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Anaphylactic Reaction Reported after Pfizer Jab in UK

Epi-pen What this article is calling for is called a "Medical exemption." Shall we spell it?   Medical exemptions are UNDER ATTACK in the United States, with physicians losing their autonomy to write them for pediatric patients for many years now. 

California Law to Restrict Medical Vaccine Exemptions Raises Questions Over Control Restricting vaccine exemptions has raised questions of whether the actions of many states like California have exceeded legal and ethical limits of power.

Isn't it ironic that COVID is exposing the problems and issues we have faced with vaccine injury for decades as if it's all something brand spanking new? I believe President Trump is fighting to make sure the USA gets first dibs on the Pfizer brand vaccine. We're gonna need a bigger swamp.


Covid-19 vaccine: Allergy warning over new jab By Nick Triggle and Rachel Schraer

People with a history of significant allergic reactions should not have the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid jab, regulators say.

It came after two NHS workers had allergic reactions on Tuesday.

The advice applies to those who have had reactions to medicines, food or vaccines, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency said.

The two people had a reaction shortly after having the new jab, had treatment and are both fine now.

They are understood to have had an anaphylactoid reaction, which tends to involve a skin rash, breathlessness and sometimes a drop in blood pressure. This is not the same as anaphylaxis which can be fatal.

Both NHS workers have a history of serious allergies and carry adrenaline pens around with them.



We've always been obsessed with the fact that pharma use non-inert controls instead of placebos. This is fair because obviously it renders these results invalid.

However, using actual placebos doesn't help. Actual placebos render the all important blinding void. If you are a volunteer and you get a shot and subsequently experience a moderate or severe reaction you will assume (probably correctly) that you got the vaccine rather than the placebo. You've been unblinded.

Volunteers typically want the vaccine to be approved so they will likely downplay or deny any reactions to the researchers. The researchers also want the vaccine to be approved so they'll happily accept the volunteer's word.


Bottom line on Pfizer: can't trust their data. same as Hopkins.

2 cases of anaphylaxis on Day 1, and it's a surprise ? That's ridiculous, they knew this, and there's a lot more coming. The words that reverberated were "Do not administer the vaccine unless you have the means to resuscitate the patient'.

This is the devil's vaccine, they all are.


"They are understood to have had an anaphylactoid reaction, which tends to involve a skin rash, breathlessness and sometimes a drop in blood pressure. This is not the same as anaphylaxis which can be fatal." How do they get away with such misleading information?

"Because anaphylactic and anaphylactoid reactions produce the same clinical manifestations and are treated exactly the same way, we use the term anaphylaxis to refer to both conditions."

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