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Would You Take a Nasal Spray To Prevent Covid?

Rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer-ss2Here's an interesting Covid twist. There are reports of successful COVID prevention in ferrets via a nasal spray that blocks absorption of the virus. It is a form of a cholesterol called a lipopeptide. Lipo means fat. Like all of us are getting during Covid.   To date, and according to reports, the product appears to be inexpensive to manufacture,  does not require refrigeration like the vaccines, and has proven successful.  In ferrets. With further study and knowledge, could the demonized cholesterol lead us out of COVID? Would you take it?


Inexpensive Nasal Spray Prevents COVID-19 Infection in Ferrets, Shows Promise for Human Trials

A multi-institutional research team has developed a nasal spray that effectively blocks absorption of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in ferrets with direct contact to infected animals, indicating the product could potentially protect against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection. While promising, the researchers say the nasal spray still needs to be tested in humans.

The intranasal spray consists of a lipopeptide, or a cholesterol particle that is linked to a chain of amino acids. This lipopeptide matches the stretch of amino acids in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 exactly. The pathogen uses the spike protein to attach to a human airway or lung cell, fusing into the cell wall and injecting its RNA. The lipopeptide in the spray intervenes in this process by attaching itself onto one of the spike’s amino acid chains, thereby preventing viral attachment.

Testing of the intranasal fusion inhibitor lipopeptide spray was conducted by researchers from the Columbia University Medical Center in New York, Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands and Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.




Yes. That's part of the plan. Just ask Henry Kissinger....


But Emma, they won't give us any of that stuff . They are doing their best to keep it from us.


No. I'll just use my Cold Bee Gone nasal swab. And high dose C and D and ZINC ZINC ZINC


I won't take any of it.


Snorting fat doesn't sound too healthy.

I'll rely on my immune system and vitimins C and D plus zinc.
Hydroxychloroquine works.
Monoclonal antibodies work.

Kay Fabe

Its just a not very pathogenic cold virus. No need to take anything for healthy people. Maybe something that might be considered for elderly or sick people

Kathy Sincere

If the nasal vaccine works so well on ferrets, why aren't they using it on the 17 million mink they are destroying in Denmark that supposedly have a form of Covid?

From the BBC:
"There was shock last week when Denmark decided to cull all its mink - up to 17 million animals - because of the spread of coronavirus. That national cull has turned into a political outcry, now that the prime minister has admitted the plan was rushed and had no legal basis.
Danish authorities worry that a mutated form of coronavirus found in mink could potentially hamper the effectiveness of a future vaccine.
As the politicians argue, mass graves have appeared in the Danish countryside filled with the slaughtered animals."

The world has GONE MAD.


Well; This could replace masks for sure!

And Bob; The more I think about it the more it makes sense of why, Oh why, Oh why have all the mind numbing nonsense has gone on around the treatment of covid 19. Is because it was planned out last fall, to release something not too dangerous, but don't give support for it and it will kill. All so they could lock down the population during the year of the election. All so they could encourage mail in ballots.

It has to be that.

Why would Fauci say in 2005 that hydroxychloroquine is the best treatment for SARS -- a corona virus and then put it down so very hard, and replace it with Remdesivir that does not work at all. Oh we fools thought it was just about making money off of a new drug under paten -- and true they did not waste that opportunity for sure. close to 4,000 dollars for an IV for 10 days in the hospital.

Their lab pet causes the immune system to over react -- and Fauci is good at knowing all about that cause his title is director of "Allergy" and Infectious diseases. What is the most dangerous thing that happens when a person react to a bee sting, or has an allergy to a peanut-- their blood pressure falls. So in March the medical guys on the front line report that those on alpha blocker blood pressure medicine is having the worse outcomes with the corona virus. Fauci said they would study it to see if that corona virus is going through the same pathways as the alpha blockers go and alpha blockers is helping the corona virus. By October they said no, and in fact alpha blockers was helping patients. Well it never worked that way any way. It all had to do with lowering blood pressure . I am pretty sure that happened to my young nephew. Again stupid, stupid, stupid. They are not stupid they are evil.

And why did they put patients on ventilators? When the doctors on the front line was yelling that the muscles that work the lungs were fine, it was a immune response going on inside the lungs. That steroids breathing treatments were needed. And yet, and yet Fauci and the CDC says that they should not give steroids, since that would stop the body's immune system from fighting off the covid 19 virus. And yet again the front line doctors are yelling about an old breathing treatment for asthma; budesonide .

And why oh, why, oh why did they act like they were testing hydroxychloroquine on corona patients did they use the very end of life patients, and even worse way, way over dose those patients on Hydroxychloroquine. the dosage that doctors says works with zinc and Azithromycin was 400, but they made sure they used 1,200 in their studies. And this is an old drug, they know all about what the dosages are?

And what is all this that even if a doctor would prescribe hydrocholorquine that the pharmacists would not fill it? What is that all about.

And why did Cuomo put covid 19 patients in with the most vulnerable, to recover or die --- nursing homes. Does that make sense that he was such an idiot that he did not know what that would lead to?

In the words of probably our next president that walked over the dead bodies of 1.3 million people world wide to get there -- plus the over doses from the studies done on hydroxychloroquine, "Come on Man!

They are not idiots, they are EVIL!.

Bob Moffit

How long before the usual vaccine cabal launches an all-out effort to discredit, discourage the use of this nasal spray as they have done with all other "treatments" that have proven effective in preventing and treating Covid? No way will the vaccine industry allow this potentially life-saving "treatment" be sanctioned by public health regulatory agencies … WHO, HHS, FDA, on and on ..

I suspect Gov Cuomo himself will discourage this nasal spray for NY as he did for HCQ .. especially if he succeeds in delaying vaccine until BIDEN is President …

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