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Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down

"It was a momentous day in Hamilton County....."  First frontline workers in Chattanooga get COVID-19 vaccine Thursday

It wasn't so momentous for Nurse Tiffany Dover of CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who passed out on camera at the dog and pony show put on by her medical center.  I could see her distress before she opened her mouth. She staggered to the microphone.  The video is all over Facebook and elsewhere. It's on our Facebook page too.

What really struck me, and what I hope that I can bring to you as a unique perspective, is that while she stumbled to the microphone, NONE OF THE MEN AROUND HER came to her aid or stopped her from going forward. Such is war. ONWARD VACCINATION SOLDIERS!  They had a job to do after all, to make this press conference a full tribute to Pfizer.

I noticed her distress in one second. She wobbled like the Weebles my little brother loved in the 1970s. Did you notice it too? Imagine the callous disregard of those around her. She is a 30 year old mother of two children. I would have run to her to help in that moment.

Ask the leadership of CHI how they feel about endangering this young Mother.
Go ahead and run a Google search for the cmi medical center vaccine press conference and see if you can find anything. Scrubbed cleaner than my kitchen sink.
The next day, she told media that she sometimes faints when in great pain. Not sure how that became the smart cover story. First of all, she was cheerful and followed the script well until she had to mumble, "sorry," (in the photo shown, that's what she was saying).  And second if the product causes so much pain that you pass out, well, that's not exactly a roaring endorsement. But endorse Nurse Dover did. Before, during and after. B67181AF-2314-400E-A832-09E3756F4586




thank you so much. It's worse than I thought.
My son and I needed to escape this weekend so we went camping in the desert. We had a lot of fun out there hiking around the rocks and checking out the animals. He's a trooper and I love going out there with him. The funniest thing was when we were trying to put up the tent in high winds. It whipped up around my head like a giant scarf. We both laughed so hard it was ridiculous. Ultimately we did get that thing up in the 40 mph winds and stayed warm that night. It was a good time and we're going to go again soon.

Grace Green

I believe the running total of deaths following covid vaccination in the USA is past 1100, many of them young healthy people with no underlying conditions. Other countries such as the UK, and Gibraltar have equally alarming numbers. The website Health Impact News is keeping a record of the cases, with descriptions of what happened. It is total carnage.


More ashes.
This poor man was vaccinated of his own free will, 25 minutes later he was dead, but don't worry, the government says it's not related.


well, there's been another sudden death in the community - 58yo, black female, 3 co-morbidities, beautiful grandmother. She was alive last week, remarkably quite a singer, and now she has passed, after taking the Pfizer vaccine in Virginia. ashes ashes we all fall down

Frederic Chopin

The problem with having the parents pick which arm of a trial their child will be in is it wouldn’t be randomized. Only with proper randomization can you minimize confounding variables.

Grace Green

Millions of people around the world, including many doctors and scientists, have viewed and shared the film "Plandemic" by Mikki Willis, about Judy Mikovitz's work on ME, autism, cancer and viruses, with evidence from Dr. David Martin, proving that Anthony Fauci et al cheated her and others out of their public recognition, and cheated all of us out of the benefits of her research. They have patented the coronavirus in order to profit from the development of a vaccine. This is massive corruption.
How many people are interested in your career, Fred? And I notice you haven't answered my questions about what is a person supposed to do if they can't get a diagnosis. The treatment I got for myself privately has worked, after being told there was no treatment for ME!


Hi Grace, thanks for comments.I certainly do not think you have any mental or emotional issues ,It is a hazard of a comment box that comments can be taken the wrong way ?
To be frank? wee fred has been conditioned to believe that vaccine injuries are only a one in a million chance of happening . I don't think that is a training deficiency I know it is for sure !
Our health and social care staff are now expected to work from the "NICE" National Institute Clinical Excellence in an bulling culture of" follow your criteria and guidelines or else!"

See Book This is Going To Hurt By Dr Adam Kay
Summary at Adam Kay -Wikipedia

Grace I will not be commenting on this article again . I don't want the comment moderators tae end up with a comment moderating sore head and a headache ?

If the vaccine misinformation crew are reading this at work ,they could end up accidently trying to put an aminophylline supp Up Mrs Smiths "Nose", to help her breathing when the prescription was actually for Mr Smiths nose ! The same dr got removed from the childrens ward as Medical Records
stated Child vomited 2pm Mother coming up later.


Fred; That is all you got? Pitiful.
Sooo, you are here to educate us.
Reprogram us.
Let us see how well that goes.
We too were in the system.
Then we were forced to take the red pill.
Now we read, listen to and breath in all information that comes our way.
Nothing gets you into that mind set of reading pros and cons - opposing ideas than you witness and know it that your child was harmed.
Truth to us is a lot easier than those such as yourself are still enslaved to.
The Geigers got really close to the truth.
Our federal agencies at work, but not for the people.


Hi Frederic,

I am glad you were healthy after the last COVID shot, and hope that you continue in good health,
and also hope that the nurse with the severe localized reaction is , and continues to be, well.

Lupus? That seems a strange autoimmune disease to specifically focus on?

Sometimes it is useful to look at the broader picture to get a view of what is being said.

The article mentions other related autoimmune disorders are also frequently misdiagnosed ,and if you do a quick search, you will find delays and misdiagnosis are common for autoimmune disorders in general.

From this article, showing a different autoimmune disease that is also frequently misdiagnosed as "stress".
Stiff person syndrome (SPS) is a rare neurological disorder characterised by muscular rigidity and superimposed spasms of the trunk and limbs that may be precipitated by voluntary movements and unexpected tactile, auditory or emotional stimulation
SPS is frequently misdiagnosed as axial dystonia or psychogenic movement disorder. We report a patient with SPS in order to emphasise the reasons for this common misdiagnosis.

In a situation where any long term autoimmune diagnosis would look bad for the vaccine, how hard do you think doctors are looking, when "stress" has always been an easy answer that will exonerate the vaccine?

Of course if the vaccine precipitates conversion disorder, that is not exactly a selling point either.

The Norway deaths following the vaccine, of the fragile elderly who experienced "normal vaccine side effects" and died so quickly afterwards, are worrying to me.

You have to be impressed with the double speak here. The vaccine did not cause the deaths, but common reactions to the vaccine like nausea and fever "may have played a role".
Wow. I wonder how many other elderly have died after the vaccine "played a role"?
Scary stuff, particularly in what appears to be a major white wash.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Fred, Are you saying IRB never advance science with appropriately designed trials of adequate length? Especially when inadequate trials where done in the past? There are plenty of parents who would love to have their children enrolled in the control group. Parents protect their infants from pathogens all the time, by keeping them clean and away from sick people. Advances in safety have been made in the auto industry and access to organic food is increasing. Why is the vaccine industry so opposed to improving long term health and safety?
Please see:
Where are your comments on that post?


I wasn't suggesting that I had a problem with what I was saying, or that anyone else did, if by problem you mean a "mental" or emotional problem. I was describing a few examples of what I have experienced as evidence for "Fred" that doctors are not always perfect and do not know everything. My family and I have been violently persecuted, starting with the NHS, for at least fifty years and no-one is able or willing to give an explanation. I have found the only possible explanation, as I've described, and now we see that exactly identical abuse of human rights is being rolled out across the whole of society. I feel I have a responsibility to try to prevent more from being killed or injured - what a pity people hadn't listened to us sooner. But I don't believe this is happening because of doctors' training. They ought to be intelligent enough to think for themselves - there are many who have, and are now speaking out about the impending covax slaughter. And many of us on here have been trying for years to retrain "Fred" with no success.

Frederic Chopin

Do you realize your entire last post on this thread is false?
You can't do placebo-controlled vaccine trials on children unless you're studying a vaccine for a pathogen for which we don't already have a safe and effective vaccine. You'd never get a study like that through an IRB for ethical reasons.
If Mikovits is back saying XMRV causes CFS it's some new grift of hers. Her last publication, which was in 2012, confirmed there was no link.


Hi Grace ,to be clear, I'm sorry that is your experience of the health service and yes, it is not ok at all !
Lennox Castle Hospital, Glasgow "The Castle " 900 bed plus, Mental Handicap Hospital .
Mid 1980's Medical Records kept locked in the Charge Nurse's ward office "Aye Nae wonder !"
People stamped, labeled, and branded as Idiot, Imbicile, Retard ,Mental Defective, Moral Delinquency label allocated for some women only because they were unmarried mothers .some left there for 40 years and were expected to work on the wards as cleaners and/or helping to care for other patients in 50 bed wards ,with one TV ,one bottle of shampo one bottle of bubble bath big communal clothing
boot hall with shared pants socks vests and or bras obviously they had to have their own shoes and boots !" Don' t let these auld victorian medical labels define your potential-n- possibilities" and try not to get annoyed, upset online with attitudes with a training deficiency? That's what I mean by it is their problem not yours .
Fire Alarm/ Alert ! Moral Delinquency /Medical Label now repurposed ,remoddled for vaccine safety concerns as Damn anti- vax- cac? WHO flung dung round the ring -a- roses this time round?
Their sub-standard, behaviour modification standards now getting used on the Fire Service as well ?
The scientific superintendents are going to need a big supply of "A tissue hankies" for that political experiment cause the bigger the experiment the bigger the backdraught ?

Thames ,the river
The Bridge of Sighs
Thomas Hood [ 1799- 1845 ]

Grace Green

It hasn't just been one Dr. Whoever, but every doctor I've seen for fifty years. I don't get the standard treatment that everyone else gets, ever, nothing. Never mind not seeking health care, I've sought and been refused! I don't understand this statement that I've heard before - it's their problem not mine. I'm the one (along with my sons) who has been left living with the situation.
Thanks again for that second link. Great to see ME being taken seriously. Kent Heckenlively, over at The Bolen Report, has written about this drug, Suramin, lets hope it gets rolled out soon. Everyone here should be following this development.
You haven't said what the difference is between relating one's experience and claiming an illness (diagnosis). If someone goes to the hospital with their femur protruding from their thigh, and the doctor says they haven't got a broken leg, they're just imagining it, should the person just carry on as normal? (In case you think that would be impossible, a friend who was a consultant radiographer told me of a farmer who completed the harvest before presenting with a broken ankle, which had by then almost completely ground away.) BTW, ME and other conditions really have been caused by XMRV, and Judy Mikovits PhD is another whistleblower who has been violently and criminally persecuted for trying to expose the continuing medical corruption. You may like to watch the recent discussion on "Focus on Fauci".

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Fred, it is simple for something to stay unproven for years - you simply ignore it. Where are the large, randomized placebo-controlled trials that follow children through the years critical for language and social development? Oh, they don't exist. This serves your "unproven" argument, but it does not rule-out vaccination as a cause of autism. You don't have the ammunition to shut us up. The injuries awarded through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program provide the evidence of harm. So it isn't a question of whether vaccines cause lasting, unrecoverable harm. It is a question of how many. The steadfast refusal to study the health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated over several years is an argument for "ignorance is bliss" Why are you not ashamed? P.S. Do you advise your head nurse to get the second dose?


Thank you Grace for that information.

Fredrick Chopin; There is nothing more disturbing that to put forth the truth only to have your reputation trashed.

The Geigers did great work and regardless of you smug opinion they have found their place in on the right side of history.

Right side of history will also be Dr. Wakefield and his 11 other scientists that that found and reported a new, different type of inflammation in the small intestines of children that parents reported became ill, and autism or brain function problems after an MMR.

The Right side of History will also be Dr. Didier Raoult famous, world renown virologist, until he crossed Fauci about hydroxychloroquine. (Fauci owns the patents the mRNA Moderna vaccine). And Fauci drives the upper medical establishment that had even refused to allow steroids. Not even common known treatments for inflammation caused by viruses were allowed. Now if you look up his name google, big tech ilk is busy trashing him. Even though pubmed has tons of literature that says it sure does work.


Good news, everyone! The CDC has quietly removed the statement "Vaccines do not cause autism", under legal pressure from Del Bigtree and The Highwire.

Frederic Chopin

I doubt the conversion reaction lady has lupus either.

Encephalitis is a table injury for some vaccines if it's diagnosed within a certain time after the injection, but causation is still unproven and it's not autism.

Please don't ever quote the Geiers.

Autoimmune brain damage like any brain insult can cause some symptoms of autism or ASD but where is the link to vaccines?

Our head nurse had an impressive local reaction to her first Moderna vaccine injection that resolved in 2 days. Haven't heard of anyone else here having issues. I had my 2nd dose yesterday and have done fine.


Hi Frederick Chopin,
I hope you are aware that misdiagnosis of autoimmune disease is so common that as this study points out, it can take a mean time of 6 years !! to get a diagnosis, and the most common misdiagnoses are
Mental health/non-organic misdiagnoses constituted 47% of reported misdiagnoses and were indicated to have reduced trust in physicians and to have changed future health-care-seeking behaviour.

To be blunt, per the article, conversion disorder (aka mental health/non organic misdiagnoses) as the lazy doctors way to misdiagnose unusual symptoms of autoimmune disease is extremely common.

When you said "vaccines don't cause autism" did you mean the CDC was wrong when it states vaccines can cause encephalitis?

Or did you mean that studies were wrong when they connected autoimmune brain inflammation with some cases of autism?,an%20autistic%20or%20regressive%20state.

By the way, may I ask

Do you know of anyone in your hospital who have had any side effects to the COVID vaccine?
Would you tell us if you or someone you knew had a severe vaccine side effect in response to the second dose of the vaccine?

( You mentioned thought police, and things that no one is allowed to say. In the past, it has been my experience that for the medical profession, any serious vaccine injury fit in this category, with very few exceptions. Do you believe that has changed?)

Frederic Chopin

Actually we can agree that doctors don’t always tell the truth. I tried to give an example of one in particular, one who has been coveted here for years, but it’s a thought crime apparently.



I have known about the autism/me connection for a long time, but was trying to highlight the lack of knowledge in the medical field without opening that can of worms of the relationship to ME in the context of this conversation, hence I simply said it is "a bit different condition". But, since you have mentioned the connection you might appreciate the following ling if you have not already seen it.

Grace Green

Thank you for that link - I didn't know about this advance. Regarding your comments, I would just like to add that many doctors are now acknowledging that ME, as it should correctly be named, is late-onset autism, not a different condition. Any readers who find "Frederic Chopin's" insistence that all doctors are incapable of telling a lie (in order to cover up iatrogenic disease) or even not yet knowing something (it used to be thought that MS was psychological) preposterous, should watch the film "Plandemic" which outlines Dr. Judy Mikovitz's persecution for discovering the cause of autism/ME, with a revelatory interview with Dr. David Martin. There is Serious Organized Crime being committed in the medical field, which needs to be exposed.

Frederic Chopin

There's a difference between someone relating their experiences and someone self-diagnosing vaccine-induced autism.
That was an interesting study but hasn't been validated. Remember when XMRV was initially proposed to cause chronic fatigue syndrome and turned out to be lab contamination? And honestly, even if hindered ATP release by PMNs stressed with salt solution ultimately proves CFS has a physical basis it doesn't mean vaccines cause autism.


Dear Grace,you will sometimes come across a" Dr, So-n-So?" with a defective training deficiency ,
it is their problem, not yours !
Curtain twitching tendencies now presenting as indiference behind a behavioural modification inspired, covid mask/face covering !

See book It's The Thought That Counts By David Hamilton and Margaret McNamie -Laughter Therapist -Mind Medicine , and The Power of Now By Echart Tolle .
"Laughter Therapy " with non-medicated ,un-medicated laughter suppositories, being an essential piece of kit, in the laughter therapy toolkit.
Also ,
Para Handy and The Vital Spark at The Wedding [1973] -You Tube
NHS contract with the public, was based on a promise? of "In Sickness and in Health"
Are Health and Social Care "Ministers" now in the same boat as "Ministers "from other denominations . Re the upcoming Covid Public Inquiry ,they may end up in the dock as well ?

angus files

Next please!

Norway denies 'direct link' between deaths of 33 elderly people and Pfzier Covid vaccine they received

However, anyone who dies within 28 days of his first positive SARS-CoV-19 test result is consistently, and irrespectively of any observation of symptoms, included in the daily CoViD-19 death count, as reported by the BBC. Norway has reported 517 deaths from Covid-19 since the pandemic began. C.f. Thirty-three people who died after getting a Covid-19 vaccine in Norway.

Large studies on the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine did not include patients with unstable or acute illness - and included few participants over 85 years of age, the Norwegian Medicines Agency's statement read.

Pharma For Prison



This is a bit different condition, but can have some overlap with other immune based problems and the condition is Chronic Fatigue. This discussion is on the principle of whether only doctors can determine chronic illness or conditions it appears.
For decades most doctors and mental health personnel who spoke about Chronic Fatigue espoused firmly that it was psychosomatic and also without biological causation. The patients said otherwise and determined {diagnosed} that they had a physical malady that was not psychologically mediated nor imagined. The transgression is to appropriate diagnosing ones self without a medical degree. There has been little Chronic Fatigue until the last few years by this standard. Even in the last few years it depends on the doctor one saw whether you would possibly receive such a diagnosis. These many, many doctors are being shown to have been wrong. Look how bad they have told us the medical profession has been about diagnosing Autism . The rate of diagnoses is so much higher now then 40 years ago that they hardly recognized it at all. Could they be as slow in understanding or becoming aware of what may have set off or worsened one's Autism. These seem like fair observations and questions.

Grace Green

I don't have any problem with the term diagnosis, I have a problem with professionals lying in order to make money out of others' suffering. It seems you have a problem with me relating my experiences. Why is one individual's testimony so important to you? You refer to my "perceived illness", but there is no way you can know whether it is perceived or real. There is no way any of us can know whether anyone on this internet is real or imaginary, which is why it's so easy for you to benefit from the use of a pseudonym. There is no way that I can prove to you the truth of what I relate, but any others who have had a similar experience may be encouraged by knowing they are not alone. It's for them that I persist in the face of your nonsensical arguments. I hope they will also be warned from your comments to me about just how callous medical practitioners are.

Frederic Chopin

I'm understanding you dislike the term diagnosis. How about we say you've self-determined your perceived illness and its causation (vaccine-induced autism)?
And yeah I know a lot about Mengele I try not to emulate him. He was not one of our best, for sure.

Grace Green

I've said very plainly, "How I came to my diagnosis.." and then described how. I don't understand what part of that sentence you don't understand. An illness is what it is. A diagnosis does not create it or alter it. If doctors lie, that doesn't alter the truth. Have you heard the phrase "medical opinion"? A doctor can only give an opinion, and a patient is entitled to disagree. In the UK we do still (just about) have informed consent. Even if we did not, as in your country, the fact that I live under God's law means I would not consent to anything which was against that law. Do you believe that all doctors are by definition incapable of any sin? Have you heard of Dr. Joseph Mengele at all? Maybe you chose the wrong pseudonym?

Frederic Chopin

Are you saying you didn't self-diagnose vaccine-induced autism?
As for the conversion disorder diagnosis in this case, experienced neurologists see patients with true movement disorders throughout their careers and can tell when someone is trying to imitate one. It's a clinical diagnosis. For example if a patient is suspected of faking paralysis of an arm the neurologist holds the arm up over the patient's face and let's go. The natural reaction is for the patient to keep his arm from falling on their face. Did you diagnose your vaccine-induced autism with a biochemical test?

Grace Green

Can you tell me the biochemical test for "conversion reaction"? No. So how can the diagnosis be proven? I don't understand what you mean about me self-diagnosing. If, as happened yesterday, I am given the wrong prescription for glasses, what am I supposed to do? Drive home, unable to see, and kill someone? I believe in God, and the optician is not She. So I have to use my own brain if a fallible mortal happens to make a mistake, or more likely, seeks to cause deliberate harm.

Managing Editor

We respect commenter privacy. We try to put through all comments unless they badger, berate or blatantly disrespect. Sometimes we need to put an end to a conversation that’s repetitive. Fred Chopin enjoys us as much as a rousing game of squash. So be it! Play nice. The nation has enough turmoil.


Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 17, 2021 at 06:41 PM

Wexford Hospital, Doctor 39 & a nurse both dead three days after vaccination.
Both of Indian heritage.

Vaers US - 127 dead from the vaccine and 44000 maimed so far and counting.

When is that booster again ? You must be absolutely terrified by now ?
A little shot of goodness in the arm and its bye bye Freddie.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Fred, do you care at all about the people injured by the new vaccine?
LOS ANGELES (AP) — California’s state epidemiologist is urging a halt to more than 300,000 coronavirus vaccinations using a Moderna vaccine version because some people received medical treatment for possible severe allergic reactions. Dr. Erica S. Pan on Sunday recommended providers stop using lot 41L20A of the Moderna vaccine pending completion of an investigation
It is a reverse lottery - instead of becoming a millionaire, you win a near death experience or damage for life. Fervent vaccine believers wonder why a substantial number of health care workers are refusing to take it. It is simple, they fear losing what they already have - good health. It is impossible to spin vaccine injury as a good thing, and it is foolhardy to pretend it doesn't exist.

Frederic Chopin

Both Emma and Grace have asked for my name.
I’m here to combat AV misinformation. Our hospital, like all the hospitals in our region, is on diversion. No beds. 3 weeks now. Thanks to COVID. So there’s never been a better time to do what I can.
Oh and the kids are all grown so don’t worry about them.

Donna L.

Oh, Fred, get over yourself. I think you might have too much spare time on your hands. Maybe go back to work?


Fredrick; No one asked you name.
It would mean nothing to us, or me at any rate.
For a person with a job at the hospital, what ever it is, and a family with three little ones; you sure are fixed attention on here?

I only asked WHY?

Frederic Chopin

Of course the lady disagrees with her diagnosis, and you've self-diagnosed vaccine-induced autism.
As for my identity, what do you think would happen if I revealed it here? Nasty comments and e-mails to my hospital and clinic, fake low online ratings, complaints to my state medical board, God knows what else - AV astroturfing galore. No thanks.

Grace Green

Just because a doctor diagnoses something doesn't mean it's *True*. Doctors are not gods! As I recall, the lady did not agree with the diagnosis, and was relating it as a complaint.
How I came to my diagnosis is very simple. When doctors are stating things which you know are lies (because you have first hand experience), such as me having a "poor diet" without even being asked what my diet is; when they become aggressive because you've returned, again, with the same symptoms and they have no explanation; when they eventually physically assault you just because your symptoms haven't melted away of their own accord, you logically conclude they must have an ulterior motive. Then you discover other people who have the same symptoms and call it autism. You read books by the world's leading experts like Uta Frith, and recognize things you never knew other people didn't experience! Then you find this website and learn that autism follows vaccines, and that other people are also being lied to about it. Why? Money. Add to all that the fact that I received a Yellow Fever vaccination before age 6 months which is now not recommended for those under 9 months, which is known to cause encephalitis, and that I suffered an immediate local reaction.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you are too cowardly to reveal your identity you are the one who must be covering something up. (I don't include victims of vaccine violence in that criticism because I know some of us have to protect ourselves from the criminal gang.)

Frederic Chopin

Can you name one conspiracy theory you don’t believe in?
I already told you I’m not a free mason - what in the world confused you there?
Who’d pay me to post here? How much could I earn for that? Will you provide a link for that?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 14, 2021 at 08:47 AM

Been a bad couple of days Fred for a vaccine holocaust apologist ?
Norway 23 dead, 60 maimed and many critical.
Germany 10 dead and I am sure the media is concealing lots more.
Israel 13 left with facial paralysis and I am sure the media is concealing lots more.
US many injuries coming thru 3150 over 112k 3% , and lots more to come.

And whats all this about Stevens-Johnson injuries being reported.

Are you still that stupid, and going along for your booster.
Or are you a common criminal who just lies.

The Freemason question is a direct binary question, Yes or No.
Are you a freemason ? I dont need any other wording ....or suggestions.
who are you working for ? in what way are you paid to come here ?

Frederic Chopin

That woman herself stated the doctors diagnosed conversion reaction. And are you saying you’ve self-diagnosed vaccine-induced encephalopathy? How did you do that?
It’s possible I’m not blocked, just not allowed to link a review of the DeLong errors. Tried twice.

Grace Green

So, "Frederic Chopin's" handlers have instructed him not to reply to my comment (please see below). How convenient!

Frederic Chopin

I'd love to continue responding but the powers that be seem to embrace the cancel culture they claim to abhor.

Grace Green

The woman who was given the diagnosis of "conversion reaction" attended several hospitals within a couple of days of her vaccination. It takes a long time to do a thorough investigation into neurological symptoms so that seems not to have happened. It's all too easy to put something down to psychological causes, especially when the symptoms are neurological, but as Dr. Wakefield would say, all physical causes should first be excluded. These are clearly just excuses, aimed at covering up the real cause so that the medics can escape the consequences of their violence against these women.
Let me give you an example from first hand experience. Instead of a diagnosis of encephalopathy caused by vaccine injury it was put in my records that my illness was caused by "poor diet". ( This was never said to my face because they knew it wasn't true.) I was never asked what my diet consisted of, which has been organic fresh wholefoods, unprocessed, dairy, meat, fish, fruit, veg. etc., for the past fifty years. Since discovering this false accusation I have kept all my shopping receipts as proof of my case. Interestingly, no-one is allowed to take me to court for anything now, because they know I have documentary evidence of the government/NHS cover-up of their genocide, which I would deliver in court at the first opportunity. (Luckily for them, I live under God's law, so I'm not going to take any action which would harm anyone, except in self defense.) I have also received the usual excuses of "imagining it", "aluminium saucepans" etc., none of which has any substance. If you are a medical professional as you claim, then you must know all this. Sooner or later you are going to get found out.

Frederic Chopin
Frederic Chopin
Fats Waller

Loved your Polonaise, Fred, but your science leaves a lot to be desired. Gayle DeLong's article was retracted with no concrete justification offered by the journal editors, a pretty clear indication that it was spiked because it pointed out some inconvenient truths about the HPV vaccine. She certainly wasn't accused of misrepresentation or fraud. Can you explain, in any specific terms, why this article should have been retracted? Because so far you haven't. And you seem not to have noticed that, throughout the world, the rate of population growth has been precipitously declining, and is projected to reach zero by 2100. In some countries, such as Japan, the population is now actually declining.

Frederic Chopin

So you're talking about non-polio AFP. Yeah that has nothing to do with polio vaccination other than the WIDESPREAD SCREENING OF THE INDIAN POPULATION DURING THE VACCINATION CAMPAIGN which identified them.
Both of the women in those videos are examples of conversion reactions - one of them has already been given that diagnosis at multiple hospitals. The other will soon follow.
I had to look up what a freemason was. No I'm not a freemason. You need to get out more.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 13, 2021 at 07:12 PM

And the one question you omitted says it all ?
Freemason ?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 13, 2021 at 07:12 PM

Very Poor response, so you are just a common criminal. Particularly the Indian paralysis, low.

"My 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine is scheduled for 4PM on 1/21/2021."

Shawn Skelton
Many injured in Bulgaria, Lubbock Texas....Basically everywhere, all over.

We are praying for you Fred, not just your physical survival of the mRNA but your soul in general.

Frederic Chopin

I didn’t know you were an HIV denialist also. Do you believe in germ theory?
Do you think Gates would tell the world in a TED talk of a secret plan to kill off billions of people with...vaccines? A TED talk.
Gayle DeLong’s paper was retracted. Find something legitimate.
Thimerosal? Even RFK Jr finally gave up on that one.
560k Indian children maimed or killed by GAVI? What are you even talking about?
And why can’t you explain the constant annual rise in world population?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 13, 2021 at 09:04 AM

Your ego is interfering with the glaringly obvious. You are here to monitor block and control ?
World population 7.8bn now heading up to about 10bn & if we do a really good job on vaccination we can perhaps REDUCE the world population by 10 or 15%. How does that work ?
How does vaccination reduce the world population by 1.2 Bn people ?

Total Abortions since 1970 2bn I believe .....and you say there is no policy.

The Gayle De Long paper, for my money is one of the most important pieces of analysis done in the last 5+ years, identified 5M missing births in the US over a perhaps 5 year timespan after the introduction of Gardasil. And the paper was retracted because Gorskum is an expert in getting any science removed that doesnt fit the narrative.
UK has 80% female uptake of Gardasil (these are your people Fred, but they dont belong to your FM club) ......Are you a Freemason ?

As expected you didnt comment about Thimerosal ? Toxic at part per billion known since1948
Dr Frank Engley .....Nanograms , and as far as I know still in 80% of all flu vaccines.
How can that ever benefit anyones health ?

Mexico 1974 Talwar 1992 PhillipinesBBC 1994 KenyaObama 2015 & we hear similar sterilisation projects have occurred in small central American states, Nigeria, India, Brazil .

560k Indian children vaccine maimed by GAVI ? Did that happen ? Am I deranged

And then lastly we have the ongoing mystery of the spontaneous african sickenss of AIDS.
Which hit 100s of millions simultaneously across the resource rich central african belt right after huge various vaccination projects. Dr David Heyman EIS CIA was talking about the rumours again only last 14 months ago, & how he dispatched those rumours in Rolling Stone Magazine.
What we do know , is HIV is not the cause of Aids (Montagnier admission to Kary Mullis)

Now what I want you to do here Freddie, is find the one easy answer you can see in all these and answer that one only , and ignore all the others .... That is what you are paid to do afterall.

Frederic Chopin

As IVF has become more accessible more infertile couples are using it.

The decline in the US birth rate is due to more women deciding to enter the job force and therefore have less children, and now that we have vaccines couples don't have to have so many babies to have 2 or 3 live to adulthood.

And not only the US but the WORLD population continues to climb every year, so this conspiracy theory that there's a global government movement to depopulate the planet through vaccination is nonsensical.


Graph, I meant no graft. Long, sleepness night.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Fred, population control is not a failure, over the past 30 years, the birth rate in the United States has been steadily declining. In 2018, there were 11.6 births per 1,000 of the population. In 1990, there were 16.7 births per 1,000 of the population.


Fredrick Chopin:

More couples in this area are having to go up to Cincinnati for help in having children. They all got together at some celebration event at the Cincinnati zoo and it filled up the zoo, with 1000s.

That said about my observation, plus one more observation; my daughter never stopped her period in highschool. She had to go on the pill. Something happened to her endocrine system. You know the same system that has thyroid, and little autoimmune disease going on there that has exploded everywhere.

But here:

Title: "IVF births at highest number ever, says report"

Title: "IVF Baby Boom: Births From Fertility Procedures Hit New High"
This is the best one- it has a nice graft that shows the sharp upward line of increase from year to year. Nice visual with out the lies of why is this happening; or what ever they say.


Title: "1 in 18 babies born through in-vitro fertilization in Japan"

Frederic Chopin

My 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine is scheduled for 4PM on 1/21/2021.
And if vaccination has killed or maimed billions over the last 40 years and depopulation is a global government policy, how did the world population rise from 4.5 billion in 1980 to 7.8 billion in 2020? I mean it's been a total failure right?

Hans Litten

Posted by: susan welch | January 12, 2021 at 05:05 PM

Not in my case, anyone who does the work cannot fail to become an AntiVaxxer imho.
Honestly I have no idea what RFK junior is raving on about sittting on the fence with these terms.
They have killed and maimed billions in the vaccine program over the last 40 years,
Depopulation is a global government policy.

You cannot green my vaccines. There is no middle ground. Every vaccine harms, Every time.
Vaccination is a warfare project, Global clearances. CDC EIS US Navy CIA.
Does that make Fred a guilty party ? In my book yes, just like one of the guards 1939.
Autism in the West is being recorded at 10%. Gardasil is sterilising our daughters.

Good Luck Fred with those cv1984 vaccines, (if you are telling the truth).
I very much doubt you are an honest man, and if I were an Admin here, I would block you out.

Fred, one question for you, thimerosal in any vaccine, can it ever benefit anyones health ?
He will refuse to answer because he is a crook.

Trump is banned from all social media, so ban Fred here, once and for all.

susan welch

Oops. Fred! You surely meant EVrs for most (not all) of us. Ex vaxxers: you know, families who once vaccinated their children, saw the reaction and then the regression/disability (sadly, sometimes death) - and then stopped vaccinating.

But you knew that, didn't you? You just refuse to acknowledge it.


Medical journal editor Doshi said that it looks like the covid 19 vaccine is not 95 percent effective, but more like 19 percent to 29 percent effective.

After he looked a a 92 page FDA report just released last week

Frederic Chopin

Yeah that sounds legit.
mRNA for spike proteins doesn't cause COVID. The few anaphylactic reactions are likely due to the lipid envelope of the vaccine.
The lady in the facial paralysis video says her name and that she is an RN in Tennessee but there is no RN by that name in Tennessee in any nursing database.
You and many others here claim Tiffany Dover is dead with zero evidence. She had a syncopal reaction. Her hospital already posted a proof of life video of her but AVers don't want to hear that.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 11, 2021 at 03:25 PM

It isnt a vaccine is it ? Fred ?
Its a synthetic pathogen ?
mRNA is entirely new , and is definitely going to make recipients sick.
Auto-immune disease , cancer acceleration ?

Hans Litten

Fredrick , a video for you :

Thinking of starting a petition to stop you getting that second dose .
Save yourself ....Save your family.

Hans Litten yourself , save your family, we beg you to use your god given intelligence.
This isnt difficult.

What's Causing the Severe COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions? Mercola
Recipients of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are suffering alarming life-threatening anaphylactic responses that have landed some in the ER. One shared ingredient is a substance that 70% of people develop antibodies against, which suggests many fatalities may lie ahead.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 11, 2021 at 09:26 AM

James T. Mulder wrote Saturday at that until December 29 there had been no coronavirus deaths at The Commons. December 29, when deaths of residents with coronavirus began occurring at The Commons, is also, Mulder’s article discloses, seven days days after the nursing home began giving coronavirus vaccinations to residents, with 80 percent of residents so far having been vaccinated.

"The "RN" in that video doesn't exist. " Where is your evidence for this ?
Tiffany Pontes Dover certainly no longer exists I grant you ....May she RIP.

"hasn't been in any vaccine in decades and, thankfully, hasn't been shown to cause cancer in humans anyway." Are you just making up answers off the top of your head ?
Maurice Hilleman , an expert you have to agree superior in knowledge to you or I certainly begged to differ. You are making an absolute fool of yourself here with responses like that.

When is your next vaccine scheduled for ? DONT DO IT ......


I went to wiki too cause the copy of my book is in my kindle which is over at my parents' house. I need to get going right now too, back there, as soon as I finish my popcorn and some family time here, and this post.

In 1962, Bernice Eddy described the SV40 oncogenic function inducing sarcoma and ependymomas in hamsters inoculated with monkeys cells infected with SV40.

You bound to have read that? Yeah, wiki, ol'e fast check, low intell wiki.

SV40 was first identified by Ben Sweet and Maurice Hilleman in 1960 when they found that between 10-30% of polio vaccines in the USA were contaminated with SV40. Discovered; or finally mentioned it to Sabin. "My GOD, Man when you getting that one out of the vaccine, Sabin", says Maurice, "Well at least we can beat the Russians now in the Olympic, cause all the Russians is going to be loaded down with tumors,"

American children would not be in the Olympics for a while anyway.

The conversation above is not exact quote, but it went something like that.


Discovery of simian virus 40 (SV40) and its relationship to poliomyelitis virus vaccines - PubMed

Discovery of simian virus 40 (SV40) and its relationship to poliomyeliti...
Simian Virus 40 (SV40) was discovered in 1959 as a covert contaminant of poliovirus vaccines prepared using Maca...

PMID: 9776239

Simian Virus 40 (SV40) was discovered in 1959 as a covert contaminant of poliovirus vaccines prepared using Macacus monkey renal cell cultures. This inapparent polyoma virus of monkeys was detected using Cercopithecus renal cell cultures and was eliminated from poliovaccines. There has been no evidence to implicate SV40 virus of vaccine origin in long- or short-term consequences in human subjects. Of importance, SV40 virus provided a new model for basic studies of viral pathogenesis and for cell transformation and neoplasia. Neoplastic transformation is fixed on the promiscuous binding of SV40 large T antigen to anti-oncogene cellular protein elements. SV40 also served as a valuable model for defining the immunology of virus-induced cancer and in its prevention and cure. Further, it has been a prime tool for elucidating the molecular details of eukaryotic cell processes. Numerous techniques now used in molecular biology were pioneered in the SV40 system. The SV40 promoter is commonly used in vector expression constructs and it has continued to be a model to develop new tools for site-specific mutagenesis. The virus has been critically important to studies in modern genetics and in molecular biology.

Frederic Chopin

SV40 wasn't even discovered until 1960, hasn't been in any vaccine in decades and, thankfully, hasn't been shown to cause cancer in humans anyway.
The "RN" in that video doesn't exist.


"That takes Complex thinking" The work continues. Amen

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 11, 2021 at 09:26 AM

When is your second vaccine due ? (I can see you will never be talked out of it - I tried).


Fredrick Chopin;
Further reading:
"Polio, An American Story" by david oshinsky
It is not an antivax book in the least.
It simply tells about what happened (history ) about the epidemic, how a president that had polio played his part. It explains Salk's role and how he figured out how to make living monkey kidney cells to grow polio on. Why it failed so horribly. It tells about Sabin, and Koprowski race for a safer on. It tells about Sabin's vaccine had a slow growing virus that they never bothered to get out. That turned out to be an unexpected twist to the story, and how they treated the woman working inside the NIH that found it could cause cancer. SV40 is what they called that virus. Even Hillary Maurice working for big pharma and made the MMR had to get on to Sabin in front of a large meeting (to embarrass him into action) to get it out.

That leads us to the tale of Kowproski and unconcern for safety he had while working in Africa. Hooper a reporter was on to him, and finally wrote a big thick book called "The River"

Studying polio vaccine history -- you come to realize one thing. More things can go wrong that is beyond the control of a human society from just heavy metal poisoning of the human race.

That takes Complex thinking - Fredrick. Much more difficult to do than finding one thing to focus on in an argument.

Frederic Chopin

If you are saying those nursing home residents got COVID and/or died due to vaccine injury please support that some way.
As for Ms. Skelton to me it looks like conversion disorder but we'll have to wait for more information.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 08, 2021 at 12:20 PM

Look I am reading on terrible vaccine injuries everywhere.
Can you please wake up, we like having someone to argue with here and would miss you.

Shawn Skelton , poor lady , terrible neurological injuries. Search for it.
The NY nursing home 24 dead, 137 injured.


Hi Cia,
I think , overall many of the medical professionals know more than you think. Firstly, they are seeing their colleagues after the first shot, and are not having to rely on now censored news. And many of their friends may have had the shots themselves, and told them honestly how it went.

Secondly, the medical profession has spent years telling people that vaccine side effects were coincidences, because vaccines just "could not do that". I remember sitting in a doctors waiting room with a friend, while the secretary explained loudly to someone else that the person who complained of fever etc after the flu shot did not know it was impossible for the flu shot to cause that "because the flu shot isn't a live virus". For those who really believed that, they are now being told that dead virus shots can and do cause fever, chills, etc ,and it is actually a "good thing", because it "shows the immune system is actually working."

This means that people who have spent years trying to pretend that both the initial , and the long term reactions of anthrax shot victims, etc , are purely coincidental, have basically been told that the nice vaccine may well do that to them too.

Even Frederic made a point to tell us that he had no side effects from the vaccine. It does not sound like even he believes that side effects are a wonderful thing that people should want to happen, because it shows that the vaccine is working...
And if the shot is as effective as we are being told it is, ( Moderna claims 80% protection after one shot) then yes, Israel having vaccinated started vaccinating in early December, and having vaccinated one fifth of its total population, all in high risk groups, should be see a massive drop in cases if the vaccine is working.
It is possible that the new vaccine does not work on the new variants. It is also possible that the vaccine makes people more susceptible to new variants. We don't know. But right now, the data from Israel does not look good. And we still don't know how it will effect fertility, for example. It is a huge population experiment for which we do not yet have answers. If Israel ends up having damaged the fertility of large portions of its population, or having given large portions of its population auto immune disease, then the damage may be decades long, or even irreversible.

Frederic Chopin

Your argument is that because other things can cause paralysis the elimination of polio paralysis in the US (and virtually every other country on the planet) wasn't due to vaccination. Otherwise you've linked an article by Jason Christoff, a science-denying grifter with no expertise at all.


Israel started vaccinating on December 19 and, as you said, has now vaccinated 16% of its population. It is said to take two weeks before vaxxed people are protected. And it is said that you need two doses before you are fully protected. So only a small percentage of even the country making the most progress in the world vaxxing has even partial protection. And the new variant is said to be 55% more transmissible, so you’ve got exponential growth pushing against the still small percentage protected by the vaccine. I don’t know if the vaccine is effective against the variant. I think they are trying to find out. 95% of cases in London are said to be caused by the variant now, and one in 30 Londoners has the virus now, one in twenty in some areas. The average age is 60. This is all from Dr. Campbell’s videos from Thursday until today.

Dr. Campbell is very worried: he says the soaring rate of hospitalizations is not sustainable. What actually happens when there is no accommodation for seriously ill patients in hospitals?

Vaccination is proceeding very slowly everywhere. Israel, Bahrain, and the U.A.E. have made the most progress. The US has vaccinated about 2% of the population.

Today Dr. Campbell showed charts of the increase in cases, showed how it is inevitable that a predictable percentage of cases diagnosed today will need hospitalization two weeks from now, and regardless of how many are vaxxed now and in the future, many of these patients will die. And without functioning ICU beds and staff available, more will die than otherwise would have. Policemen and firemen have been assigned to drive ambulances, they are so short-handed.

I also have read that over half of medical staff are refusing the vaccine. I don’t think it’s because they know it’s dangerous: they could not know more about that than anyone else. They are wary. There’s a lot we don’t know yet. But so far the vast majority of the vaxxed seem to be back to normal in a short time. I hope we’ll be seeing soon both that the vast majority are not harmed by the vaccine and that they are protected from getting a serious case of Covid, and then I hope that most of them will be willing to get it.

The U.K. and the US are in a serious crisis. The next two or three weeks will probably be the time of greatest deaths.

Gary Ogden

Master Frederick: Caught with your hand in the jam cupboard once again! Are you too lazy to read the literature, or do you unquestionably trust the information you've been taught in your medical education? Arsenic poisoning is indeed well-known to cause paralysis, and has been known to do so for centuries. Here's a bit of reading to get you started (only a tiny sample of what is available):


Re Georgina ,thanks for comments , normally I would not want to name an NHS Hospital ,sometimes needs must ? To appreciate the impact of covid on poor standards of care for patients, Georgina's children, and the impact/effects on the wearied burnt out staff not equipped to care for her needs
in an end of life situation.

Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
Information for Healthcare Professionals on Covid-19 Vaccine Astrozenica
Updated 7 January 2021
Regulation 174 Information for UK healthcare professionals .

Samantha Mumba Body II Body YouTube

Good version of Ashes to Ashes from Fab David Bowie

Frederic Chopin

We were discussing DPT and SIDS when Drymeadow started talking about DDT and polio. DDT had nothing to do with polio. Neither did arsenic.


Fredrick Chopin;
You are no longer reading the post.

DDT not DPT.
DDT that caused the egg shells of the top predator bird to crack, and almost brought them to extinction. DDT that never breaks down. DDT that at one time was being found by researchers in human mother's breast milk.

DDT that damages the walls of the GI track.
DDT that allowed three common stomach viruses that at one time caused no more than a sniffing nose to be able to cross the barrier of the GI track and enter into places it need not be.

DDT was the answer to a question that was always posed by professors to their students for years.

Why did three rather harmless stomach viruses suddenly cause polio in epidemic proportions.

Fredrick. I will ask again. WHY ARE YOU HERE?
Maybe if I give you a multiple answer quiz you could let us know our burning question about you?

1.) Are you here cause one of your children has autism?

2.) Are you here because the education system taught you that vaccines are safe; and that parents are just mistaken, and you are coming here to straighten us out?

3.) Are you really just a piece of pharma crap, that is paid?

Tell us we want to know?


Something on the order of 60% of healthcare workers are refusing the covid vaccine. They know it's more dangerous than covid and they don't trust their doctors...because their doctors lied to them before. I don't believe anything in that book, but I hope you get outside today and have some fun.

Frederic Chopin

DPT has nothing to do with polio. It does have a P in it though.


A 1991 reference, really ?
Published by the government ? Not surprising.
Polio was never major disease, DDT poisoning in the 1950s was.

Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) not only wiped out the American eagle, but also wiped out the American child. DDT was blown thru city streets, farms, and placed in lunch boxes everywhere - I remember having a Snoopy lunchbox then and I hope it was not sprayed with DDT but I don't know. Apparently, it kills insects on contact like glyphosates....on contact...nervous system attacks from a WICKED organization. Meningitis and paralysis are sure to follow.

I apologize to everyone for my tone and language and will try to do better in the future.


So Fredrick Chopin:
Why are you here?
What brought you here?
In this short life what caused to seek this site out, and start arguing about -- everything?
Why, are you here?
Why is this important to you enough to be here; with three kids, a wife and a job --- that should be taking up your time?

Frederic Chopin

Hans, "I am not wasting my time providing you the evidence..."
Exactly why I said I wasn't really expecting anything from you.
Concerning DPT and SIDS have you read this?

susan welch

Hera, I posted an article about the severe reaction in Mexico and it landed me in Twitter jail, admittedly only for 12 hour., Apparently I have a strike against me for posting misleading and potentially harmful information..

Such is the censorship now.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 07, 2021 at 10:36 AM

Do you read anything anyone puts on here at all ? All these years ?
Did you read the 1979 Wyeth memo (now Pfizer) and how DPT was causing SIDs deaths in Tennessee.
That was 41 years ago. Wyeth decided to hide the problem by splitting the lots.
Do you accept this to be true ? Would you accept this is a crime against humanity ?
How many children has Wyeth-Pfizer murdered since that memo ? its millions for a start ?

Have you ever read any of the vaccine inserts ? Do you accept the side effects to be true ?

What have you been doing all these years ? Just ignoring us all ?
I am not wasting my time providing you the evidence links becuase clearly you are ignoring everything anyone here ever writes or publishes.

Again, everyone here wishes your family well. Do not take the second dosage please.
But should you go all quiet 50 or 70 days time from now, we will know what happened.



We could rename it the HERCULES vax. 12 shots to cover all the mutations.
Better than cleaning horse stalls.


By the way, Israel has a population of 9 million, and has vaccinated with the first Pfizir dose 1.6 million (16%) of the whole countries' population.
Yet apparently the virus is now spreading like wildfire, and they have had to shut everything down.

Things that make you say hmmmm.

I do have a question though; if the spike protien is mutating, as it appears that it is, then what happens if the vaccine instructions, now encoded in the genome, are no longer the right instructions? Can the immune system override the mRNA instructions to create a different, better response? Has this been studied at all?


Hi All
Deaths following COVID vaccination ( no doubt, they will all be "coincidental", and they are certainly not making mainstream news much...)
Doctor in Miami

Thankfully, despite a possible lifelong seizure disorder, Debra is still alive

So is this 23 year old mexican doctor, still hospitalized with seizures and muscle weakness.


Well, I've finally had enough!
No more FACTS. I'm tired of hunting them down. It's boring. It's HARD. It's NOT FUN.
From now on, I'm leaving that dirty job to THE FACT CHECKERS. I'll just make up PRETEND FACTS. Easy Peasy. After all, those unemployed Greeks need to eat.

Did you know we have a new world record? Unbelievable! Almost 4,000 died of the flu yesterday. Besides car crashes and CANCER, and not to mention MEASLES OR MUMPS, it was the 50th leading cause of DEATH. And I think all the victims had just had their flu shot. NO CORRELATION. I also read that 40 clowns in a clown car had a bad case of gas after eating too much chilli. I am sure they almost DIED of asphyxiation. LOL!

I also read today that there have been eleven cases of beer / million doses of vaccine given and all had hangovers. I sang Jingle Bells as part of my second performance to raise PCR awareness. It was painless and we got millions of views on You Tube in a few weeks. I wasn’t tested for any paternity matches at that time, but Jeffrey Epstein was (he's not dead). His vocal cords must be completely paralyzed. His singing skills are severely lacking. I was laughing so hard that I nearly had a stroke! But it was very unusual for Jeffrey to be so completely "paralyzed", even with Ghislaine singing by his side. I hope their performance won't be subject to an MSM attack! The media can be SO NEGATIVE, and can easily destroy one's reputation. Well, I guess those two don't have to worry about reputation....

PCR doesn't work to diagnose autism. In fact, it doesn't work for COvid 19 either. But thanks to Hannah, we now know vaccines can cause brain encephalopathy, which COINCIDENTALLY causes "autism-like behaviors". NO CORRELATION. My fave artist, M.C. Escher, always exposes the ILLUSION of perspective- just like Edward Bernays used propaganda to give the illusion of facts. Hmmmm. "Edward Bernays' School of Fact Checking." Now that sounds like a promising start up for COvid 2021!

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Here is one for you Fred, do you have any sympathy for his family?

If he had chose to let his immune system do its job, he would probably still be alive today.


Why are you here Chopin?
Why do you use a fake name? Are you embarrassed?

But mostly why are you here?
Are you here to argue with the stupid, ignorant people on this website, and put some sense into them?
Are you here to educate us about the facts of vaccines, cause our education system let us down bad?

Why did you decide this "Cause" in your short flash of life to champion?

Tell us more about yourself? Your three children, you wife, your job, your beautiful house, your car, Your success in life. Please tell us how you take growing amounts of vaccines with a single bound? We are all ears? But mostly why are you here, on this website?

Frederic Chopin

My wife has had the first doe of the Pfizer vaccine (she has done fine also) and our 3 children will get whichever they can when one is available to them.
As for your claim people all over the world are dropping dead from the vaccines, please link your very best evidence ANYONE has died from ANY of them. As with your zero evidence Ms Dover died I don't really expect anything from you, but to be considerate I'm giving you the opportunity.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 06, 2021 at 06:00 PM

Chester hospital also filmed absolutely empty yesterday. Like a graveyard ...

I pretty much dont believe a single word you ever write Freddie, your dishonesty here is near legendary. However, unlike you, we all here are decent human beings and I would highly recommend that you do not take that second dose and warn all of your family to stay well clear.
Assuming of course you told the truth that you took the first dose.Who knows ?
People are dropping dead from these next generation GMO prophalytics all over the world (are they vaccines even ? Dont think so, and that might be important as if not they may not be protected under various legislations). Norway has recorded a few deaths and those are under investigation.
Miami obstrecian 56 dies a few days after vaccine. Nurse left with Bells Palsy video.
1 dead and 60 injured at Kaiser hospital San Jose 10 days after vaccine (xmas costumes are being blamed in the lamestream). Seeing stories everywhere. Lamestream CIA is at full stretch to contain the carnage. Damn those mobile fones, and social media platforms, damn this free speech thing.

So as much as I find your constant dismissal of our childrens maimings abhorrent.
We would miss having you here to war with and humiliate.
So please no more vaccines Freddie , we are kind of fond of you, in a hateful kind of way.



I agree. I just read your comment from last week. I read this morning that a new record was set, almost four thousand Americans died of Covid yesterday. It was the third leading cause of death in the year in the US, and recently it’s been number one. I read that about forty nuns in a convent got it and nine of them died of it.

I read today that there have been eleven cases of anaphylaxis in a million doses of vaccine given and all had recovered. I had Bell’s palsy as part of my second severe attack of MS. It was painless and resolved in a few weeks. I wasn’t tested for a stroke at that time, but was when my left arm and leg were completely paralyzed in my third severe attack. They said I was young for a stroke, but it was very unusual to be so completely paralyzed (on the left side) so quickly, even in an MS attack. It was negative for a stroke.

Bell’s palsy, like autism, is diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, not clinical tests. I think eventually they will be able to diagnose autism based on specific brain damage, but they either can’t or don’t want to do it now.

I agree that we should keep things in perspective.

Frederic Chopin

The 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine is scheduled on day 28.
I can’t speak for hospitals in Gloucester but in most hospitals I’ve seen you’re not going to see COVID patients in the lobby, stairwells or corridors.
And assuming you mean Tiffany DOVER where’s your best proof she died? So far here there’s only been mention of a video someone watched.

Hans Litten

"Oh and I got my first Moderna vaccine dose on 12/23/2020 so no need to worry."
When is dose II ....21 days later ? or 84 days later ? (that change must have you worried?)
I suspect you might be the only person in the whole world who will feel better than before after having the Covid1984 vaccine 666 .

"As an aside our hospital is completely full and on diversion due to COVID." (Not Gloucester then which is completely empty as recently filmed and the lady who did that was subsequently arrested).
Also it is my understanding on good authority that hospitals are struggling currently becuase so many staff have tested positive (and are now at home and in quarantine) and they are down to a skeleton staff ? (using the fraudulent and fake Drosten PCR test)

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | December 31, 2020 at 11:49 AM
Sadly Tiffany Pontes has died from the vaccine .... the evidence is overwhelming

Frederic Chopin

I mostly do outpatient clinic work and it's the hospitalists and intensivists that bear the brunt but thank you.

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