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The COVID Vaccine: Yes or No?

Yes or noNote: Thanks to Dr. Richard Moskowitz, Harvard and NYU trained MD and author of Vaccines A Reappraisal, for his opinion piece on CoVax.   Dr. Moskowitz is a friend of AofA, I've had the pleasure of meeting him.  His article below puts in basic terms you can share the situation with CoVaxes. Sadly, I agree with him, many people outside our knowledge base will take these vaccines thinking they will streamline their lives. Instead, many will be sidelined.

By Dr. Richard Moskowitz

First of all, I doubt that any of the vaccines will work very well.  Since the SARS in 2002, there have been many attempts to make a vaccine against coronaviruses, and they've all failed, for many of the same reason that the flu vaccine has failed, because the viruses are so mutable that, by the time you make the vaccine, the virus is already different.  So Vaccines Richard Moskowitzthey do a new flu vaccine every year, and they're probably going to do that here, too, but they often don't fit that well.

Second, they are using a new technology that's never been used on humans before, because they can produce a vaccine much faster, without having to culture the virus, by just splicing viral RNA into the genetic material of the cell, so it will respond without having to introduce the virus from the outside, so to speak.  They claim it's only the messenger RNA of the mitochondria, not the DNA of the nucleus, so it won't find its way into the gene pool, and turn you and your descendants into GMO's; but I'm less sure of that, and I seriously doubt they have any clear idea of the long-term consequences of monkeying around like that, or even that they're interested or concerned about it.

And third, if the end result is the same, if they accomplish basically what the old vaccines did, that would be reason enough to avoid them, because of their propensity to bring about chronic, autoimmune phenomena and eventually, in many people, overt autoimmune diseases, at the very least making worse the ones that are already there, which most of us have some form or trace of.

Of course, it's also true that the COVID is dangerous in several important ways, being 1) easily transmitted by asymptomatic people, 2) highly mutable, as above, and 3) capable of life-threatening pathology and even long-term complications in susceptible people, especially the elderly and chronically ill.  But the truth is that the disease has been around the US for 10 months, and widely dispersed for 8, so that with the proper precautions most healthy people shouldn't be any less likely to remain healthy than they've been so far.  In addition, there are good treatments available for it, even if not officially approved, or even mentioned -- homeopathy, multivitamins, Chinese herbs -- and even without treatment the actual death rate is about the same as a bad flu season.  So it's hard to see the need for a vaccine that's marginally effective against a disease that the vast majority recover from anyway. 

The main reason why most people will take it, regardless, is that they fear it will be their only ticket back to a semblance of normal life, a belief that various mandates and laws will surely reinforce, but is no more likely to be true than if they had simply continued taking precautions, while the long-term problems I mentioned are most often insidious, not likely to manifest for months or even years later, and dismissed by most doctors as unrelated coincidence or hereditary predisposition.  So a lot of folks will go along with it, because keeping our kids out of school and being afraid to hug those we love is indeed intolerable; so who could blame them? 


Richard Moskowitz, MD

Cia, The COVID is much more widespread than the flu; but if you factor in asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic people who test positive but don't need or bother to see a doctor, its death rate is similar to or maybe somewhat lower than the flu.

Grace Green

Thanks, Emma, I must get round to watching this soon. The first two speakers are inaudible, but if you move it along a few minutes, Dr. Shepherd's presentation is audible.


Very important presentation by former Soviet Russian and U.S. immigrant, Dr. Igor Shepherd, MD. He is directly warning us about the Covid vaccine and the ongoing Marxist insurgence. HE HAS SEEN IT ALL BEFORE. HE HAS LIVED IT. Please watch!


Joe F.

Okay, CIA (er, I meant, Cia), go ahead and take the good old covid vaccine for yourself, and enjoy it for the rest of us while you're at it. You'll have a few symptoms suppressed; the disease will not be prevented, as our dear, honorable Fauci said.

Yep, "symptom suppression" is now a big-deal "secret" military operation (hey, just as exciting as the Manhattan Project--lots of fun for those guys who enjoy wearing camo pants!) In fact, I'd venture it's worth spending billions of dollars (at least at this point--maybe trillions in the future, yes?) to suppress the same sort of symptoms that an over-the-counter remedy like Tamiflu can treat, right? (I am not suggesting Tamiflu for covid; just saying...) Yep, in fact it's a matter of national security to suppress those symptoms, and anyone who says otherwise might be a (shudder!) "domestic terrorist." Oh my goodness!!

Is it just me? Should I stop being so skeptical? Maybe the government should spend billions to suppress a few symptoms, and the rest of us should think they should. Perhaps I'm just out of my mind!

Or... No, no! It couldn't be! Might there be another reason they want to shoot all those people up with that syringe full of new-fangled stuff? Nah, I'm sure it's to suppress those drad-ratted symptoms!


The long term effects of the different COVD vaccines, particularly those where you introduce foreign RNA into the mitochondria, is only to be guessed at, at this point.

The one thing we do know is that the studies were specifically designed to not allow any pregnancies.

In the military families, we already have had the experience of the" safe, tested," anthrax vaccine. They probably chose not to give it to the military after the anthrax debacle, where, despite fudged studies "proving" it was safe, many military members voted with their feet; others risked court martial to protect their health. Once you have done that to a group of people once, they tend to remember. And the anthrax vaccine initially only gave fairly mild reactive symptoms. It was the long term side effects that caused the problem. And the disabled babies, of course. Our son is one of their number. I spoke to another woman who had seven!! miscarriages after her anthrax shots
That is more than anything, the one thing I wish the doctors had found the courage to tell us; that it was no longer safe for us to have children. And given that these vaccines have specifically NOT been studies for their effects on future fetuses, I pray that these vaccines don't cause damage to the next generation. Maybe they are safe. But if not, the pain of side effects for yourself pales beside watching a disabled child fight to overcome injuries that never should have happened. That is my biggest fear with regard to these vaccines.

I also worry about what happens when the kind of side effects described in healthy people ( fever of 105, cracking a tooth because of shivering so hard) happen to people with type one diabetes, with heart disease, or with pre existing breathing problems. Fevers that don't put most of us in hospital will often tip diabetic over the edge into needing hospitalization.

Per the CDC, these criteria are when a diabetic should seek emergency medical treatment.
You feel too sick to eat normally and are unable to keep down food
for more than 24 hours.
You have vomiting and/or severe diarrhea for more than 6 hours.
Your temperature is over 101 degrees F for 24 hours.
You feel sleepy or can’t think clearly. Have someone else call your doctor or take you to the emergency room.

We know that the vaccine manufacturers aren't liable, and the COVID vaccine is not even covered under VICP, so I assume the person who has to pay for any potential hospitalization or emergency treatment is the patient.
it would be nice if, at the very least, the federal government stepped up and said that hospitalization following vaccination would be covered, but I suppose that is something they don't want to admit could ever happen. The official story is still that anthrax is basically safe, just causes an "increase" in birth defects, but you really can't fool those in the military who had side effects to it.


"Nov 8, 2002 (CIDRAP News) – The Pentagon's mandatory anthrax shots caused adverse reactions in most recipients and helped prompt many Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members to transfer to other units or leave the military between 1998 and 2000, according to a survey by Congress's General Accounting Office (GAO).

The survey indicated that 85% of troops who received an anthrax shot had an adverse reaction, a rate far higher than the 30% claimed by the manufacturer in 2000, when the survey was conducted. Sixteen percent of the survey respondents had either left the military or changed their status, at least in part because of the vaccination program."

I pray for health for everyone, with or without the vaccine.


Cia "The climate change dangle is ridiculous, just to deflect attention from the truth. "


I would recommend you keep an open mind on that one, every road with the Pandemic seems to lead to the climate agenda. Climate lockdowns are now being discussed, now that populations are used to the concept. Now some deaths are being recorded as due to pollution, so the stage has been set. It's coming!


The climate change dangle is ridiculous, just to deflect attention from the truth. But that being said, you have to consider what to do now. No vaccine should be mandated, that goes without saying. So far the side effects of the vaccines seem to be a sore, stiff arm and later that day, especially after the second dose, flu-like symptoms. For many, actual Covid would have been less severe, while for others actual Covid would have been much wormse..

At a time we need to wait and see how effective the vaccines are and how often severe adverse reactions occur. I wouldn’t say that the vaccine is always worse than the actual infection without more experience to observe. Under the circumstances, I don’t think 24 hours of suffering is worth worrying about, which is all they’re admitting to at this time.

Hans Litten


21% adverse events to the new corona vaccines.

Hans Litten


"Injecting RNA into a person doesn't do anything to the DNA of a human cell," says Prof Jeffrey Almond of Oxford University.

Could this fake Almond be taken to court over this ?

However, in the case of vaccines produced using human fetal cell lines, we have the health risk of triggering an autoimmune response and insertion of the contaminating DNA to disrupt the child’s own genes.

"Anyone who says that the fetal DNA contaminating our vaccines is harmless either does not know
anything about immunity and Toll- like receptors or they are not telling the truth."

And an interesting video :


WARP SPEED leaders discuss vaccine distribution:


DECEMBER 8, 9, 10, 11..........WHAT HAPPENS ON DECEMBER 14? Who will be delivering the vaccines?

"The Trump administration has invited leading vaccine manufacturers, drug distributors, and government officials to a “Covid-19 Vaccine Summit” next week, just two days before a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee meeting to consider the first U.S. application for a Covid-19 vaccine.
The meeting, set for Dec. 8, will feature President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and several governors and private-sector executives, according to an invitation obtained by STAT. "

"The FDA has a vaccines advisory committee meeting scheduled for December 8, 9 and 10, with some sources expecting EUAs for both vaccines potentially being approved on December 10."

"US could begin COVID-19 vaccinations by December 11: Official"

December 14, 2020. Presidential Electors meet to cast electoral votes for president and vice president.

What will happen if Sydney Powell has all the hard evidence for international vote stealing through cyber warfare (Dominion voting software) targeting our election? Will Trump leave office if this is Constitutionally resolved?

Who will be delivering the vaccines in all 50 states at WARP SPEED??


I too have concluded that the Pandemic is a smokescreen and catalyst for implementing the climate agenda. The UN once had what they called 'The Decade of Education' and now we have arrived at 'The Decade of Action', hence lockdowns and economic degrowth. Many of these folk pushing for lockdowns and restrictions are those who predicated the planet would be all but uninhabitable by 2100.
The 17 Sustainability Goals for 2030 would mean a drastic change to our way of living, but given the way this decade has started, I suspect that the rest of the decade may continue in a similar vein. At the start of Event 201 it was said that the world will always be in one pandemic or another from now on.

The most disturbing concept is when one considers where vaccines may fit into the climate agenda, unfortunately with us being viewed as polluters it doesn't seem particularly likely that the jabs would be to save us or do anything beneficial for our health, in fact more likely the contrary. While I don't believe that the intention of a vaccine would be to kill directly, I do think it likely that a vaccine could be intended to weaken, making the recipient more likely to die. Not necessarily a mass kill-off, but between 10% to 30% extra of the population dying off by 2030 than would have without the vaccine. Though extra deaths will be blamed on viruses, even though the vaccines oversensitized people to them.


@Jenny Allan

Let's call it what it is...biowarfare.
And where are these agents hatched? L4 labs. They are like nuclear installations. We must take away their toys and lock up those who like to play. Billions spent in the name of biowarfare civil defense.
The citizens have not benefitted. In fact, they are the targets.



Fauci knows perfectly well that Covid is the result of the gain of function bioengineering work at the Wuhan lab which the US contributed a lot of funding to. The work was described as unacceptably dangerous by an inspector several years ago. I think it got out of the lab accidentally, but as a result of scientists’ carelessness and stupidity. I don’t know if Gates was involved before the pandemic, but Fauci was . Of course he’s not going to admit it.

I think most viruses become milder over time. Rabies hasn’t. Flu is always mutating and coming up with killer variants. I don’t know if Covid will. It might. Or another of hundreds of already existing coronaviruses may cause another pandemic among humans. They think the four cold-like variants of coronavirus started as animal viruses and made the species leap. Again. Covid was genetically manipulated and spliced together. The devastating Russian flu epidemic in 1889-90 may have been a flu or may have been a coronavirus which became much milder and cold-like.

At this time, it’s hard to say much for sure. I’ve read about birds of many species worldwide dying of an avian flu, I’d have to look up the H and the N numbers. Dying in great pain, turning in one direction convulsively and bleeding from the nose. I guess it might adapt to humans. Also that now mink in the Pacific Northwest are getting Covid, which led to large numbers being killed in Denmark. It’s all overwhelming.

Will your parents take the vaccine? I’ve wondered about my 92 year old neighbor, but probably shouldn’t ask. She’s only been out of her house to go to the doctor since March.

I don’t know if Covid will always be with us. It seems to have already gotten milder for most, but don’t know if the same percentage as before, about 10% reportedly, is getting long autoimmune Covid. And then a lot sustain permanent organ damage.

Jenny Allan

@ Benedetta:- "I listened to Fauci say in in a speech that all these viruses are coming from instability of the environment due to climate change."

Bill Gates is now also linking Covid-19 to climate change and has written a book on the subject:-
COVID-19 is awful. Climate change could be worse.
But there are lessons from the current crisis that should guide our response to the next one.
By Bill Gates"

It's obvious now there is a hidden agenda going on with coronavirus. Neither Bill Gates, nor Anthony Fauci are climate change 'experts'. Unelected and apparently unaccountable, they regard themselves as qualified to instruct our elected world leaders. Linking Covid-19 to climate change is a dangerous assumption. There is plenty of evidence this viral mutation may have originated in a Chinese laboratory, and this is presently being investigated.
Be afraid. Be VERY afraid, especially for our children. Their once bright futures have been highjacked.

Candy Kane

Here are my fears:
—If this causes serious side effects they will blame them on efficacy and say the patient had Covid—the perfect crime
—the vaccine will provide for more silent carriers like the pertussis vaccine, and yet we will still face mandates even though the vaccine actually allows Covid to go stealth


Cia; It will not be here forever. Eventually every one will catch it, or so many will take the vaccine and get those sores all over them as described in Revelations. (that was a joke)

All viruses will mutate to a milder form, and they don't take long to do it either.

Now if we can get Fauci under control, and he not be releasing any more, that would help.

I listened to Fauci say in in a speech that all these viruses are coming from instability of the environment due to climate change.

So, if I am reading this right, and I am. I am not guessing they are out to get us, I know they are.
Please remember that I am a woman that saw vaccine reactions numerous times hoisted upon my entire family while the all so educated doctors profited from those injuries and helped not, even denied, while they warned younger doctors this topic will ruin your career--- so ---- . Anyway when the political landscape is ripe, there will be a lot more of Fauci's lab pets released, if we don't all get on board with the Paris -- Climate crap, and make his friends' rich with carbon trading - stock market exchange like Blood and Gore.

It seems that they are a smart bunch that tells lots of lies and are able to connect some dots to each of these lying schemes.


Copy it for my daughter. Copy it for myself when I get scared about my 90 plus parents. Hold on to the truth message for myself.


It is inevitable that many thousands will take one of the several vaccines. I read last week that over a million Chinese had gotten one of the Chinese adenovirus vaccines. I don’t know for sure, but massive vaccination may be the quickest way out of this. Not compelled, but many millions will take it voluntarily. We won’t. But you really can’t tell at this time if immediate and long-term vaccine reactions will be more or less devastating than immediate and long-term damage and death from the disease. I don’t know what the current case fatality rate is: it seems to have dropped from twenty to three percent World (little w)-wide since the spring, and at this time severe cases are said at Worldometers to be less than one percent. I don’t know if the rates of long-term Covid and damage are going down. All I can say is that the choice of a vaccine should be left to each individual. But if a lot of people get one of the vaccines and do not get Covid, and don’t seem to be damaged, it will encourage others to get it, which might ultimately benefit those who decide to refuse the vaccine.


Thank you for this article: I’ll remember and act on the basic points. But Covid is much more dangerous than flu. Three years ago, H3N2 took 61,000 lives in the US, the worst year in many years. Covid has killed 277,000 Americans this year, over four times as many. And the large percentage of those with long Covid or permanent organ damage is also a huge problem, as you say Hospitals all over the country are being overwhelmed with severe cases, and they lack normal beds, ICU beds, and medical staff to treat all those who need it.

I wouldn’t take the vaccine. As you say, vitamins like C, D3, thiamine, and the mineral zinc will prevent or ameliorate it in most cases. Ivermectin will treat it. Also HCQ if you can get it. Masks, social distancing, and hand washing or sanitizing prevent it, as do disruptive measures like lockdowns and stay at home orders. Test, trace, and isolate are still the best measures for control, although the numbers are so overwhelming now that they’d be hard to implement.

The traditional adenovirus vaccine Sputnik V just released the results of favorable surveys. But, of course, that’s just the devil we know: severe autoimmune and other reactions are sure to occur.

They may be compelled to give exemptions to those most at risk of reactions. I think barring us from society forever would be difficult and counterproductive.

Bob Moffit

As the man said .. 'The cure (vaccine?) ought not be more dangerous than the disease".

No one can predict with any scientific certainty .. this "one size fits all vaccine" will be as all others before it .. significant RISK for some individuals … especially over LONG TERM … which can be decades before true risk is known.

Great documentary on Netflix .. 'THE PHARMACIST" .. about a single pharmacist whose son died from a drug over dose .. began his own investigation to identify the main doctor in his small town who was prescribing HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS of prescriptions for OPIOID PAIN DRUGS … which began a series of drug overdose deaths from patients the pharmacist had been filling prescriptions for. Fascinating EXPOSE of CORRUPT DRUG MANUFACTURE'S WHO LIED REPEATEDLY TO DOCTORS THEIR OPIOID DRUGS WERE "NON ADDICTIVE" WHEN THEY KNEW FOR CERTAIN THE DRUGS WERE HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.


This is the same DRUG INDUSTRY that will be guaranteeing their vaccine is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.

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