that there is no reeally good way to prevent all damage frhom the disease or the vaccine. I think that one of the comments to that article mentioned the countries which stamped out Covid, temporarily, with only measures: China, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia. I think it’s too late now for that in the rest of the world.

I am alarmed by the four new, more transmissible, apparently more virulent variants. And I’m sure there will be more. I don’t know if the vaccines will give partial immunity to them or not. I think now it would be unwise for me to get it, given my history and ongoing autoimmunity and cytokine storms originally triggered by vaccines. But we have to try for control by use of the vaccine given to those willing to take a chance. Which is over half of the population in the West. I don’t see what else we can do.

John Stone

Gain of function? How much use was all the work at Wuhan Lab in combatting the evil which was almost certainly hatched there? They only succeeded in making the world a much more dangerous place, and they have made no apparent contribution beyond identifying the virus. Could you spend 5 minutes creating a more dangerous virus and believe you were benefitting the world? The proposition is transparently foolish. Of course, Obama pretended to stop it but it was probably an empty gesture. It was biological warfare but the frontiers had changed because the power-brokers were no longer the leaders of nation states: it lay rather with global corporations and institutions (and a tiny elite class for whom the scientists and politicians were simply enablers).


I was like you Cia about it was an accident. But there are things we, like Masque knows from the past.

I have changed my mind. It was released on purpose, I think that, and I have good reason as does Masque to think so .

Fauci passed the virus off to Peter Daszak of Ecohealth up in New York according to Steve Hilton. Then Daszak passed it off to Wuhan.
Daszak visited Wuhan the very month that it started to show up in Wuhan.

CIa: Was Daszak according to Steve Hilton there shortly before it appeared? Or was he there right in the middle of it, or a little after? Steve Hilton thinks it was an accident, like you, and unlike me. .

I think it is strange that New York, the very state Daszak lives in, got hit so hard.

Fauci is really a hard person to know. He wears a politician mask that disarms everyone by agreeing with them so pleasantly when he does not mean it. A few things that you probably don't know more or less - because you have come fairly recently to this site, and have not heard the reports from a lot of people on here about Fauci.

Jeff Bradstreet for one. Kim, Dan, Mark Blaxill and many other involved in autism loved him dearly. His strange suicide of shooting himself in the chest in the middle of a creek days after the FBI raided his office creeps us all out. He was working on an anti viral.

Fast forward to today; Now we have this strange push back against a famous health director over in France Didier Raoult about an antiviral HCQ. HCQ using the word could get us banned on facebook and such. Ivermectin, is being ignored too. The medical establishments push back against steroid breathing treatments when that is the usual standard treatment for most viral pneumonias, is strange behavior on their part.
Kent Henkinglivily use to be on here a lot blogging. He was an editor too. He also is an exceptional person. He got involved in the Whitemoore -- Nevada research on Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also called myalgic encephalomyelitis. He thought it was the same thing or near the same thing as autism.

Kent went through a great deal of pain, and anxiety on some pretty disturbing behavior from people in high places as was reported here on Age of Autism in real time. He befriended the scientist working on CFS, Judy Mikovits and then things when south really bad.

They worked on a book together called Plague, and there is a second book called Plague 2 with just Judy writing it. . I am reading it right now. It is to my surprise the best seller on Amazon.

I am only a 1/3 of the way in. It is slow reading, not uninteresting reading though --- and I am getting an idea of just what Fauci is capable of. The book made me recall the other doctors of homeopaths, and researchers that were found dead. I had forgotten about Cunningham, but she reminded me. She had inside information that does not prove anything, but might explain why he was killed. It had to do with him being disturbed over flu shots killing people

It is cold Jan going into cold Feb. It is a best seller - give it a read; Fauci is not the only one sitting back and watching people die, and yeah he is very capable of releasing this virus on purpose. I weep for our nation. How did we raise so many smart psychopaths, and how did they reach our highest and most powerful positions in government?



I just found this when I was looking for the purpose of gain of function research. From 2016.

I don’t think Fauci is evil. I think this is just what sciencey, show-off, conceited scientists and agencies do. To justify their salaries and funding. Their prestige and authority. The article talks about the two ends of the spectrum, for good or ill. I haven’t been able to think of a good reason to improve the transmissibility and virulence of a coronavirus. They would probably talk about pure science. I think the dangers, after millions of deaths, have become obvious to all. I don’t think it’s destruction from sadistic joy. I think it’s arrogant stupidity and greed.

Masque of the Red Death

Can one really give Fauci the benefit of doubt after many decades of acting on behalf of sinister interests? Can we really believe he is naive about “gain of function” which was surely just a ruse to engage in biological warfare against the population? Every sensible person shuddered when they heard these experiments were allowed to go on, because the hellish intent was all to obvious. It is sometimes hard to believe that there are people who are simply really evil, but since history has shown that there are, why not Fauci?



Thank you. I don’t think I trust anyone involved in this issue. I like Dr Campbell and am getting interesting information and statistics from him every day, but he is completely dismissive of homeopathy, which I’ve seen treat miraculously many times. He said any vaccine reactions would be seen within a few weeks of the vaccine, but that’s not the case. Vaccines can set in motion a process which is greatly worsened when an additional trigger event occurs, heat, a fever, an additional virus, stress, etc.

I wouldn’t live in Mississippi. Or California. I had six cousins who grew up in Greenville, Mississippi, and my father’s old college roommate lived in Columbus and we visited them there every year. I think the authorities just follow guidelines, I don’t think it’s malicious. I’d just take my child and get the hell out.

I think the US gave a lot in funding for the gain of function work at the Wuhan lab. And Fauci was involved in that. Chris Martensen had a video last year on a second pathway the cv virus also used to gain access to a human cell. More evidence that the virus was bioengineered. I think it escaped accidentally in October 2019, when they shut down the cyber grid for that area of Wuhan as a result. Some German athletes in Wuhan in October got it and took it back to Germany. I don’t believe Fauci or anyone else was involved in deliberately releasing Covid on the world. I think the gain of function research was completely irresponsible and useless, it should not have been done in the first place, and everyone involved bears a lot of guilt for stupidity and venality.

I don’t trust anyone, but, like you, I believe in the danger of this virus. I think the main vaccines are effective: if they’re not, we’ll know for sure very soon. Millions have gotten them at this point. I think if they were going to cause ADE in large numbers, we would have seen it by now. I don’t think I would die if I got Covid, but could be wrong. I couldn’t pay for hospitalization, that’s for sure. Or for treatment for an anaphylactic reaction. I think I’d probably be in the 10% that got long Covid. C doesn’t want the vaccine, and she’s young and healthy. It’s fine with me that she get natural Covid. Not fine that I get it. On the other hand, they say the variants are harder on young people than the original virus.

I think we’ll soon be able to see what the vaccines do to and for people, for good or ill. And what the variants are going to do.



And while Speaking of Ace 2 door way - the door way covid likes to enter
Check out the virus that Fauci sent Daszak over to China could do with the Ace 2 doorway, plus the not only followed the money to Wuhan, but to this very project.

Steve Hilton had a report on it in his show: "The Next Revolution"


I hope you don't get the vaccine Cia, cause I think we would lose you here. You are a good writer. You address some things with a good thought process and attention to detail. I would miss that.

And really it is worse than Fauci , Brix, Collins just being inept, in providing good treatment too. Much meaner, more cruel than any of us that are decent people can fathom.

They want us scared. They are trying to kill, and trying to get the numbers way up high.

Example; Mississippi is the highest covid what ever in the USA.
Mississippi of all the states is under the yoke of medical tyranny more than any other state. In Mississippi they would do what ever to the very letter what, the CDC and Fauci would want.

They took my grandnephew that has autism and kept vaccinating him with a flu shot every year; till he now has diabetes on top of it all, He was only six when he developed it. In Mississippi they cannot get out of a vaccine by just talking with their doctor; the medical board decides and they hardly ever let them out any vaccine.

Right now, they say that my nephew has covid - again. He had it back in August when his brother died of heart disease underlying cause - that covid with it's affinity to the Ace 2 -- ferreted out.

Does he have covid again? Or are they having a lot of false positive covid test?

Some one bigger than me, with more means would have to figure that one out.
But I am very suspcious. So is his Mother. She is thinking it just might be a regular cold.



Putting the worst-case Covid patients in hospitals on ventilators seemed sensible a year ago. It’s what they did for severe cases of pneumonia, to force oxygen into their lungs automatically. It turned out not to be the best treatment for most, resulting in a 70-90% death rate. Many places have stopped using it except in the most hopeless cases. Here they’re still using it in about half of hospitalized cases. I don’t know why.

There’s a lot of blame to go around. Why has the US had more diagnosed cases and deaths than any other country in the world? I think because of inadequate mask usage and resentment at social distancing. Nearly everyone, over 90%, I’ve read, now wears masks in public, but it needs to be 100% to stop the spread. Extended family gatherings are opportunities for the virus to spread, and a lot of people have been reluctant to give them up. I don’t think resentment at social distancing makes sense. It is what it is. To avoid getting the virus, you have to stay away from opportunities for it to spread, and a lot of people have chosen not to do that consistently. Fauci has nothing to do with that, but for almost a year has urged masks and social distancing. Some societies place consideration for the community above personal fulfillment and freedom, and they have done a better job at containing the spread.

I saw this morning that Fauci had said that the only people who should not get the vaccine are those who have had Guillain-Barré syndrome. Well, that’s me. It was decades ago, and it had mercury in it. However, the excessive inflammation it triggered and related symptoms of MS, asthma, and chronic fatigue syndrome persist to this day. I got a tetanus booster in 2005 when our killer gerbil Bianca but me and didn’t let go, with no discernible reaction. I’ve now gone back to thinking maybe I shouldn’t get even the Pfizer product. I knew all this, but reading what Fauci said is making me raise certain arguments to a higher level. But that might mean supplements and mask usage for the rest of my life, which I would rather not do. On the other hand, I don’t want to enter a situation in which I’d have to take additional new vaccines for new variants and boosters for the rest of my life. I’ve had only the one vaccine in 2005 in the years since the fateful tetanus booster. The more vaccines you get, the more you’re tempting fate.


Very sad situation.

" For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name . He writes not that you won or lost ,but how you played the game!" --- Grantland Rice .



I’ve never recommended taking the official word, including the CDC) at face value on anything. I watched Chris Martenson’s talks on YouTube, Peak Prosperity, from February until they stopped a couple of months ago. He put up a lot of studies on the efficacy of HCQ from the beginning. He mentioned Ivermectin in April, I think, but said there wasn’t enough information available for him to be sure it was therapeutic for Covid. But then he started discussing positive studies on it from May on. I ordered some on Amazon in July. I ordered N95 masks from China on February 20, they arrived March 1, and we started wearing them when we went out at that time. Quickly got a huge variety of more interesting cloth masks. I started taking the supplements Martensen recommended in February. Thousands of other people who found his website did the same.

I think everyone should regularly consult a variety of sources. Conventional and also unconventional (I couldn’t think of a better word). Again, no one should believe anything just because health officials say it. But if numerous sources say the same thing, then think about it, but it may well be true.

I’ve put up comments on our local Nextdoor, but I was shocked today. Someone asked if the vaccine was safe, he had heard... every single one of ten replies said he should ask his doctor. I said several things, including that doctors were always going to promote vaccines. All ten who replied gave the symptoms they had on getting the vaccine. Mild. But so far only health care personnel and residents of nursing homes have gotten it. Missouri ranks fifty out of fifty in vaccines distribution. So those who replied were all health care staff who got the vaccine. And not the sceptics who refused it. They took my comment down, even though it was not against the vaccine, but was cautious.

I think we have a lot of information available to us, but we have to keep ulterior motives in mind when assessing it and not expect candor in many cases. It’s our responsibility to look for it.



There’s a lot to discuss when you start talking about inappropriate handling of Covid. Some countries, like NZ, got it under control only with the measures. (Shorthand for masks, etc.) everyone else could have gone so as well. I’ve been taking D3, zinc, C, quercetin, and selenium almost every day for almost a year. Everyone else could have researched it on the Internet and done the same, at least the inexpensive D and zinc. Asia got out their masks from Coronavirus 1 days immediately.

It was inevitable that they develo vaccines. And possible that mRNA vaccines are safer than adjuvanted ones (all the others). They say the mRNA vaccines encode for only one specific protein and the actual mRNA is degraded and destroyed within hours, possibly limiting the inflammatory reaction.


I put that on my favorites. this older woman has some time it looks like -- both times!

My nephew that died, had just been put on new blood pressure meds. ACE 2 is the doorway they say that the virus enters. My nephew would have needed HCQ right away, as soon as he got covid, . His wife getting him to the doctor that night would have been wonderful. His father that lived an hour away, that had covid himself, worried about his 90 year old mother that also had covid would have taken him, instead he said he told his daughter in law to take him, he told his son to go, but it did not happen. My other nephew drove my brother-in-law's 90 year old mother for a whole hour up from the coast to their home. My other nephew did get it, then. Now they are saying he has it now. False positive, but they are fooling the people making them think they got it twice. Pitiful.

Cia; a short quote from Greyone's article:

"For eight months, while hundreds of thousands died, the National Institutes of Health advised against using ivermectin except in clinical trials. Last week, NIH brushed aside evidence of efficacy in several thousand patients who took ivermectin and decreed there was “insufficient data to recommend either for or against.”

As far as my nephew that died, they killed him, Fauci and Collins killed him; not the covid.
Fauci developed the virus and had Wuhan take care of his lab pet, to be released into the wild at the best time.

Collins helped too- his name is all over those studies and discussions of "gain of function"

Between the two of these powerful men they made sure the American public were not treated for any kind of virus that they could claim was covid. False positive test indeed exist.



I am also very concerned with the rate of autoimmune disease in the US, and aware that most of it is caused by vaccines. I have had a very bad year since the beginning of February last year. I read about the doctor in Boston reacting to the Moderna product with dizziness, breathlessness, faintness, and a heart rate of 150, all symptoms characteristic of his allergic disease as well as his vaccine reaction. I have had all of those chronically in the last year. I am concerned. But all of these symptoms are also often caused in as many as ten percent of recovered patients by long Covid. Covid can cause severe autoimmunity on its own.

So I’m thinking and reading about the issue, including about the vaccines, all the time. I am worried. It is not a cut and dried issue for me. If I’ve already had Covid, would the vaccine cause ADE in me? I reacted to a tetanus booster with brachial plexus neuropathy, a type of Guillain Barre, triggering MS. That happens in maybe one in 100,000 cases, maybe one in a million. So when I read that serious autoimmune reactions to the vaccine only occur in one in 100,000 injections, I think that I might well be one of them. I personally wouldn’t hesitate to take the Ivermectin in the tube labeled for horses. All from the same factory, just labeled differently. I’m taking the issue with the utmost seriousness, and nothing I say is meant glibly.

Mutations are a shot in the dark. Viruses’ main goal is to replicate and spread as widely as possible. The new variants all spread much more widely than the original. I don’t think they know any absolutely correct figure for any of them, but spreading to 70% more people, nearly twice as many, seems to be roughly accurate. But that means, if everything else stays the same, nearly twice as many deaths in the first viral generation, which leads in a multiplicative, maybe exponential, way to very large numbers of deaths in every generation from then on. And that’s with no increase in virulence. But they’re saying now that the new mutations seem to also show increased virulence.

I wouldn’t place much trust in any of the tests: they have often been wrong, both false positives and false negatives. The mother of a friend in Mexico City had symptoms, tested negative, was hospitalized anyway, another negative test, then a positive test. She was in the hospital for a month, but recovered.

I also believe in the disease. I’m still thinking about what to do about it. We’ll start double masking when we go out. My daughter started a day program twice a week a few weeks ago. Last Friday I got an email from them saying that a participant had been diagnosed with Covid. So far my daughter seems fine. But it means that we’re close to the front line.


Journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer has been covering the Ivermectin lawsuits, she mentions it in this article. Both cases were in NY, perhaps there are others now.
She is a journalist in the Dan Olmsted class.
Her past articles in the Poughkeepsie Journal covering lyme in the early days shoild have won a Pulitzer, ad should have Mr Olmsted 's work on autism.
I will have to learn more about the desktop nebulizer, hydrogen peroxide method, I believe that was part of Dr Brownstein's protocol, also ignored by officials.



Family doctor and former Minnesota State Senator Scott Jensen made waves last year when he was one of the first in his field to speak out about the number of #Covid19 deaths thought to be inflated by the CDC’s irregular, and loose, guidelines on diagnosing death from Covid. Now, as the number of deaths has surpassed 400,000 in the US, Dr. Jensen and lawmakers are calling for an audit of these deaths.

He says that once the hospitals got the number of covid cases up to 166 in their hospital, they would be paid 77,000 dollars per patient by the federal government. This applied toward the first states, that got covid. That would be the coastal states, especially New York. Minnesota is not going to get that money because covid hit later and the money is all gone. Billions of dollars to the hospitals in New York. That is why only some of the hospitals in New York were filled up - A total of eight hospitals across the five boroughs have reached more than 90 percent fullness in their ICUs.

There are at least 62 acute care hospitals in New York.

Oh gosh, my blood pressure is sky high.
Between this and Kerry on Climate change and we are all going to get "good" union jobs -- like he would know. I can't take it.


You missed the point cia.
US oficials chose to prioritze experimental vaccines at the exclusion of cheap effective treatment.
(Medicare/Medicaid and health insurance could also start covering vitamin D testing twice a year as a preventative.)

Policy is deliberately funneled exclusively toward biologics, at enormous costs, while available effective treatments are witheld.; a nice Goldman Sachs type model, a bad one for humanity.


Grey one: Can you get the Ivermectin in time to save their life by going through the courts?
I hate to use the vet stuff.
Good article in the "EPOCH" by Mercola about it all.
Apparently that green tree extract EGCG stuff has ionized zinc in it.
Quercin helps the ionized zinc to get in the cell.
Vitamin C; helps that expensive quercin to be recycled again in your body.

Don't forget the vitamin D. Then Mercola said to go to his website and he would show you how to use food grade hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer.

To OTHERS that are interested:

I don't think I trust the Mississippi covid 19 test. They are saying my other nephew has it again. He is not too sick though. This would be the second time. I think their test are coming back wrong.


What are the most common autoimmune diseases?
Of the 80-plus autoimmune disorders, the most common ones include:

*Addison’s disease – immune system attacks the adrenal gland, disrupting production of steroid hormones aldosterone and cortisol.
*Coeliac disease – autoimmune attack on substances found inside gluten damages the surface of the small bowel, disrupting the body’s ability to take in essential nutrients from food
*Graves’ disease – the small thyroid gland is attacked by the immune system, leading to an overproduction of the thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism)
*Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s disease – similar to Graves’ disease, but this time damage to the thyroid gland lead to an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism)
*Multiple sclerosis – myelin sheaths which protect the nerve fibres carrying messages to and from the brain are targeted by the immune system, causing behind scarring (known as sclerosis).
*Reactive arthritis – immune system is tricked into thinking a previous infection is still present and attacks healthy tissue, causing it to become inflamed.
*Rheumatoid arthritis – cells that line your joints are targeted by the autoimmune reaction, causing joints and surrounding tissues to become swollen, stiff and painful.
*Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) – immune system targets healthy tissue, causing inflammation of the skin and joints, and can affect internal organs
*Type 1 diabetes – immune system destroys cells within the pancreas that produce the blood sugar-regulating hormone insulin .

Oh, and the CDC saying that there is probably on 32 million or so has an auto immune disease. Well that has to be wrong cause 32 million alone has diabetes. I suppose they might have Type I and Type II separated, but do we really think Type II is not also some form of autoimmune.

I found this:
"Type 2 diabetes is in the process of being redefined as an autoimmune disease rather than just a metabolic disorder, said an author of a new study published in Nature Medicine. I am not surprised.

But not to worry;; best worry about death by covid; we are going to panic and die, die, die!

"Dr. Campbell’s podcasts when I go to bed. He’s very alarmed at the more transmissible new variants. Kent, South Africa, Brazil. I just learned about the California variant the other day."
Every virus mutates. That is what they do. They do not mutate for the worse though, cause they will die with their host. Besides all of that; we are being lied to, a lot, to scare us, to control us. I will not be bullied and that is what it is all about.

Cia: think on this. In an interview Ted Koppel with Fauci

The dialogue went like this:

Koppel stated, “Let’s talk about us, America. Here we are, we’ve got 4% of the world’s population. There have been two million fatalities worldwide. If we had our share, we would’ve had 80,000.”


“That’s a lot … we have five times that number.”


“We’ve been an abject failure, Tony.”

Then Tony starts pointing his finger toward Trump.

There is something that does not feel right, Cia.
There is a virus, I am sure of it, but it appears to me that the numbers of deaths have been driven by the medical people not giving the basic medical treatment that they usual give for any virus.

No steroids, no HXCQ, no nothing except the worst treatment ever putting you on a ventilator.

Hans Litten

Anyone know the cause of death?

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 25, 2021 at 01:08 PM




I agree that Ivermectin sounds very good. If every person in the US could be provided with it indefinitely, and if everyone really took it as was needed, that would be preferable to a vaccine. Every person in the world would need to have it and take it to control the disease indefinitely and prevent it from coming to the US again. If it could be done, great, but I doubt it could be done.

India is not doing as well as it was. I saw a month or so ago that its death rate had gone up a lot. I looked at Worldometers just now and saw that the US has had 26,014,892 diagnosed cases, 435,540 deaths, and 1,311 deaths per million. India has had 10,690,279 diagnosed cases, 153,751 deaths, and 111 deaths per million. So India has had almost a third of our cases, and almost a third of our deaths. Their number of deaths per million is much lower than ours, I would imagine because not all real cases and deaths are identified.

I had thought that everyone in India was being given blister pacs of medication for prophylaxis and treatment, but I talked to a computer tech in India with Best Buy about a month ago, and he said not everyone got the medication pacs, only those diagnosed with Covid. I don’t know more than that.

It would be a good idea to give several hundred thousand in the US Ivermectin with instructions on its use and see how it went. But they’re having a hard time now finding virgin volunteers for new Covid vaccine testing. I think it would be hard to find enough people for an Ivermectin test because most people are anxious to get one of the already approved vaccines. They could see if the health care personnel who didn’t want the vaccine want to participate in an Ivermectin study.

But I think a plan to control the virus must be used. In a struggle between economic and biological survival, I think most people will want to try to assure biological survival first, as economic survival means nothing if you’re dead.


"Maybe HCQ and Ivermectin would work prophylactically to prevent people from contracting Covid and padding it on. I don’t know for sure. But I’m sure that they could not provide enough for every person in the world indefinitely. "

Ivermectin protocols seem to be helpful at all stages of the disease.
It is not expensive like Remdesivir.
At least two families in NY had to sue, successfully, to help loved ones to get Ivermectin therapy.
What is truly expensive is shorting American lives, American finances, American society, for a vaccine turnkey to the World Economic Forum future.
India can do it, and US can not? Not without political integrity.



The disease is horrible. A three percent mortality in symptomatic cases. At least ten percent with autoimmune long Covid which goes on indefinitely. Maybe ten percent with permanent organ damage to any system in the body, not just the lungs.

The measures like masks and social distancing, closures, etc., help, but even with the measures, many have died in a year. Nearly half a million in the US. Over two million in the world. Your relatives have died, I don’t need to lecture you. If the measures had not been in place, far more would have died.

The options are four: measures like masks etc. for an unknown length of time, supplements and drugs like D3, zinc, HCQ, and Ivermectin, also until the pandemic ends, if it ever does, the vaccine, and natural immunity from everyone’s getting the disease. Hospitals would be overwhelmed, which would in itself increase mortality quite a bit. Many millions would die.

I’m fine with supplements including Ivermectin. But to benefit from them requires steady discipline for a long period of time and the ability to afford them and buy them which most of the world doesn’t have. Maybe HCQ and Ivermectin would work prophylactically to prevent people from contracting Covid and padding it on. I don’t know for sure. But I’m sure that they could not provide enough for every person in the world indefinitely.

I’ve been listening to Dr. Campbell’s podcasts when I go to bed. He’s very alarmed at the more transmissible new variants. Kent, South Africa, Brazil. I just learned about the California variant the other day. Now they say that they may be more virulent as well as more transmissible. The numbers are impossible for me to imagine: huge and exploding numbers of cases and deaths.

To me it looks as though the measures, the supplements, and just letting it go, are not sufficient to prevent high numbers of deaths and disability. I continue to insist on free agency and the rejection of forced vaccination. But most people want to get the vaccine, and I think that is what will allow us to go back to normal, normal everything, normal schooling and everyday activities. I don’t think we can go back to normal with no concrete plan as to how to control the virus. What other plan would there be other than a vaccine? Even vaccine damage does not kill three percent.


"But if you just deny that the vaccine seems to usually be safe and also prevents Covid death and disability, you may soon be in an isolated, unsustainable position."

A but from you? but, but, but, but, However, however, but.

Sigh, I don't need a lecture from you, Cia.
It is forty years of this crap.
You are coming along nicely -- so come along -- little one; it is long journey to get to this isolated, unsustainable position.

-So far we have 52 million Americans that have some form of mental health issues. We have a collection of so far 80 different auto immune illnesses -- the numbers are kind of fuzzy by CDC; they think 23 million, but the AARDA says more like 80 million. We have no answers or even concern by medical professionals about antibodies developing against different parts of our brains. Did they check on this here vaccine? You and I both know that answer.

Meanwhile how many vaccines for future corona viruses will be have to take. Is this the one and only. Maybe Fauci and Wuhan can produce one for us every year.


For "For Cait"

"Larry King’s son Tweeted on 15 January that he was to receive the vaccine before leaving care. It seems very weird to consider doing such a thing to someone in such a frail condition."

Yes, that would be weird, if true. I couldn't find the tweet you are referring to — you don't say which son — and have not seen any mention of King actually having received the vaccine.



Several things are true. The Covid vaccines, like all vaccines, can do severe damage either short-term or long-term. No one should be compelled to take any vaccine for this reason. Most vaccines work in most people to prevent the targeted disease for varying lengths of time. Most people who get vaccines have no discernible reaction to them. Everyone should be free to get recommended vaccines if he does his own risk-benefit calculus and decides that in his case he believes the benefits of disease prevention outweigh the risks of the vaccine.

Several Covid vaccines have not made the grade. Cansino is only about 50% effective, not good enough when several have 90-95% effectiveness. Merck tried to make one which didn’t work out at all.

I said when the Pfizer vaccine started to be given in the UK in December that we’d soon see if it worked. We are now seeing that it works. Most people who get it have no discernible reaction and do not get a severe or fatal case of Covid. We’re already seeing this. It’s up to every individual to decide what to do. But if you just deny that the vaccine seems to usually be safe and also prevents Covid death and disability, you may soon be in an isolated, unsustainable position.


Cia; Yeah, LOL and the election is over with as well; that helped.

Fauci was on Fox news this morning being interviewed. Bill Hemmer was holding back, I could tell. Hemmer was hesitant on his questions. Unsure of his footing about asking Fauci things. Hemmer finally asked if this was a lab rat escape. Then we got to hear about wet markets, and they are just typical bat cave type viruses, nothing to see here. Fauci is a good liar, but his eyes still flutter and blink a lot when he lies.

Hemmer did the little dance with questions about WHO, and the communist Chinese party, in which takes the heat off of Fauci and he immediately tells us how China are just so closed up and protective of information. Bill did not want to take him on. He could have at least asked him what was his working relationship was with Peter Daszak - Dashing Zack - dashing around the world to Wuhan.

Darn it. Pray with me please:
My Father in heaven, grant us mercy, bless us with freedom and justice. May our justice department actually do some really good and catch Fauci. Please father put him in jail, and if you are able and got some time - put Francis Collins in there too with him. And Coleen Boyle too.


Evidence that Covid hospitalization rates are falling measurably in tandem with vaccination rates. The vaccine is preventing deaths from Covid.

For Cait

Larry King’s son Tweeted on 15 January that he was to receive the vaccine before leaving care. It seems very weird to consider doing such a thing to someone in such a frail condition.


Steve Hilton said their little lab pet entered through the ACE 2 door way.

And Daszak was in China, at Wuhan the very month that the virus later emerged.
Oh, it could still have been an accident that just embarrasses them all.

Is there a study or studies that can predict how a virus spreads, and the speed that it can spread.

Timing is everything.


Frederic, we always know exactly when vaccines are administered but we never know when a virus enters our body (even assuming virus tests are valid).

So the evidence for vaccine injury is >>>>>> the evidence for virus injury.


I think I put up the wrong link to the wrong show the Steve Hilton did on tracing the money from Fauci to Wuhan.

I redid it.
I am sorry for the mistake.


Robert Burns always had the way of words to stop a person in their tracks and think.

Did any of you watch Steve Hilton last night on his show "The Next Revolution"

He went into detail about Fauci's link to Ecohealth and Wuhan.
He got closer to the money trail than just millions given to the lab, but for a specific project that included a chimaera gain of function corona virus.

Steve said that they took it all down later, but already had the hard copy. WOW! I have watched it three times now. Steve talks a little to fast for me.

Anyway I have another nephew with the corona virus. Brother to the one that died. This is the second time he has tested positive for the corona virus. Yes, he has autism. and eosinophil esophagus; an immune system from hell. But, could this be a false positive? Are they still have a lot of false positives. His poor parents can't take much more.

angus files


53 COVID-Vaccine-Deaths in Gibraltar in only 10 days
25. Januar 2021Regenbogenseele
Reports are that the small island of Gibraltar has seen no fewer than 53 locals dead after having the COVID-19 vaccination in the past 10 days. The report is not reaching the ‘official’ mainstream press, but fits the pattern of deaths and suppression of such news in the media and from governments around the world.

Principia Scientific International received the following heartfelt plea from ‘Charlotte,’ a Gibraltarian;

“Someone needs your help. 53 people died from vaccines in Gibraltar in only 10 days. A man tries to get help from newspapers and we know he won’t. So I write to you. I will send you the article which is written in French, hoping you can translate it easily.”The article from is reproduced below for our readers:

By TLB Staff

Research shows that there are issues related to deaths from COVID-19 in Gibraltar … which now appear to have seriously accelerated since the introduction of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. So what’s the connection? One person talks about local conditions and concerns.

Subject: Death by vaccine in Gibraltar
Message body:

Hello, Could you please add Gibraltar to the list of countries where vaccine = death investigations are to take place? I just sent this message to as many media as possible:
Dear Sir Madam,

Could you please inform the world about the serious situation that is happening in Gibraltar?

The point is that the government of Fabian Picardo is committing an act of mass genocide, especially against the elderly and the most vulnerable.

I am talking about Operation Freedom, the mass vaccination program that is being carried out against the population. All this based on the false narrative of the high number of “positive cases” (which we already know to be false positives – I can prove it) to instill fear and panic through psychological warfare (Psyops) and propaganda with the complicity of local doctors and media, among others.Continue reading..

Pharma For Prison



Frederic: Not sure if you are referring to Henry Aaron or Larry King. No cause of death was given in either case.

Aaron died a couple of weeks after getting the Covid-19 vaccine, whereas King died hospital with Covid-19.

Hans: I haven't seen any reference to King getting the vaccine. Maybe he was planning to get it but ended up getting Covid first.

Frederic Chopin

Anyone know the cause of death?

John Stone


Beautiful lines - thanks


Jenny Allan

It's Burn's Nicht here in Scotland and the haggis, neeps and 'bashed tatties' are waiting to be cooked. Sadly, our usual little celebration with our daughter and her husband has been stymied by lockdown rules.
The following is dedicated to AoA, ICAN, Health Defence, Andrew Wakefield and everyone else, including John and Ginger, who strive to make the truth heard, in spite of censorship and derision from Twitter, Facebook and all those in power and industry dedicated to censorship and prevention of free speech and truth:-

Here's A Health To Them That's Awa

"Here's freedom to them that wad read,
Here's freedom to them that wad write,
There's nane ever fear'd that the truth should be heard,
But they whom the truth would indite."
Robert Burns

Gary Ogden

John: 87: His reported age at death.

John Stone


We know King was intending to have a Covid vaccine according to a tweet from his son before leaving rehab but do we know that he got that far?

PS What does the 87 signify?

Hans Litten

Larry King also died shortly after taking the Covid vaccine.....87


Told you so.
Trump did all he could to slow walk the vaccines to the public. If reelected, they probably would have been shelved. Remember, he never took the vaccine.

Trump had no coronavirus vaccine distribution plan -White House

"There was no distribution plan for the coronavirus vaccine set up by the Trump administration as the virus raged in the their last months in office, new President Joe Biden's chief of staff, Ron Klain, said on Sunday.
"The process to distribute the vaccine, particularly outside of nursing homes and hospitals out into the community as a whole, did not really exist when we came into the White House," Klain said on NBC's "Meet the Press.""

angus files

Next please!

Familiar ruse to readers here..

Infectious disease expert Doctor Dean Blumberg said the death was "probably not related to the vaccine".

Urgent Covid vaccine investigation after person dies within hours of jab in California
A PERSON has died in a Californian hospital hours after being given a coronavirus vaccine.

Pharma For Prison



and no one really knows if the vaccine actually works.

RIP beautiful legend

Gary Ogden

drymeadow: Thank you for posting that. I'm a lifetime baseball fan, though never of the Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves. A gifted athlete and real gentleman, Hank Aaron.


That Monday night in Atlanta in 1974, 9:10pm, big Hank slammed that fastball over the left field wall, #715, breaking Babe Ruth's all time home run record. That's how I want to remember him too

Laura Hayes

Those who fly had better hope the many soon-to-come “Covid vaccine coincidences” don’t happen at 40,000 feet in the air, to both pilots at once...pilots who either eagerly accepted, or succumbed to, company mandates to be vaccinated with new Covid vaccines...and no doubt other vaccines in short order.

You won’t catch me flying on United Airlines.

Laura Hayes

Vaccines...the leading cause of coincidences in the world.


Well, I did not understand the news story I was listening too - on the TV set.
It said he had had covid a few weeks earlier, and then died.
Not the covid vaccine.


The thought that passes through my mind, is that these serious adverse reactions for Covid vaccines are not atypical for vaccines in general but are only now getting wide publicity for the first time. A while back AoA reported on the findings of the Italian organization Corvelva who found that many samples of different vaccines were not compliant with quality standards and health product regulations.
In the past, once approval had been granted for the first carefully produced batches, mass production began. Is it that in mass production, companies can’t maintain consistency due to the product being biologic in nature. Is this why companies like AstraZeneca are back tracking on their delivery schedules and supplying only 40% of the quantities originally promised. Maybe with the eyes of the world now alert to any serious adverse reactions and taking them for what they are, rather than just unconnected coincidences, the pharmaceutical production managers are not risking this time around, any substandard batches leaving the factory gates, resulting in 3 out of 5 batches having to be discarded — but still the deaths occur.

Bob Moffit

A childhood hero of mine … I will always remember him for the great man and athlete that he was .. rather than how or why he died.

Unfortunately the age at which certain vaccines are given seem to be more "causation than mere correlation" … such as .. thousands of infants dying from SIDS following HEPB within hours of birth … making "infant mortality" rates in US number 34 among nations. Consider …. USA had always been among top 2-3 nations in "infant mortality" rates .. as recommended vaccines increased .. so too did "infant mortality" rates.

Let us hope and pray our "life expectancy" in US does decline making USA "life expectancy" 34 among other nations.

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