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Texas Bishop Urges Caution with C Vax

Note: Yesterday, we told you that Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, gave his approval of Covid Vaccines. Here is a Bishop in Texas, urging caution.  From The Bishop Strickland Hour on Virgin Most Powerful Radio.

By Anne Dachel

12 minutes

 Bishop Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler Texas, urges CAUTION getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Host Terry Barber:  …Bishop Stickland, you’re in an article from LifeSite News. The headline is, U.S. Bishops Endorse Abortion Tainted COVID Vaccine; An Act of Love of Our Neighbor.

And this document entitled Moral Considerations Regarding the New COVID-19 Vaccinations was published just yesterday, December 14th and in this article, you and many other good bishops like Athanasius Schneider and many others, are actually on the other side of the coin in this.
In other words, I want to ask you because so many of our listeners are thinking, what should I do with this COVID-19? Is it moral for me to take this vaccine if it’s been tainted from aborted babies, even though it was twenty or thirty years ago.

That’s the case, and in this article they’re saying that out of charity we should take this vaccine so that someone else won’t get the COVID-19.
What’s your take on all this?

Bishop Joseph Strickland: I address the question for my flock here in east Texas, and my statement really comes down to this: I can’t, in good conscience, receive a vaccine myself that is tainted in whatever way from abortion.

An aborted child is used in whatever way for the production of this vaccine.

I can’t in good conscience personally receive that. I’m not demanding of others, but I think we need to look at the moral questions.

What I’ve really encouraged for a lot of other factors that go into these controversial vaccines and this very controversial disease of COVID-19 that truly does kill people, but how we control it and how we deal with it, you can talk to a different expert that tells you something different every day.

I’ve encouraged people to simply wait, not to rush into vaccines that have been thankfully very quickly produced, but also that’s somewhat problematic that they were produced so quickly without the usual testing of a vaccine.

SO my basic instruction says, I personally can’t in good conscience receive a vaccine that has been tainted, as you say, with the connection to an aborted child, a willfully aborted child.

The reality is that other vaccines are in development. They’re not being marketed yet. They’re not been approved yet, but are in development that have no association with aborted children.

So I’ve encourage my flock, and I encourage everyone, but my responsibility is the flock of east Texas here in the diocese of Tyler. I’ve encouraged all the people here, not just the Catholics, but everyone to just wait and evaluate all sorts of factors with these vaccines.

To me it’s a deal breaker when the two that are being offered now, as I understand it, have some connection to aborted children. And if that’s the case, I’m not going to receive it.

Barber: Bishop Strickland, are you aware that the death rate from COVID-19—now notice I said directly from COVID-19—is 0.03 percent, and most of these people who die from COVID die with it, not from it. In other words, they have heart disease, they have other ailments that they have to deal with.

Ninety-two percent of them die with other health problems. In other words, the 300,000 people that died with COVID, about 10 percent—now this is the CDC—only 10 percent died directly from COVID.

That’s 30,000 people. Bishop Strickland, I read that more people are dying from the flu and pneumonia, and we don’t stop the economy.

I believe that it is a virus, and it can be serious, but in my lifetime we’ve gone through this and we deal with not by using a vaccine that’s immorally developed or even shutting down economies where people lose their jobs.

Some people go, I’m going to not allow myself to be connected giving this COVID-19 to anyone else. So I’m going to wear the mask, stay at home. I’m not going to go to church. I’m not going to do anything because out of charity for my brother and sister out there I’m just going to not go to work. I just live in this bubble because it’s the right thing to do.

What’s wrong with that thinking?

Bp Strickland: It’s not taking in all the factors that need to be addressed. That’s what I encourage people to do, to look at all of it.

Each of us needs to consider this and make our own decision. I think that people need to very much resist.

There’s a lot of talk about mandates. … I think we need to be very aware that mandating something like this, I think that we need to be very careful about that. …

I would encourage people to resist any forcing of receiving these vaccines because, like you said, there are many factors there.
The death rate is not large. Certainly any death is bad and life is sacred, but I think we’ve got to look at all the different factors.

Look at the fact that these vaccines have been produced very quickly, shortcutting some of the usual testing and all.

Even beyond the moral issue of using unborn children, unborn neighbors, if we’re concerned about our neighbor, which we should be, …we’ve got a lot of unborn neighbors that our society isn’t concerned about at all…

We need to look at all the sides of the issue and make a well-formed conscience decision.

Barber: Bishop Strickland, I understand that flying on an airplane… the airlines are going to say you must have a vaccination shot before you get on certain airlines

I would imagine more and more airlines are going to require that. I know at the theaters they’re going to require you to have a vaccine.

What would happen… if they keep telling us, you can’t go to the grocery store without having this vaccine? They’re not telling you you have to have it, you just can’t do normal things in life.

Would it be an overstep to say if they came to your door as the bishop of Tyler, and they said, “Bishop Strickland, as the bishop of Tyler, I want you to implement this.”

The state is saying, nobody comes into church without being vaccinated.

What would you say?

Bp Strickland: No, thank you.

Barber: What happens if they pressure you as the bishop saying, “Look… you need to go along with this because if you don’t, the church is going to be persecuted? “

This has happened before in cultures. Are you going to hold the line on that, or what are you going to tell the government if they say you got to close your churches? What would you say?

Bp Strickland: Churches are being persecuted in the world as we speak. That’s just a reality…

That’s what persecution comes down to. It’s trying to be forced to do something that goes contrary to your faith.

We have to be willing to do what we have to, to live the truth that Jesus Christ has revealed to us. And if it becomes persecution, then in justice, we need to speak against that and do everything we can to resist any diminishing of the freedom of religion and the freedom of living our faith in every aspect of society.

What I keep reminding myself, as a bishop, I need to act on what I know and what is true…and act on that












Throwing caution to the wind, this New York City community is importing supposed Moderna Vaccine from UNDOCUMENTED SOURCE!

“It’s known in the community you can get a vaccine if you want,” the resident said, adding “it’s a mystery” how the clinic obtained the supply.

“We take this very seriously and DOH will be assisting State Police in a criminal investigation into this matter. Anyone found to have knowingly participated in this scheme will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” the state health commissioner said. "
We should monitor any adverse events reporting there.


Death by Covid 19 or Christian martyrdom ?

Sheriff: Elderly Coronavirus Patient Beaten to Death While Praying in Hospital Room

"A patient allegedly beat another coronavirus patient to death with an oxygen tank last week inside Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, California."

"The suspect became upset when the victim started to pray. He then struck the victim with an oxygen tank. The victim succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased on December 18, 2020 at approximately 10:20 a.m. The victim and suspect did not know each other. The suspect, 37 year-old Jesse Martinez, was arrested and charged with murder, a hate crime enhancement and elder abuse. His bail is set at $1,000,000. He is set to appear in Antelope Valley Court December 28, 2020."


Dr. Faust-i lied about Sars Cov 2 herd immunity.
Blames informed non-consenters:

Did Fauci Just Admit He Lied About Herd Immunity To Trick Americans Into Vaccine?

False Scientists

Ruh roh, looks like a doctor was reported with a severe reaction even to the Moderna vaxx. Shellfish allergies in his background?


"I start with Public Health officials making a startling admission, then I move to 4 more examples of persecution of people who are questioning the government's Big Pharma response to COVID, and then I go through who "they" are. Who is it behind the persecution, censorship & vaccine narrative???"

go Trump

And in those days, a decree went out from Caesar Agates that all the world should be vaccinated



'Immunity passports' for coronavirus raise ethical concerns
'Could turn into powerful weapons of exclusion and discrimination'

You know the drill: Without the mark, you can't buy or sell...

"While the federal government likely will not mandate that citizens be immunized for COVID-19, private companies are poised to take advantage of the development of "digital immunity passports" that will discriminate against people who are not vaccinated"

"But Duke University professor Nita Farahany in the Washington Post warned that vaccine cards and immunization apps "could turn into powerful weapons of exclusion and discrimination."

"Ticketmaster told Billboard it has "post-pandemic fan safety" plans that include digital health passes."

"CNBC noted that China has used QR codes that indicate citizens' health status to control their movements."

Become a refusenic now or enjoy your slavery.


As predicted, Faust-i makes vaccine THREAT:

Anthony Fauci: U.S. Will Reach ‘Very Close to a Degree of Normality’ Next Fall If Majority of Population Is Vaccinated

His overlords are not happy with current vaccine rate. Too many refusenics.
This is looking more and more like the Mark of the Beast.

Angus Files

Rules for thee but not for me

Dr Birx announces retirement after criticism over holiday trip

Pharma For Prison



Black Pastors Refuse To Push COVID Vaccine, Turn Congregants Into 'Guinea Pigs'

"High-ranking Catholics aren't the only members of the clergy sounding the alarm over COVID-19.

"A dozen black pastors interviewed by Reuters say they won't push new vaccines for the virus, citing concerns over its rapid development and lack of evidence for or against potential long-term effects."

"Bernard, who leads the Christian Cultural Center, the largest church in the city, said he turned down the offer because he worried some members of his congregation could view his participation as “joining forces with the system” to use African Americans “as guinea pigs” for vaccines that have been developed in record time."


"good conscience".
Sums it up nicely.

Bob Moffit

Unfortunately … there are far to little Bishops with the faith and courage of Bishop Strickland .. God bless him for his strength and may it provide the inspiration for many others to speak truth to the power of the Pope.

Gerardo Martinez

God Bless this brave Bishop. It is because of good men, good holy leaders like you that I remain a Catholic, in spite of all the corruption in the Church. Thank you for speaking the truth and not being afraid to do so. For sure the calls and visits from Rome will be coming. Stand strong and resist the sell outs in leadership. People of East Texas stand ready to defend this honest holy man of Jesus!


Thanks for the two articles today, Kim. They have certainly inspired me to increase my efforts at pushing back. At a recent 'freedom' rally I attended, I was handed a leaflet asking for people to letterbox drop an info sheet encouraging people to form local groups to approach government representatives in numbers to voice our concerns and push back. After those two articles, I will even be doing this on Christmas Eve.

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