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The COVID Vaccine: Yes or No?

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

53D7BB83-08C0-439D-A6CD-D2D0F605C5FFBelow is a recent Tweet from a Verified account. I blocked out the name.  Don’t you love the “I’m not an anti-vaxxer...” opening disclaimer used by so many? Reminds me of Thanksgiving conversations with drunk relatives that start with: “Look, I’m not a racist but....”’ You know what kind of conversation usually follows. E7A26923-E4D7-46E1-93D7-22AA6C4B249C

Allow Age of Autism to remind you that no matter WHAT vaccine you refuse for yourself or your family & children, YOU ARE AN ANTI-VAXXER by the definition foisted upon us by the VIDS (Vaccine Injury Deniers). Thought and refusal are your secret handshake.  Every citizen should be to say “no” to any medical procedure including a vaccine. Without economic, employment or social retribution or shunning.  

And hey! Some of our best friends are anti-vaxxers!  ;)






Jill in MI

Marianna - Amen to that!

Bob Moffit

It's amazing how many are suddenly "anti-vaxxers" .. could it be they NOW HAVE THEIR OWN SKIN IN THE GAME … instead of our children's skin????


One of the bizarre silver linings of COVID is that it has suddenly managed to turn half the country (and perhaps the world) into “woke”, antivaxxers. Welcome to the “dark” side lol! Being red pilled stinks, eh? Well, you’re now considered one of us by the powers that be, whether you realize it or not! Join the club. This pandemic has finally forced open a real conversation throughout the public about vaccines - which, until now, only we in the “crazy” minority had questioned. Good luck to the media, govt & Big Pharma trying to put this genie back in the bottle.

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