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Will We Have An InaugurShutdown?

ClosedToday, our local school district went full virtual through Thanksgiving.  We feel a noose tightening around our necks. No one I know wants to spread disease or cause sickness. And everywhere I go, I see congenial compliance with mask wearing and courteous social distancing, like it or not. I used the noose analogy for a reason. Last week on Facebook, a member of the autism community shared including photos that would tear out your heart that her teen daughter hung herself, and survived. She was begging for prayers that brain activity would resume. As of a Thursday update, there was little hope left, but still, many of us tried to reach out to her in support.

As we approach the change of administrations, assuming there is a change, I don't care to get into a voter fraud conversation, we need to remember the steep toll Covid sanctions, precautions, whatever you care to call them, are taking on Americans. And citizens globally.  I read time and time again that families with even moderately autistic children of all ages are seeing regression, loss of skills across the board and often chilling violent behaviors.  Businesses teetering on the brink of insolvency here in Connecticut face new rollbacks of the right to conduct business as of November 6.  As we enter the normally boom weeks of the holiday season when many venues made their yearly profit, how many will shutter their doors permanently? Businesses are owned by people. Folks like you and me. Just trying to make it through the day, week, month, year.

If Joe Biden takes office on January 20th, can we expect and InaugurShutdown shortly thereafter? 

Ct Health I Team: There were 11 new COVID-19 deaths reported since yesterday, bringing the death toll to 4,737.  Hospitalizations increased by 42 to total 659, the Department of Public Health (DPH) reported.

Residents testing positive for the virus total 88,645 an increase of 2,746 since yesterday’s report. The state reported 2,700,876 tests completed, up 43,087. The state’s daily positivity rate is 6.37%.

Connecticut’s caseload was the highest reported in a single day.

On Friday (Nov. 13), New Haven County had the highest number of hospitalizations with 261, followed by Fairfield County with 176 and Hartford County with 155.

For a county-by-county breakdown of cases, go here and click on “Daily Data Report.”

As of Nov. 6, the state rolled back some restrictions to contain the spread of COVID, including limiting outdoor and indoor private gatherings to 10 people.

Under these new restrictions:

• Restaurants are limited to 50% capacity indoors; maximum of 6 people per table and must close by 10 p.m.  (Earlier in the week, the governor had said restaurants could stay open until 9:30 p.m.)

• Event venues are limited to 25 indoors, 50 outdoors.

• Performing arts and movie theaters maximum capacity 100 people.

• Personal services, such as hairdressers and barber shops, remain at 75% capacity.

• Religious gatherings must adhere to a 50% capacity, or a maximum of 100 people. Virtual services are encouraged.

DPH issued a statewide public health advisory urging residents to limit any non-essential trips outside the home between the hours of 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. in order to reduce the risk of the transmissions of the virus. Essential workers are exempt from the advisory.




Check out this excellent protocol for Covid prevention and treatment!



Dr. Bright, Let us remember him.
He is going to be awarded though.
When he should be put in prison and the squeeze put on him to rat out Fauci and the others. That was My prayer over the Thanksgiving table this day.



Evidently, President Trump did get Dr. Bright to write and request approval of emergency use of Hydroxychloroquine for Covid 19 treatment by the FDA.


@CIA @ Benedetta

Looks like we've got our man!

Who would have guessed that JOE BIDEN plans to put him on his "coronavirus task force" ???????????

"Dr. Rick Bright. Immunologist, virologist. Ousted as head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority after criticizing the federal government’s response to the coronavirus under President Donald Trump. Bright filed a whistleblower complaint alleging he was reassigned to a lesser job because HE RESISTED political pressure TO ALLOW widespread use of HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, a malaria drug Trump pushed as a COVID-19 treatment."


Arizona was denying hydrocychloroquine prescriptions for prophylaxis.


Didn't Arizona bad out break spike of covid back in the summer?

I would like to know, but never will know how much the new blood pressure medicine played in my nephews death vs Covid.

I know a couple of months before he died, he was complaining how bad sick he was, with just a general feeling of being sick. I talked to him about inflammation and some things he could do to reduce it. But it was probably his heart then too? Pretty amazing end for my nephew when thinking about how he was so into body building and exercise after highschool. Although the last few years he had stopped all that and put on weight.

As for his grandmother; they did not treat her for anything other than putting her into hospice to die. Mississippi has always been heavily under medical tyranny. Should I be suprised that the medical people followed all the medical protocol standards put out by Fauci and Covid then hit so hard there because there was basically nothing done ?



Whoever is preventing these people from getting EARLY hydroxychloroquine treatment or monoclonal antibody treatment SHOULD BE UP FOR MANSLAUGHTER.


I just saw this. As of three days ago, there were NO ICU beds available in all of Arizona, because of the tremendous explosion in serious cases of Covid, who often die even with specialized ICU care, and always die without it.




I just read this. I don’t like the Atlantic or its stance on Trump, but this article about what a crisis we’re in because of covid has a lot of valuable information, especially about how hospitals are crashing, and it’s about to get much worse. And it’s no longer just old people who are in danger.






Is "manslaughter" enough?

NY Nursing Home Death Toll Worse Than You Thought, Report Shows A STAGGERING Number Of Deaths Caused By Emmy Award Winning Governor

"The State of New York has not released the names of the nursing home that were most impacted by the coronavirus this spring however a recent report shows a staggering number of deaths.

Under Emmy award-winning, Governor’s watch Andrew Cuomo’s policy allowed over 6,000 coronavirus patients to be sent from hospitals to nursing homes. A recent report shows that more than 6% of the state’s entire nursing home population perished because of his of Cuomo’s policy COVID policy.

The State of New York reported that 58 nursing homes did not see one Wuhan virus case until the state forced them to receive them. But, the report does not go into detail about the chaos that occurred inside the nursing homes once the patients were transferred."



There are currently over eleven thousand deaths a day worldwide from covid. At least he previous peak on April 17, there were eight and a half thousand deaths. Although the disease has become less deadly, the explosion of the case numbers has meant a higher number of deaths. And that’s WITH most people wearing masks and social distancing, etc.

Someone who is carrying covid but is not symptomatic just means that they may seem fine and feel fine themselves, but can still transmit it to others, who often have a severe case, even die of it. You have to clarify terms. No one knows at this time the viral level necessary for contagion of others to be possible. Sure, 40 cycles seems to be the standard for a positive diagnosis, when 33 would probably be a better measure for identifying those who are symptomatic and feel sick. But most people who develop clinical illness caught it from someone who felt fine and was unaware that they were carrying covid. I read today about a city that today has twice the number of covid patients as three weeks ago. It is not the case that hundreds of people in the last three weeks suddenly started hanging out with the covid ill who coughed and sneezed on them.

Everything carries risk. But would you get in a car with someone who was drunk? Take a walk in the rain, maybe go for a swim, during a lightning storm? Get a piece of bread stuck in the toaster out with a knife? Would you distribute peanut butter sandwiches to schoolchildren knowing that some of them were allergic to peanuts? Would you say that since you eat peanut butter sandwiches every day, you are certain that it’s a healthy, protein-rich snack for everyone?

Remember last winter and spring when thousands in Wuhan, Iran, Italy, New York, were dropping dead suddenly in the street from covid? Hundreds of New Yorkers found dead in their homes, having died alone from covid? It’s not the case that it’s only the unfortunate one in a million who dies of it. In the spring it was close to twenty percent: overall up to now it’s been three percent. Four percent in the US until a few weeks ago. Of course to some degree it’s a judgment call, but most people disapprove of those who say it’s their right to spread covid to others because they resent using masks. Here in Columbia, Missouri, covid was at low levels for months, but since the beginning of November the line on the charts has gone straight up, vertical. Everywhere hospitals are being overwhelmed with severe covid cases, including here. Most people want to do our part in not contributing to the problem, certainly don’t want to give covid to someone who may have a severe or fatal case of it. We went to get last-minute Thanksgiving groceries today. We wore masks the whole time we were in stores. Schnucks had something new today, a dispenser with foaming hand sanitizer at the exit, probably because of the new explosion of covid cases here. We used it. Is it really that big a deal to protect others?


Take a deep breath and sit back; stop on what you are reading ,and think about what you have read

Then put that aside and start thinking about what you as a human being knows so far about this planet. What you read does it follow along with common sense?

Common sense tells us that if a person is asymptomatic they are not sick.

They are using a lot of word salad to makes us afraid of a carrier.
But if you are asymptomatic that really means you are well.
Now can a person be asymptomatic right before they become sick. Yeah, But two things to our advantage.

A person that is still well but replicating, viral load is not all that high.
The second thing; what are the chances of running across someone a few hours just before they become sick and catching the virus?

Risk are something we live with on this planet. We may wake up one morning and find out that Worm tail - the meteorite is heading toward us.

Being scared of asymptotic carriers is not logical, something to make you fearful of every human being that you happen to chance across.

Fear these days is what Fauci and so many bad actors wants for us.

Oh, no, I just heard that John Kerry is back! I really dislike him, he is a man out for himself, an untalented man that has too much ambition for no more than he has to work with.

Laura Hayes

Susan Welch,

Good article by Ron Paul. Thank you for providing the link for us here on AoA :)

susan welch

That would be the scientific approach. Sadly, “trust the science” has come to mean “trust the narrative I support.” That is a very dangerous way of thinking and can prove to be deadly.


Interesting article from Ron Paul on 2 new research papers which are being ignored, or denigrated, by mainstream.

John Stone


Yes, it is an odd non-specialist website from March. Bear in mind the latest study from post-lockdown Wuhan:

“No new symptomatic cases and 300 asymptomatic cases (detection rate 0.303/10,000, 95% CI 0.270–0.339/10,000) were identified. There were no positive tests amongst 1,174 close contacts of asymptomatic cases.”


Well, maybe these are false positives but that does not make them different from other asymptomatic cases which may have been false positives.

Angus Files


1 in 5 COVID-19 Tests Give False-Negative Results, Studies Find


Pharma For Prison




This is from March.


In it, studies are cited showing that 50-75% of Covid cases (meaning symptomatic), are contracted from asymptomatic carriers who look and feel fine.



"Masks prevent many germs from getting in or out."

YES. That's why I don't wear them. I refuse to purposefully rebreathe my concentrated WASTE exhale which might have a few Sars Cov2 viruses floating in it. Masks do not prevent Covid 19 from entering. That's all we are interested in. Scientifically, if you want to wear one, it should cover your mouth only. Breathe in through your nostrils and exhale through your mouth. Now you won't spit or sneeze on anyone and you will have sufficient O2 to prevent brain damage.

Remember, the political leadership that is pushing all this mask garbage on us DON'T FOLLOW THEIR OWN RULES.

Dorit Reis would have a field day rounding them up for prosecution!

John Stone

Of course, if keeps the virus in it would constitute an enhanced risk for anyone who had it. If you are symptomatic you shouldn’t be out. There has been a big attempt to persuade us the asymptomatic are a menace about which I am extraordinarily agnostic.


Here’s the study which show how well different kinds of masks filter out even virions as minute as those in the lowest range of covid virus.




There are several scientific studies cited in this video on the benefits of masks, by Chris Martenson.


It includes studies by Rishi Desai and Monica Gandhi, also includes studies on those on infected cruise ships. Masks prevent many germs from getting in or out. The best are N95 or N100. Lacking those, fabric masks, depending on the mask, on average prevent 70 to 90% of germs from escaping, and those which do escape constitute a low inoculum, which for all but the most severely-immunompromised, offers a therapeutic level of exposure which contributes to building natural immunity. But the full dose which would otherwise be delivered MUST be first attenuated by use of masks. Let me look again for the study showing how effective masks are at filtering even the most minute virions.



"Murder is not an appropriate word in the context of callous and irresponsible people like those in Rolla. Or Lake of the Ozarks on Memorial Day, since specific intent to kill is not present. Manslaughter is a more appropriate term, and the usual punitive measures should apply."

Thank you for making your position on this clear. What is your legal basis for manslaughter? How would you prove intent? I don't know about your two references, "Rolla" and "Lake of the Ozarks." Link?

According to your statement, if anyone dies of covid 19 after attending this birthday party, all surviving guests should be up for manslaughter:

John Stone


Where is the evidence about masks?


This is from May, on countries that did it right and brought cases down to nearly zero. Six months later, they’re still very low in these countries.


They did it through massive public cooperation, universal mask usage, distancing, cleaning, lockdowns when necessary, closing the borders, and test, trace, isolate.

Murder is not an appropriate word in the context of callous and irresponsible people like those in Rolla. Or Lake of the Ozarks on Memorial Day, since specific intent to kill is not present. Manslaughter is a more appropriate term, and the usual punitive measures should apply.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if Americans and Europeans had behaved like Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, and New Zealand back in March and April? We would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and been back to almost normal long since, with no vaccine. Oh, well, what’s a few hundred thousand lives here and there? They were all eventually going to die anyway, right?


There is no good evidence that masks make any real difference.

"Seven studies took place in the community, and two studies in healthcare workers. Compared with wearing no mask, wearing a mask may make little to no difference in how many people caught a flu-like illness (9 studies; 3507 people); and probably makes no difference in how many people have flu confirmed by a laboratory test (6 studies; 3005 people)."


This was known for many years and the WHO and CDC didn't recommend them when the pandemic began. Not sure why they support them now. Seems more an act of desperation rather than science.

John Stone

Why is it that whenever it comes to mask wearing we end up with entirely speculative modelling. If we try to live by worst case scenarios we will die by them. We had the dire Gates foundation”study” in Nature. We cannot, must not base our lives on this political junk. In the U.K. we have just had a furore when Oxford professor Carl Heneghan had his article in the Spectator with Tom Jefferson removed from Facebook by a fact checker, reviewing the Danish study which found no statistical benefit in mask wearing. What we discover from all this is not that mask wearing is beneficial but we live in the most dire political times when the most down to earth Oxford professor is censored by a Facebook fact checker, and we can no longer have a rational discussion about anything.


"But in most cases, someone was negligent or defiant, and tragedy ensued."

Are you referring to Governor Cuomo of New York? The bulk of NY Covid 19 deaths were in elder care homes. Known infected individuals were sent to recover in these homes per his order. Do you think he should be charged with murder?


"I blame those who could have taken measures, but decided to blow them off for selfish reasons. Those who died because of contagion by others who could have protected them by observing the measures, but chose not to, I do not blame."

But do you consider them to be murderers?

John Stone

The Amazing Polly



Here’s another one on the effectiveness of masks.


It focuses on the desirability of filtering out most of the virus, but permitting exposure to a low, therapeutic inoculum. It is high viral load (individual factors determining how high is too high) which leads to severe disease and death. As in the case of the young Brazilian doctor last month and many in Wuhan, Milan, etc.

In normal times, we do not permit people to spit in the faces of others, drive after drinking, or run around naked. In times of a pandemic of a dangerous disease, it is reasonable to prohibit people from expelling virus into the air breathed by others. Since even normal speaking and breathing expels it, the only way to prevent that from happening is wearing masks.


@ Cia

Thank you for your feedback and for the link to the article about the Spanish flu — very interesting! My mother was just telling me some stories about her parents experience of the Spanish flu pandemic in Toronto.

@ Emmaphiladelphia

I don't know the answers to most of your questions, and I'm not about to quiz the grieving family to get them. In any case I don't think the details about this specific case — just one example among thousands — have much bearing on the point I was making.

@ Benedetta

My point was not to blame anyone, but simply to point out that there is a very real risk of serious illness and death from Covid-19, even among young people, as you yourself can attest. And where there is risk, fear can be a healthy response that leads us to make choices to protect ourselves and others.

I am truly sorry to hear about your nephew and his grandmother.


Grey one,

There is a lot of evidence that masks work, both to protect the wearer and those near him. Expelled germs land on the outside and stop there, are not inhaled. A small amount may be aerosolized, but if it makes its way around the edges, would be a small inoculum liable to evoke immunity, but not symptomatic disease.


Those who resent wearing masks must prove that expelled germs pass right through the cloth or other material of the mask and cause disease. I really don’t get the lack of concern for those who die if measures are not taken.


re masks:
rct 6024 people, no statistical significance.

your expectation for general mask wearing, apart from caring for sick, are unrealistic.



I blame those who could have taken measures, but decided to blow them off for selfish reasons. Those who died because of contagion by others who could have protected them by observing the measures, but chose not to, I do not blame.

The information about preventive measures, both masks, etc., and D, zinc, Ivermectin, and HCQ has been readily available on the Internet since March. Hcq may be hard to get in the US, but is easy to get in Mexico and most other countries. Many diabetics get insulin from Mexico because it is affordable there, unlike here. Those who cannot manage that can get D3, zinc, and Ivermectin very easily here, and in most cases those would be enough both to prevent and treat Covid. But everyone who meets a tragic end got the virus from someone. Sure, in many cases, both parties were taking measures, and it just happened. But in most cases, someone was negligent or defiant, and tragedy ensued. It was not just a bolt out of the blue.


Bottoms' up....to no good.

Atlanta Mayor Bottoms posts video of Biden "super spreader" birthday celebration. No masks. No social distancing. Singing. High risk senior present. Did I miss something?

Oh, yes. When the mayor was tweeted out for hypocrisy, she quickly tweeted that it was a clip from 11/20/19. But haven't we heard testimony that according to blood bank inspection, Covid 19 was circulating in the U.S. as early as SEPTEMBER 2019?

Joe is still not my President-elect...yet.


"Of the ten people who attended, seven later tested positive for Covid-19, and the mother died."

Did the mother test positive for Covid 19? Co-morbidities? Was Covid 19 listed on the death certificate?
What was her age? Did the others who tested "positive" have symptoms? What were their ages. Did they wear masks and social distance at the party? Do you consider the party hosts to be murderers?

Please answer my questions so we can better evaluate your conclusions.




Cait, and Cia;
Blame the victims. If only they had did what they were told, what those in power requested, demanded.
Blame not those in charge of medical standards.
Blame not those that have denied us steroid breathing treatments.
Blame not those that have denied us hydroxychloroquine.
But blame that victim for staying in place, with no money coming in, no family contact at the end of their days. Yeah, blame them.


Oh, boo hoo Cait.

You misplace your sad stories; let us put them where they belong.

I lost a nephew and his grandmother.
They were not treated by anything. Do you understand that? They received no medical treatments.
The old woman ended up in the hospital though. They put her in Hospice as soon as her son finally had to ask for help. They put her on morphine or what ever and let her die comfortably.

Do you understand? Can't you understand?
I am telling you that meant to release Fauci's Lab pet -- they had it planned.

And they mean to make it even worse -- help that little lab pet along and scare the crap out of all of us. Medical treatments denied.

They were not given hydroxychloroquine. or breathing treatments of steriods, or cautions about taking high blood pressure medicine for my young nephew of 34. Even though the front line doctors discovered very early one in March that those on blood pressure meds. the Alpha blockers were fairing much worse.


Surely you can catch on this? Our federal agencies put in place to protect us --- don't even like us, they hate us, they despise us.


Gov Newsom at birthday party



Thank you for your thoughtful comment, I’ve missed seeing your comments, but understand why you don’t post often.

I just saw this article on how the US celebrated Thanksgiving in 1918, the Spanish Epidemic year (and a little more). The many parallels to now are striking.



@ Emmaphiladelphia

Like your son’s friend, most people who contract Covid-19 recover, but approximately 3% don’t. That’s not negligible. Covid-19 — like vaccination — is unavoidably unsafe for some.

Here’s another personal story for you. A neighbour’s family gathered recently to celebrate her mom’s birthday. Of the ten people who attended, seven later tested positive for Covid-19, and the mother died. “Happy birthday Mom. Oh… and RIP!”

You talk about fear as though it is a dirty word, but fear has important survival value. It can help us assess pros and cons, risks and benefits, and ultimately make more informed decisions.

Angus Files

Lighten Your Day With Godfrey Bloom's Take On MASKS! From The Prince Of Wales To Face Nappies!


Pharma For Prison




Thanks for posting more Pharma Phear Propaganda.
We certainly know the Daily Beast's bias.

The story is a nothing burger. Few facts, just unfounded accusations. Also, they never said CONFIRMED cases. Our unreliable Sars Cov 2 tests have a proven false positive bias. The sooner these youth, with little risk, get exposed, the sooner we gain herd immunity. We already know that the vaccine unicorn is just that. It has been admitted that it does not prevent spread. The risk from Covid is FAR LESS than death by lockdown.

"As of Friday, there were seven cases tied to the event and several others at Rolla High School among students and staff members, Wann told The Daily Beast."
How do they know that the students weren't already exposed at the high school, before attending the event? They don't.
"And even if the dance didn’t cause all the new infections..."

"Rolla High School principal Jim Pritchett did not respond to messages and emails requesting comment on Friday about the reasoning for the school closure or the usual protocols for school dances."

"There is currently no city-wide mask mandate. Though the district has asked students to wear them, the staffer at the high school told The Daily Beast that they have seen students refusing to wear masks, or wearing them inappropriately, hanging from their ears or under their chins."
No way to conclude that the party was the source of the "outbreak" of seven UNCONFIRMED CASES.

"Wade Hawks, a 22-year-old Rolla native and graduate of the high school currently studying at the Rolla-based Missouri University of Science and Technology, told The Daily Beast he believes the parents and the steakhouse should be held accountable for “endangering our community.”"
Sounds like this student has swallowed the Marxist propaganda his "University" is dishing out.

On a personal note, my adult son's roommate tested positive for Covid and did have mild symptoms, including temporary loss of smell. He was over it in a few days with full recovery. My son tested negative and after two weeks, HE IS STILL JUST FINE. They are in the 20-30 age group. This is the norm.

"“I’m sorry, but if you’re OK with your kid ratting other kids out to the health department for attending a private event, you are the bigger problem… SMDH SOCIALISM,” she wrote. “I don’t have to answer any of their questions. F#%* them.”

“This is how it all starts,” she continued. “Dividing, labeling. Your home raided in the middle of the night. Don’t think it could happen here? Think again. The difference is, our citizens are armed, according to their constitutional rights.”"

We must unite and take a stand against the Plandemic. Take a stand against FEAR MONGERING. Call it out at every opportunity.


I just saw this. http ys:/ ndidot wear the/.mwww.thedailybeast.com/rolla-missouri-unsanctioned-homecoming-dance-at-steakhouse-became-possible-coronavirus-superspreader-event

I used to teach French there, at Rolla High School. Since the Homecoming dance at the school was cancelled because of Covid, parents organized a replacement event at a steakhouse. Masks were optional and many did not wear them. No one made a list of the attendees for contact tracing. And it has turned out to be a superspreader event. About 200 students attended, ten have come down with Covid as well as a staff member. If it’s like that superspreader small wedding in Maine, where many got Covid, those people go on to infect many others who did not attend. I think seven who got it in the wedding context and extended circle died of it.


Thank you, all, this is an interesting discussion. I would just like to suggest that we should be very careful about using the propaganda language being put out by governments. For example, there is not an increase in cases. "Cases" is the word they use to describe people who have "tested positive" for "covid", using the PCR test, but we now know, thanks to the Portuguese courts, that 97% of those are false positives. This is a "pandemic" of rumours.


You will find this 2005 article quite informative:

Study: Flu shots in elderly don't cut mortality rate
Feb 16, 2005

"Researchers who tracked national data on influenza vaccination rates and mortality in elderly people from 1968 through 2001 say they could find no evidence that flu shots reduced death rates.

A number of previous studies have suggested that flu shots could reduce the number of community-living elderly people who die in winter by as much as 50%, according to the report by Lone Simonsen, PhD, of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and colleagues from NIH and other organizations.

But the authors say they could find no evidence that increasing flu vaccination coverage among people 65 and older lowered mortality rates. Further, they concluded that the number of flu-related deaths in the elderly from 1968 through 2001 was never more than 10% of all winter deaths, suggesting that flu immunization could have only a relatively small effect on total death rates.

"We conclude . . . that there are not enough influenza-related deaths to support the conclusion that vaccination can reduce total winter mortality among the US elderly population by as much as half," states the article, published yesterday in Archives of Internal Medicine."

"The researchers gathered data on flu vaccination rates, deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza (P&I), and total deaths in winter (December through March) among elderly people from 1968 through 2001. They used a statistical model to estimate the number of "excess" all-cause deaths each winter, which they define as the fraction of all winter deaths attributable to influenza. (Simonsen and others published an analysis last year suggesting that flu is the "primary determinant" of the increased death rate in winter in the United States.)

The authors looked separately at the data for the 19 years when influenza A(H3N2) viruses predominated and the 14 years when A(H1N1) and B viruses were dominant. They report that vaccination coverage for the elderly increased from 16% in 1972-73 to 65% in 2001, with most of the increase occurring after 1980.

Annual winter deaths over the 33 years ranged from about 425,000 to 672,000 and gradually increased over time, the report says. The authors' estimates of excess deaths ranged from less than 1% of all deaths in 1973-74 to 9.7% in 1998-99. The average number of excess deaths increased from about 21,000 in the 1970s to 39,000 in the 1990s.

In looking at the data for elderly of all ages in H3N2-dominated seasons, the authors found that excess P&I deaths decreased until 1980 but then stayed about the same. In seasons dominated by H1N1 and B viruses, both P&I deaths and excess all-cause deaths stayed the same or increased slightly over the study period.

The researchers also examined the data by 5-year age-groups. For people aged 65 to 74 years, excess mortality rates in A(H3N2)-dominated seasons fell between 1968 and the early 1980s but leveled off after that. The authors attribute the pre-1980 drop in mortality to the development of immunity to the H3N2 virus, which emerged in the pandemic of 1968-69.

For people older than 84, excess mortality in H3N2 seasons tended to increase over time. Findings for 75- to 84-year-olds were intermediate between those for the younger and older age-groups.

The article says it is "widely believed" that immunization reduces flu-related mortality by 70% to 80%. If that is true, "then the 50-percentage-point increase in vaccination coverage among the elderly after 1980 should have reduced both excess P&I and excess all-cause mortality by about 35% to 40%. We found no evidence to indicate that such a reduction had occurred . . . in any elderly age-group.""


Texas has had 708 deaths per million, way less than D.C. I don’t think a dense population of poor and poorly-educated people can cope well with Covid. And when hospitals are overwhelmed, it becomes like Italy or Wuhan or Ecuador. People dying on the floor or stacked up on any available surfaces. No oxygen, no monoclonal antibodies, no remdesivir or dexamethasone. Not even a bed. At least the Pit is able to provide one nurse for every two doomed patients, but past a certain point they won’t even have that. Nurses will get a high viral load and die and no one will be willing to come in to replace them. Notice that the nurse who put up the video made clear that it wasn’t just old people already allegedly at death’s door who are dying, but she personally had seen a 41, 29, and one year old die in the Pit of Covid.



What did your friend mean by saying that in D.C., they knew what to do? Ironic? Like in El Paso, most residents are very poor and uneducated, and Medicaid would pay their hospital expenses unless the hospital had been overwhelmed with Covid patients, as in El Pao now. I couldn’t imagine D.C.’s doing better than anyone as regards Covid and just looked it up. As of tonight. the US in general has had 772 deaths per million population. D.C. has had 942 deaths per million, a much higher rate than our extremely high average. I forgot to look up Texas. I’ll have to post this and come back or I’ll lose it.



My phone is about to die. I think the important thing about the Pit is that it exists because of too many getting serious cases of Covid too quickly. El Paso hospitals are overwhelmed. If people had consistently worn masks, etc., the curve would have been flattened and people would have been hospitalized in more moderate numbers. More would have gotten more CPR attempts, probably more would have gotten polyclonal antibodies. I’ll bet Medicaid would pay for it if the numbers needing it were more manageable.



The treatment is that Trump got, the polyclonal antibodies, is extremely expensive. Probably the doctor’s wife who recovered got it. Nearly all the others were poor Latinos. That being said, they wouldn’t be offered to us either. Trump wanted to make it available to everyone, but that’s not possible with our current medical system, or any conceivable socialized system in the future. Boris Johnson didn’t get them. I don’t know what the answer is, other than a sufficient daily dose of vitamin D3 and D1 long before you catch Covid. Then Iveemectin and HCQ, zinc, and antibiotic. People need to start now to build immune resistance to Covid.

And people need to use masks, social distance, wash hands, and so on. El Paso is in very desperate straits now because too few adhered to these safety rules. Many, many other places as well.

Sweden is ordering that groups be limited to eight, not ten, as I said earlier. It is seeing an explosion of cases. We’ll have to wait a long time to judge whether Sweden bought a big advantage in any degree of herd immunity by sacrificing 6,000 lives. Some thought it had bought widespread herd immunity and would no longer have a problem with Covid, but that can already be seen not to be the case.


John Stone, Benedetta,
I agree that the lack of treatments for the common respiratory symptoms of early COVID is really worrying, and seems to be a lot of the problem. Treating an illness before it gets serious is always much more effective.

Re when COVID first came to the U.S., this article may be useful.
Unexpected detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in the prepandemic period in Italy

It seems to suggest that COVID was circulating in Italy as early as September? Which would mean potentially also elsewhere in the world? Just speculation, but maybe at that point people with respiratory symptoms from COVID were getting typical respiratory treatments, and it was only when it was diagnosed as a new thing that no one could treat, that it started to become a self fulfilling prophecy, where no one got any treatments at all until they were too sick for it to matter.

From the article

We investigated the presence of SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain (RBD)–specific antibodies in blood samples of 959 asymptomatic individuals enrolled in a prospective lung cancer screening trial between September 2019 and March 2020 to track the date of onset, frequency, and temporal and geographic variations across the Italian regions. SARS-CoV-2 RBD-specific antibodies were detected in 111 of 959 (11.6%) individuals, starting from September 2019 (14%), with a cluster of positive cases (>30%) in the second week of February 2020 and the highest number (53.2%) in Lombardy.

I have also been wondering if the combination of cold, lower vitamin D levels, and possibly also the flu shots are causing the increase in COVID cases we are seeing recently?

North Dakota is particularly having challenges, per this article, though it does seem they are including cases where COVID was not the cause of death in their numbers.

Interestingly, they also had a huge increase in people getting flu shots in October.

I think it is fair to assume if many more people are getting flu shots then they are probably being careful in other ways also. It would be heartbreaking if getting flu shots, which everyone is being asked to do by most public health figures, is actually worsening the whole epidemic.

John Stone


I am afraid you’ve hit the nail on the head. Back in April or May I was talking to a friend in New York when things were at their most hellish and she said she’d been speaking to someone in DC and everything was much better there because they knew what they were doing.


What are they doing for these people, way before they get to the stage of getting near the pit?
What are the medical established standards, for treating corona virus? Does it even yet involve the latest treatment that Trump said worked when he had it, those antibodies serum what ever?

Who controls the medical standards in this country?

What is strange to me is the lack of treatment.

here is something that I think is interesting that has stuck in my crawl.

Last February when my father was in the hospital, who ended up in the next room, none other than his life long friend, neighbor, they even helped each other extensively with their cattle herds.

The neighbor was there because he had had a cough for a long while that would not go away. They finally said that maybe he had a mass of something lower down in the lung. They started using steroid breathing treatments on him, and sent him home. Then he was back in the hospital again soon after my Father left for more of those breathing treatments before they sent him home. It was a virus they said and he needed steroids. For a month afterwards, he was coughing up mucous and had to sleep in his recliner sitting up.

Do you see? Often viruses do cause immune responses that require steroid treatment, and they know it. What are they doing for the corona virus.

Do you think the real story here is the strange lack of medical treatments?


The Twitter sequence I linked raises hundreds of questions. Hundreds of similar coronaviruses have been identified, some 96% identical to covid. Some of them have nucleotide sequences spliced in in a biolab. The samples found near Milan are also believed to have originally come from China. To the extent this may be verified, the virus presumably underwent mutations facilitating its transmissibility and pathogenicity in humans since it did not become widespread and deadly in humans until February. Look at the Twitter thread. It is mind-boggling.

John Stone


Of course, there were clearly bits of it around in January - I think Washington State was only a couple of weeks behind Wuhan. A senior scientist told me he believed he’d had it in the U.K. late October which I guess is possible if it leaked in Wuhan in early October, but before that is an interesting proposition.


I just watched this video made by a covid travel nurse who goes where she is most needed. She was just at University Medical Center in El Paso. She also worked in New York last spring when it was at its worst, and she says El Paso is much worse and it’s not being covered. She said the hospitals in El Paso have been overwhelmed. They’ve rented ten refrigerated temporary morgues. She said the sickest covid patients are sent to the Pit. She treated a 41 year old, a 29 year old and a one year old there, among others. Eight patients there, four nurses. They are allowed to do CPR on them three times, six minutes, and then let them die. The only patient she saw emerge aluve from the Pit was a doctor’s wife: they pulled out all the stops for her, and she recovered. All other patients she saw in the Pit died. The nurse is traumatized and can’t stop crying. Most of the patients have been Hispanic, without the resources to make their lives valuable.

Sweden has realized its strategy was pretty ruthless and has just banned gatherings of ten people or more.


I think those who promote foregoing masks, social distancing, etc., should consider if a situation like El Paso’s is what they want. Do they want to just shut their eyes to the suffering of those in the Pit and ask only to be woken when it the moans of pain are over?



This Twitter thread has a lot of interesting information on this.


John Stone;

The article says:
"U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie has tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, he recently said on right-leaning political commentator Glenn Beck's radio show.

Massie, a Republican representing Kentucky's Fourth Congressional District, told Beck that he took both a coronavirus test and antibodies test at the end of July, and he received a positive result for the latter at the end of last week.

"I've had the 'rona, and I have recovered from it," Massie said on Friday.

Massie said he is "convinced" he had it in January "before we knew what 'rona was" while Congress was still adjourned for the holidays. During that time, Massie said he laid out on his couch for four days with a fever, sore throat and low energy — all symptoms of COVID-19."


Cia; That is wonderful. I don't want you or me or anyone too fearful about things we cannot control.

John Stone

Virus in Italy in September last year:


Of course, Tom Jefferson reported that the virus had been recovered from a block of sewage frozen in Barcelona in February 2019. A relative had a Covid like illness in London c.April 2019.



The article clearly says COVID-19 antibodies, of course the study tested for SARS-Cov-2 not Coronaviruses in general. That being said the same antibodies were detected in blood samples taken in December in the UK and France supporting that the virus was with us longer than we had believed.



The article you linked used the words coronavirus and Covid-19 interchangeably. There are believed to be seven coronaviruses which affect humans. Four have evolved to become relatively mild, cold-type viruses, including one which is believed to have been very severe in 1890, causing the Russian flu pandemic. The others are believed to be less than 20 years old, SARS, MERS, and Covid. You need to show that the genetic profile of the virus in Italy in 2019 is the same as for Covid, the one designed and escaped from the Wuhan bio lab in October 2019. The coronavirus in the article is probably another coronavirus.


I don’t think I’m afraid. We went to Mass on Sunday, meeting an old friend there. About half full with the requirement of four seats between family groups. I hadn’t seen him in years, he wasn’t part of our pod and maybe we wouldn’t have been allowed to sit together had they known. It didn’t occur to me until now. We went out for brunch afterwards, which was delicious. Going in a girl asked if I needed a mask. Mine was hanging around my neck: I had forgotten to pull it up. As soon as we sat down, we all took off the masks until we left. Permitted behavior in restaurants. I didn’t have a second’s fear of Covid. We talked excitedly about the election for an hour and a half. Really no moral here. Although it was the first time we had eaten out since pre-Covid. We’ve gotten take-out or delivery a few times. Also true that I stayed several feet away from anyone else, wore the mask when called for, and we washed our hands with soap as soon as we got home. I think I’m cautious, not fearful.



Blood samples from Italy showed 10% of patients already had antibodies against the virus in September 2019.

If that's true we have to revise our previous assumptions about the virus. It was with us earlier than we believed.



Cia; I too am a reader more than a listener.
But some times listening to the spoken word is different and you come away with a different feel on it.

Breggins is a wonderful man, and just to hear his voice alone brings a lot to a discussion.

He talks about it is okay to be cautious, but he also talks about dealing with fear. It might or might not help you, I kind of get the feeling you might be letting fear in too much? Of course you will have to be the judge of that.

Breggins did help me Cia. For the last couple of weeks, the Holy Spirit has directed me to read a lot of Kings and Chronicles. My emotions are rather more on the anger, out rage, and helplessness side, than fear. I want punishments, NOW!

You must remember I have lost a nephew, and have two 90 plus year old parents, and two children and a husband that has an immune system that is very reactive, and yet my problem is not fear. So, not only did Breggins talk about dealing with anxiety and fear, but also about that corruption has been around for a long time, all you have to do to prove that is just read the Bible.

My own inner feelings of outrage, just like feeling of fear, and panic must be mastered for my own mental health.
Get you some coffee and try to have a zen moment. or two. He helped me, You might enjoy him.



I read the transcript of the interview. To me it didn’t seem to have substance. We’ve known from the start that it escaped from a Wuhan bio lab where they were doing gain of function research to increase its transmissibility and virulence. They sliced in the PRRA nucleotide sequence from another virus, thinking that would make it more dangerous. The dangers of the research snd it’s sloppy handling of the viruses was noted several years ago and funding stopped. Fauci was involved, but I don’t think it was to a criminal degree. This kind of research should not be done. It escaped in October last year when the lab went off-grid for several days. German athletes carting in Wuhan contracted it at that time and took it back to Germany.
The article seemed to dwell on anxiety as Bad thing., but to the extent it encourages you to be mindful of dangers and have a plan to meet them, it is good. What is his proof that masks doctors wear do not protect patients? Of course they do. The concept is keeping your germs inside where they can’t infect others and masks others wear keeps yheir germs in so they don’t infect you. Are rhey saying that masks have no material substance and germs float through unimpeded?

While most who are killed are old or have fairly universal co-mornidities, is this supposed to make them cannon fodder, their lives of no importance? Thousands of health care providers have died of it during their prime working years. Many organizations and towns have published lists of their Covid dead, with descriptions of their young active lives.

I don’t understand attempts to domesticate it. Italy has had a rate of twelve percent of diagnosed cases dying of ir and Mexico thirteen percent.Shockingly high. In at least ten percent of patients it causes long-term disability. I don’t know what the chances of success would be if we tried to use stringent measures to keep the virus from spreading, but I’m willing to cooperate with them.



But do you have the right to kill others by your use of dangerous freedom? Jefferson would have been appalled at the idea.


I just looked it up. A Latin expression used in Italian. Extrema ratio is the extreme recourse you use when all others have failed, the last resort. In this case, the lockdown.


My ex wrote last week to say that the situation in Milan is very bad again (but they have moved to another city for the time being, and working remotely). He said of course they support the lockdowns in extrema ratio (new phrase for me, the most rational thing to do in an extreme situation?) He said the hospitals are full. That he blames the politicians for not buying more buses and subway cars over the summer, that the result is people being forced to travel crowded in with other people and spreading covid. He said that people foolishly acted over the summer as though Covid were dead. He said he was glad that C and I were safe here. I guess we feel safe, we’re in a spacious suburb and don’t go out much, but the city as a whole is experiencing the vertical wall and a tremendous increase in cases. And I think I already had it.



We spent several months saying that the virus would die back, even disappear, with the summer heat. Then we saw cases explode in the summer, after being beaten down by the lockdown and measures. Then on and after Memorial Day, a lot of people stopped taking precautions, see infamous photo of dozens of people crowded together in a oil at Lake of the Ozarks on Memorial Day without masks, and Covid came roaring back, ravaging Texas and Arizona. I don’t know how much worse it might have been if the weather had continued cold, but it was hot and very bad. As it has been hit and very bad in Brazil, Ecuador, India, Mexico. I don’t know why it died down so much in Europe this summer. But it is back with a vengeance now. Here it is very very bad. Both in cases and deaths. Charts now show a vertical line surging straight up. Do we really want to see how bad it might get? They don’t even know to the closest fifty million how many were killed by the Spanish flu. Somewhere between fifty and a hundred million. It got hard to count when so many towns were wiped out to the last inhabitant.

There are MANY things we don’t know about Covid yet, and maybe never will. It’s always the case that there is a random factor in the trajectory and depredations of epidemics. Also true that there are actions you can take to cut it off at the pass. As in masks, lockdowns, test, trace, isolate. Let me look at what my ex wrote about Covid in Italy now.


Cia; Laura Hayes has given us a great link, Dr. Mercola and my hero -- Dr. Breggins. I so wished my daughter could study under him since she has chosen that career path. I wonder if he would take her under his wing?

We all have our dreams.

Anyway, it is worth your time to watch it all. Take away what you will and leave behind what you don't want'



It's far more likely that the recent surges that we have seen are caused by seasonal changes.

Cases in Europe exploded early in October when temperatures dropped. It wasn't that people suddenly weren't wearing masks or forgot to follow rules.

Don't blame the public. They can't control the weather.

Laura Hayes

Good article by Dr. Mercola today, including Dr. Peter Breggin’s research on Fauci, the evil that is transpiring (and Fauci’s role in it), and the importance of reason, love, and liberty:



I just found this man's blog on someone's Twitter account and thought I'd place the link to his blog, here.

I know there are several here who read who reside in NY and thought that perhaps some of you may want to contact this guy:


Also, @Emmaphiladelphia:

Pelosi's celebratory dinner event has been cancelled, due to the enormous amount or pressure she received, not only by many of her fellow Dems, but Chelsea Clinton as well (who practically begged her to cancel the event).

Angus Files

I prefer a dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. Thomas Jefferson 1787

Pharma For Prison



Everyone saw how the very steep spike in cases and deaths in April plunged as a result of the measures taken, including masks. After Memorial Day, when many got tired of the measures and stopped observing them, cases spiked in July with deaths spiking in August. Many observed the measures again, especially around the start of school, but then they spiked again in October. Ultimately you have to ask Would I rather my child suffer in the short term or have his teacher die because she was teaching him in person? For me it’s an easy choice. Cases are exploding here. Deaths increased 100% in October, from 8 to 16, with two more in November. A number of teachers have gotten it. Here schools started online only, went to in-person a few weeks ago, but as of Monday will be back to online only. Elementary schools, middle and high schools haven’t gone back to in-person.

You have to try to prevent contagion and death beforehand, or it may be too late. If you don’t want to make other people sick, you have to wear a mask.

This is the fault of the virus. Epidemics have always occurred and are always brutal and cruel. (Well, none in the New World before it was discovered by the Old World.) It’s just new to us. The concept of tyranny has no place here. Who’s going to say I demand my God-given right to infect you and often cause your disability or death? The touch of fresh air on my face is much more important to me than your life. And I demand that the peons teach and entertain my children in person. Again, let’s get it straight whose life is more important.


Nancy gets ratted out...again.

Pelosi Defends Holding Large Dinner for Incoming Members as Dems Move to Cancel Thanksgiving

But will she find a hairstylist to cover her roots in time for the pre-Thanksgiving INDOOR GALA DINNER for incoming members? And, do certain citizens know about those statues still standing in the dining hall?
According to Leigh Ann Caldwell Tweet: "Speaker Pelosi told me it’s safe. “It’s very spaced,” she said and there is enhanced ventilation and the Capitol physician signed off."



If citizens are confined to home during certain hours, it may be to facilitate large scale operations.


@ Laura

"Continued compliance will lead to increasing tyranny. Each of us must choose whether or not we will comply with totalitarian edicts....Rather, what we see transpiring has been craftily and cunningly planned to control the populace, at a global level, for nefarious purposes."



I think Laura Hayes has nailed it. Nothing to add.

Bob Moffit

"As we approach the change of administrations, assuming there is a change, I don't care to get into a voter fraud conversation, we need to remember the steep toll Covid sanctions …."

Unfortunately … in my humble opinion .. the ongoing calls for investigating "voter fraud" are the same as the ongoing calls .. growing louder each day .. for investigating reliability of 'covid testing" which is driving the extreme protocols and policies denying basic Constitutional Rights .. such as .. freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech,

One wonders why at this time in history BOTH our election results and covid testing results are suddenly causing so much distrust of our government agencies???

Laura Hayes

“Congenial” compliance with mask wearing and “courteous” social distancing will lead to totalitarian tyranny, and to a whole new form of “social distancing” for those who challenge the tyranny and/or refuse to comply, more aptly named house arrest, to be followed by “camps” of a sinister nature.

Continued compliance will lead to increasing tyranny. Each of us must choose whether or not we will comply with totalitarian edicts.

As most AoA readers know, not one aspect of what is currently transpiring has to do with either individual health or “public health” (I choose not to use that term in my everyday speaking as it is nothing more than a phrase coined to control individuals and to perpetuate propaganda, ill-gained profits, and evil agendas). Rather, what we see transpiring has been craftily and cunningly planned to control the populace, at a global level, for nefarious purposes.

If the tyrants in charge cared one whit about people’s health, their focus would not be on “Covid-19”, rather, it would be on eliminating the many man-made products and practices that destroy human health, resulting in illness and death, and on educating about and encouraging that which promotes health, proper development, vitality, fertility, and longevity.

Back in August, I wrote about the catastrophic costs of complying. Here is the link for anyone interested.

“The Catastrophic Costs of Complying” by Laura Hayes


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