Doctors Believe In Santa More than Vaccine Side Effect Injury
Doubting Doubters

Dangerous and Irresponsible (No Not Us)



Looks like Flim's sister Flay has written a 4th grade reading comprehension press release to assuage the reaFlim-flamlistic, smart and ever growing fears of the untold side effects of the plethora of covid vaccines.

Faye Flam is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. She has written for the Economist, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Psychology Today, Science and other publications. She has a degree in geophysics from the California Institute of Technology.

Fear. Fear. Fear. The blanket statements declaring COVID as universally far more dangerous than any of the new vaccines is irresponsible in the extreme.

Covid-19 Is Far More Dangerous Than Any Vaccine

By Fay Flam

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Vaccines can be scary. You’re asking healthy people to roll up their sleeves and take a shot of something mysterious — something associated with deadly germs. For Covid-19 vaccines, such fears may be amplified by concern that development was rushed, and by the way everything associated with the pandemic has been politicized. It will be hard to garner the public trust needed for a pandemic-ending vaccination campaign.

The clinical trials required by the FDA can’t prove any vaccine is perfectly safe, but what we’ve learned through these trials should be reassuring. You can’t get the disease from these vaccines, and the risks associated with them are tiny compared to risks associated with getting Covid-19. The risks are also tiny compared to the economic insecurity, lost education and deep isolation brought on by the pandemic and our interventions to try to stop it.




"Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla hasn’t received his company’s Covid-19 vaccine shot yet, saying Monday he and other executives will not “cut the line” as U.S. officials kick off a massive effort to distribute the vaccine across the country."
Of course this is called Death Cereal.


Leaked data shows CCP infiltration of vax manufacturers:

"Moreover, pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca, the front-runners in making the COVID-19 [coronavirus] vaccine, also have CCP members working for them. While Pfizer includes 69 members of the communist party workers in its Chinese subsidiary, AstraZeneca has 54 members."

Another reason to say, "no thank you."



Trump says he’s nixing plan for early vaccine at White House

"President Donald Trump said Sunday that he was reversing an administration directive to vaccinate top government officials against COVID-19, while public distribution of the shot is limited to front-line health workers and people in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Trump made the announcement hours after his administration confirmed that senior U.S. officials, including some White House aides who work in close proximity to Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, would be offered coronavirus vaccines as soon as this week under federal continuity of government plans."


Laura Hayes

Tonya M Prim,

You are welcome! I think you will find it a fascinating read on many counts.


"Covid-19 is far more dangerous than any vaccine."

They just admitted vaccines are dangerous. Thanks Pharma!



Yes. Plotkin's understudy. It's a small club and we are not in it.


Dr Walter Orenstein Same Walter as in Plotkin's Vaccines ?
Plotkin's Vaccines 6th Edition 2013
Plotkin's Vaccines 7th Edition June 2017 Dr Walter Orenstein .

The Hideous Truth of Testing Vaccines On Humans -Forbes
12 June 2020- Leah Rosenbaum
Lockdown Sceptics 13/12/2020
Article - Accomplished pharma prof thrown in psych hospital after questioning official covid narrative. Re Professor Jean -Bernard Fourtillon .

Winston Churchill Gestapo Speech- YouTube

Tonya M Prim

@Laura Hayes
Thank you for that book recommendation. I have been building a collection of helpful books about the immune system and vaccination over the past few months, and this sounds like a good addition.


"I did catch Dorit's presentation in the comments before the vote.
Her wish list included a stronger response to "misinformation...""

@ greyone

So glad you mentioned that Dorit Rubenstein Reiss commented there. She has been after vaccine safety advocates for a while. I called her a few years ago and she clarified to me at that time that she was not credentialed to practice law in the U.S.; yet, she is a Professor of Law and the James Edgar Hervey '50 Chair of Litigation at UC Hastings Law. According to her bio, she was born in Israel and was educated there. Evidently she still has family in Israel and keeps close ties with Israeli pro-vaxxers.

Dorit is also a member of The Vaccine Working Group on Ethics and Policy, "an independent, not-for-profit project that receives no industry funding." It is important to note that another member of this group is Dr. Walter A. Orenstein who was in charge of the roll out of the new vaccine schedule after the 1986 law was passed, giving vaccine manufacturers liability protection. He was also Dr. Julie Gerberding's boss at the time of the CDC whistleblower scandal. Dr. Orenstein has also spent time in Israel monitoring the polio vaccine and "from 2008 through 2011, Dr. Orenstein was Deputy Director for Immunization Programs at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation." See the rest of his very interesting bio here:

Angus Files

Delighted to read that Gary Ogden many did well leaving Scotland athat time.My mother and folks are all Campbells,Dunlops,Blacks,Carmichael`s etc I`m afraid to say we were mostly on the side of the Goverment from around the 13th century and more or less stayed put in the Loch Awe Appin Isle of Eigg areas although my father is English hence my name!Im sure some over here still think Corona is a health vitamin, or so it seems...

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

We at AoA know all too well of the false paradigms and supporting propaganda that engulf our airwaves, schools, universities, doctors' offices, even our grocery stores. An example of one such false paradigm backed by seemingly-endless propaganda is that humans need vaccinations to be remain alive, that vaccines are nothing but safe and effective, that any information to the contrary must be censored, and that those who question, challenge, or expose the paradigm as flawed and/or fraudulent must be marginalized, maligned, penalized, and perhaps permanently silenced/eliminated.

Yet, our understanding of the existence of false paradigms and associated propaganda results in an intense compulsion to expose all that is deceptive, fraudulent, and evil in intent.

To that end, I highly recommend the new book "The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses, Including 'Coronavirus', Are Not the Cause of Disease", by Thomas Cowan, MD, and Sally Fallon Morell. This new book brilliantly challenges the "contagion" paradigm and resultant propaganda, which we are all now living through.

To read the book's description, and/or to order it, click here:

The fact that Amazon has banned its sale should make it of further interest to discerning and enlightened AoA readers.


thank you for the info TOB.
I did catch Dorits presentation in the comments before the vote.
Her wish list included a stronger response to "misinformation",

demanding prisons as a top tier -with vaccination required for prison employment ( first they came for the prison employees...). and

Like Paul Offit in an earlier meeting, she was demanding the allergic reactions be clarified immediately. Offit about popped his cork on the idea strong allergies in general as a contraindication, stressing that millions walk around with epipens.

and, of course, pressing the idea that there is enough ambiguity in the law, that guidance should impose "consequences" on the nonvaccinating, a cause she and her "ethics" group are heartily promoting.


One interesting data point that came up during the VRBPAC meeting was that at least 20% of the trial participants are health care workers.

(One of the committee members, Dr. Kurilla--one of the "No" votes--asked how many trial participants would be lost if/when Pfizer unblinded them and offered them the chance to take the EUA'd vaccine along with their ACIP-designated risk group. Dr. William Gruber of Pfizer said, "It’s our current estimate, as best we can determine, that 20% or more are health care providers.")

Obviously, clinical trials for any product use a biased sample set. For some drug candidates, particularly before some IRB reforms took place about 15 years ago, many clinical trial participants were borderline homeless. For a vaccine trial, because the product is being given to healthy people, you would expect people with (for example) serious allergies not to participate.

When 20% (or more--how hilarious that Pfizer didn't have/pretended not to have this information!) of the participants are doctors and nurses, who have seen anaphylaxis and crash carts, you'd expect that virtually no one from that group who had any type of allergy would participate.

During the stealth press conference at 9 a.m. on Saturday (500 viewers on YouTube and only a dozen media outlets got to ask questions), Dr. Marks was dismissive about the anaphylactic events in the UK. (He didn't even mention the tachycardia that occurred in a third UK recipient--the Pfizer safety officer accidentally mentioned that person during the VRBPAC meeting, so I guess we're all pretending that didn't happen.) Marks said that no anaphylactic events were seen in the trial (~20,000 people getting the vaccine), implying that we should ignore the two or three anaphylactic events that occurred on Dec. 8, when the UK vaccinated only 6,000 people.

To me, the opposite is true: Obviously the trial was a biased sample set of people far less likely to have a serious adverse reaction to the shot.

VRBPAC member Dr. James Hildreth asked about black enrollment in the trial, and Dr. William Gruber gave him the runaround, never answering his question as to how many black people were followed for two months to get safety data. Gruber talked about how hard Pfizer worked from the beginning to get black people involved. If he had had a reassuring answer (like a percentage of trial participants similar to the percentage of Americans who are black), he would have given it.

I wasn't surprised to see Dr. A. Oveta Fuller vote "No," because her question about separating adverse events related to the lipid delivery system from adverse events related to the mRNA technology also didn't get a good answer. Her concern was adequate data to convince black Americans that the vaccine would work "for people like me." Obviously Pfizer did not allay that concern.

What is funny about the flim-flam article referenced in this post is that EUA is not BLA, and Flam appears not to understand that. There is no pretense by FDA that this vaccine is safe and effective. The assertion by FDA is that the "known benefits" outweigh the "known risks" for people age 16 and up, and 5 of 22 voting panelists did not agree with that statement. Given that vaccines are viewed as a societal tool with a societal benefit, it's pretty clear that the "benefits" being asserted are largely societal. The risks will fall, as they always do, on the people the government is OK with making into collateral damage, and there will be millions of them.

As Dr. Marion Gruber of FDA (no relation to William--she has a very strong German accent, and he's from the South) said during the discussion of anaphylaxis, "We are looking at whether the benefits outweigh the risks, NOT whether it’s safe and effective."

Dr. Marion Gruber said something else interesting. A committee member pointed out the extremely low rate of MIS-C (2 or 3 cases per 100,000), suggesting that 16- and 17-year-olds not be included in the voting question. He put it this way: "I have a hard time justifying it in someone who’s unlikely to become ill from the disease."

Gruber responded, "Our laws do permit extrapolation to younger age groups, and we have been clear in our briefing documents that we would support extrapolation, and 16- and 17-year-olds are out there, they may transmit a disease."

She went on: "If the argument is made the 16- and 17-year-olds are not a high-risk group, I think you can make the sane argument for an 18- to 25-year-old, so I don’t find that compelling."

In other words, shut up and take it, because you could spread it, and your own personal risk-benefit calculation doesn't matter.


They don't want to be "guinea pigs."

"Another pharmaceutical whistleblower and health activist has been found dead. Brandy Vaughan, 47, fearless and articulate mother, was found dead by her son yesterday, 8 December.
Brandy Vaughan was a speaker and activist best known for speaking out against the pharmaceutical industry.
After working as a representative for the pharmaceutical giant Merch, she founded the non profit organization Learn The Risk, formerly known as The Council for Vaccine Safety.
Brandy had since been dedicated in educating the public on the real dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.
May you rest in peace Brandy Vaughan. Thank you for your tremendous contribution to our awareness."


Gary Ogden

Angus: Me, too! A walking breathing miracle! Wonder of wonders. Must be the Scottish in me. I really am (half) Scottish. My ancestor Hugh Monroe left Scotland for Rhode Island in the 17th Century. That century was rough, especially in the northern parts of Europe, because of the Little Ice Age. Since then we've spread all over North America, and not one of us has gotten the 'Rona!

Angus Files

I wonder why I, and most people on here are still alive.I sanitise nothing,breathe without a mask,hug family and friends,never social distance (apart from the social distance that autism imposes on us anyway done for the past 20 years) but the most dangerous of all is I accept cash as payment.Im justa walking miracle.I`m sure there are more walking miracles on this site as well...

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

The following was posted by Emmaphiladelphia on AoA yesterday and well worth viewing today .. thank you Emma … great testimony showing RISKS OF VACCINE FAR HIGHER THAN RISKS OF THE DRUG EMMA RECOMMENDED HERE:

"Doctor pleads for NIH review of antiviral Ivermectin. Claims huge amounts of evidence that if you take it, you don't get Covid.

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