Merry Christmas 2020
Under the Rug

We Made Our Match!

Beverly Hillbillies colorA big thank you to everyone for helping us meet our $5,000 matching gift donor campaign!I have no plans to install an Age of Autism cee-ment pond here in our Connecticut "headquarters," but I can promise you that 10 grand is black gold and Texas tea toward keeping us up and running in 2021.  Letters and emails with IRS info are forthcoming.  What a year, eh?  We'll continue to follow Covid, the big V topic that gets us in so much trouble and cost us our ability to keep most sponsors (always thank you to Jennifer Larsen and The Holland Center for their unwavering support), and of course, first, last and always the AGEING of autism. We will never forget Dan Olmsted's mission.

Thank you so very much to Laura Hayes for her generous match. And if anyone one cares to start a match of their own - let me know!

With great affection,



Laura Hayes

A heartfelt thank you to all who participated in the matching donation campaign. I am so thrilled that the match was met!

For those who were unable to participate this go-round due to financial constraints, we appreciate the support you provide in many other ways, from being a contributing writer, to a valued commenter, to one who prays for AoA and its family, to one who shares AoA articles and comments with others, to one who sends emails and letters of appreciation to AoA family members.

Each of us adds value and is an important member of this special online family :)

With appreciation, perseverance, and hope,

Michael S.

Congrats on reaching the goal, and hugs to Laura for the generous donation.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Tim Lundeen

Nice to see!

Thanks, Laura!


@ Gary Ogden

Jethro was in training to be a "double naught spy." LOL!

Thank you again Laura, for your generous challenge.

Gary Ogden

Kim: While I remember Granny up in her rocker at the back, I don't remember Jethro in the driver's seat. How memories can deceive us!

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