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Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down

"It was a momentous day in Hamilton County....."  First frontline workers in Chattanooga get COVID-19 vaccine Thursday

It wasn't so momentous for Nurse Tiffany Dover of CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who passed out on camera at the dog and pony show put on by her medical center.  I could see her distress before she opened her mouth. She staggered to the microphone.  The video is all over Facebook and elsewhere. It's on our Facebook page too.

What really struck me, and what I hope that I can bring to you as a unique perspective, is that while she stumbled to the microphone, NONE OF THE MEN AROUND HER came to her aid or stopped her from going forward. Such is war. ONWARD VACCINATION SOLDIERS!  They had a job to do after all, to make this press conference a full tribute to Pfizer.

I noticed her distress in one second. She wobbled like the Weebles my little brother loved in the 1970s. Did you notice it too? Imagine the callous disregard of those around her. She is a 30 year old mother of two children. I would have run to her to help in that moment.

Ask the leadership of CHI how they feel about endangering this young Mother.
Go ahead and run a Google search for the cmi medical center vaccine press conference and see if you can find anything. Scrubbed cleaner than my kitchen sink.
The next day, she told media that she sometimes faints when in great pain. Not sure how that became the smart cover story. First of all, she was cheerful and followed the script well until she had to mumble, "sorry," (in the photo shown, that's what she was saying).  And second if the product causes so much pain that you pass out, well, that's not exactly a roaring endorsement. But endorse Nurse Dover did. Before, during and after. B67181AF-2314-400E-A832-09E3756F4586



Frederic Chopin

You've linked articles about historic sea ice levels around Iceland, a modern tour guide to Icelandic volcanoes and a study of Icelandic volcanic activity affecting northwestern Britain in the 2nd millennium B.C. Interesting stuff! But how is that relevant to Benadetta's theory that Icelandic volcanic eruptions triggered the Little Ice Age, thus causing the massive depopulation of New World native populations (rather than the widely accepted view that it was European diseases)?


Hi Benedetta, thank you also for the time and energy you put into caring and teaching our special needs kids, and working out the ways they learn. Unsung heroes make a difference.
And Frederic,
if you are indeed working on the front lines in a hospital, then I am also grateful for what you do.


Hera; Thanks for the links. I enjoyed them. I am sort of out dated on things. They have learned a lot more since the 20 years ago.

Thank you Kim for your work; I am so sorry you have to put up with us back and forth, bout nothing ado. But thank you.

Fredrick Chopin; You missed it entirely. I was not calling you special ; I was calling you an ugly, stubborn, argumentative attitude type of human.

To have a learning disability I know how hard it can be. They can learn, learn well, but in different ways. Maybe not always just sitting and listening; but more with hands on, observing; seeing; reading even. Best of all; they don't give up easily. That is the best thing about them, I can say as a group.

I know that being creative has nothing to do with IQ. Plus high IQ students are lazy, they give up easily if they run into any thing that is a little hard. How do Valedictorians do once they leave school? Studies show that they never change the world. Never. They don't rock the world.

So you are a Ugly, stubborn, argumentative attitude type of human. And now we know what you are.


Hi Frederick Chopin;

Is discussing the rates of Volcanic eruptions in Iceland,( a topic you clearly haven't been chosen to research for yourself, though I am sure you are very capable of doing so) really that important to you?

Or is this your way of trying to ignore the side effects, anaphylactic reactions etc that are being caused by the COVID vaccines?

Assuming here that the history of Volcanic eruptions in Iceland and how they relate to the Little Ice Age is actually a topic of all encompassing interest for you,
Here is the study that I linked to earlier in this comment stream, ( I realize it can be easy to miss comments, I do so too sometimes.)

Here is some brief information for tourists on the 130 volcanoes in Iceland.

then there is this

(You have got to love the dedication of scholars to a topic, bless them, this is only volume 1 !)

But you are fully capable of searching for the masses of information available on this topic for yourself if you wish....

By the way neither special ed teacher nor special ed student are considered insults in our house. Being a special ed student for us is rather like being a warrior; despite being dealt a difficult hand with multiple challenges, yet still having the courage and strength to keep going, keep learning, and finding ways to succeed. Takes a lot more work, and courage than the regular student, and deserves, imo, a lot more respect..


Well, Frederic, my three ACTUAL special needs children - adults - are now home. So I haven't time to parse your comment. Plus, I now go to my next job, teaching children martial arts. One of the first lessons we teach is not to be a bully. To use verbal defense. To walk away from a fight unless engaging is absolutely necessary. And so, I will practice my training. Comment moderation is a non stop process for me and a handful of others.

Frederic Chopin

Benadetta just implied I was a special ed kid.

Kim for Frederic

Frederic, you've made many comments here over the years - but the most offensive to date just came in - "if an earth science teacher teaches kids, "EVEN SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS...." You owe our children and us an apology for striking such a SOUR NOTE.


Frederic Chopin

I guess what I wanted to know is if an earth science instructor is teaching kids, even special ed kids, that the main thing they need to learn is Icelandic volcanic activity triggered the Little Ice Age, should they really be an earth science instructor?


Fredrick Chopin;
Science teachers and history teachers intergrade special ed kids in with regular kids, so they can be part of the greater community and learn to meet and socialize with other kids.

So, if it is a real question; I have patience. IF it is an ugly, stubborn, argumentative attitude that is different story.

I will assume it is the first one.

There was a period of increase seismic actively that started back around 1300s and though not continuous was pretty constant until it finally slowed down in the 1800s.

There were at times the eruption of Iceland's 30 volcanoes, or Greenland's (yes, it has some pretty bad sulfur producing kinds too) . There were at times some volcanos in the Pacific ring of fire, there were earth quakes, even in the middle of the United States in 1811 and 12 where no one even knew there was a fault there was for an entire year some really bad earth quakes. Really, really bad.

Is that what you wanted to know? I did tell you that before.

Frederic Chopin


Your quote: "The main thing here to learn is: there were volcano eruptions on Iceland that put the world into a short ice age. How short? From 1340 to 1850."

Since then all you're come up with is one Icelandic eruption in 939 AD. What gives?


@Beleaguered Autism Mom

"So the original video about the nurse who fainted 17 minutes after COVID vaccine has been replaced by a video of a reporter saying the nurse who fainted is fine, but there is no video of the nurse speaking for herself."

We need proof of life. Otherwise citizens might be tempted to believe the guy's video of uploading government death records live. There was a seeming match for this nurse. A simple press conference, perhaps with VP Pense in attendance, would immediately dispel any "conspiracy theories."

This sort of "live vaccination" ADVERTISING should be ILLEGAL.


Eyes back on Fauci;
HE wants to collect tons of money for his corona virus vaccine.
He spoke about the emergence of new corona viruses. You know after they escaped from the labs back in the early part of this new century; after he had been raising them for the past decade. Then corona 19 cause they can just start numbering them in the next few years as he releases more.
But according to him it is just those carbon emissions, global warming causing those emergence of these new cold viruses. Yeah, warm weather brings on those (rare) summer colds, he is saying.

I also taught at times through out my life physical science, chemistry, biology and physics.

In 1999 when we received new physical science books, starting in chapter one, and ever chapter after that; the authors pushed carbon emissions green house effect, global warming.

When we finally arrived to the unit on gases - heat causes the molecules to speed up, and bounce around more, so you have to apply pressure to contain them- that one page --only -- they said well the carbon green house effect is just a theory. Soooo, is there going to be an increase in the Earth's gravity, and thus extra pressure going to happen? If so, the green house effect is the last thing we have to worry about. AND would carbon dioxide even act as an inhibitor and stop the earth's rays from bouncing back up into space. Probably not. The only thing that kind of does that is water vapors.

And we have to put up with a bunch of liars. LIARS, Sick of liars.


First of all -- I too would like to know also -- how the nurse is this day? How is she feeling? Is that too much to ask?

It looks like the corona virus vaccines are no better than they were a decade ago. I am so very sorry, my cousin got one, but what can you do?

As for Grasshopper Chopin:
I gave you information, now time to decipher it with a logical mind. You seem to need a bit of help on that end, and as once a teacher I happily oblige.

Yes the date in my link is off. Hera already gave you a link though, so I gave you other stuff of how Iceland volcanoes had effected the whole world in other volcanic events, at other times in history.
Don't focus on just a tree, and forget about the forest.
Don't just focus only on the Iceland volcanoes either.
1816, the year with out summer is interesting to read as well. Krakatoa is the loudest volcano ever! It exploded that year and caused the whole world to go cold. There is a head stone in one of the cemeteries in the North East of America that says that the man buried there saved his community by being able to raise some corn that year. He probably found a warm place between two mountains beside a stream. A microcosm.

Krakatoa the volcano in Tambora also caused Cholera to spread. At one time cholera existed in Bengal, India; yes the same place that Bengal tigers roam. But with world wide temperature drops, and famine, the people of that region migrated and with them came cholera.

Volcano little ice ages are not real ICE AGES though.

And some times there can be other reasons for little ice age. Back over 20 plus years ago, from studying sample cores taken from the Atlantic ocean bottom; they realized that one little ice age that came about shortly after a REAL ICE AGE was because of an interference in the world's oceans currents, the conveyor belt of transporting cold, warm temperatures around the world.

When the world began to warm up, the ice dam of the Great Lakes that held back the shallow ocean on the North American continent gave way. It flooded the North Atlantic Ocean with FRESH water.

The world's conveyor belt begins at the North pole. Really cold and salt water -- sinks to the bottom thus starting the current that moves to the equator and picks up heat to transport all over the world. So the conveyor belt shut down for a while, causing a little ice age too.

A REAL ICE AGE cycles in and out every 100,000 years. Real ICE AGES comes about because the sun does not stay in a fixed spot, but orbits around in the Milky Way. As the sun travels, it's orbiting planets like little kids around their mother, may fall behind only to run up beside their mother, and then run ahead; before returning again to their mother's side. There have been six major Ice ages in earth's history.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

So the original video about the nurse who fainted 17 minutes after COVID vaccine has been replaced by a video of a reporter saying the nurse who fainted is fine, but there is no video of the nurse speaking for herself. I also learned you should wait up to 30 minutes after the injection to make sure you don’t faint, not just 15 minutes according to the new video.

Frederic Chopin

Benadetta, 939 AD? Now you’re saying Eldgja in 939 AD triggered the Little Ice Age?


Thanks Hera; I appreciate the help.

Grasshopper Fredrick Chopin: Francis Collins little tale of mutating --in his joy to keep us in lock down forever, speaks volumes of how things evolve and evolve quickly to survive. That goes for all those poxes of long ago.


Thank You Introvert for posting that so I don't have too. LOL, I was going to .

And Now for Young, foolish Grasshopper Frederic Chopin
Here is one of so very, very many about Iceland volcanoes. But there was a lot of others too during that time period.

As Introvert explained the rhyme -- the ash from volcanos started it all.

When you get done there are tons of reading material on The Mound Builders of North America" There was a long succession of different civilizations throughout history that came about and then failed. One thing about the end of 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s showed us that drought might come often in the Midwest of North America (See Dust bowl reading material).

Eye on Fauci - growing lab pets, corona gain of function for the past thirty years. Fauci is saying these viruses are coming out cause of global warming. Being warm drives diseases. In Naturally nature, where Wuhan labs do not exist it has always been cold, drought and starving that brings diseases.

Fauci's cohort in all of this is also Mr. IT is all caused by the genes; is Francis Collins.

He is on this biz show; cause after all it is all just buisness.


Benedetta: In the UK where I grew up the old nursery rhyme has slightly different words which make the plague connotations more obvious:

Ring Ring-a-ring o' roses,
A pocket full of posies,
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down.

From the BBC:

"The 'roses' are the red blotches on the skin.
The 'posies' are the sweet-smelling flowers people carried to try to ward off the plague.
'Atishoo' refers to the sneezing fits of people with pneumonic plague".
'We all fall down' -- well we can guess



The loss of a loved one is a sad thing. I remember warning my elderly parents not to get the (at the time) new flu/pneumococcal vaccine. I had done my research and determined that the risk/benefit ratio was not worth it for their age group. Unfortunately they fell for the grocery store vaccine propaganda and both got their shots by a pharmacist. I didn't know about this until after my father died soon after taking the shot. My mother also got very sick. I have made sure that she has never had another flu shot. She has not been sick since and has never gotten the flu or COVID 19. She just turned 95. Sometimes we are like children and stick our hands in the flame, contrary to parental warning.


I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you.

Frederick Chopin
Abrupt onset of the Little Ice Age triggered by volcanism and sustained by sea‐ice/ocean feedbacks

Lots of good stuff, but here is a small extract
The increase in sea ice north of Iceland at the start of the LIA, and its persistence throughout the LIA, supports our modeling experiments suggesting explosive volcanism and associated feedbacks resulted in a self‐sustaining expanded sea‐ice state beginning 1275–1300 AD. Additional support for regional cooling beginning in the late 13th Century comes from the inversion of temperatures measured in a borehole through the south dome of the Greenland Ice Sheet

(By the way, I did not know this either. All kinds of things you learn here. And Benedetta, I bet you made a great teacher!)


Thank you dear emmaphilidelphia
Lost close relative /cousin on 1/1/2021
Georgina Buchanan - Rapid onset stage 4 cancer bu still at gym 3/4days a week before march 23 covid lockdown .
Transferred from Blyth Ward Kingston Hospital London to Tedington Hospital Rehabilitation Ward ?Oldest Hospital in UK apparently ! on 1/1/2021 died later same evening .

Staff Training and attitudes - now an urgent priority !



Staying home from school, social distancing, not getting the childhood vaccine appointment, SARS-CoV 2, eating at home, etc. PREVENTS MEASLES!

The CDC numbers are in:

Measles cases in 2019
From January 1 to December 31, 2019, 1,282* individual cases of measles were confirmed in 31 states.
This is the GREATEST NUMBER of cases reported in the U.S. since 1992. The majority of cases were among people who were NOT vaccinated against measles. Measles is more likely to spread and cause outbreaks in U.S. communities where groups of people are UNVACCINATED.

Measles cases in 2020
As of November 30, 2020, there have been 13 confirmed cases in 8 jurisdictions.*
*Jurisdictions refer to any of the 50 states, New York City, and the District of Columbia.

FROM 1,282 CASES DOWN TO 13 confirmed cases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MEASLES ARE SO 2019! IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Frederic Chopin

Still waiting on that list of Icelandic volcanoes triggering the Little Ice Age...

Or any evidence the Little Ice Age wiped out 90%+ of the New World indigenous population after European contact.


We are advised we are now in a new corona calender for 2021

It is a new calender, so does that mean that them that do not know the difference between an anti-septic and a disifectant ,will be getting left behind ?

Blair Douglas Rejoins Runrig for New York Concert - Angels From The Ashes You Tube


@ Benedetta

You don't just know how to spin a yarn, you spin a closet full of sweaters!

"Why should I write a paper when there is already tons of stuff written." Indeed! Why should you?
Did I forget to mention.....WINNING!

Up to Half of Health Care Workers in Parts of California Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine

"So many frontline workers in Riverside County have refused the vaccine — an estimated 50% — that hospital and public officials met to strategize how best to distribute the unused doses, Public Health Director Kim Saruwatari said."


"There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID‑19."
If the COVID-19 EUA declaration is terminated or authorization is revoked, the vaccine goes away.

Contraindications for the current Covid 19 vaccines are limited to a KNOWN history of severe allergic reaction to any component in the actual vaccine. Bee stings don't count. Is a copy of all the vaccine ingredients made available to citizens to look over before getting the vaccine? How else could it be determined beforehand not to vaccinate? I guess to get compensation in the U.S. one would have to prove that your body reacted to a component of the vaccine. How would this be done? Who would pay for this investigation?
The game is lose/lose.


Young Grasshopper Chopin: There is much for you to still learn.

First: Why should I write a paper when there is already tons of stuff written.
I can't remember to put commas in most of the time, along with a habit of putting was in were were should be.

Second: Not wanting to get off topic so really bad; The "Little Ice Age" brought the plague of Black Death to Europe, and thus the nursery rhyme "Ashes to Ashes, we all Fall Down" Same title of this article.

Read here:

Down at the bottom ---it will link to further reading about volcanic activity by Miller

Because it became so cold in Europe, that the black rodents that harbored the bacteria that caused the Black Death were forced from their native homes on the Steppes of Russia into warmer areas and thus human contact. Ashes to Ashes, We all Fall Down - earlier times in history.

I will direct Young Grasshopper Chopin to where to find MORE common science knowledge.

The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire - British Ships log books in the South Pacific are full of volcano tales back in the 1763. Benjamin Franklin noted that the sunsets were very colorful, because of the volcanic activity - and he was aware of the volcanic activity from the British reports.
Yes, General Washington's troops really did have bloody foot prints in the really cold winters of that time, and crossing the Delaware Picture, of blocks of ice was accurate.

The year without summer. Scattered around New England are grave stones that mention this year that not one month did not have frost. caused by the Volcano in Mt. Tambora's eruption. Plenty of people died that year world wide not just in New England.

You will find more references down at the bottom of this article to keep you reading.

Young Grasshopper Chopin; you will find that we know a lot on this website. We learned from hard knocks and heartaches most of the time.

But this Ashes to Ashes article is about a new vaccine for the common cold.

This morning it was reported on a business show -- A business show??? That the Moderna vaccine was causing more than usual allergic reactions because of the mRNA, the reporter noted that it was worse that the old fashion kind. That is what was said!!!! Surprise!

Now it appears to me that those reporting on this don't know how bad the old fashion kind really was either. As back in the 50s they killed a bunch of children when they were reintroduced to the very virus they were inoculated against with a severe allergic reaction.

Scary times about like the rest of human history is. Gates I think wants Ashes to Ashes, we all fall down or not give birth at all. As in it has been suggested Young Grasshopper Chopin that this vaccine may attack the growth of a placenta.

Placenta -- now let us all get into some rigid naming game of what it does and does not due, but with out it a baby cannot grow. .


Freddie sends out the call to fill the screen with text in order to push down the article claiming
50% of frontline workers in Riverside County have refused the vaccine. So many are having reactions or REFUSING THE VACCINE, that you will be writing NOVELS before it's over. LOL!

COVID-19 EUA's are a tough cover. All of those unemployed Greeks are now working as Facebook censors, while the vaccine CEO who lives in Athens has said he doesn't want to cut in line.

Frederic Chopin

Oh so monks recorded all those Icelandic volcanoes erupting that triggered the little ice age. You should write a paper on that.



Up to Half of Health Care Workers in Parts of California Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine

"So many frontline workers in Riverside County have refused the vaccine — an estimated 50% — that hospital and public officials met to strategize how best to distribute the unused doses, Public Health Director Kim Saruwatari said."

"Some health care workers are skeptical of vaccines; others worry that the development of the coronavirus vaccine may have been rushed. Still others believe that because they have been able to avoid infection for months by wearing masks and taking other precautions, they can continue to do so, the Times reports."

"Autism is the cruelest most malicious, devious, conniving, heinous disease. If you fear the chicken pox or diarrhea more you are in big, big trouble. Because I guarantee with the new schedule autism will come a knocking at your door. And it will get in. It finds a way. Sometimes it looks like OCD, sometimes it looks like ADHD, even arthritis. "That's nuts!", you say. Not really. It should all just be called autism. Because any time pharma causes inflammation they don't want you to find out about, they just make up a word for it. Autism. Asthma. ADD. Just made up words for inflammation. " Lisa Goes

Frederic Chopin

Oh I don’t know Grace. Did you read the 12/29 AoA post? Or even worse the AoA FB page about it? So yeah no thanks.


And Fredric,
It was not just the Iceland's volcanoes alone. It was a period of a lot of volcanoes erupting in the Ring of Fire around the Pacific as well.

But in actually recorded, written -- history -- the monks reported the Iceland volcanoes back in the 12 and 13th centuries.


Nope, not fiction. Earth science.

I taught earth science; off and on for 20 years. In between bouts of research, environmental health (septic tanks inspections Lol) , fermentation, and of course heart breaking ill health of my children.
Earth Science still is a fast pace of new facts, of an emerging new science

Not fiction; the Icelandic volcanoes, it is even recorded in history by monks.
The minnie ice age is also a fact of history. Go look it up. It will be fun.

You should have been around in the 80s and experience the excitement when they realized Dinosaurs were warm blooded. They sent all the earth science teachers a paper to get us all up to date. The real life Professor Baker (depicted in the fictional professor in the movie "Jurassic Park") said that when you look at the skeleton of dinosaurs, stop thinking slow moving lizards, and start thinking fast moving birds. Now they have new science on the evolution of the feather. T rex may have resembled a fuzzy duck.

If you were a hunter gather, and you ran into some people that had a wagon wheel to roll along behind --- a horse which no horses existed in the new world till the Europeans came either. Wouldn't you think is a better way of living and join them? Indeed most did.

Grace Green

The CDC and the WHO know all the arguments, and that they are killing people. But there's too much money in it for them to be willing to stop. Hence, they stop as many of my communications as they can, because of me being vaccine injured, and my father being a pharmacologist who must have known, and would have been a dangerous whistleblower. Why do you hide your identity? I'm not afraid to make mine public.

Frederic Chopin

So it was volcanic eruptions in Iceland? Where did you read that? Which volcanoes were those again? Now it is thought the Mayan civilization collapsed after a series of droughts prior to European contact but you’re just writing fan fiction.

Frederic Chopin

You need to let the CDC and WHO know they can stop vaccinating. Send screenshots of Emma and Hera’s comments.


That was an old theory that the reason that the Americas was not densely populated was because all the native Americans had died out of white man diseases down in Mexico from Cortez's men and had spread all over causing a decline in native populations when the Pilgrims finally hit the shores of North America.

Americans picked up some bad habits in studying history. We get our history from a bunch of people trying to be funny, and making us all feel guilty about something that mightm or might not have happened. The Pilgrims' bashing have now become old, wore out and stupid. Are we so lazy that we get our history lessons from "Adams Family Values" type movies?

There are a lot of good, well researched history books out there.
Archeologists are also making discoveries every day and piecing stuff together of what was really going on in North and South American civilizations back 1350 and onward.

The main thing here to learn is: there were volcano eruptions on Iceland that put the world into a short ice age. How short? From 1340 to 1850.

In addition to being colder; the western hemisphere of North and South America were also dryer, much dryer that it would not support the cultivation of corn, and native populations had not recover. Europe's civilization was able to recover and thrive -- music, art, buildings animal husbandry, the wheel, black death, and populations decline and then rebounded.

Eight generations ago, the Native populations married into, and accepted the European civilizations of their spouses. Measles, and small pox were hard on everybody (EVERYBODY) not just the natives, until they became milder diseases. These viruses were going through the evolution of survival like everything else. .

Chief Joseph of the Cherokee lamented that they all married and left the tribe, choosing the white way of life. His own father was Scottish.

What happens when stone age - hunter gathers meets civilization? Being human and having a brain, they quickly took on new ideas, a new country, became us.


Emma and Hera,
Your arguments are absolutely convincing, unlike Fred's! Another point about the transmission of infectious diseases from European settlers is that in those days the indigenous people had never been exposed to those diseases in order to develop immunity. Nowadays everyone around the world (except for a few isolated tribes mainly in South America, who are supposed to be avoided for their own protection), everyone else has been exposed to all the infectious diseases, including mumps, measles, rubella, flu and the coronaviruses, so there is no need for vaccinations for these negligible mortality diseases. So Fred's pro-vaccine argument is without merit.

Frederic Chopin

If you wouldn’t believe any personal information I’d give (which I haven’t) then stop asking for it.


So, you're a CLINIC orderly who earns extra income online during your breaks between sick Covid patients?

You do realize, that anyone posting online with a fictitious moniker can make up anything they want. Without proof to back up what you say about your personal life, how many shots you had, etc. you may as well be a CLOWN living in CLOWN WORLD. Except for those who are known in the real world by the controllers of this website, we are in the same boat. I choose to focus on making logical arguments backed up by outside research sources. The readers can form their own opinion about what I said whether they know me or not. If I consistently present legitimate arguments backed up with supporting facts, the readers may come to a place where they may trust personal info I may reveal. That's the limits of this medium.

Personally, you have not earned my trust to believe your personal information.

Frederic Chopin

What do you mean by a “current” medical degree? Do you mean an active license?


@Frederic Chopin

Are you claiming to have a current medical degree?

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Sorry Fred, you can't re-write history to justify expansion of an untested liability-free product.
Rapacious greed is the name of the game. Instead of a land grab, the "business saavy" are out for 20% return on their investment in liability free injections.
I hope someday soon the people wielding the syringes will refuse to shoot and refrigerators stop working - just like one one holding ASD brains for research.

Frederic Chopin

What leadership are you referring to? Oh and I got my first Moderna vaccine dose on 12/23/2020 so no need to worry.
As an aside our hospital is completely full and on diversion due to COVID. It's been like that all week. We're having to send patients across state lines to find beds. Fortunately 99% of my work is in our outpatient clinic!


Frederick Chopin,
During a time period with no running water, no electricity, no heat beyond a burning fire in winter, no antibiotics, no IV fluids, no anaesthetics for infected limb removal beyond getting drunk or maybe opium, no public transportation more reliable than a horse, no proper medical training, when death by starvation was common, and a cold winter without enough to hunt or too many mice eating the stored grain meant death, and at a time when forced death marches ( the Trail of Tears) happened, occasional cannabalism due to starvation ( The Donner party for example) people hunted each other for financial bounties for body parts, and yes, at a time when people practiced by biological warfare by deliberately infecting each other with smallpox, I think any comparison with modern day life needs to look at context.

Grace Green

If people "blossomed where they grew" such things wouldn't happen. It's like transporting trees and plants to alien countries - they bring horrendous diseases and all our elms, ash etc. end up dead, or rather, nearly all, because the resistant ones bring forth a new strain. Basic ecology. Dousing everyone/everywhere with chemicals is not a long term solution.

Frederic Chopin


As an internet researcher I bet you could Google "Columbian exchange" and read all about the depopulation effect of European diseases on the New World population.

Hans Litten

Freddie : He really isnt worth a syllable

Hans Litten

Posted by: Emmaphiladelphia | December 30, 2020 at 12:45 PM

Why are you even entertaining this complete whackjob Freddie_LooneyTunes.
He has denied all criticism of the nazi vaccine program, (final solution) for years on end despite whatever damning evidence is provided. He really isnt word a syllable.

I would imagine his job description is to waste everyones time and attempt to try and tie up in knots any decent leadership within our ranks. He is just unhinged. I want him vaccinated.

CALL- before-you-walk.
Acutely ill patients being diverted from A&E departments , GP's warn

"NHS RESET" quietly implemented in May 2020, and look at the damn state of it!
Another political algorithm heading for the orthopaedic department, with a bloody nose and a fractured jaw?
Will the hardworking ,but stressed out,burnt out staff have time to fill out a roll-out vaccine /yellow card for reporting adverse vaccine reactions ?
I would not want to bet a squinty thrupenny bit that they will have either the time or the inclination
to want to be bothered with just another pesky bit of paperwork to be completed !
Why? because some of these practitioners are that stressed out,burnt out and peched out/breathless ,some are needing taken right back to basic breathing exercises ,as some of the wee darlins are systematically hyperventilating and not even conscious they are doing so either !
They are going to need more bed-pans for the roll-up line -up- vaccine queue's
because the political algorithm does not know the difference between a vaccine adverse reaction and a vaccine injury !



"Remember we were discussing the estimated percentage of the indigenous New World population that died off after European contact due to what are now vaccine-preventable diseases?"

Ummm. We weren't discussing anything. You were trying to change the subject. I had originally asked what vaccines had contributed to this elderly couple's long life span that pre-dated the Civil War and went up to 1961 when they were photographed. When it became clear that the answer was MAYBE a Jenner cow pox vaccine (no aluminum adjuvants, mercury) when they were enslaved children, you then threw out a nonsense question: "Do you know what percentage of the New World indigenous population died of what are now vaccine-preventable diseases after European contact?" You were asking for a percentage based on quantifiable data BASED ON WHAT? When I laid out the information necessary to even attempt to come up with an answer, you waited until my question was buried "below" on the posts so your question would sound "legitimate" and you could avoid showing that you have no data. What crevice did you pull "90%" out of?
I've been an internet researcher since the '90's. Your tactics are amateur and predictable. So are those of your tag team partner "Cait". Whenever you want to have a REAL discussion, let me know.



"I don't know the outcome of these specific cases, but generally this condition resolves on its own."

What is "this condition"? You must think it is NOT the result of vaccine injury, because you claim to know that "it resolves on its own." The vaccines only have EXPERIMENTAL FDA approval. No long term trials have been done. This particular new vaccine technology has never been listed on the CDC RECOMMENDED vaccine list which would make it a "taxable vaccine." No research has been done to prove that the vaccine did NOT cause this self-described "Bell's Palsy" of unknown cause.


"I'm not a racist." So you keep saying. I wonder why.

Well, wonder no more. I am following current recommendation for order of receipt of vaccines. It is racist to want to be in the front of the vaccine line according to this:

Vaccine rollout barrels on with health disparity in backseat
"A federal set-aside is not the only way to get vaccine to vulnerable neighborhoods. In their vaccination plans, 18 states have said they will consider race and income as they map out vaccine distribution.

Tennessee plans to reserve 10% of its vaccines for use in targeted areas with high scores on a measurement known as the social vulnerability index, which is based on census data that incorporates race, poverty, crowded housing and other factors. The index was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help identify communities that may need support in emergencies such as hurricanes."

I am pro-health and our family will refuse the vaccines. However, if you go to the front of the line, the poor minorities will be temporarily protected from any vaccine injuries that they certainly wouldn't have the funds to pay for. YOU, on the other hand, DESERVE a vaccine.


That is one scary Bells Palsy video, thanks for posting Emma. The thing about Pfizer's data is it could all be junk. Absolute garbage. Data collected by MDs who were paid $$$ by Pfizer. And, similar to Merck's mmr studies, biostatisticians could easily change the data to make it seem better than it was. After all, that's what happened with autism. How's it going to be in 10 years, will every other child on the block have bells palsy ? I think it's possible because Pfizer doesn't care about the patient and neither does their doctor.

Frederic Chopin


What about the context don't you understand? Remember we were discussing the estimated percentage of the indigenous New World population that died off after European contact due to what are now vaccine-preventable diseases? The answer is 90%+.

And the US average life expectancy during the nice old couple's lifetime (i.e. from 1850 to 1960) went from roughly 38 years to 68 years. So even though one can dig up a few individuals back then that lived to be 100, for each of those you'd find thousands of grave stones of infants who died of diptheria or whooping cough or any number of other currently vaccine-preventable illnesses.



"It's estimated that 90%+ died, most before ever seeing a European as the diseases rapidly spread inland."
Context please. I don't know what you are talking about.

"Do you know what the average life expectancy in the US was during your nice old couple's lifespan?"
Should I include death statistics from the CIVIL WAR?
Who would have kept these statistics and where could I find them?


@ Emmaphiladelphia

"You assume the vaccine didn't cause the face droop." Actually, no I don't assume that. Nor am I claiming that the vaccine is perfectly safe. But it seems likely that the risk of dying from Covid-19 — for the entire [US/UK] population, not per case — is greater than the risk of developing Bell’s Palsy as a result of taking the vaccine.

"I have perfect perspective." That's... well, your perspective.

"I'm not a racist." So you keep saying. I wonder why.


Video was on the news too.
But my lying eyes and lying memory and all.

What was that kind of stuff called now a days -- gas lighting?
Like described in the novel: Nineteen Eighty-Four: on the consequences of totalitarianism, mass surveillance, and repressive regimentation of persons and behaviors within society.

Frederic Chopin

It's estimated that 90%+ died, most before ever seeing a European as the diseases rapidly spread inland.
Do you know what the average life expectancy in the US was during your nice old couple's lifespan?


"So Emma you watched a video."
As I recall, it was a video of them accessing the information live from the website. Since then, other researchers have reported that the same search comes up with "error" page. This is why it is common to make videos of your searches.

Do you believe this video? (Tiffany fainted on December 17, 2020)
Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Memorial Hospital on December 21, 2020
If so, why?

Do you know what percentage of the New World indigenous population died of what are now vaccine-preventable diseases after European contact?

What specific dates are you referring to? Specifically, what geographic locations do you consider to be "the New World"? How do you define "indigenous" population? Specifically, who recorded this data at the time? Do you have access to it? What specific diseases are you referring to? Specifically, what date did "European" contact begin? Specifically what people groups are "European"?
Without answers to my questions, my answer would have to be "no."

And wouldn’t that nice old couple likely have been immunized for smallpox and polio?
There is a slight possibility that while still enslaved children, the couple received the original Jenner cow pox vaccine. What was the first year polio vaccines were given to adults? They certainly weren't available when they were young children.

So, one ORIGINAL cow pox vaccine (no aluminum adjuvants or mercury) and possibly a second vaccine as an adult.

Frederic Chopin

So Emma you watched a video.
Do you know what percentage of the New World indigenous population died of what are now vaccine-preventable diseases after European contact?
And wouldn’t that nice old couple likely have been immunized for smallpox and polio?


"Let’s see that compelling evidence then."

It's in a video that was already posted. I think you can still find it on Bitchute.

Please, you and Cait answer my post below your post @ December 29, 2020 at 03:12 PM
You are the vaccine experts.

Frederic Chopin

Let’s see that compelling evidence then. Or if anyone else could link it.


@Frederick Chopin / Cait

In my research, I came across a photo of an elderly African American couple whose caption stated, "Proud Georgians: Wed 83 years, Mr. and Mrs. John Collins (100 and 108 respectively), ex-slaves of Tallapoosa (Georgia)........the tiny Georgia town turned out to celebrate "John and Elizabeth Collins Day."" The couple could easily pass for 80 years old.

JET (magazine) Oct. 19, 1961 p. 31 Johnson Publishing Co., Inc., New York office at Rockefeller Center, 1270 Avenue of Americas

From 1853 - 1961 (The couple's lifetime) what VACCINES would have been available to help them achieve such longevity? The measles vaccine wasn't widely available until 1967.

John Stone

I have to admit I am not confident about Tiffany - after many discussions perhaps a feeling that someone is playing games over it, but yes if she is alive and well it would be responsible to end speculation.


@Frederic Chopin
"Tiffany is dead? As you say, Prove it!"

That's easy. The same hospital that used her as a live stream vaccine "influencer" where we saw her faint 18 minutes after receiving the Covid 19 vaccine has an obligation to do another media conference where she is live, saying that she is alive and well. Easy peasy.

Otherwise, researchers have already found government death documentation for a female with her same name, age, birth location and names of individuals already associated with her. The date of death also corresponds to the timing of the vaccine event. VERY COMPELLING EVIDENCE. This is now all over the internet. Only the HOSPITAL has made public comment on her condition. This is unacceptable. As far as I am concerned, she most likely has died, unless proven otherwise by the nurse herself and family. A desire for "privacy" is irrelevant. She volunteered to go live and get the shot to prove the private for profit Pharma product was safe. She passed out 18 minutes later and after having revived, stated in a publicized interview that she knew the cause of it, without any further medical examination. SHE IS OBLIGATED TO CONFIRM SHE IS STILL ALIVE.

Also, how can I track Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine LOT NUMBER EK5730 or EKS730? Could you give me the link?


My father has a 87 year old friend that visits him often. They worked together for years.
The 87 year old bought their old red K car from them this year and has been working on it to get it fixed up to drive.
The 87 year old got covid back a little before Thanksgiving.
A little before Christmas he shows up to show off the work he has done on the K car.

"How was your bout with covid?" we all asked.

"Oh, I ran a temperature for two or three days, lost my appetite for three or four weeks, and I am fine," he said.

Early this year in Mississippi, my sister and brother -in- law loses their son and mother all in one week and covid was involved. I would love to know more about my nephew. I know he wrote that he felt bad back much earlier before he came down with covid and we discussed inflammation. He was just put on new blood pressure medicine. All these young men with heart problems.

The grandmother had turned 92, and had just started having some problems getting up out of her chair, but maybe she would have made it if she had just a bit of Hydroxychloroquine, cause there is not one sicker than my sister in law with lupus, mythensis gravis all that requires her to have a constant prescription of Hydroxychloroquine. Yet, my sister-in-law was not very sick with it at all. No more than just a little cold she said.

I am pretty sure that my father's 87 year old friend didn't have anything though.


1 out of 11,000 babies that are born with PKU.
And yet every baby born in the United States has some nurse sticking it's foot for blood to test for PKU, and a diet that eliminates amino acid called phenylalanine (treatment) awaits.

What is a going on here? What kind of thinking is that --

John Stone said it is probably 11 people in 10,000 gets their face altered, and it could easily be permanent.

Bell Palsy is just one of many vaccine reactions, but most go unrecognized as linked to a vaccine.

Not unnoticed, just unrecognized. But they count do they not? Diabetes is kind a rough for sure.
Seizures, low energy -- no energy is sure in there.

Frederic Chopin


Tiffany is dead? As you say, Prove it!
As for the placebo information just google "Pfizer saline placebo" and "Moderna saline placebo" and if you still think they didn't both use saline placebos let me know what they did use.

Angus Files

Tiffany Dover for one who was going to be the face of COVID maybe she cant show her face due to Bells Palsy. unlike the brave nurse below after COVID..when its in they cant get it out your screwed..

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


No, I suspect the joke with double blind placebo vaccine studies is that they are not really double blind placebo since everyone will guess quickly whether they have had the load with the active ingredients or the inert version. Since everyone knows which arm they are in this distorts the results. Of course, if you substitute placebo with another vaccine that will also give you meaningless results. I suspect it is nigh on impossible to have a valid vaccine trial.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | December 28, 2020 at 05:31 PM

Tiffany Pontes Dover has died .... RIP , and a pathetic cover up is in progress

And as for Saline Placebos, you are taking your comedy to new heights you absolutely ridiculous person.... Prove it Freddie !


"Here are the rules:
If you were vaccinated and did not fall ill, that's thanks to the vaccine.
If you didn't vaccinate and fell ill, it's because you didn't vaccinate.
You vaccinated and fell ill? You're lucky that you vaccinated or else you would have been much sicker.
If you didn't vaccinate and didn't fall ill, that's thanks to herd immunity.
If you vaccinated and were injured, that's meaningless. It wasn't from the vaccine. Correlation is not causation."

Get used to every side effect being covered up or explained away as 'nothing to see here'.
For a typical vaccine significant side effects of 1 in a million is considered unacceptable.



"This is all very interesting. But we are talking about 7 cases of Bell's Palsy in about 75,000 vaccine trial participants"

I thought it was two different vaccine brands. Why would you lump them together? Please cite/link the clinical trial data to back up your claim of "75,000...participants." How many for each vaccine brand? How many actually took the vaccine for each brand? How many took the placebo? Did both vaccine brands use a saline placebo?

"I don't know the outcome of these specific cases, but generally this condition resolves on its own."
Your comment is irrelevant and unscientific. You assume the vaccine didn't cause the face droop. TOTALLY UNSCIENTIFIC.

"Meanwhile, in the 9 days since this article was published, there have been nearly 20,000 Covid deaths in the USA." Based on what? A proven unreliable PCR test with coroners being told to list Covid 19 only, even with comorbidities? John's Hopkins is not an unbiased source. They are in alliance with the Gates Foundation and the WHO:
"UPDATED: Johns Hopkins Retracts Article Saying COVID-19 Has 'Relatively No Effect on Deaths' in U.S.
BY MATT MARGOLIS NOV 27, 2020 11:24 AM ET"

"People with family members who have suffered vaccine injury are understandably cautious, but let's try to keep things in perspective."
Oh, I have perfect perspective. Our family does not vaccinate. We focus on building our immune systems naturally. I can't remember that last time anyone had to see a doctor (10 years). Never any flu shots and never any flu. No Covid 19 either. No colds. Nothing. Cait, I'd be more than happy to give you all of our family's covaxxes. I am not a racist.

Frederic Chopin

You don’t agree with the standard of care in diagnosing Bell’s palsy. Let the experts know.
The Pfizer and Moderna placebo groups did receive saline placebos, so at least there’s that.
And I’m still not convinced about the Tennessee nurse video. I hope she reported her symptoms to the vaccine study researchers. I hope they get to the bottom of this.


"Why are you insisting there’s no standard for diagnosing Bell’s palsy?"
If they haven't investigated other causes such as brain lesions or reaction to viral or vaccine induced inflammation, then Bell's Palsy is just a description of symptoms with "unknown causes."
I have posted links to "legitimate" references. YOU HAVE POSTED NONE. Anyone can read my posts on this page and see that you are full of hot air- spewing nonsense, with nothing to back it up.

"And instead of determining background rates from prior studies of background rates what would you do?"
A clinical safety trial would only look at the vaccine group versus the SALINE placebo group. IT'S CALLED science. Four cases of Bell's palsy in the vaccine group versus NONE in the control group would automatically trigger focused investigation into the UNDERLYING CAUSE of the symptoms. The burden of proof is on the VACCINE MAKERS to show it was not caused by the vaccine. Even if the palsy symptoms dissipate, there is no guarantee that the second shot won't trigger a worse and even deadly event. THIS IS AN EXPERIMENTAL mRNA vaccine that has never been used before. There is no long term study on its effects. IT SHOULD NOT BE ON THE MARKET.

"And as for your Nashville RN video why isn’t she listed as an RN in Tennessee?"
Are you insinuating that this nurse is a fake? Where is your proof?
I find her raw emotion and testimony quite genuine and compelling. If she is an actress, she should be in Hollywood.

She would also know she is in danger for putting out her warning. I would think she made it hard to find her.


This is all very interesting. But we are talking about 7 cases of Bell's Palsy in about 75,000 vaccine trial participants, so approximately 1 per 10,000. I don't know the outcome of these specific cases, but generally this condition resolves on its own. Meanwhile, in the 9 days since this article was published, there have been nearly 20,000 Covid deaths in the USA. In the USA and in the UK, more than 1 in every thousand people have died of this disease... so far. (Data source: Johns Hopkins)

People with family members who have suffered vaccine injury are understandably cautious, but let's try to keep things in perspective.


Hi Frederick, I think John Stone very accurately addressed the background rates of Bells Palsy.
Respectfully, I am copying John Stones comment, because it answers yours.

“Nonnymouse I wrote previously: “The trial included 44,000, so it was presumably ~22,000 or about 1 in 5,500 of those who received the vaccine. Rates of Bell’s Palsy are given at between 1 and 4 per 10,000 per year according to Wiki but this is a late trial so we are not talking about a whole year. Risk factors include diabetes, respiratory tract infections and pregnancy (presumably these would be exclusions).” I believe the trial was two months so it does look like the rate was too high to be put down to coincidence. I think off the top of my head that would be about 11 in 10,000 per year.”

So Bells Palsy rates in the vaccinated group are much higher than "background rates", since we are comparing 2 months, with low risk subjects, to the overall "background rate for a whole year!, with many high risk subjects.
Emma, I am not sure about the Nashville nurse. I watched a small part of a video of her, and something does not sit right. She mentioned getting Bells Palsy within 30 days of her shot, when shots have not been in Nashville for that long. Also, the subtitles were not in English, which seemed to suggest the video was made overseas, not in Nashville. I think, though I haven't checked, that the cases of Bells Palsy came after the second shot? So I would expect us to start seeing cases in about three weeks.
Re Frederick Chopins' comment that a nurse would know it was "probably reversible"; I think what he is missing is that a nurse would also likely know that there is at least a 5% chance that she will have irreversible Bells Palsy for the rest of her life. And of course, even if it does go away, it can re-occur.


Frederic Chopin;

Beat a dead horse. Bell Palsy is name of symptoms and not the name of the cause.

Regardless of the cause -- a nerve inflamed till your face droops and you are --YES ARE in PAIN, or a deeper injury all the way down to the brain -- sounds like something that I want to skip.

After all; I was not getting out of any injuries on other vaccines long ago.
1 out of million - 1 out of 250 - means little when hit by lightening; one might get the idea that those stats are wrong, or that there is something that just draws lightening, and best not encourage such?


Hera; I have all of the stuff I want mine to take; all anti inflammation stuff I think. .
So much that I am getting confused.

I have aspirin blood thinner.
Nattokinase yeah, new one for me too.
green tea extract
vitamin D3 with K
N acetyl cysteine.

What else?
Do I put these in individual boxes for each family member?
And why can't I just get Hydroxychloroquine on day 1 for them?

I cannot count on that, but can I count on that antibody treatment that Trump had?
Oh, my 97 year old day has a friend that has been his co worker for years. He is 87. He comes to visit Dad a lot, and calls all the time. He bought my parents K car off of them, and has been working on it with his sons all summer. He is a social butterfly, he goes to a fast food place every morning for his coffee and visits here and there. He came down with covid two months ago. Remember 87 years old. He came down with a fever for two or three days. Lost his appetite for three or four weeks he said; and now he is back.

He brought the K car up to our house for us all to admire just before Christmas. 87 and unlike Boris Johnson that still has black under his eyes, looks exhausted from his covid experience six months ago; he is fine.

I still think we had this last Jan. My daughter, my son and I were all sick. My daughter thought she had the flu but tested negative for the flu. Too many unknowns.

Frederic Chopin

Why are you insisting there’s no standard for diagnosing Bell’s palsy? Look it up on Medscape or UpToDate or any of dozens of other legitimate sites.
And instead of determining background rates from prior studies of background rates what would you do?
And as for your Nashville RN video why isn’t she listed as an RN in Tennessee? Why wouldn’t an RN know there are 2 different COVID vaccines or that Bell’s palsy is almost always temporary?


Hi Frederick Chopin,

As I understand it, the plan is to unblind all the studies,giving everyone the shots, so there will be no way to effectively continue monitoring, because there will be no control group.

And what are they going to do if they "continue to monitor" anyway? They are giving millions of shots. The shots can't be reversed. If they say oops, you will have increased risk of birth defects, oops, you will have repeating neurological challenges, oops , you will get transverse myelitis in the next five years, ooops, you will be developing an autoimmune disease, then what do they do next? They can't unvaccinate people. They probably won't be able to reverse the side effects, and we know anyway that given any chance at all of hiding significant side effects from the general populace, then, given human nature, it is most likely that everyone who had anything to do with pushing the vaccine will be doing the "it's all a coincidence" dance for all they are worth.

And they will probably justify this by saying it will just upset people, and they can't change things now anyway...

As anyone who has birth defects or vaccine injury in their family already knows, some bells just can't be unrung. The many anthrax vaccine injury survivors from the military have already experienced this first hand.

I do have a question for you though. We are hearing about hospitals refusing to give proper medical care to the disabled, despite having ventilators etc available. Do you see this kind of bias in your hospital, and/or what would you advise to ensure a disabled person gets proper care, at a time when they could well be separated from any advocate? And advice at all would be helpful. And anyone else with ideas, please also comment.)


@Frederic Chopin
"I’d guess..."
"I don’t think..."
"I’d guess..."
"And the case isn’t closed."

I am correct. There is no consistent standard for diagnosing Bell's palsy. In a vaccine clinical trial, what is important is the underlying cause of outward symptoms. If no check for stroke, or brain lesion, or nerve compression due to inflammation, then no safety investigation has been done. Relying on a so-called "Background rate based on population studies" is irrelevant for a vaccine clinical trial designed to prove safety of a product.


Tiffany Dover update: WHERE IS TIFFANY?

Independent researchers have reportedly found a county death record of a person by that name, same age, and with other confirming details. They await proof of life.

Tiffany's Chattanooga hospital claims she is fine. There are accounts that the hospital has hired lawyers regarding her fainting incident and recovery.
YOU DECIDE:;read=161354

This nurse signed an agreement to be on video record taking the vaccine and was used to promote the vaccine. She has an obligation to come forward and give in-person physical proof that she is well.
Otherwise, it looks like a cover-up.


@ John Stone

The FDA doc was for Pfizer vax. Yes, it was four in the vaxxed group. I noted that in the other post. The one you questioned was for the Moderna trials which they claim had 3 cases in the vaxxed group and 1 case in the unvaxxed. I only used the MSM article for those numbers. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the rest of the article.
Do you have the FDA doc for the Modernal trials and approval you could post?

Frederic Chopin


Bell’s palsy is a clinical diagnosis. That means a history and physical is all that’s required. In the rare cases that don’t resolve in a few weeks or in cases where additional neurologic deficits are present brain imaging is warranted. Despite that I’d guess in the US a lot of cases actually get stroke work ups initially due to fear of lawsuits.
Background rates are based on population studies and vary from country to country but it’s pretty easy to look up that information.
I don’t think the patients all had to travel to some central location to be examined by the “vaccine trial researchers”. I’d guess they and their physicians submitted their data for review.
And the case isn’t closed. All participants will continue to be monitored.


@Frederic Chopin


"Nashville Registered Nurse Takes Covid Vax - Shows The Entire Left Half
Of Her Face Is Now Paralyzed - Listen To Her Warning To All Americans
...'They Do Not Care About Us...Do NOT Take This Vaccination!' - WATCH"

John Stone


Just to mention the report you quote was inaccurate (or perhaps untruthful) and the FDA submission stated that all four cases were in the vaccinated group (executive summary p.6):

I wrote previously:

“Nonnymouse I wrote previously: “The trial included 44,000, so it was presumably ~22,000 or about 1 in 5,500 of those who received the vaccine. Rates of Bell’s Palsy are given at between 1 and 4 per 10,000 per year according to Wiki but this is a late trial so we are not talking about a whole year. Risk factors include diabetes, respiratory tract infections and pregnancy (presumably these would be exclusions).” I believe the trial was two months so it does look like the rate was too high to be put down to coincidence. I think off the top of my head that would be about 11 in 10,000 per year.”


@Frederic Chopin

"Wow you have a lot of questions! As for the first, what vaccine are you talking about (there are many)"

Here's another:
FDA finds Moderna COVID-19 vaccine highly effective but points out Bell's Palsy cases

"...four cases of Bell's Palsy were found among the trial participants- three among the vaccinated group and one in the placebo group.....the authority called for monitoring for such cases in individuals receiving the vaccine."

What testing was done on the trial volunteers to conclude that it was indeed Bell's palsy? Did they get MRI scans to rule out MS? What were the specific symptoms? Was it just a "droopy" face? Did it affect speech or hearing? The eyes? LET'S HAVE SOME TRANSPARENCY.

Where is the animal trial data?

The same article quotes this: "Bell's palsy, also known as acute peripheral facial palsy of unknown cause, causes half of your face to droop because of temporary weakness in the facial muscles, according to the Mayo Clinic." I and Hera documented that the condition is much more complex and can involve brain leisions, and damage to both CN V and VII. So, is Bell's palsy ONLY a description of unilateral visible weakness of facial muscles of expression? HOW DID THE VACCINE TRIAL RESEARCHERS DEFINE IT? How could they possibly claim "background rate" if they have no concise definition for it. They diagnosed "Bell's palsy" BASED ON WHAT?



"As for the first, what vaccine are you talking about (there are many)"

The vaccines used in the Covid 19 vaccine clinical trials where there were occurrences of what was described as Bell's palsy. Four volunteers developed Bell's palsy after receiving Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine. All four people who got Bell’s palsy were in the group who got the vaccine (rather than a placebo). How can they prove it was NOT the vaccine?

Frederic Chopin


Wow you have a lot of questions! As for the first, what vaccine are you talking about (there are many), and what proof do you have it causes facial nerve inflammation? By proof I mean evidence this vaccine causes the condition to develop beyond its background rate.


@Frederic Chopin

"What was your original question?"

"Inflammation can cause nerve pressure. What is it in the vaccine that is causing the facial nerve inflammation? Are we sure it is not a mini stroke? Were they checked for that? Should someone who had brain inflammation from their childhood vaccines (vaccine induced encephalopathy) take the Covid vaccine?"

Here is what CIA posted:
"The CDC reports on reactions to the vaccine, says people who have had certain allergic reactions in the past should not get the vaccine."

Also, were these injuries reported to VAERS? Who is currently tracking them? Who is tracking the anaphylactic shock injuries?


LOL Fredrick; We uns here -- are sooo stupid that we are asking you questions as you can see.

It is the other way around, really!

We are trying to help you out.
When you get an auto immune disease, you are pretty much on your own.

Frederic Chopin


Yes that’s right trigeminal is 5 and facial is 7. What was your original question?


Hi Emmaphiladelphia,
Nice picture of cranial nerve 5 !

Hi Frederic Chopin

Here is an article
authored by
Nelson Hendler, MD, MS
Former Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine;

which discusses pain sources in the face resulting from either the fifth cranial nerve ("trigeminal" nerve) , or the seventh cranial nerve ( the facial nerve or "Bells Palsy" nerve)

Here is a quick chart he includes on pain sources by nerve or condition
Jaw pain
TMJ, temporal arteritis, trigeminal neuralagia

Temple pain
TMJ, temporal arteritis, trigeminal neuralagia, facial nerve neuralgia

Tooth pain
Sinusitis, trigeminal neuralagia, facial nerve neuralgia

Swallowing pain
Eagles syndrome, Glossopharyngeal neuritis

Cheek pain
Sjogren’s syndrome, trigeminal neuralagia

As you can see, both nerves can cause face pain as a side effect.
The facial nerve/Bells Palsy nerve can also cause the host of symptoms and deformities listed below.


Covid vaccines a boom for EpiPen sales? Don't get a vax without it!

"Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh, a geriatric oncologist at Boston Medical Center, said he became dizzy and felt his heart racing moments after receiving the Moderna vaccine on Thursday, according to the New York Times.

"It was the same anaphylactic reaction that I experience with shellfish," Sadrzadeh said, adding that his tongue became numb, his blood pressure plummeted, and he developed a cold sweat.

"I don’t want anybody to go through that,” he said.

Sadrzadeh self-administered an EpiPen shot that he brought along with him and was briefly sent to the emergency room before being discharged.

Several examples of negative reactions to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine have been reported, but Sadrzadeh’s reaction marks the first time an issue with the Moderna vaccine has been widely reported."


@Frederick CHOPin

""Bell’s palsy and trigeminal neuralgia are entirely different conditions affecting different cranial nerves - the fifth (a motor nerve) and the seventh (a sensory nerve)."

I am still awaiting your response to my original questions.

In the meantime, I dragged out one of my old med school anatomy books and refreshed my dim memory of the details of the trigeminal nerve, aka Cranial Nerve V. I remember 8:00 am human anatomy lectures on the head and neck, and I do recall that they spent a few of them on the trigeminal ganglion (Cranial Nerve V) and Bell's Palsy. For some reason, they wanted to make sure doctors could recognize this condition. Your statement above is not accurate according to human anatomy. CN V carries both sensory and motor pathways. According to Wikipedia, "....each of the two nerves (one on each side of the pons) has three major branches: the ophthalmic nerve (V1), the maxillary nerve (V2), and the mandibular nerve (V3). The ophthalmic and maxillary nerves are purely sensory, whereas the mandibular nerve supplies motor as well as sensory (or "cutaneous") functions.[1] Adding to the complexity of this nerve is the fact that autonomic nerve fibers as well as special sensory fibers (taste) are contained within it." You can better appreciate the complex anatomy of the Trigeminal nerve from this drawing:

As you can see, any inflamation/damage to various positions and branches of the Trigeminal nerve (CN V) could cause the symptoms that were listed in Hera's post regarding Bell's palsy:

"The most common symptom is sudden weakness of one side of the face. Other symptoms may include drooping of the mouth, drooling, inability to close eye (causing dryness of the eye), and excessive tearing in one eye. Individuals may also have facial pain or abnormal sensation, altered taste, and intolerance to loud noise. Most often these symptoms lead to significant facial distortion.

It can also lead to speech problems in some cases."

Damage to this same nerve can also result in Trigeminal neuralgia:

"Your doctor may order an MRI scan of your head to determine if MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS or a tumor is causing trigeminal neuralgia."

"...some people have found improvement with treatments, such as acupuncture, biofeedback, CHIROPRACTIC, and vitamin or nutritional therapy. Be sure to check with your doctor before trying an alternative treatment because it may interact with your other treatments."

"if you appear to have trigeminal neuralgia — which branches of the trigeminal nerve may be affected. Reflex tests also can help your doctor determine if your symptoms are caused by a COMPRESSED nerve or another condition."


Good! I got to be lazy and now just have to read what you guys know.

This Bell Palsy is just a name only of symptoms, not the cause.

Some causes are more sinister serious than others, indicating anything from a facial nerve problem, all the way to a brain inflammation (damage). We don't know what these nurses have, or where?

Fredrick Chopin; I know you come on here to sneer, berate, and make fun.

But sometimes in our gruesome, demeaning glory, we glean information that is life changing, so here you go; My Christmas gift to you.

I can't get help, never could 34 years worth of no help from the medical doctors for my son's seizures. After years of misery with absentee seizures, myclonic jerks , grand mals, on and on --- eh finally was put on some seizure medicine. A seizure medicine that dampens his immune system.

Years and years when by, and just this year his dampened immune system from Keppra, along with strep throat this year causes him to be really, really sick. Real sick. OCD , mental problems sick. .

No one told me in the 90s that starvation of epileptics as far back as Jesus's time, Roman times could heal or at least improve seizure disorders. No one told me, no doctor, no medical doctor, no neurologists that in the early 1900s that there was a diet of high fat called keto that could potentially heal an epileptic. No one said that in the 1950s that MCT oil from coconut oil improved epileptic health outcomes even more.

So with no more a do Except to tell you Mr. Chopin that it might be time to open your mind wide open and read some history on -- well I think it all started with Rockefeller and his input to modern medicine.

The story begin I think: something like this:

Rockefeller was a kid that grew up close to starving to death. His Dad neglected the whole family and was a sleazed snake oil salesman ever. But being poor was Rockefeller's driving force. So the story begins of modern medicine and the declining of natural healing medicine.

Frederic Chopin


Trigeminal neuralgia is called trigeminal neuralgia because it involves the trigeminal nerve. That’s a sensory nerve. It’s entirely different from the facial nerve, which is a motor nerve and is involved in Bell’s palsy. So yeah when the chiropractor claims trigeminal neuralgia is due to compression of the facial nerve even anti science people should maybe reconsider who they look to for medical advice.


Hi Frederick Chopin,
here is a link on Bells Palsy from the national institute of Neurological disorders and Strokes
Per the article, it can indeed cause facial pain.
From the article
The most common symptom is sudden weakness of one side of the face. Other symptoms may include drooping of the mouth, drooling, inability to close eye (causing dryness of the eye), and excessive tearing in one eye. Individuals may also have facial pain or abnormal sensation, altered taste, and intolerance to loud noise. Most often these symptoms lead to significant facial distortion.

It can also lead to speech problems in some cases.
Some individuals may be left with mild residual facial weakness or show moderate to severe deficits. Bell’s palsy can have consequences from a previous injury or condition, such as involuntary mouth movements when trying to blink the eyes or incomplete recovery of facial muscle weakness resulting in trouble speaking or forming words (dysarthria).

If it does not reverse, it can lead to eventual blindness on the affected side, with some people requiring surgery to permanently close the affected eye, so as to prevent ongoing damage to it.

If you have the money for it, and the condition does not reverse, you can also have plastic surgery to try and reverse some of the facial deformities.
Here is one private surgery that offers plastic surgery in a multi team approach for ongoing Bells Palsy



Now I know know insincere you are .
The first article linked is from the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, & Psychiatry. Here is the actual study :
"Isolated cranial nerve palsies in multiple sclerosis"

This directly relates to CIA's claim that she suffered from Bell's Palsy while suffering from MS. The article used MRI to reveal that the individuals in the study also had corresponding brain lesions, consistent with MS. One might conclude that it is not "traditional" Bell's palsy, but an MS brain lesion that happens to affect the facial nerves. It also confirms that this is a RARE condition.

"That’s a chiropractor advertisement."
I clearly stated the source in my second link. WHAT INFORMATION IS INACCURATE?
If this contains inaccuracies, please link to what you believe to be "accurate information."

Frederic Chopin


That’s a chiropractor advertisement.

Bell’s palsy and trigeminal neuralgia are entirely different conditions affecting different cranial nerves - the fifth (a motor nerve) and the seventh (a sensory nerve).

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