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All Roads Lead to The Gut

MicrobiomeGollygeewhillikers, sure wish we knew of a British gastroenterologist who could help us understand how so many illnesses including COVID keep coming back to a conversation about the gut...  Vitamin D and the microbiome could be superstars in preventing or recovering from COVID. But they are not.  Many of us in the autism community have been talking about the state of our children's guts for decades.  Teresa Conrick wrote dozens of articles about the microbiome over the years as well.

Old orchard
Intestinal bacteria may affect severity of COVID-19, researchers find

From NY Post (of all places)

Although the coronavirus is primarily a respiratory disease, there is increasing evidence that suggests the GI tract is involved, scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong said.

The team studied samples from 100 patients treated at two Hong Kong hospitals to see how the so-called microbiome in the digestive system might affect recovery from the deadly bug.

“Gut microbiome composition was significantly altered in patients with COVID-19 compared with non-COVID-19 individuals irrespective of whether patients had received medication,” they wrote in the British Medical Journal’s publication Gut.

“Based on several patients surveyed in this study for up to 30 days after clearing SARS-CoV-2, the gut microbiota is likely to remain significantly altered after recovery from COVID-19,” they said. 

I saw on FB last night a post that the photo shown was from Old Orchard Beach in Maine. I went there as child. Take a good look. What do you see? In 1970 the Microbiome was intact. In 2021 it's attacked.



I got some more of those kefir grains.
I really hated dealing with those every day.

And then I relearned how to do things.

When I sieve them out, I rinse them with water, put them in milk for barely a day and stick them in the refrigerator for a week or two till I need them. Better kefir too.

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