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Children Over CDC Puts Oregon Pediatrician & Author Dr. Paul Thomas Out of Practice

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We bring you grim news this morning. Dr. Paul Thomas' Oregon license to practice medicine has been suspended.  Please read his own words below. Dr. Thomas is a champion for children, not a chump for CDC. And like others before him, he will be made a scapegoat and example to instill fear in other Pediatricians, many of whom, couldn't find their backbone if they had a second degree in Chiropractic.

Governor Kate Brown defines herself as a "fierce feminist" on her Twitter account. Oregon's 38th Governor. Always fighting for better jobs & schools. Fierce feminist. Working to strengthen & expand voter access. A woman who prevents other women from making decisions for their own children sounds like another F word than fierce to us....  From Dr. Paul:


Freedom to choose how your child is vaccinated is being threatened.

If you want to preserve the right to choose what is injected into your child or your body and preserve the ethical right to informed consent, please act now. Join the Free To Choose movement and DONATE HERE:  

Dr. Paul now faces attacks on three fronts:

  1. Providence Health Plans, the largest local insurance company terminated all contracts.
  2. The State of Oregon terminated all contracts.
  3. BREAKING NEWS, the same week his data is published and CHD Defender posts about it comes:

“By order of the Oregon Medical Board, the license of Paul Norman Thomas, MD to practice medicine is hereby suspended, effective December 3, 2020, at 5:15 p.m. Pacific Time. As of this date and time, Licensee must stop practicing medicine until further order of the Board.”

Integrative Pediatrics and our providers are fighting to preserve your right to direct your child’s medical care with Providence Health Plan (PHP) and with those covered by OHP (Oregon Health Plan). PHP and the Oregon Health Authority (OHP) intend to terminate our provider contracts in an effort to restrict your provider choices and force you and your children into compliance with CDC vaccine “recommendations.” 

​In an unprecedented move the Oregon Medical board suspended my license without a hearing potentially endangering countless patients. 

Dr. Paul and Integrative Pediatrics have secured a team for legal action, civil lawsuits, and a class-action lawsuit against patients’ wrongful abandonment by PHP and OHA / OHP and the Oregon Medical Board. 

Patients have a legal right in Oregon to choose how their children are vaccinated.



  1. Support the legal effort - donation

    PayPal Support the Dr. Paul Thomas Legal Defense

    Paul Thomas MD Defense Fund 
    11790 SW Barnes Rd, Suite 140
    Portland OR 97225

    (Please write "Freedom to Choose" in the memo section of your check.)

  2. Contact Providence Health Plan, and the Oregon Health Plan by Email, send letters, make phone calls (list provided at the end of this press release), and request they cancel the termination of Integrative Pediatrics in Portland, Oregon, as this removes the only option for parents seeking their legal right to informed consent when it comes to vaccines.

  3. Send a copy of all your correspondence to: Troy S. Bundy and Hart Wagner, Hart Wagner, LLP
    1000 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97205 (tsb@hartwagner.com)

  4. Contact the Catholic church leadership demanding they stop the discrimination and abandonment of the vulnerable children being cared for at Integrative Pediatrics. These children have nowhere else to go where they can get informed consent.

  5. Contact Kathleen Harder MD Chair of Oregon Medical Board 

  6. Contact Governor Kate Brown to reinstate Dr Paul Thomas’ license and take their complaints through the proper channels.   Tweet to https://twitter.com/OregonGovBrown

Providence Health Plan contacts:

Ruben Halperin MD MPH Medical Director, Quality Management PHP
Providence Health Plan
3601 SW Murray Blvd, Suite E
Beaverton, OR 97005
Rod Hockman MD - President and CEO of Providence St Joseph Health System
John McDonald MD - Medical Director Providence Women's and Children's Program.

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Family Maternity Center
9205 SW Barnes Road, Portland, OR 97225


Governor Kate Brown regarding Oregon Health Authority (OHA) termination for Vaccines for Children

500 Summer St. N.E.  E44

Salem, OR 97307

Kathleen Harder MD Chair of Oregon Medical Board
1500 SW 1st Ave., Suite 620
Portland, OR  97201-5847

E-mail: info@omb.oregon.gov

Phone: 971-673-2700

Fax: 971-673-2670 



Your conscience

Great news!


@ David Foster

Why aren't doctors unionized?
Is licensing only through the AMA? It's Pharma funded.
Looks like the Covid vaccine is Mark of the Beast!
Without it you can't buy or sell.
Only those with Faith will survive.

David Foster

I guess this is where we are headed...as a Pediatrician you can exclude families from your practice if they do not agree to fully vaccinate their children. You can use scare tactics, false information, and bully tactics to coerce parents into vaccinating their children. No problem. Whatever it takes to protect the herd.

But if you fail to fully vaccinate children in your practice and *any* of them develop any of the so-called "vaccine preventable" diseases then you are subject to having your license revoked.

Everyone should read the Oregon Medical Board's documentation on this, it is stunning and chilling:



Punished for sharing the truth.

Paul Picha

We stand with you Paul Thomas MD.


Did someone put a dollop of salt into the staff room sugar bowl ? OH What!

www.daily record.co.uk
Francis Review.Ayrshire whistleblower 12 Feb 2015
Dear Dr Sukhomy Das did win his discrimination tribunal and was awarded nine thousand pounds .
His final legal costs amounted to eighty thousand pounds .
Dear Dr Das had to re-mortgage his home to pay his final invoice .
The thing about "Organisational Bullies " is they are just the same as wee school plaground bullies , so the bigger they think they are, then the further they have to fall if they try and bully your lunch money off you!
Glasgow Kiss -Rab C Nesbitt You Tube


Just like Dr Benjamin Rush predicted.

Gary Ogden

This is horrifying. I can't believe I was a Democrat for forty years. I don't think much of the Republicans either, but the Democrats, especially on the Left Coast have become pure evil, the spawn of Satan.

Bob Moffit

Every day our public health, elected politicians, media … reveal themselves as RYRANNICAL HYPOCRITES .. determined to exercise absolutely authority over what THEY will allow us to believe, say or do .. and .. each day we lose more and more of our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO PURSUE HAPPINESS AS WE CHOOSE.

Don't know where we will end up as a country .. but … the future of our country and lives are worth defending .. by ANY MEANS NECESSARY .. hope it doesn't come to that .. but ..

Laura Hayes

Another doctor in OR has his license suspended for choosing/refusing (excellent choice!) to not wear a mask:


Note the media using the term “anti-mask”. I will define that term, meant to be derogatory, the same way I define “anti-vaccine”:

“Informed intelligence and principled ethics.”

Thank you, Dr. Steven LaTulippe, for standing up for healthcare and medical choice freedom, facts, the well being of your patients and your ability to assess and treat them, common sense, and liberty!

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