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ACLU On Immunity Passports

He notices youThanks to Ginger Taylor for posting this on hideyourFacebook from The American Civil Liberties Union:

Coronavirus 'Immunity Passports' are not the Answer

A system of immunity passports in the United States threatens to exacerbate racial disparities and harm the civil liberties of all.

As governments the world over seek ways to jumpstart economic activity, one proposal is a so-called “immunity passport” that would allow certain people who test positive for COVID-19 antibodies to return to work before others. We at the ACLU have serious concerns about the adoption of any such proposal, because of its potential to harm public health, incentivize economically-vulnerable people to risk their health by contracting COVID-19, exacerbate racial and economic disparities, and lead to a new health surveillance infrastructure that endangers privacy rights.

An immunity passport system is fundamentally different from a regime whereby employers routinely test workers for COVID-19 or screen for symptoms, to ensure that no one with active infection is entering a workplace. In the latter system, only contagious workers are prevented from going to work and only for the period of time in which they are contagious. Every worker is subject to the same screening rules. But an immunity passport system would divide workers into two classes — the immune and the non-immune — and the latter might never be eligible for a given job short of contracting and surviving COVID-19 if an immune worker is available to take the slot.  Read more at ACLU HERE.



Go Trump; That is right.

Let us not forget that Fauci and his little minions down at the CDC own the patents for the Moderna, mRNA vaccine.

I know we have made some sweet people, that I loved; mad, right on this spot. One even told me not to be mad at her, and I felt bad; but not about the issues, and so they left on here.

Just like I use to begin every conversation on vaccine injuries, I had to go through the ritual of: I know vaccines have saved-- countless lives but ---

Now, when I talk of election fraud: I have to say that I am just sick about the guard killing himself over the matter of the invasion of the capitol, sick about the guard that died from being hit on the head with a fire extinguisher, Deep sinking feeling in my chest about the woman that was shot, and about the other four that died in the crowd for what ever reason?

But the time we get through all of this, we have lost the conversation about vaccine injuries and now election fraud.

But the election was stolen, but the subject has been changed. .
That was the intent all along.
IF the capitol building could be so easily breached then why did all the people that went to the "Green the vaccines" rallies; how come they just did not push their way in.
That was a pretty big crowd, and Lordy, there had to be some deep feelings about our children hurt and no one cared?

Come to think of it, Millions of protesters have come to Washington D. C for decades, and no one got in. When people make that hard, and expensive trek, they are mad enough, dedicated enough that if given that if given a chance "Some" maybe "most" will come right on in.

It was used to change the subject that the election was stolen.

Stolen: Hump now that I think back on it, Hillary was so sure she was going to be the next president; that she had all kinds of fireworks ready to celebrate. She, and the media both convinced me she would win. Why, she was so confident was because she too had 2 million votes stuffed in the ballot boxes in all the big cities around the country. It never occurred to her that Trump would win so big, that would not be enough.

This time they knew.

We had numbers voting that are unheard of! We got numbers like 75 million, from people very enthused about voting. Obama won in a land slide with a mere 69 million the first time around!

On the other side were 80 million people voting? That too is an unheard of number! My gosh that is almost half the population of the entire United States. Two unheard of numbers together; something is not right?

The other half of the population, that did not vote; for the most part can't or won't vote. People like 80 million underage kids, or 52 million with mental health problems of which 13.1 million have serious mental health issues, or 1 million are in jail, along with 1 million out of jail; but has a felonies hanging over their head, or the 1.2 million in nursing homes (yes can vote but are they likely to vote?) , then there are suppose to be a large number of people that are not interested, to busy with job and family and life, that just don't want to stand in line. Who else does not usually vote, homeless, I am thinking on my list?

How were the tyrants over us posing as a Republic going to explain those large numbers that would coming out to vote, when the stuffed the ballot boxes?

Enter Fauci and his lab pet to lock us down.

Lock us all down and have mail in ballots. Make us thing that every one is voting cause they are all stuck at home, and those mail in ballots are so much easier to do. Is that really the case? And what about ballot harvesting. It is illegal. Why is it illegal, cause they want to eliminate uninformed voters.

How did this happen:

It all begins long ago down in Atlanta, Georgia, at the CDC. Surprise1

Fauci wrangled 191 Billion dollars in only three years from the federal government to find a cure and a vaccine for HIV, and built up allergy and infectious disease section of the CDC ,that was far reaching, and tyrannical.

His group at the CDC has thousands of patents on medicines cause they refused to allow existing medicines that do work to be used. They are receiving large sums of money from those patents still to this day. His group was been raising "gain of function" corona viruses all through the 90s. He had a paper in 2015 that has two scientists on the list of authors that are Chinese nationalists. The paper was all about a corona virus that caused inflammation in the lungs, and thus death in older rats. Does that sound familiar, or am I just one of those Quanon or what ever they are called? I don't think so.

Fauci shipped all his lab pets all over to Wuhan and money to to help the up keep of his lab pets.
That is true.

Fauci helped steal the election. The CDC helped steal the election.
And you can bet mandates are coming for the Moderna vaccine.

Go Trump

The CV19 pandemic was created to take over the world with endless billions of dollars going from governments to the elites to save us all. The expansion of the vaccine industry will never end no matter how much damage it does.

The effort is working well for them pretty well so far, the Bill of Rights has quickly become the bill of suggestions.


The vaccines for covid apparently is not 95 percent effective. It is more like 19 percent to 29 percent effective.

Doshi -- a medical journal editor said it was really hard to find, since the raw data is not being released. Hard to find some of the data was found in a 92 page report released by the FDA.

Apparently around 3,200 of those that received the vaccine had symptoms of covid, but were not counted -- massaged the results.

Anyone know more details of how they did this. Some thing about only counting who they wanted.

Bob Moffit

I didn't know the ACLU was still an organization willing to fight for our Constitutional Rights? I thought they had given up their fight to protect our Civil Rights as I haven't heard a single word from this absent organization in at least two decades. WHERE IN GOD'S NAME HAVE THEY BEEN ON PARENTAL RIGHTS TO INFORMED CONSENT FOR THEIR CHILDREN?????? WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN IN JOINING OUR ONGOING LEGAL WAR WITH VACCINE INDUSTRY AND PUBLIC HEALTH TYRANTS????

Reading this statement one could easily insert VACCINE anywhere Covid 19 public health protocols are VIOLATING OUR CIVIL RIGHTS … our CIVIL RIGHTS on vaccines have been IGNORED BY ACLU FOR DECADES … AND … NOW SUDDENLY THEY WANT TO TAKE A STANCE … TOO LITTLE … TOO LATE.

Laura Hayes

The ACLU wouldn’t know a civil liberty if it hit them in the head and kicked them in the butt, as this article exemplifies with its failing to clearly state that there is no justification for the violation of God-given, fundamental, Constitutionally-guaranteed civil liberties, including a “virus” or a “pandemic”. Read the article carefully to identify that which it states and doesn’t state, and that which it deems as acceptable. And be sure to read the first sentence of the last paragraph.

The ACLU was utterly useless during our many battles in CA against rights-and-freedoms-stripping bills, bills which became laws, first restricting, then eliminating, the fundamental right to decide what one permits, or doesn’t permit, to enter one’s own body and that of one’s child, resulting in untold, unmonitored, uncounted vaccine-induced harm and death for millions, and it is unwise to count on them for any meaningful help or support. It has been my experience that they are a spineless, possibly bought and paid for, entity.

Here is the ACLU’s letter with regard to SB277 in CA, in which it declared itself “neutral”:


I repeat, the ACLU wouldn’t know a civil liberty if it hit them in the head and kicked them in the butt.

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