Phear Not! Phor Pfizer Brings the UK Tidings of Great Joy!
Cards for Inhumanity

Facebook To Ban False Covid Claims: Define False

Green or pinkRemember the Van's sneaker photo that swept the world a couple of years ago? Is the sneaker green or pink?  Some folks absolutely saw a green sneaker. Others definitely saw a pink sneaker. Because we are all different. We don't see everything exactly the same way.  So what's FALSE information about a Covid vaccine and who makes that designation?

By the way, I tried to set up a fundraiser on Facebook for Giving Tuesday - with a match from Facebook.  Age of Autism, an IRS designated non-profit, was removed from Facebooks list of chooseable charities.

Facebook BANS false claims about Covid vaccines ‘debunked by public health experts’ – all such posts to be REMOVED



Back in the day - late 80s when I knew that I had been lied to about vaccines, and I had damaged my kids -- yeah I was censored. Every one around me gas - lighted me, that I did not see what I saw.

Such things fester, and grow inside by the way. Censorship makes a person sick at heart and as time goes by much more fierce than if they had talked it out.

That is my thoughts on this whole censor stuff.

The truth either way will come out in the end, sooner, and much more gently if talked out. But if censored, when it comes forth, it comes out like an explosion of angry .


Look into the "founders" of Facebook and Google. Where are they from? What is their allegiance?
I have never used Facebook and I quit using Google as my search engine several years ago.


Falsebook or is it Phalsebook. A Ph too far?

Bob Moffit

We have become Orwell's "Animal Farm" … where all information is equal .. except some information is more equal than other … isn't it great to be Animal Farmer Mr Jones of Manor Farm .. now recognized as Mr Zuckerberg of Facebook Farm?

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