Texas Bishop Urges Caution with C Vax
And To All A Good Night

NBC Reports on the Steep Toll Covid of Restrictions on Special Needs Kids & Their Families

NBC News autism covid
Many kids are not receiving the special education and therapy supports that they need because of the pandemic. NBC News’ Kate Snow hears from a family about the challenges they are facing. How the pandemic is impacting kids with special needs

We must point out that while the report focuses on "children," COVID changes have also ravaged families of adult children with autism and other diagnoses. Group homes have been especially hard hit, and families have been separated from their children for months.  Mental health is a factor in general health. At what point are the restrictions.... enough. Or too much?  My own daughter's school closed in June, and the report features local families that I know (like my daughter and I) who have struggled to find new placements and a way forward.  How is your family doing? What are your challenges? Share in our comments.


John E Weisberg

We placed our mentally disabled daughter in a group home in western New York 16 years ago and she was thriving. Her mother was able to visit on an average every six weeks since we moved to North Carolina. Now since COVID her home has been locked down and if you want to visit you have to first quarantine for 2 weeks, take PCR tests and fill out papers, etc. It has been so cumbersome that we have only seen her once in the entire year. It is what it is but we are frustrated and she is missing us. She has no activities in place and her life has become a little like the days of old when the mentally disabled were cast away in an institution. Enough is enough. The testing and mask-wearing are additional stresses on her and it is hard to comfort her in every way to ease her anxiety, although I do give her staff tremendous kudos for hanging in and doing the best that they can. Heavens to Betsy.


The ultimate restrictions: a Digital Iron Curtain

UN Announces Biometric Digital ID Wallet

"Recently the United Nations had some big announcements that went largely unnoticed, including the rollout of a biometric digital wallet and an announcement that one of its specialized agencies, The International Civil Aviation Organization, is one step closer to a internationally recognized digital travel credential." SEE VIDEO TOWARDS BOTTOM https://humansarefree.com/2020/12/great-reset-america-placed-under-un-authority-joe-biden.html


joining annie's peace train and thanks to AoA!


Yet another example of the the vaccine paradigm’s literal manifestation of adding insult to injury; or I guess this would be adding injury to injury. Hope everyone is doing well!

Peace and Love to all this holiday season! As always thank you so much AoA for all you do!


"Everyone in the home except Ryan caught Covid."

@Vicki Hill
I was wondering, were these just positive tests, or were they symptomatic with hospitalization?
The elderly in Memory Care homes are experiencing the same things. Some do allow outdoor visits at a table with 6ft. distance. This insanity needs to stop. Also, if all these clients were exposed, I would think they could be tested for immunity. Why aren't they doing this? They have taken "convalescent serum" from hospitalized Covid patients to obtain naturally produced antibodies which have been cloned to make a very effective treatment. President Trump had this. He isn't locked down, and he has refused the Covid 19 vaccine. What does that tell you? Also, a doctor testified before a subcommittee that Ivermectin is almost 100% effective in PREVENTING Covid 19. Why aren't we giving the vulnerable populations the prophylactic and let everyone else lead a normal life?
The answer is obvious. This is not about a "pandemic."


And Vicki Hill;
I am so very sorry about you and Ryan not being able to see, touch and hold each other this special time of year. That is just too sad for me to think on for long! You are a strong person. May God love you and Ryan both this Christmas.


At the very beginning; out in California; the politicians in control decided to put covid patients in these group homes for the mentally disabled. One lone woman stopped them. She was on the news saying that the people, even the young adults all had immune compromised problems more than most, and it was not happening.

It seems to me; that the spread of covid 19 - the thoughts of our leaders - was more about spreading and killing as many people as possible to put the fear in us.

No hydroxychloroquine either.

Just wait till every one knows it was Fauci's lab pet.
Please Lord; let the truth shine through about Fauci -- like in the next few weeks and not years. Please Dear Heavenly Father, Great God of Justice and Truth; let justice and truth shine bright now! Amen.

Vicki Hill

Ryan, 33, lives in a group home. Only time I saw him during 1st 6 mo of this pandemic was when I transported him to a doctor. Early fall, they relaxed rules slightly; 1 parent could come in the group home at a time. But then a new man moved in; had seem well when group home accepted him, but a few days later, came down with Covid (exposed before moving in). Everyone in the home except Ryan caught Covid.

Now group homes are on strict lockdown again. We did not see him for his birthday, will not be able to see him for Christmas. We were able to deliver some favorite foods/gifts. Ryan is verbal; he understands what is happening but has cabin fever SO bad. Just wants out...to see other humans besides his housemates & caregivers. I can't imagine what it must be like for those unable to comprehend the pandemic and why their routine has changed and their loved ones are no longer around.


"see special needs programs as essential"

Just remember that if you are declared "essential" you will be at the front of the line for "required" Covid vaccines. This is why NBC did the story.

Bob Moffit

Wishing Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to our AoA community .. God bless each and everyone one.

(Here is column by Shyrl Attkisson on Covid "reactions" worth reading)


Gerardo Martinez

Thank you NBC! Long over due, but better late than never. Blessing to all!

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