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Ring In the New Year With Bell's...Palsy

Bells PalsyFour People Given the New COVID Vaccine in Clinical Trials Developed Bell’s Palsy—Should You Be Worried? Don't worry, the answer was whisked online immediately: PolitFact: Why you shouldn’t worry about getting Bell’s Palsy from the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

And then CDC chimed in with a smoothing out we know all too well, correlation does not equal causation.  CDC will monitor for Bell’s palsy among Pfizer vaccine recipients, but sees no causal relationship.

Ladies, think of it as half a face full of BOTOX to paralyze those pesky wrinkles  that social media tells you are so egregious anyway. But wait, it gets better. You might lose weight too, because you will drool and be unable to chew or swallow properly. Thank you Pfizer!! Viagra for men and for the ladies?  Youth! Precious thin youth!

"The cause of Bell's palsy is unknown. Swelling and inflammation of the cranial nerve VII is seen in individuals with Bell's palsy. Most scientists believe that reactivation of an existing (dormant) viral infection may cause the disorder."

Other signs and symptoms of Bell’s palsy include: Source Healthline

  • drooling
  • difficulty eating and drinking
  • an inability to make facial expressions, such as smiling or frowning
  • facial weakness
  • muscle twitches in the face
  • dry eye and mouth
  • headache
  • sensitivity to sound
  • irritation of the eye on the involved side



Sinovac too.


another consideration for bell's palsy
lyme's cousin

Jill in MI

Thanks for the correction. My bad. Or should I say...pharma's bad.


Vice President Pence and his wife will be receiving it Friday. FOR GOD'S sake the secret service has got to stop this attempt on their life!

This morning there was a report that there was the immediate can't breath, blood pressure plummets, Anaphylactic shock of a young health worker in Alaska. But not to fear, they saved her, she is a real trooper and encourages others to get their vaccines and --- and ---- it is according to some CDC guy 1 out of 700,000 --- well really 1 out of a million. Yeah, 1 out of a million ---And he would know this how?

susan welch

Jill, from this article it would appear that the placebo may, indeed, have been saline. However, since the volunteers who received it will get the 'real' shot after 6 months, the results of placebo vs vaccine will never be known.


Thanks John and Jill. Does anyone know what the placebo was in the Pfizer vaccine?

John Stone


I believe Moderna used saline but Oxford Astra Zeneca used MenACWY except in its US trials.

Jill in MI

Julie - the Moderna trial used the Meningitis vaccine as a placebo

Angus Files

@ Emmaphiladelphia

Used car sales patter wouldnt get a look in criminals the whole lot of them picking on the vulnarable no better than murderers and muggers and with no moral conscience.

Pharma For Prison


John Stone

In the sense that you mean we are all in harms way and all the time anyway, even without Covid. To see the licensing of products using entirely new technologies after only a few weeks trial which could be given to billions of people, and which are even of uncertain immediate benefit poses extraordinary questions. It turns into farce when the supposedly thorough regulator had not even put out a warning about anaphylaxis (and I also hear that the special clinics are following this episode to have resuscitation teams). The truth is the data which would validate the safety and effectiveness of such a product if it was bona fide would take years before it accumulated. As it is everyone will take these products with assurances from the regulator for which it has no liability, as do not the manufacturers. At best what we have created (courtesy of hysterical and incompetent politicians) is not the measured use of science but the chaos of war.

There are of course many ways in which the fatality rate has been hyped, for instance attributing the virus priority for the cause of death when there may be several contributory causes, giving large payments to attribute deaths to Covid, attributing the cause without complete pathology. Hindering the use and development of the right therapeutic strategies.

No one is playing the ethics card anymore now that Trump is more or less out of the way.


@Angus Files

It appears that these elderly women were not told the truth. They think....

“It’s wonderful to get the vaccine before Christmas."
“I hope it keeps me, my friends here and the staff safe and means we can get back to normal very soon."
“She doesn’t like not being able to have visitors. Everyone is in the same position but life is too short and at her age we don’t know how long she will have left....."She was keen to get the vaccine in the hope people will be able to starting mixing again soon.”

But the Grinches know that....

"“Of course, we won’t rely solely on the vaccine to protect our care home residents and that’s why we are also significantly accelerating the delivery of testing kits to all care homes for visitors.

“It really matters that all of us continue to follow all the guidance and rules including FACTS.

“Washing our hands regularly, wearing face coverings and keeping two metres distance from others really does make a difference in keeping us and our loved ones safe."


just saw this article referenced in The Defender.


This spring when my son was having so much problem with OCD and -- thinking straight; I took for him and the rest of the family for a walk in Daniel Boone's national forest to see the grave of his great great grandmother.

I have two of her quilts that she made in my sitting room, both beautiful, with very tidy, neat stitches.

My father, my son's grandfather was raised right up underneath her in her own home because the great depression caused his parents to have to return home after her son lost his position on the railroad, and the infant daughter in death. Hard times.

We climbed a hill so steep that we had to grab for the next tree, or branch to pull ourselves up.

Her grave is in the family cemetery that is really forgotten, abandoned, neglected, and over grown with massive trees, and forest. The cemetery sits on the brow of the mountain right underneath the tor; that is a crown of a giant rock cliff that is often at the tops of these mountains and hills.

It was early spring , warm enough that the daffodils were still in bloom on her grave, an still cool enough that that snakes were not out yet.

My son did feel better that day, during that walk, and that trip. His tortured face became relaxed, and his usual smile that had been missing, returned, Best of all though was to see again the bright and alertness of his eyes.

We stood at her grave and I told both of my kids that she had Bell Palsy. My Dad said she would be out in the garden and the pain would bring her to her knees, or she would be asleep and up in the middle of the night she would scream out with pain when it hit her. That one of her son's developed it too, but he had a surgery to remove a nerve, so he would not have to suffer from it.

So if there is a genetic factor of how and where environmental caused inflammation occurs and happens -- in the famous words of Bill Engvall -- Here is your sign.

John Stone


The Wiki entry (which I use for convenience) says the usual age range for Bell’s Palsy is 15-60 years - so that part might be alright. I suppose if there is an association with respiratory disease that might suggest a relatively simple mechanism.


Thank you for that, John. That was what I was thinking might be the case. Surely four cases of Bell's Palsy would be excessive in a group of young super healthy people. Also, I am sure I read somewhere that when the numbers in the trials are stated, the vast majority of these are in Phase 3 which will continue over the next couple of years (longer term effects) so that made me think that the group looked at in Phases 1 and 2 were very small. Maybe I am getting this wrong.

John Stone


The trial included 44,000, so it was presumably ~22,000 or about 1 in 5,500 of those who received the vaccine. Rates of Bell’s Palsy are given at between 1 and 4 per 10,000 per year according to Wiki but this is a late trial so we are not talking about a whole year. Risk factors include diabetes, respiratory tract infections and pregnancy (presumably these would be exclusions).


John (or anyone else who might know),
A few questions:
When they say that the number of people who developed Bell's Palsy was consistent with the number in the general population, do you know if they they are saying 'consistent' with the general population of young super healthy individuals in the general population (as in the trial group that received the vaccine) or just the general population of all ages and all levels of health?
Also, do you know if they have commented on why none of the group taking the placebo developed Bell's Palsy? Were there equal numbers in the vaccine group and the placebo group?
Was the Hep B vaccine the 'placebo' used in the Pfiser trial or was it something else?

John Stone

Well, Judie, who isn’t telling the truth? The Reuter’s main point was that versions of the report had carried a stock photo of Bell’s Palsy rather than a photo of participants in the trial. OMG! Their second best point was that although there were four cases in the vaccine group and none in the placebo that this was consistent with background level. They take us all for idiots, but they are the real idiots.

Angus Files

How manny people do you see as the mans face above in the picture and they say they have had a stroke.Nothing to worry about as its only a stroke i you loose cognitive ability as well a stroke being much worse were being fed-make your own mind up.

And when the 104 young= lady below dies of an unknown cause mainly via coercing to have a jab -nobody will give a toss apart from the unheard family and friends join the club many new members coming soon sadly to say..

Scots care home resident, 104, gets Covid-19 vaccine for her birthday
Catherine Thom has been separated from her loving family and she couldn’t wait to get her jab.

Judie Cole

Not true...

Laura Hayes

For those who have yet to read Forrest Maready's book "Crooked: Man-made Disease Explained", now would be an excellent time to order it...for yourself, for anyone expecting a child, and for anyone considering any vaccine.

Simple solution for those wanting to avoid crooked smiles, lopsided faces, and misaligned eyes: refuse vaccines for yourself and your children.

Bob Moffit

"The cause of Bell's Palsy is unknown" .. just as the cause of two different Boeing Max airplanes mysteriously crashing killing all on board .. or .. the cause of airbags deploying and seriously injuring those driving their vehicles was unknown ….. UNTIL INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATIONS DETERMINED WHAT CAUSED THOSE TRAGEDIES … WHICH WERE CAUSED BY PRODUCT FAILURES IN DESIGN AND APPLICATION.




Bell's Palsy can be known sign of lyme disease, which I noticed was unmentioned in the hearings.
so one cause is known.
That noone discussed it was telling.
That concerns me on two fronts-is the vaccine possibly activating latent borreliosis?
Some adults have mentioned a temporal association with flu shots and borreliosis syptoms.
Some believe this happened with the Lymerix vaccine.

Another possibility is the introduction or reactivation of latent virus from the vaccine.
I think this signal was glossed over and deserved a deeper look.

(On a side note, all 8 insurance companies settled in the Rico lyme case in Texarcana.
Kudos to legal teams who help usher in moments of justice.)


There was a nice (ha) Offit moment during the VRBPAC meeting when he said, "All we have on the other side are theoretical risks!" (roughly 8:25 here:

Offit is very good at saying things that are technically true. Everything is theoretical until it happens. The sun coming up tomorrow will not be established fact until (and unless) it happens. WIth drug approvals, we look at lots and lots of data and apply statistical analysis to see how likely certain *theoretical* events are, given various assumptions and factors.

It is true that Bell's Palsy or anaphylaxis is "only" a theoretical risk for any one individual receiving this vaccine. However, protection against coronavirus infection, for that individual, is a theoretical benefit. Implying or stating that only risks are theoretical is not intellectually honest.

As a side note, one bothersome feature of the VRBPAC meeting was just how clear it was that the chairman (Arnold Monto) didn't want to work late. He remarked that on Oct. 22, the meeting lasted until nearly 7 p.m., and said that he didn't want a repeat of that. He frequently scolded committee members who wanted to discuss issues like anaphylaxis, the group for which the vaccine would be authorized, and warning labels, hurrying them along. It is a common joke here in the US that federal government employees don't work past 5 p.m., but the joke isn't funny when we're talking about a vaccine that will be given to 20 million people by the end of the year, and many tens of millions more after that. They should have scheduled the meeting to last two days.

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