Robert Kennedy Jr "Informed Consent Has Disappeared"
Texas Bishop Urges Caution with C Vax

Peter Hitchens on Johnson, Tier 4 and the New Strain - Mike Graham, UK Talk Radio

Mike graham"Mike Graham on Talk Radio with Peter Hitchens. Talking about Johnson, Tier 4, and the ‘new strain’ which is down to the disgrace that is Niall Ferguson and his latest failed computer modelling."

(American readers may be familiar with Peter Hitchens' brother Christopher, who was on American political television for many years, and who passed away in 2011.)


Laura Hayes


Thank you for the links. The evil plans are well underway. How many parents in India actually requested that their child be necklace-chipped and tracked, one must ask.

AoA readers,

Here is an elaborated version of what I wrote in my previous comment below, which I sent to my email group:

This is a sobering and enlightening interview with Catherine Austin Fitts:

Watch that, then remember this going on in DC:

It dawned on me this morning after watching the interview and reading the article that the two might be related...i.e. inject the surveillance chips into those 11 years old and up without their parents ever knowing. Younger children will likely begin to be chipped at some point during their "routine" childhood vaccinations (maybe right at birth via the Hepatitis B vaccine or "Vitamin" K injection), but those 11 and up might slip through the cracks at this point, as they may no longer be taken to the pediatrician's office with any regularity (for many reasons, including parents realizing that their children left all of those "well baby visits" never to be well again). Egregious bills like this are a way to ensure that older children will be snared and chipped...without the child or parents having a clue. Most adults will be quite easily chipped as vaccines begin to be required to participate at any level in society, to travel, to enter/remain in elder care, and to seek any type of medical, dental, or eye care. The evil ones, collectively called "Mr. Global" by Catherine Austin Fitts, seem to have their bases covered for chipping all age groups.

It is important to remember that neither those who administer vaccines, nor those who receive vaccines, know the exact contents of the vial, and likely never will.




"Our mission is to monitor
and motivate community
health at the last mile."

Check out who the sponsors are....LOL!


@Laura Hayes

"A microchip-based program backed by Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum is tracking the COVID status of millions
Since 2015, the Gates Foundation has supported Khushi Baby, a microchip-based project in India that helps monitor children's vaccination through attachable NFC microchip necklaces."

Sheep and cattle branding.

Laura Hayes


Well said.

Loved this comment of yours:

"I can't remember the last time I heard any government recommend anything that wasn't *more.*"

Spot on.

As often as possible I like to state that there are many time-proven, common-sense, risk-free ways to promote, maintain, and enhance one's health, without the use of risk-laden vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, Americans have been indoctrinated to believe that good health comes from a needle or pill, and that there is such a thing as "public health".

Here is an excellent segment with Catherine Austin Fitts:

Watch that, then remember this going on in DC:

It dawned on me this morning...inject the surveillance chips into those 11 years old and up without their parents ever knowing. And that may actually be the "safety-net plan", for those who weren't chipped in infancy, toddlerhood, or young childhood, likely without their parents having a clue.


I see what you are saying, Laura. You're backing up a whole level in the conversation about viruses and illness. I know there is a lot more than meets the eye in that whole sphere, and I read a decent amount about it during the days of West Nile hysteria and bird-killing when I lived in NYC, so I think I get the basic argument you're making.

I guess I would say that *even if we stipulate* that there is an isolatable coronavirus (with many strains and very frequent mutation) that causes illness in humans, political leaders' responses around the world have done far more harm than good.

"Play the man, not the ball" is something I used to hear in youth basketball; I think it's even better advice when it comes to health. The idea of developing a vaccine against every possible pathogen is ludicrous; even if no vaccine ever harmed anyone, and even if Offit's whole you-could-get-a-jillion-vaccinations-and-not-use-up-your-immune-memory thing made sense, the cost would be prohibitive. Obviously it makes more sense to promote health from a functional medicine perspective (eat nutrient-dense foods and be very physically active), and to have good medical care available to people who do get sick.

However, the cost-prohibitive-ness of our unwinnable war on infectious disease is exactly what appeals to the folks who sell it to politicians. I can't remember the last time I heard any government recommend anything that wasn't *more.* We can never tell people to eat less, or stop subsidizing high-fructose corn syrup, or pursue any policy that isn't basically a funnel of tax money to Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Tech, etc. An Irish friend once said to me that she thought there would never be peace in Northern Ireland because there's too much money to be made in selling guns and bombs. There is a great deal more money to be made selling garbage "food," knee replacements, vaccines, and psych drugs.

But I am preaching to the choir. All I mean is to say that a person can be convinced of the existence of a novel coronavirus that causes disease in some humans, and not freak out every time the UK government drops a well-timed mention of a new variant. As a point of comparison, it has been many years since the medical community has been aware that pertussis has mutated out of the reach of the DTaP vaccines on the market (, but no one is shutting borders or throwing billions of dollars at a new pertussis vaccine. Most of "public health" is theater, and that particular play isn't on stage right now, I guess.

Laura Hayes


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I especially appreciated your last sentence :)

Interestingly, according to Dr. Thomas Cowan and others, there are a number of countries in which FOIA requests have been returned stating that they do not have any studies that show isolation of the purported virus.

And to add to that, according to Cowan, Sally Fallon Morell (WAPF), and others, no virus has ever met either Koch's or Rivers' postulates for either proof of cause of illness or proof of contagion from human to human.

Excerpt: "Even with Koch’s first postulate missing, however, researchers have never been able to prove that a specific virus causes a spe­cific disease using Rivers’ postulates."

I hope you will consider reading "The Contagion Myth" by Cowan and Morell, as it is a fascinating and compelling read.

I very much appreciate your insightful comments here on AoA, TOB :)


Laura, I do think cultured isolates of the virus are available at this point. (See the BEI page here:

One of the main points, I think, about the "new strain" in the UK and any other mutation of an obviously mutation-prone cold virus, is the one that John Stone made earlier: If labs are constantly sequencing new samples of the virus, they're always ready to point to some new scary-sounding variation. There is no way to know how infectious or how injury-causing any particular variation is, in relation to any other variation. Any assertion that "the new UK strain" should make us more scared, or is justification for shutting down borders, is obviously just guesswork--and guesswork done by people with a particular inclination.

The idea of human beings somehow managing to control a virus that spreads like the common cold is laughable--or it would be, if the attempts to do so hadn't destroyed so many lives.

Whether the virus exists as an entity that can be isolated and cultured (and it seems to) is beside the point. The whole idea that we can "get this virus under control" (as I have heard so many public officials say) is a canard. Some of the folks who say it are well-meaning, but not particularly thoughtful; others are genuinely malevolent, and want to control people, which (unlike controlling a virus) you actually can do. Parents who assured me they'd never put a mask on their kindergartener buckled when the schools (under unilateral orders from the state health department) told them they had to. If I had a nickel for every person who said, "It's too bad we can't..." about something she could freely choose to do, I'd be a rich woman.

Laura Hayes

In addition to the link I posted in an earlier comment below, here are Dr. Cowan and Jon Rappaport:

Here is the intro for this video by Dr. Cowan, which is worth the quick read:

"For those of you who have been following my work concerning COVID-19, you know that the entire foundation of the story of the virus rests on whether the novel “corona virus” has been properly isolated and its entire genome characterized. Many of you have sent papers to me that have been published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals that claim to have isolated and characterized this new virus. They are all incorrect.

In fact, the original Corman-Drosten et al paper on which this edifice of viral causation is based states that they used an “in silico” genome of an “in silico” virus. “In silico” is Latin for “theoretical.” In common English, synonyms for theoretical are “imaginary” or “make-believe.”

The CDC in its July 2020 monograph states “no quantified isolated of the 2019-nCov are available.” Again, in simple English, this means they have no examples of an isolated virus in their possession. In Freedom of Information requests, the Canadian health ministry, the Australian health ministry and the governments of many Commonwealth countries admit that they do not possess any studies that show the isolation of this purported virus.

In this interview, and hopefully for the final time, Jon Rappaport and I describe in common language and precise detail the steps that are needed to properly isolate and characterize a virus. We did this so we could empower our readers and listeners to know for themselves how to read and identify fraudulent science. Among the many challenges we face, one is the rampant scientific illiteracy. In some ages this may not have been relevant, but if we are going to live in an era in which “science” is the new religion and its tenets control our lives, we had better understand what its unquestioned “priests” are saying.

I can tell you, the more I look into what passes for “science,” the more I see how rotten it is to the core. If we are to have a new “religion,” let’s have one of truth, freedom, justice and the sense of wonder and awe at the phenomena of life. Let us celebrate what it means to be a human being endowed with a free spirit in a loving relationship with the mystery that is our world. Please join me in this interview.

All the best,



```Emma Philadelphia;
Mississippi right next door to Louisiana are under the very heavy yoke of medical tyranny.
They will not allow kids out of their vaccines no matter what has gone on in the family; a whole parsel of autism and they still vaccinate. The medical doctor cannot get them out of it, but can write a letter to the health board and plead their case. Even give the babies flu shots yearly .
My kinfolk of Mississippi often go to Louisiana for health treatments and it is about like it is in Mississippi; Tyrannical.

I think Mary's Monkeys book and another book along the same lines, of trying to make deadly pathogens to cause cancer; surprisingly it was all centered down in New Orleans. So they have had Dr. Mengele by the dozens for years in the area, and it shows.

No treatment that the elite, Fauci and their ilk says they can't have. No monoclonal antibody treatments, or HCQ or anything else for them.

John Stone


I haven’t read the book by Cowan and Morrell. I have recently had discussions with a sympathetic pathologist specialising in DNA sequencing who was absolutely certain of the existence of the virus but less certain in lieu of much DNA sequencing of its relation to global patterns of disease. If you are basing it on PCR testing in his view if I understood aright you hadn’t got much. Other respiratory specialists and virologists (also sympathetic) have suggested you can make-do with a syndrome based on a combination of PCR testing, symptoms and CT scan.

More recently it emerged that the British government had DNA sequenced the virus 142,000 times! Only two weeks ago Public Health England told me they didn’t have DNA sequencing (just like Ireland), now it seems they have rather a lot going back to April.
Obviously, the Ferguson method was to look out which variant was most common and then pronounce that one to be the next global threat. Supposing this to be true, there may continue to be concerns about exactly how this relates to how or why people are ill. Many doctors/scientists who are horrified by the agenda still seem to be certain about the existence of the virus. There was, fo example, an interesting commentary on Ferguson by Dr Clare Craig transcribed on LockdownSceptics:-

Mark Dolan: What’s your view about the suggestion this new strain of COVID-19 – and we know that viruses mutate, that’s what they do, multiple times – do you think it’s possible that it’s 70% more transmissible?

Dr Clare Craig: No, I don’t think it is. I think we have to wait for more evidence. So, there are over 3,000 different strains that we’ve seen since the beginning, and people have been working really hard trying to see if any of these differences are meaningful; and what they’ve actually found now is that there’s a strain that’s been around since September, actually, and they’ve started to see an increase in positivity in the lab for this strain but what they reported recently… So they’ve got this new committee called NERVTAG who are looking into it and NERVTAG have said that the positive samples for this new strain are weak positives, are hard to sequence, and have a much lower death rate. Actually the death figures are quite small, so it’s not reliable, but you’d have expected to have seen 20 deaths and they’ve only seen four. So what that looks like to me is they’ve got a problem in the labs. That’s the kind of scenario you would see if one of the lab techs had Covid and was accidentally shedding RNA into the samples that they were testing.

Dolan: Might that explain for the isolated nature of this new outbreak and that it hasn’t manifested globally?

Dr Craig: It would explain that. It would also explain the situation you were just talking about with Grant Shapps, of weddings where there’s an apparent outbreak but nobody has any symptoms.

Dolan: It does seem a little absurd too that Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, yesterday said that we should go around pretending we’ve got the virus. We’ve reached a new level of sort of, what can you call it? Sort of surreal theatre now around this pandemic.

Dr Craig: Yes. I mean, the crazy situation seems to be that: they have one hypothesis about what’s causing all the test positivity, and it’s the most obvious hypothesis, you know, that we still have some Covid out there; but they don’t seem to have the imagination to think about every other possibility and to check it. And they had one strategy, which was lockdown. Now these people are meant to be scientists, and when you do a lockdown – and it’s the first time that we’ve ever done this – it’s essentially an experiment. So having done it, you have to take a look at the results, and I don’t think any of these scientists have been looking at the results; they just keep repeating the experiment. And we’ve seen, again and again, that these lockdowns do not have the impact that they’re meant to be having. So I think in the very first lockdown – and I would say actually that I wasn’t a lockdown sceptic for the first one; I think I probably should have been, but I was wrong, and I learned from what we found in the first lockdown: which was that the virus kept spreading; that it was weeks later, four or five weeks later, before we had the last peaks and deaths in certain pockets of the country. And it was those pockets of the country that peaked last and had the least deaths that did see a bit of an autumn outbreak of Covid, so it was like the tail end of the first wave, what you saw in the autumn.

We’ve had lockdowns in Wales, we’ve had the lockdowns in the north-west, and every time there’s a lockdown, the case rates increased, and there’s nobody seems to be able to put an answer to that, except for the fact that, when you have a lockdown, you maximise the testing, and, when there’s a testing problem, you’re going to get the maximum error rates from maximum testing.

Dolan: I must say that, you know, I’ve been a stuck record about the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any focus on the human impact of these Covid measures. The debate around the science of lockdowns is certainly a vigorous one to be had, but what we can say, and we can be definitive about this, is that businesses are closing, lives are being ruined, for a population that, by-and-large, are not under any kind of mortal threat from COVID-19; the death rate from this awful virus is mercifully low. However, something of a slam-dunk argument is surely the notion of overflowing hospitals. What is the answer to that, because it does seem like an ace card to be played by the Government?

Dr Craig: I would agree; however, the data does not back that up. So, while we have seen increased numbers of people labelled with Covid in the hospitals, the number of people in the hospital in total isn’t changing, and that’s what you see when you’ve got a labelling problem. You can increase and increase the number of Covid patients, but if that isn’t affecting the total number of patients, then it looks like you’re just misdiagnosing the people that would be in hospital anyway, and that does seem to be the situation we’re in.

But I will say that I think a lot of doctors have got themselves… not just doctors, actually, people who work in hospitals – some of them are coming away fearful that they’re being overwhelmed, and that kind of fear comes from a situation where the flow of the hospital breaks.

So, when you’re trying to keep people separate because they’re Covid positive, or Covid negative and vulnerable or whatever, you stop the bed management being smooth, and that means you can’t get people from A&E into a bed. So A&E can back up, and it can look like the hospital is being overwhelmed, when actually the data shows that it isn’t; it’s just a management problem, because we’re testing all of these people. And, added to it, we’re testing all the staff, and we have mass staff absences from all the testing which obviously does overwhelm the NHS. That’s a real problem.

And we have to get this testing right, because people will die if you don’t staff the hospitals properly. And if you’re sending asymptomatic people home who should be staffing the hospitals on the basis of a potentially wrong test result then, you know, we’re going to end up killing people.

And that’s just a UK problem. I think it’s really important to emphasise that, although the government predicted two hundred thousand deaths from the first lockdown alone in this country, so, absolutely, there are massive, massive implications of all of the interventions we’ve had, even the small interventions; but, on a global scale, what’s happening is horrific. The World Bank reckon there’ll be 150 million in new, extreme poverty. The World Food Programme reckon 217 million people will be starving. And that is because we’re not showing the proper leadership. Our country used to show world leadership and, now, we’re just behaving like a sheep, like all of the other countries, instead of trying to sort this problem out properly.

Laura Hayes

“New strain”? The “original” has yet to be isolated, properly identified, or proven transmissible:

The information provided in the above 10-minute video supports what is stated in the new and excellent book “The Contagion Myth” by Cowan and Morell.



I agree. They try NOT to treat Covid. Saves medicare costs?
Here's an article that confirms what we are saying:

The names of early COVID treatments had to be censored from this column

"Exclusive: Marilyn Singleton, M.D., laments ongoing smothering of info about drugs & preventives
What are we to do if we get ill from COVID? While the numinous Dr. Fauci says we urgently need early treatments, existing effective treatments are largely ignored, discouraged, or even prohibited. The party line recommends doing nothing for symptoms of fever, coughing, or breathing problems other than rest, stay home, drink fluids and monitor. The threshold for calling the doctor is appalling: coughing up blood, trouble breathing, chest pain, confusion, severe drowsiness, or "a blue tint to your lips or face." Wait until you turn blue?!"


The higher you are on the political ladder, sometimes the less you know. Had a staffer for Congressman Letlow been keeping him abreast of all things SARS-CoV-2, he might have become aware of December 8th Senate hearing regarding Ivermectin and the I MASK + protocol. Yet we read this statement, "The Letlow family is deeply appreciative of the medical team at St. Francis Medical Center for their fantastic care". Yes the standard of care that is at the heart of 300,000+ deaths in this country.

There should be a book, (maybe there already is) "How to have SARS-CoV-2 and do well in spite of your doctor or hospital". Its probably censored anyway.


Republican Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow, 41, is moved to ICU less than a week after testing positive for COVID-19

Please pray for this Congressman. He obviously did not get early hydroxychloraquine treatment. The article says, "Dr G.E. Ghali, Chancellor of the hospital where he was being treated, said he was in a stable condition and was being given Remdesivir and steroids, which is the same treatment Trump was given. " That's not quite true. Trump got MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES which he said cured him. Trump got a different brand by Eli Lily approved by the FDA (experimental) for outpatient treatment for citizens. Why didn't this Congressman-elect get this treatment early?

Inexplicably, Letlow tweeted out for former Covid patients to donate plasma (would contain antibodies). Why didn't he have access to the monoclonal antibody treatment? It exists so that we are not dependent on these types of donations. Remdesivir and steroids alone have not proven as effective. ARE THEY NOW WITHHOLDING ANTIBODY TREATMENTS? Pray that God would intervene in this man's situation!


I found this when I googled Fauci warns- about new --- virus --

"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the new strain of COVID has not been identified through sequencing efforts in the U.S"

"Prior work on variants with N501Y suggests they may bind more tightly to the human angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor. It is unknown whether that tighter binding, if true, translates into any significant epidemiological or clinical differences."

Well why don't they know? They have spent two decades "gain of functioning " corona virusing it up at the CDC, Chapel Hill and Wuhan. They should know!

Will this corona masking, angry Christmas of 2020 end? Why of course not! Don't be silly! It will continue until you comply. Vote and think the way we want, or till you die; naked, starving and afraid.

As the article ends on this note:

" In November 2020, CDC officially launched the National SARS-CoV-2 Strain Surveillance (NS3) program to increase the number and representativeness of viruses undergoing characterization. When fully implemented in January 2021, each state will send CDC at least 10 samples biweekly for sequencing and further characterization. In addition, CDC’s COVID-19 response is actively seeking samples of interest, such as samples associated with animal infection and, in the future, samples from vaccine-breakthrough infections. Data from these efforts are continuously analyzed at CDC, and genomic data are rapidly uploaded to public databases for use by researchers, public health agencies, and industry. To coordinate US sequencing efforts outside of CDC, since early in the pandemic, CDC has led a national coalition of laboratories sequencing SARS-CoV-2 (SPHERES). The SPHERES coalition consists of more than 160 institutions, including academic centers, industry, non-governmental organizations, and public health agencies. Of the approximately 275,000 full-genome sequences currently in public databases, 51,000 are from the United States. (The UK currently has the most sequences, with 125,000)."

If you want to read more here:


Just more fear trying to be pushed?

How do they know that it can be caught 70 percent easier?
Some one with the 100 dollars - get ahold of that study and see why they determined that?

Jenny Allan

Peter Hitchens writes a weekly column for the UK Daily Mail. I'm a big fan.
Here's his latest one from The Mail on Sunday 20th December:-

"PETER HITCHENS: Merry? No, this year we need an Angry Christmas!"
PUBLISHED: 22:01, 19 December 2020 | UPDATED: 01:53, 20 December 2020
Extract:-"I cannot remember any moment in my life when I have been less exhilarated and cheered by Christmas, a season which I normally love and long for.
This year, it feels as if Christmas has gone into exile somewhere else. Even in church I am expected to undergo a macabre, truncated ceremony where everyone stands around in muzzles as if they were in an abattoir or attending an autopsy, stinking of blasted sanitiser, and it is forbidden to sing (though humming may be permitted).
And some noodle at the World Health Organisation even thinks we should wear face-nappies at home on Christmas Day. A masked Christmas? I'd rather not have one at all.
Frankly, I wish you an Angry Christmas, not a merry one, because if you aren't angry this year, the chances are very strong you won't be allowed to be merry next year, or the year after that."

I'm trying to be 'merry' Peter, but I am one of the lucky ones, with one married daughter and her lovely family living nearby. We are getting a relaxation of the draconian lockdown rules for Christmas day only and intend to make the most of it.

But I too am angry for the elderly care home residents forbidden to see, far less cuddle their loved ones, for the families now reliant on food banks after the breadwinners lost their once secure jobs, for all the lonely ones stuck in their houses, and everyone on both sides of the Atlantic facing a cold miserable and hungry Christmas. I pray it ends soon.

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