The COVID Vaccine: Yes or No?
Phear Not! Phor Pfizer Brings the UK Tidings of Great Joy!

Ah Yes, Believers in Covidicut

For decades, we have been telling the world that vaccine injury is real. We've been pilloried, censored, demeaned, ridiculed and marginalized. Our message has been rebuffed.

Below is a comment on this WaPo article (that I won't even bother linking)  from a local town FB page here in Covidicut, I mean Connecticut.   "Unfortunately, sometimes this is what it takes for some people to list to reason."  Allow me to run that through the Age of Autism Schadenfreude Translator:

"Good, he got what he deserves. Maybe now he'll fall into line."

Suddenly, Covid is taking credit for turning foolish skeptics into “believers” with a nasty schadenfreude you can feel a mile away. Never have we wished vax injury, let alone autism, on another child at AofA. We don’t “Nyah nyah” or “I told you so” with thinly veiled superiority or glee.  Concurrently, citizens around the globe are about to be forced into taking Covid vaccines that are so new, so untested, so poorly trialed, so grossly overrated that we may see an unprecedented level of vaccine injury. And that - you can believe.






It just is not nice to blame the victim, in all of this.

Please Father in Heaven; take care of Fauci.


My daily prayer -- I am not kidding; it comes out of my mouth several times a day.

Please Lord, Father in heaven, that soon Fauci will be found out and put in jail.

Bannon wants his head on a spike--- figurative I am sure and not for real. I think he tweeted that, and was banned or censored.


Kim you're right, we wouldn't wish, but by the same token if they were given their comeuppance or just deserts--well that's poetic justice.

John Stone


“Schadenfreude” is a German word meaning to take pleasure in someone else’s misfortune - there seems to be no fully English equivalent - it is widely used but never seems to have been fully absorbed into English.


For those of us English as a second language learners - could you please explain
schadenfreude ?
Thank you!



Biden: I’ll Keep Fauci on as Part of COVID Team, Chief Medical Adviser

Unless Sydney Powell comes through, we are on our own.


This is a good spot to share the good news.

After many prayers, Trump approved antibody treatment, vitamins C and D3, and steroids, my brother-in-law will be going home from the hospital TOMORROW! He was in the high risk category for Covid 19, being a diabetic and classroom teacher aged 50. Trump has now authorized antibody treatment for OUTPATIENTS. I think if my brother in-law had not had to wait 9 days before getting treatment, he might have avoided a hospital stay altogether. At any rate, it was a 5 day stay rather than the predicted 10. His wife, also a teacher, and son have not gotten the Covid virus. It's not as contagious as they say, at least not now. We are truly thankful for this victory!

I listened to the DOD Operation Warp Speed recent presser. The feds will only deliver the vaccine to the states as they have requests for it. IT IS NOT MANDATORY. We must fight any state that tries to make it mandatory. Under a Declared Emergency, it is the HHS Secretary that has this authority.


That’s ok; we - unlike them - are tough cookies and are used to such treatment by now. They don’t yet realize in their arrogant, willful ignorance that they’re on their own in this. Just wait and see who’ll really have the schadenfreude once the inevitable COVID vaccine side effects start rolling in and they start panicking. Like that famous line in the movie Casablanca, we’ll then all be “shocked... shocked, I tell you”! This will be the ultimate in social Darwinism. Just as long as WE can opt out...

Bob Moffit

The following "letter to the editor" of NY Post was sent in response to a recent editorial labelling anyone who has concern over Covid vaccine "safety and efficiency" are "ANTI-VAXXERS' who listen to the disgraced former Dr Wakefield and playboy centerfold Jenny McCarthy instead of public health "experts". I don' expect to see my letter published .. but .. I do get some satisfaction knowing someone had to read it before throwing into nearest disposable waste bucket.

NY Post editorial, "The vaccine resistance", falls short in seeking to improve growing "vaccine resistance" regarding pending arrival of Covid vaccine.

Such as, your editorial attempted to debunk "modern anti-vaxxers" belief that linked the MMR to autism by claiming "autism starts to show at or about the age that children get some vaccines". Prior to 1986, autism was virtually unknown in pediatric studies because it was so rare .. estimates then were 1 in 10,000, when it began to increase as childhood vaccines increased .. to 1 in 500, 1 in 168, today 1 in 35 in some States. There is one autism expert who predicts if nothing is done to end the ever increasing number of autistics it will become 1 in every 2 children by 2032.

In any event .. for decades a world-wide "anti-vaccine" movement has grown precisely because a disinterested mainstream media has allowed public health bureaucracies and the vaccine industry to avoid an independent and scientific study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations .. to ascertain once and for all time .. if BOTH populations have suffered the same numbers of chronic, life-long, life-threatening, life-altering autoimmune disorders. There is no doubt these agencies have the resources, data and expertise to conduct this critical study .. they lack only the will and common sense to do it. The question is will the NY Post ask "why not"?

Sloatsburg, New York

I could write an entire book .. indeed .. MANY BOOKS ALREADY WRITTEN .. responding to their "editorial" .. been going on for DECADES and these people are still waving Wakefield and McCarthy as examples of "ANTI-VAXXERS" whose claims of a link between vaccines and autism have been "thoroughly debunked".. WHILE THE INCREASE IN AUTISM GROWS AND GROWS .. WITH ABSOLUTELY NO RECOGNIZED 'CAUSE" OF THE INCREASE … HOW DO THESE PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT????

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