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Medical Cruelty In Action- doctors Mock Autism After Taking Covid Vax

Hello. No matter what your thoughts on vaccine induced autism or even vaccine choice - surely we can all agree that when doctors mock autism in concert on social media, with the same derisive, dismissive tone - it's the nadir of medical etiquette.

We won't bother tracking doC618484E-C9A3-49FF-8776-809EC2AE8C07wn these nudniks. Skirko - who has a Masters in Public Health along with his MD - has already changed his name on his FB profile. He is a pediatric ENT and he repairs cleft palates and other facial deformities in children.  He loves children!  One commenter on our FB page made the best retort to these jerks: "It won't be autism. It will be Alzheimer's..." 

They say "Thank you, Science," as if it's a prayer.  Does anyone think either of these medical "professionals" have or would EVER report a vaccine injury? Not on their life, or yours.  God help us all.


Brian James

Dec 1, 2020 Bill Gates' COVID vaccine goal: Dosing seniors, kids and pregnant women

Feb 20, 2010 Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates

At TED2010, Bill Gates unveils his vision for the world's energy future, describing the need for "miracles" to avoid planetary catastrophe and explaining why he's backing a dramatically different type of nuclear reactor. The necessary goal? Zero carbon emissions globally by 2050.


So sad! This is the Indian home state of Lady Lynn's private orphanage which I mentioned below:

The Gory Truth About Tamil Nadu’s Private Orphanages

“Inside unregistered homes, there is rampant abuse and little care for the needs of a child.”

"State authorities have closed 500 homes since 2011, citing mismanagement, a lack of registration and misconduct but human rights groups say abuse is rife across the 1,500 government and state institutions in the state.

Rights groups have long complained that children’s homes in India are poorly regulated, not inspected often enough, and that many privately-run institutions are able to operate without a license leaving thousands of children open to mistreatment."


"I have a nephew born with one, here in the states"

Was your nephew able to get corrective surgery in the states for free? Any ongoing issues?

According to Mayo Clinic:
"Researchers believe that most cases of cleft lip and cleft palate are caused by an interaction of genetic and environmental factors. In many babies, a definite cause isn't discovered."

THEY'VE HAD LOTS OF TIME AND MONEY TO RESEARCH THIS. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.......but a pound is worth more to some people.


Lady Lynn supported Hillary, but when Obama won; she changed over to McCain.
Hillary foundation and then there is that McCain foundation. Sigh,


Cleft Palette is caused by infections - probably inflammation from fighting off infections; like German measles, and, and, and, and vitamin deficiencies.

I have a nephew born with one, here in the states - California. His mother was a diabetic. If you look at a diabetic as an autoimmune disease, and think of all the trouble with metabolic pathways from L carnitine problems to all the Bs not being able to be used even when present -- because of autoimmunity brought on by vaccines -- it is not a giant leap at all.

Then we had Fathers that served in Vietnam war, agent orange, and when these young men with a great many having children that the spins were not covered when born -- folate acid was missing or so they said.


These two "cleft palate" charities are big enough to make top billing in the NYT business section. Evidently their planned merger fell through. I am amazed that so many care about poor children born with a cleft palate in other countries, and are willing to spend big bucks to provide free surgery for them. Does anyone know what causes this condition? I wonder how prevalent it is in "poor" countries compared to the U.S.? There are enough cases to support two large charities. Who knew?

2 Charities Set to End a Merger, Papers Say

Operation Smile and Smile Train to merge charities


This is even more interesting:

According to this site, Eranda Foundation donated 26,316 (GBP) in 2009, 24,922 in 2010, and 26,094 in 2011 to Clinton Global Initiative. It also confirms the connection (founding) of the Lady Lynn Joyful Home.

On September 2011, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated $500,000 to Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation "to support the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative."



Dara Berger; And thanks for your effort and congrats in getting a response from him. scurrying rat that he be.


Also saw this in the photo of Lady Lynn and her orphanage. On the side of the building is a dedication plaque that says the orphanage is sponsored by the ERANDA Foundation. (Notice the only one smiling in the photo is Lady Lynn. Odd.)
Well, it’s actually The Eranda Rothschild Foundation:

"What we do
The Eranda Rothschild Foundation is a UK registered charitable trust and makes donations to registered charities working in the fields of medical research, education and the arts."

We support original research and the continuation of existing research. Welfare is also considered under the medical theme and here the priority is to support work well known to the Trustees.”

Usually, medical researchers need subjects to test their latest creation on. They bought their own orphanage. Imagine that.



Aimee was always wondering about why the Republicans never done anything. Was it not the problem with the Republicans, why pick on the Democrats all the time. I know she and others really love the Dem party and all of this is so hard when leaders turn evil.

That said the McCains are what they call Rhinos. Charities seems to be the way that many of our leaders have gone in order to hide or laundry money. Surely it was not child trafficking though.

I think Epstein was nothing more than a company that dealt in "Blackmail for hire" The child sexual abuse was Epstein and Maxwell's making tools out of young girls for their blackmail company.

But who knows what really is in the darkest part of a human heart.
I would hate to think that all the charities to help children with cleft palates were corrupt. They are so badly needed in the country or society, faces are so important.

Even if Bell Palsy is dismissed as not much of a deal by others; it is not.


This is what professional de-sensitisation looks like,sounds like,behavies like ,and presents as !
Very serious indeed .
Another basic training deficiency defective tae get spoon fed, and wet nursed, up to a basic acceptable professional standard.

However, apology does sound genuine ,usually a training deficiency!

"Big mouth shot in the arm!" came back to bite him hard and sore on his own silly wee bum !

Karma and the milk bottle -You Tube


@Dara Berger

Why did you not ask the good doctor how we can track his vaccine lot number so we can verify that he actually took a vaccine, and if so, how did that same lot affect others. Who else got it?
Why didn't you ask him about the strange coincidence that the lot number also matched this:

"When I did a search for Pfizer Covid 19 lot number EKS730 there was no match. When I entered EK5730, This came up:

"Emirates EK5730 Flight Status Tracker
EK5730 is a domestic flight operated by Emirates. EK5730 is departing from Adelaide (ADL), Australia and arriving at Sydney (SYD), Australia. The flight distance is about 1166.53 km or 724.85 miles and flight time is 2 hours 25 minutes. Get the latest status of EK5730 / UAE5730 here."
Was this picture used to send covert info disguised as a vaccine promo? His thumb is directly pointing to the number which is purposefully legible."

If this is the same doctor, he is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Medicine (2003).

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated to this university:
"SEATTLE -- The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced a $30 million grant to the University of Washington School of Medicine for an unprecedented study at 10 sites in Africa, India, and Latin America to determine whether suppressing genital herpes can significantly reduce HIV transmission."

This is possibly the same doctor whose name is last on a research paper on cleft palate repair:

Cleft palates and children brought to mind some research I had done previously (I have no evidence that this doctor has ever been involved with this organization).

Operation Smile: "Through our expertise in treating cleft lip and cleft palate, we create solutions that deliver safe surgery to people where it’s needed most. " They are a registered 501c3 charity.
I was told via phone that their charity received Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation matching grants in 2016. That should be recorded here:

Cindy McCain (of Arizona) has been on the board of Operation Smile. Here is her current bio from her family's foundation, McCain Institute: Arizona State University under COMBATTING HUMAN TRAFFICKING:
Interestingly, this current bio fails to mention that she has served on the Board of Operation Smile.

Cindy McCain's Operation Smile work is personal, not political

"McCain has been a volunteer for Operation Smile since 2001, but the charity's mission reached into her life in the 1990s.
In 1993, the McCains adopted a child suffering from a severe cleft palate. McCain had cared for the child at a Bangladeshi orphanage run by Mother Teresa, and she brought the child back with her to America, Operation Smile Senior Development Director Vonnie Wray said.
Bridget McCain was treated for the condition and currently attends high school in Arizona.
"She's now a beautiful, beautiful girl," Cindy McCain said. "I think that's a large part of why I do what I do for Operation Smile."
As a member of the charity's board of directors since 2005, McCain has raised money for the organization and attended board meetings."

However, the truthfulness of her adoption story has been challenged:
"The Anatomy of a Deception: How The McCains Changed Their Baby Adoption Story Just Before 2008 Campaign Began"

Here is another McCain Institute staff member:

"Lady de Rothschild is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (USA), Chatham House (UK), the International Advisory Council of Asia House (UK), the International Institute of Strategic Studies (UK) and the Foreign Policy Association (USA). In 2000, she was ranked number four on the European Fortune Most Powerful Woman in Business. In October 2007, Lady de Rothschild was awarded the Commendatore Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana."

And finally, someone made the unfortunate name choice for a child trafficking sting operation:
"Police saves 581 children in Telangana under Operation Smile" (India)

And coincidentally, Lady Lynn Rothschild's husband gave her an orphanage in India to celebrate her 50th birthday. It's named Lady Lynn Joyful Home for Children:

Dara Berger

Jon, I could not agree with you more, which is why I wrote him back the response below.

I also spoke to Judy Dimarco from the University of Arizona this morning where he works as an assistant professor . She asked me to send her a copy of the screenshot. I explained to her that he has upset hundreds if not thousands of parents igniting PTSD in many of them and this will not be going away until he publicly apologizes.


Thank you for the apology and acknowledgement of your actions.

I am personally moving on from this today, but I want to let you know that others are not. I was just on one of many community based autism Facebook pages where people are all commenting that they have put in complaints to the medical board and other organizations about you and are continuing to reach out to people you are associated with like the University. My suggestion is that you do some damage control at this point. I don't like to see so many people upset but understand why they are feeling that level of pain from your post. Trust me they are a passionate group and probably won't stop until they are satisfied.

I also want to correct you that most of your patients with autism are vaccine injured as a result of encephalitis caused from a vaccine (it is right there on the insert). This tends to be a universally difficult concept for physicians to grasp. Many of you have no idea what the actual ingredients are in vaccines. Ask yourself if you can even name 5 of them. I can. Polysorbate 80 (neurotoxin), formaldehyde (carcinogen), aborted fetal cells and dna from other animals such as guinea pigs and the pretty list goes on with the toxic soup of ingredients.

It's interesting I spent quite a bit of time making calls about you and the other two doctors that made posts similar to yours. I normally don't waste my precious time in this way, but your post really struck a chord with me. It was a major slap in the face. It is bad enough that doctors inject our children with pharmaceutical products that cause brain damage and then they don't try to help us heal them (the integrative doctors do) and then you come along making fun of what happened to them as if their lives don't matter. I recovered my son's speech through sheer determination and have had to devote much of my life to his healing. As a doctor you know how hard it is to recover a person who has had one stroke let alone two. He still may never go to college, have a job without a para or aide and you made light of that like it was no big deal. So I get their pain- it's a bottomless pit for many and you ignited all that PTSD in them. If I were you apologize on a grand scale or this probably won't end for you. The choice is yours. My life will move on from this right now. Good luck.


I think that's an interesting point. (And Dara has to be commended for taking on this doctor.) It seems to me that the doc is aware of autism, and how life-altering it can be, and he is also aware of vaccine injuries, but he hasn't made the connection between the two. I wonder what it would take for the penny to drop?

John Stone

In some ways it is quite a generous apology. My only question would be that he states that none of his autistic patients were vaccine damaged, and I wonder how he would know?

Dara Berger

Here is the email that I received this morning from Dr. Jon Skirko. I purposely emailed him last night from my son's account, so the apology if I got one would be addressed to him. I have included my email to him below. Although he apologized I still think something is very wrong with this person to put it lightly.


Sorry for the delay in an apology to the community. I deeply regret my unfortunate Facebook post from regarding COVID vaccinations. When i recognized that my post was insensitive and misplaced, I tried to modify it but wasn't able to. I felt it would be better to delete it. In deleting it, I wasn't able to apologize to those that commented on the post initially. I tried to apologize to those that messaged me but the messages became threatening, so I felt it was best to close my accounts because of the threats. This made a formal apology challenging.

I especially sorry that I offended people with autism or their loved ones. I didn't fully understand the experiences of those who have experienced a vaccine injury. While I have treated many children with autism, I haven't met anyone who was vaccine injured. Maybe that contributed to my insensitive post. Not an excuse, just maybe an explanation. I am deeply sorry for the way I have made you and the rest of the community feel.

I will be apologizing to the rest of the community soon.



Hi Jon,

I noticed you deleted all your social media accounts after posting that most inappropriate comment making fun of children who have been vaccine injured and subsequently developed autism. This is not the conduct you would expect from a physician, especially one that treats children at their most vulnerable time of being sick. I imagine you come into contact with quite a few children who have autism as there are so many these days. This I find very disturbing.

All we want is an apology for your highly disrespectful post. I am not sure how you can think it is funny to make light of the most defenseless children, many who will never have the privilege of getting married, going to medical school like you, be able to care for themselves or even utter a single word in their life. Is it still funny when I point all this out to you?

An honorable man admits his faults but a coward runs away and tries to hide them. Will you be honorable? If you apologize to the parents then we can all just move on.

An offended parent

Jenny Allan

They look young, what I can see of them. Medical professionals are all taught vaccines are wonderful, always safe and effective, with a real 'safety net' for the 'very rare' occasion when a particular vaccine causes damage. They are taught so called anti-vaxxers are are a threat to humanity and must be publicly vilified and denigrated. Many of these young doctors, nurses and health workers will learn the hard way, they are on their own when they or their children are damaged. Autism is just one possible consequence of vaccine induced encephalitis.

I feel sorry for frontline health workers in the UK, presently being pressurised to accept the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines. Thankfully the care home insurance companies are insisting on a signature before Covid-19 vaccine administrations. In the case of the patient having dementia, a relative's permission is sought. Frontline healthcare workers in the UK and Europe are rumoured to be reluctant to accept these experimental vaccines, but the pressures to be vaccinated are enormous.

It has just been announced the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine has passed the regulators in the UK and will be rolled out to the public ASAP. More than 100million doses have already been manufactured. Persons of my age are third on the priority list. I will keep you posted.
Watch this space!

mike ullman

The best euphemism for someone like Sara is a "dipsh*t". Sorry, but it fits.

Heidi Rome

It's sad that these health "professionals" are so clearly missing the empathy chip. Obviously not touched by autism in their own or their children's lives, or just apathetic to those who are. Whew. I'm shaken by this cold-bloodedness. They look human....

Angus Files


Seen this how convenient for the the .Gov Pharma criminals.

Media statement issued on behalf of the family of Margaret Keenan

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Well I never! A truthspeaking PM...

He added: "In the United Kingdom they started to vaccinate faster, that's right. But there they took their population as guinea pigs and chose not to do those additional tests.

Belgian PM sparks fury by claiming Brits are 'guinea pigs' for COVID jab


Pharma For Prison



Proof of life?

Are there any photos of this 91 year old Britt receiving her SECOND DOSE of Covid 19 Pfizer vaccine?
Below is an article about it, but the photo is from the FIRST DOSE. Is anyone tracking the obits? I know it is a bit morbid, but it is the only way citizens can get uncensored data.

Tim Lundeen

Or Bell's Palsy:

"Hi, I am a registered nurse in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm reaching out to everyone about the Covid-19 vaccination. I recently took the Covid-19 vaccination. After the shot I felt fine, but within three days I went to the doctor, because I had problems with the whole left side of my face. I have Bell's Palsy now. I just want everyone to know that I think this vaccination is the worst thing ever, and I would not give this to anybody, even my worst enemy. Please America, they do not care about us. Do not take this vaccination."


My reply to these reptiles,

“It won’t be autism, it will be Alzheimer’s” or diabetes, or leukemia, or Guillian Barre, or narcolepsy, or.......

At any rate, no doubt those in the vaccine injured community, which includes a lot of people living with severe autism, will be your refuge when looking for help, you loathsome, vile, sorry excuses for human beings, let alone healthcare professionals.


Let's play "Double Naught Spy" for a minute.

I am comparing the information on the two vaccine recipients' CDC Covid 19 Vaccination Record Card.

Jon's is most interesting. Did he fill it out himself? He only has his name filled in the top info box. Below, he lists product manufacturer and LOT NUMBER as Pfizer, EK5730 or EKS730. Notice they used the European form of "7" but the American form for numerical date notation which was pre-TYPED in. The healthcare professional or CLINIC SITE is merely noted by "JY" The "Y" has an odd line through it.
When I did a search for Pfizer Covid 19 lot number EKS730 there was no match. When I entered EK5730, This came up:

"Emirates EK5730 Flight Status Tracker
EK5730 is a domestic flight operated by Emirates. EK5730 is departing from Adelaide (ADL), Australia and arriving at Sydney (SYD), Australia. The flight distance is about 1166.53 km or 724.85 miles and flight time is 2 hours 25 minutes. Get the latest status of EK5730 / UAE5730 here."
Was this picture used to send covert info disguised as a vaccine promo? His thumb is directly pointing to the number which is purposefully legible.


The card is blurred to prevent clear legibility. The top of Sara's card was properly filled in and dated. The vaccine manufacturer's name and lot number is deliberately left out of the frame. The date is hand filled in (too fuzzy to read) and a full name or location is hand written in (too fuzzy to read.)



Man's fatal heart attack likely unlinked to vaccine he took 2 hours before

"A 75-year-old man from Beit She’an died of a heart attack about two hours after being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus on Monday morning, the Health Ministry reported.
The man had preexisting conditions and had suffered from heart attacks in the past, it said.
Health Ministry director-general Chezy Levy has launched an investigation into the incident."


Pharma shot themselves in the foot on this one. Let's track the mRNA Corona vaccines versus the NON mRNA Russian Sputnik V, based on older vaccine technology. Let's compare the ADJUVANTS used in each brand of vaccine. Do any contain mercury? Aluminum? What adjuvant is used in the mRNA vaccines?

We now have perfect data for a case control study. LOL!

Angus Files

People like this there is nothing anyone can do for them.As humans all we can do is speak the truth.Its not our fault they have been brainwashed with lies.

Sumerian Proverb
Strength cannot keep up with Intelligence.

Pharma For Prison


Gerardo Martinez

Good Morning to all. Like I said earlier, War has been declared on us. Playing nice is over. These "doctors" are uneducated fools! Cold hearted doctors research the thousands upon thousands of U.S. Vaccine Injury Court cases. Vaccine damage is real! Walk a week in my shoes. Trying taking care of a vaccine injured child who is now 14 nonverbal and growing. He was damaged by your precious MMR vaccine- brain damage- lost his speech and his cognitive abilities-go figure? The challenges and the beauty all in one. Why do you pick on us? I chose never to take a pharma vaccine again for me and my family. That is my right as it is your right to be injected with a vaccine. Leave us alone!!

Bob Moffit

Forgive them Father … they know not what they do …

Gary Ogden

Despicable. And these people call themselves professionals? No wonder our children are so ill. We have people like these to thank.

Hans Litten

Professor David Heymann: (01:12:08)
Thanks very much. I’ll just add a few words. I think we’ve heard great optimism today from all the research in the way the world is pulled together to deal with this pandemic. And we’re continuing to do that moving forward. We’ve also heard reality. And that reality, as Mike has just said, is that that virus will likely remain with us, endemic in the future. And no matter what we’ve done to date, it will continue to spread despite vaccines, despite therapeutics, despite diagnostic tests. We have to learn to live with this and use the tools that we can in the best way possible. And it reminds me of the end of smallpox in 1980. In 1980, smallpox was eradicated using a vaccine, which was imperfect. That vaccine actually killed one per million persons vaccinated. It was not a safe vaccine. But the risk assessment said, “Let’s get rid of smallpox.”

Jill in MI

And these are supposedly smart people. They must sleep so soundly in their cocoons. Wow. It is obvious that in their disdain for autism, they show how very little they really know about vaccines. Where do they think autism comes from? 1 in 36 (and that is a 2016 stat) - it is scientifically impossible to have a genetic rise from 3 or 4 out of 10,000 (1996 stat). Or the 54% of children in the US with a chronic disease? Oh yes, so smart aren’t they.
Yes the Corona virus can be a deadly disease, but the survival rate is over 99%. If you choose to get an experimental vaccine and become a guinea pig for Pharma, go for it. Why the blatant stab in the back for people who have been vaccine damaged? Maybe their hashtag should be:
#pharma controlled and proud of it!

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