The Emergency Use Authorization for Covid-19 vaccines: Ignorance is Bliss
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

As Autism Ages - Join Our Giving Tuesday Matching Gift Program

Heart that givesWe aren't there yet with a few hours to go for our matching gift from Laura Hayes!!!  Use our Bank of America secure merchant system or send a good old fashioned paper check to Autism Age PO Box 110546 Trumbull, CT 06611. $5,000 matched is a lot of money to help keep AofA going into 2021. We are a "postcard" non-profit according to the IRS. That's a polite way of saying "elfin" money-wise. Or "kitchen table." We're a small business. Mom and... well, there's just Mom now, but you get the point. We have work to do in 2021 to support autism families. And with your help? We'll do it!

THANK YOU!  Kim Rossi Managing Editor, Mom, Tired....  DONATE!


Laura Hayes

Thank you to all who have already donated!

7 days left in the matching donation campaign. If you have yet to make a donation, please read my original post below, in reply to Kim's Thanksgiving Day post, in hopes that it will inspire you to make a donation today!

Dear Kim,

I am happy to match all donations which come in during the next 2 weeks, today through Thursday, Dec. 10th, up to $5,000. This includes donations made online, or postmarked today through Dec. 10th, 2020.

AoA readers, please join me in supporting:

- AoA Managing Editor, Kim Rossi, raising 3 young adult daughters with "autism", who somehow manages to maintain this blog on a daily small feat
- This important news outlet, which does not censor, and which questions, challenges, and exposes false narratives on a daily basis
-The wonderful support this website provides for so many of us whose children's lives were derailed and decimated by "routine" childhood vaccinations

Please click the donation link above, or write a check payable to Autism Age, right now, lest you forget amidst the holiday festivities...and know that your donation will be matched/doubled until the $5,000 limit is met, through 12-10-20!

Posted by: Laura Hayes | November 26, 2020 at 10:17 AM


I wonder if it is illegal for CantFaceFactsBook to do that?

The irony is that his family suffered from infertility and miscarriage. I wonder if she ever carried a boy to term if he would develop autism from all their vaccinations. It’s tragic that they continue to cultishly defend what may have robbed them of a bigger family.


Sent some "donate" love your way!
Thank you Kim and Laura!


So generous of Laura. Thank you for all you do Kim and Laura!


Done. Laura--thanks for getting me to move off my butt.

Bob Moffit

Done … wish it could be much more …. thanks for being here for our community.

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