Imagine The Treatment of those who Say NO to CoVax
Dr. Fauci Says the Covid Vaccine Will NOT Prevent Covid

Vote in the USA!

Election 2020
Today is election day in the USA, the culmination of a roller-coaster political season. To our American readers, we hope you are voting or have already cast your ballot in your home state, District or territory. In past years, we heard from candidates what they would or would not do for the autism communities (plural on purpose.)  We talked about Progressives versus Conservatives. We discussed which man or woman would really look at the needs of autism families and enact laws and protections to serve them. Who would keep programs like SSI and Medicaid intact? Who would mandate vaccination? Who would acknowledge the epidemic? These were tough topics that often split us. This year? The election has been wall to wall Covid. But here we are.  There's a chance we will not know the outcome tomorrow.



@ Benedetta and Cait

This is an excellent overview of the U.S. Dec. 3 vote fraud conspiracy originating from China. Excellent presentation with information that I had already personally researched. January 9 is the day of reckoning......
The Vortex — It's China


I feel selfish, in that you are all interested in what goes on South. I feel that I should reciprocate and show a bit of interest of what goes on in the North.

So in an equal, exchange of ideas, could you please write an informative, thoughtful, and organized thoughts on what Justin Pierre James Trudeau means by the great reset?

Please start with -- what is a great reset - define it first, cause I really have no idea, and then what you think he means?



Still a few irons in the fire. Pentagon just shut down Biden transition team security meetings until after Christmas. 18 Republican members of Congress unsure of Electoral votes. Still claim fraud.

Where is it???????????


For goodness sake, give it up. You don't have to be happy about it, but Biden won. Time to move on.


From the Burning Platform

"It appears that we, as a nation, have lost the security of our elections (thus, the sanctity of our elections), that we have lost the integrity of the courts to uphold the law of the land, and the two losses together render said law, the Constitution for the United States, null and void. Without faith in our elections and without faith in our judiciary, for all of our love of freedom, there is no hope for justice, no hope for the lawful representation of the will of the people. The contract is breached. Lawlessness has triumphed and corruption, conquered, and in this year of magnificent loss, it is clear that, chief amongst all others, we have lost our Republic.

We might argue that this end began when the bankers placed their thumbs upon the scales of our system of honest money; that this happened, however, was preceded by a failure of the legislative branch, which abdicated the responsibility to coin the nation’s money. That they handed this commission to a private central bank through the Federal Reserve Act in December 1913 is, indeed, a betrayal of the American people; that inflation – almost nonexistent between 1780 and 1913 – has since robbed the dollar of 90 plus percent of its value is but a consequent, though perpetual, betrayal, one that, by law, should never have occurred. The establishment of a central bank also happens to be plank 5 of Marx’s “Communist Manifesto”, a crucial step in the seizure of power from the people.

But such an argument is not to discount the prior, gradual infiltrations of other planks of communism, whereby income taxes (plank 2), for example, codified in the 16th amendment and signed into law in February 1913, a mere ten months before the Federal Reserve Act, have fueled the unnecessary growth of governmental bureaucracy that hangs upon the citizenry like a yoke of servitude. In addition, universal property taxes (plank 1) have made permanent renters of all, ostensibly, in many areas, in order to fund public education (plank 10), mandates for which have rendered each successive generation more ignorant than its predecessor until, in this year 2020, schoolchildren within the once “greatest nation on earth” display less knowledge and applicable intelligence than their counterparts who reside in developing countries.

That we spend more on education than any other nation in the world but receive far less return-on-investment is a “success” to very few, the reprobates who dictate centralized curricula (such as “common core”), the deluded who are financially dependent upon said dictates, and the malicious subversives who promote harm upon our culture via the graft of intellectual dishonesty, e.g., anyone who touts the current and/or recent state of our education system as “progress”. But the same may be said of all of the planks that have seeped into our society (rather than just our system of government); with each “progressive” shift towards centralization, expenses grow while benefits diminish. Tax bills, for one, never decrease, neither from the central government, nor from city hall, and, regardless, even when the collections fall short, our public servants continue to spend and, somehow, leave the deficits for us to cover.

Still, adherents to such communism contend that these systems and their burdensome maintenance are necessary to secure equality and freedom for the less-fortunate. This is either a damnable lie or, perhaps, an agenda-driven untruth, for the fruits of their labors – bought with our money – are evident in the subsequent stratification of society: the oligarchs continue their relentless purchase of the world while the working class is reduced to destitution and the middle-class, to serfdom. (This is the great lie of communism, that its system is a catalyst for equality, when, no different from certain monarchies, it crushes all others under the weighty boots of the ruling class; it is but the hollow celebration, by the elite, of peasantry.)

In the year 2020, then, we return to the very middle ages from which the Constitution, by securing our freedoms and independence, allowed us to escape. Yet, here we are, suffering under medical and political tyrannies which span the globe and, in every nation, are nigh impossible to separate; bureaucrats in health departments and elected dictators mandate communal poverties both social and financial, while medical doctors are censored, silenced, and persecuted for speaking the truth, for healing sick patients, for defying the false scientism that is the agenda of both the centralized healthcare apparati and the states, local, regional, and global.

The worldwide media conglomerate, in the meantime, supports the same politicized dictates by publishing half-truths and factual manipulations in order to promote fear and obeisance while encouraging ridicule, cancellation, and banishment for anyone who reveals accurate information, anyone who refuses to worship at the altar of fear, anyone who remains open for business that they might support their family and their community. This year, 2020, the entire populace of the earth has experienced the dispossession of independence and the imposition of servitude (without its consultation or its consent), forced by decree and fiat and executive order, aided by disinformation, abetted by ignorance, propagated by profiteers and modern robber-barons, by the new nobility as well as the old, the would-be rulers of the world.

So, one agenda begat another. The questionable pandemic served as a convenient excuse for the mass dispersal of unsolicited mail-in ballots, the manipulation of which played an integral role in the theft of the election. And the compromised election, unless a “black” swan intervenes, will result in the inauguration of partisan “public servants” who have promised retribution for dissenters, whom they have labeled as “deplorables”, as “rebels”, as “extremists”, as “racists” who, as yet, have neither rioted nor burned cities, have done no more than speak the truth as they understand it and vote in opposition, as they see it, to tyranny and tyrants.

These tyrants, with their threats, their preemptive and ongoing censorship, their crybully hostility to differing perspectives, prove that they are worthy of the title, and, yet, they espouse the conviction that they are justified to be prejudiced. But the truth is that, in order to maintain power once they have seized it, all tyrants must quell dissent, noncompliance, and all opposition with violence, because fear is their greatest weapon. And they exploit it. The fearful will comply, will snitch on their neighbors, will bow to authority, to BLM bigots, to vaccine-sorcerers, to the bobble-heads on the boob-tube; the fearful will live on their knees. The fearless, on the other hand, must be eradicated with the full force of the state, that they might serve as an example to all who would consider to disobey. Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, the Bolsheviks, and the Nazis are good examples of this principle in action, and once they, by any means necessary, achieved power, they murdered millions of “rebels” and “undesirables”.

Our constitution was written with the intent to protect the people of these United States from these rulers of the world, but, this year, we understand that it has failed. There is no integrity in our elections. State courts, district courts, appellate courts have failed to respect evidence, affidavits, witnesses, and the law itself. The Supreme Court, it appears, will be the final arbiter, but, so far, they too have failed to uphold the law of the land.

Still, the Constitution remains a righteous document. Of all constitutions written and honored throughout the world, that of the United States protects the inalienable – that is, cannot be removed or taken away – rights of the people FROM the government. In our system, the government is subject to the people, rather than the people subject to the government. The Bill of Rights are not negotiable, not open for debate, are, short of a constitutional convention and act of Congress, indisputable and permanent.

Among these, per Amendment I, are the rights to speak freely and to publish freely, even in opposition to the actions of the government. We also have the right to worship as we see fit, as well as the freedom to peaceably assemble for redress of grievances against the government, not only when it passes laws without our consent or with which we do not agree, but for any reason that we deem appropriate. Amendment IV preserves the right to privacy and to security in matters of correspondence (even against the prying-eyes and the data-collection of the state), and, under Amendment V, we are protected from being forced to testify against ourselves. And Amendment II protects our right to bear arms in order to defend ourselves against tyranny, “being necessary to the security of a free state”. Over the last century, we have witnessed and experienced the erosion of these rights, but in 2020, many of us have been locked down, rendered unemployed, censored, “contact-traced”; our houses of worship have been closed, and people who love our country have been called “fascists” and “Nazis” by people who hate our country. From their lips, “Patriot” and “Christian” are post-modern racial slurs, terms of derision and hatred. And their candidate, the one for whom they stole the election, as of 14 December, is President-elect.

As have so many tyrants before, the incoming leadership has already broadcast that a top priority is more gun-control laws, some of which it will dictate by fiat, via “executive order” (importation bans, for one); thus, without actual legislation, without any attempt to amend the Constitution, the incoming regime, with pen and ink, will attempt, as have other similar administrations before it, to mandate the de facto repeal of the Second Amendment. “As president, I’ll ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines . . . .” To what end?

To render us powerless against the monopoly of violence by the state.

The Second Amendment is considered by many to be the most important of the ten, because it serves as the last line of defense for the other nine. If the president-elect is true to his word, consider that, in the hazy, gossamer coronavirus lockdown light of 2020 as we have thus far lived it . . . this administration has golden opportunity to commence an unprecedented attack on the Bill of Rights, in order, according to their communist ideals, to strip them from us all, from conformist, non-conformist, and rebel alike.

On inauguration day, 20 January 2021, tyranny, something wicked, comes.

So, we have some choices to consider and to make in the days that precede the seizure of power by the new regime:

Do we defend the Constitution, or do we let it burn?

Do we comply with tyranny and communism, or do we defy it?

Do we follow in the footsteps of our founders . . . or do we kneel, forevermore, to the rulers of this world?"

How it happened:
Myron Fagan exposes the Illuminati/CFR [1967]



WATCH: Explosive Video of Car Crash Killing Boyfriend of Kemp’s Daughter Sparks Conspiracy Theories
The video is shocking...."that's one hell of a crash..."

"Just one day after Brian Kemp called for a signature audit in Georgia, his daughter’s boyfriend, and a staffer to Senate runoff candidate Kelly Loeffler was killed in a fiery car crash."

A signature audit would expose those under the table suitcases full of "votes." Enough could legally be thrown out to give Trump a win. VERY HIGH STAKES!


Overstock Dot Com founder funded vote fraud investigation of Dominion Software. Here's what he found. MUST SEE!

100% Certainty It Was Rigged!!

JUST IN: GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler’s Campaign Staffer Killed in an Accident
Georgia GOP senators Loeffler and Perdu are both in a double runoff. The outcome will determine who controls the Senate. Will that runoff election be determined by DOMINION SOFTWARE and physical vote fraud by people like "Ruby" ?

What’s Up, Ruby?… BREAKING: Crooked Operative Filmed Pulling Out Suitcases of Ballots in Georgia IS IDENTIFIED
SEE PHOTO EVIDENCE....Ruby was not smart!



SMILE! Your'e on candid camera!

The Freeman family caught TWICE.


CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY! Santa left huge boxes of votes under the table....
Republicans tender new CCTV footage to Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee

If Georgia's fraud election isn't thrown to the state legislature to vote on the Electors by Dec. 14, huge numbers of Georgia Republicans will refuse to vote in the critical Senate double runoff. Why vote when the system is still rigged?

Gary Ogden

Benedetta: Hammer and Scorecard are the names of computer programs the gubment developed and the CIA has used to meddle in elections in foreign countries. It appears they may have been used right here in the land of the free and home of the brave this election. Trump has just defanged the CIA by activating JFK's Executive Order 57, taking "special operations" (meaning coups, assassinations, election meddling and so forth) away from them, and putting them under control of the DoD.


It's 1776 Again!

Attorneys Sydney Powell and Lin Wood are confident President Trump won the election

LIVE: Sidney Powell, Lin Wood attend 'Stop the Steal' rally in Georgia (Dec. 2) | NTD


LOL. Ankle bracelet. If only Biden would flee or will flee, or long since ran away, but alas.

Fauci; when Obama told him to stop funding China viruses, Fauci was still able to find a way.

According to Dr. Breggin. I love him. Breggin says that when Trump closed Fauci down by stopping even funding WHO that Fauci was still able to get the money to China by funneling it into some Texas University that then sends it to China research.

Thankyou so much for the up date on what the Kracken is.
I heard Lou Dobbs explain what a score card is, but darn it; I forgot.




"An email has been sent to the company outlining the existence of a federal Court ORDER restraining the destruction/wiping of materials related to the November 3 election, and that emails asks why the company is apparently violating a federal Judge's ORDER?

We await a response."


Did they borrow Hillary's bit bleach?

BREAKING: Georgia Elections Officials Were Reportedly Filmed Destroying Evidence
By Joe Hoft
Published December 1, 2020 at 8:38pm

"Twitter did a great job censoring the Dominion Watch hashtag.

Georgia elected officials had no idea we were on the ground filming them destroying evidence.
8:16 PM · Dec 1, 2020·Twitter Web App"



BOMBSHELL TESTIMONY by Dominion IT contract worker:
"Everything I saw was fraud"

This is a brave truthteller!
Dominion contractor drops bombshell at Michigan hearing
'They were rescanning, counting ballots 8 to 10 times'


Is Joe Biden wearing an ankle monitor to keep him from fleeing the country?

Joe Biden Appears in Public Wearing Walking Boot for Fractured Foot

Hillary, Chelsea, and John McCain all wore one too on their right foot at around the same time.



Continued Georgia election fraud coverup:

Fulton County joins with Dominion software ops to screw up the count. That's OK. Trump has the server from Germany. It has everything.
Starts at 1:32

RINOS are going down.


Trump will take down the new world order (Soros) through their massive election fraud!

We have been under a declared National Emergency since 2018 regarding the security of elections.
Trump signed EO in 2018 after observing the fraud committed in the 2018 elections. The EO was tailored to their offshore data farm operation used to steal elections. Sound farfetched?

(Attorney) Leigh Dundas On The Effect Of A 2018 Trump Executive Order On The 2020 Presidential Election


Amazing! November 30, 2020 and we still don't have a certified election.

Full transcript of bombshell interview: Gen. Michael Flynn, Gen. Thomas McInerney with Brannon Howse – Identity of KRAKEN revealed


"First, here are some of the highlights from the McInerney segment that we thought we especially important.

HAMMER and various cyber weapons were previously used by the USA against other countries, now the weapons are being deployed against us. Obama is behind everything.
Creator of HAMMER and Scorecard is Denis Montgomery, former CIA analyst.
Fox flipped against America, deep state coup coordinators recruited the entire U.S. media and Big Tech to defeat the Republic and overthrow the U.S. Constitution.
The Dec. 14th deadline doesn’t matter. President Trump should not leave office until all the facts surrounding election theft are analyzed, including vote count distributions “caused by fraudulent electronic manipulation of targeted voting machines.”
The fact that all 5 battleground states stopped counting at the same time, “Demonstrates prior coordination by election officials in five battleground states.” Then they used HAMMER and Scorecard, plus Dominion, to move Joe Biden into the lead. It is a “mathematical impossibility” the way the votes came in. An algorithm was used.
In PA, 1.8 million ballots mailed out to people. 2.5 million came back in. Someone had a printing press and was printing them out.
The 305th Battalion military intelligence is “Kraken.”
China, Iran, Russia were all involved in manipulating votes.
Confirmed that US Special Forces Command seized servers from the CIA server farm in Frankfurt.
Confirmed there were US soldiers killed during the raid on the CIA server farm in Frankfurt. (As we reported in yesterday’s Situation Update.)
Chris Miller is Secretary of Defense because of the 305th Battalion. Consider why…
Chris Krebs at CISA committed treason and is part of the coup.
What went down during the election is TREASON at the highest level, not just politics.
Trump can maintain control over the White House, under oath, until a full investigation is complete, and there are no artificial deadlines that can stop him.
The President took an oath that obliges him to defend the country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This is why he cannot turn over the White House to political puppets (Biden) controlled by America’s enemies (China, Iran).
The big evidence from the seized servers is going to come out at SCOTUS, not before.
Once caught, mid-level treasonous actors will point fingers at Biden and Obama, saying they were ordered to carry out the treasonous acts.
Georgia’s runoff election is already stolen by the Democrats unless we stop the vote theft. It’s just a digital theft for them. This means the Senate will be lost to the Democrats unless this vote fraud infrastructure is exposed and defeated.
A lot of instability is coming if we allow the government to be seized by communists.
All this goes up to the very top, implicating Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, Barack Obama and others.
Trump knew all this was going to happen and had planned for it."


Georgia election fraud update:

"GA UPDATE: Lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell asks the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia for an “emergency declaratory judgment that voting machines be seized and impounded immediately for a forensic audit.”

Every dominion machine must be seized & audited."
7:11 PM · Nov 28, 2020


Watch the gross vote count violation testimonies in PENNSYLVANIA. Long, but worth your time. Trump is right and still has a path to victory if justice prevails in the Supreme Court or the state legislatures. What happened in Pennsylvania happened in all the contested swing states. Vote stealing is OUT OF CONTRO!

Watch again: Giuliani attends election hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gary Ogden

Emmaphiladelphia: Thank you so much for keeping us posted.


Sidney Powell: It will be BIBLICAL
She specifically fingers corruption in Georgia
Overwhelming evidence to move their case forward in the courts.



I've recently been watching reruns of "Mission Impossible" from 1969. The Kracken Op is life imitates art. I think they are sending mixed messages to keep their opponents confused. I read another article that said the original Cray Kraken had been retired, but the new one was an army of cyber bots that could have been monitoring the German installation all along. Perhaps they wanted to trick them into trying to seize it first as evidence of their guilt. That's something the IMForce would have done. LOL plot twist within plot twist. I guess the "Truth will out" soon.

In the mean time, here's what happened in Atlanta , GA today:
Watch LIVE: Stop The Steal Protest in Atlanta, GA- LIVE COVERAGE
I think I saw Mr. Phelps drive by in his blue convertible......



The Kraken I think is probably the executive order trump-declared-national-emergency from 2018. That makes sense to me, but oh what a long drawn out thing it might be.

Texas Congressman Gohmert was on some of these links, and he said (I think I understand what he was saying, you listen to him again) that the army was suppose to raid Scylte's new headquarters, they moved from Spain to Germany. A bankrupted company involved in the elections?

Some one called (I did not get who) and it is my understanding it was this past Sunday Nov 16yh, and asked for Gohmert to get together what information they would need.
He said that basically the information they needed from the server would be what votes came in for whom, and what votes went back out for whom.
But Monday he never heard from them , that the army did not make it there first, but army intelligence -- or maybe not army intelligence, but the CIA. He did not say CIA, but it sounded like the bad guys got there first.

Listen to your links again and see if I am understanding this right?

Meanwhile. the Kraken I think is not the super computer, knowing everything but the emergency order that Trump signed back in 2018.

That indeed will be a long ordeal.


Results of SCYTL raid (sting operation) by U.S. army in Germany:

See video with Congressman Louie Gohmert (Tx)

"Trump says he fired cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs after he disputed election fraud claims
On Tuesday, the president Tweeted that he “terminated” Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Christopher Krebs. Trump said that Krebs gave a “highly inaccurate” statement about the security of the 2020 presidential election. It comes days after Krebs’ department said “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.” Last week, Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper and replaced him with Christopher Miller, formerly the director of the National Counterterrorism Center."


Well Emma;
They did I guess stop Hammer and Score card, but it was through something else?

What they don't like is the stopping of vote count and then when it came back it was all for the opposite candidate.

They may have had something else in play, perhaps?



The Affidavit: Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs

Bunker Ep. 117: Eric Reviews The Blockbuster Election-fraud Evidence Uncovered By Sidney Powell.



Here is more info to ponder. I am keeping an eye on it to see if it is legit:

Hammer and Scorecard

"More than 2,600 ballots in Georgia’s Floyd County that have not been tallied were recently found during a recount in the state for the 2020 presidential election, according to reports.

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger blamed the problem on Floyd County election officials failing to upload votes from a memory card in a ballot-scanning machine."

If Biden ends up winning, I'll just shelter in place for the next four years and watch You Tube reruns of Lawrence Welk.....


Thank you Emma; Mike Adams has always been early on all information and right on.


Is this what Trump lawyer Sydney Powell was referring to?

"Top Lawyer & Ex-Federal Prosector Sidney Powell said on the New Conservative Media NewsMax TV “I will Release The Kraken”
Some People are tying to figure out what she means. This is what she means. It was a Direct & significant threat to the Domestic enemies of America.....Kraken: The biggest, baddest botnet yet
CyberSecurity companies said it’s “not so good news.” Kraken has gone undetected on 80% of computers with antivirus software installed....Imagine all the corrupt officials that can catch. Imagine if this was sent to infiltrate networks. Imagine if this was used on the American elections machines to detect fraud pre-emptively by the Trump administration. Was it? It might just have been."


BOMBSHELL: The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared “National Emergency” that set an Election Day trap for the “unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure”

"GOING DOWN: Big Tech, media giants, Democrat operatives and half the deep state"
"The Kraken is a Cray Super-Computer.
It will reduce and define everything from Dominion in minutes."


Lynyrd Skynyrd for Governor of California!
He certainly has the youth vote....LOOK AT THAT CROWD!

Freebird - 7/2/1977 - Oakland Coliseum Stadium


"The Devil Just Got Caught In Georgia: Trump Lawyer Files Lawsuit After Exposing Shady Deal Between Georgia Secretary of State & DNC Lawyer"

Atty Lin Wood
"I filed a lawsuit today in federal court in Atlanta to establish that the March 6, 2020 Consent Agreement by the GA Secretary of State rendered UNLAWFUL the 11/3 GA general election.

I am right under established law."

"For GA residents, call and tell our elected officials they need to allow a legitimate recount. Currently, they are not checking signatures & 1 Rep observer for every 10 tables of workers - Sham recount. Kemp 404-656-1776; Duncan 404-656-5030; Sec of State 404-656-2817"

Primus - The Devil Went Down To Georgia

Gary Ogden

Emmaphiladelphia: This interview of Sidney Powell says it all. Not any sort of kook, she's a highly-respected and experienced appellate attorney:


"Why 2020 US Election Votes Were Counted By A Bankrupted Spanish Company Scytl
November 13, 2020
Days after it was revealed how 2020 US Elections were rigged by Canadian Crown Agent Dominion Voting Systems through a so-called “glitch”, now GreatGameIndia has found involvement of another dubious foreign company in US Election meddling. The votes cast by Americans were counted by a bankrupted Spanish company Scytl in Spain. Like Dominion Voting Systems, Scytl has a long history of election fraud in various nations including injecting backdoors in its election software. The issue has prompted experts to question why the sensitive job of counting votes was outsourced to a foreign company? How could a bankrupted Spanish company count American votes in Spain? Due to such widespread fraud, the Chairman of the US Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor believes that the 2020 US Presidential Elections is illegitimate.

INTEL UPDATE: US Military Raided Scytl Servers In Germany For Evidence After Vote Switching Scandal"


Watch Live: Pro-Trump Rally in Washington, DC (Nov. 14, 2020)

HUGE turnout.


Georgia vote recount begins:

Re-tally for election to begin Friday at 9 a.m.
"On Thursday, the Secretary of State's Office said that recount will begin at 9 a.m. tomorrow, with a target of midnight next Wednesday to complete it."


TRUMP BOMBSHELL: Dominion software deleted over 2.7 million votes nationwide, switched over 500,000 from Trump to Biden

See screen shot of data analysis of the "raw vote log transaction data..."

"“REPORT: DOMINION DELETED 2.7 MILLION TRUMP VOTES NATIONWIDE. DATA ANALYSIS FINDS 221,000 PENNSYLVANIA VOTES SWITCHED FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP TO BIDEN. 941,000 TRUMP VOTES DELETED. STATES USING DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS SWITCHED 435,000 VOTES FROM TRUMP TO BIDEN.” In fact, data analysis reveals that over 2.8 million votes were deleted from President Trump, while 512,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden. The data are now public, with Python language data analysis tools and full transaction data released by numerous analysts, including the "Centipede" user at"


Read the lawsuit for yourselves:

Trump Campaign v. Pennsylvania Secretary of State - November 9, 2020




BREAKING: Wisconsin Prepared For RECOUNT: 2020 Election Results COULD CHANGE

Trump wins Alaska, Dan Sullivan reelected to Senate

President Trump tweets the Dominion Voting Systems have deleted million of votes for him


If Joe Biden has a supporter like this, who needs enemies?

"Henry Kissinger: 'I Like Joe Biden'"

I'm old enough to remember Kissinger's role in opening up Communist China for trade with the U.S. under President Nixon. That was the beginning of the shutdown of U.S. manufacturing. Kissinger is a Rockefeller globalist eugenicist. Here is a revealing article from 1981 on his "depopulation" policies:

The Haig-Kissinger
depopulation policy


I am unsure Angus at this point that the DOJ or the FBI are so corrupted that it matters.

I have this uneasy feeling that the virus was all about the election.
My brother/ sister and brother -in- law lost their 34 year old son and 92 year old mother. We have been denied Hydroxychloroquine, we were put on ventilators even as doctors in the field yelled thier lungs out that this was not the proper treatment. Steroid inhalers were denied for inflammation of lungs. Guys; this virus might not have been so bad if given some kind of standard care?

There is something really stinky bad here.

Angus Files

Attorney General William Barr Authorizes DOJ to Look into Voting Irregularities

Pharma For Prison




Trump has exposed their totally corrupt 2020 vote counting.
Keep the lawsuits coming!


Biden supporters proclaim Covid 19 IS OVER!
See video at 9:55

Now that's activity with bi-partisan support!


Just in:
"WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE" Rudy Giuliani Says Dead People Voted Big Time In Election 2020

Thanks to Trump, Georgia got caught with hand in the cookie jar. KEEP THOSE VOTER FRAUD LAWSUITS COMING!

Vote counting continues in Gwinnett County (Georgia)


Republican attorneys general announce legal action over Pennsylvania mail-in voting

Angus Files

"WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE" Rudy Giuliani Says Dead People Voted Big Time In Election 2020

Pharma For Prison



I thought they were just not smart in the ways of nature, could not think three dimensional. Silly me. I just could not think as evil as they are.

Plandemic was all about making mail ballots acceptable in a presidential election

With mail in ballots so much can be done that is not right or fair, and tip an election in their favor.

Jenny Allan

Dr Naomi Wolf
Don't worry about voting for Biden. This is the unelected person really running the worldwide show:-
"Bill Gates on Twitter"
Nov 7
"I look forward to working with the new administration and leaders on both sides in Congress on getting the surging pandemic under control, engaging partners around the world on issues like poverty and climate change, and addressing issues of inequality and opportunity at home."

Trump never had a prayer of being re-elected. He was far too much of a threat to big pharma and other huge corporate vested interests. His card was marked when he withdrew US funding for the WHO, and wanted to withdraw US military personnel from Afghanistan. In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is totally in thrall to Bill Gates and the largely corporate funded WHO, although former Prime Minister David Cameron has recently stated the WHO is far too 'political' and we in the UK should also withdraw the funding.
Biden of course has stated he will reverse the Trump decisions on the WHO funding and Afghanistan.

Angus Files

Thanks Leigh Dundas .ITS MORE THAN WHO WINS THE ELECTION ITS ABOUT DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS-very true!and what many fight on here daily for a level playing field.

Pharma For Prison


Tweet from Naomi Wolf

Dr Naomi Wolf
If I’d known Biden was open to ‘lockdowns’ as he now states, which is something historically unprecedented in any pandemic, and a terrifying practice, one that won’t ever end because elites love it, I would never have voted for him.
1:03 AM · Nov 9, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Gary Ogden

Cait from Canada: If you want to understand who Joe Biden really is, read "No Joe: Joe Biden's disastrous legislative legacy," by Andrew Cockburn, in the March, 2019 issue of Harper's Magazine. Harper's is no right-wing rag, but firmly in the camp of the left, of Democrat policies and politicians. I regularly read anti-Trump screed in opinion pieces each month. I ignore them because there is much of value in this, the U.S.' oldest continually-published magazine (since 1850).

Gary Ogden

greyone: And this is precisely why there are so many so-called 'Rona deaths in the U.S. Medicare incentivized hospitals to classify every possible hospitalized patient as a 'Rona "case," including victims of motorcycle crashes, heart attacks, cancer, and so forth. The CDC freely admits that only 6% of the claimed 'Rona deaths have no other condition listed in the causes of death. The political class is is marching to the tune of pharma, in lock step. To the color of money. Flu deaths have vanished from the CDC statistics, and lung cancer deaths have diminished by 75%. I don't like or trust either political party, and both of them clearly hate Trump because he isn't part of the ruling class. For more than five years the media have published outright lies about him. The Democrats are more deeply embedded in the pharma swamp, as we've seen with vaccine mandates in Democrat-controlled states. They've just given us a "Chicago-style" election. The evidence of fraud in this election is breathtaking. Vote-counting has been privatized, the software is proprietary. No, we simply cannot trust vote-by-mail and private vote counting.


I have never believed that a covid vaccine mandate is on the horizon, but after reading the above article (which I know has been linked here on this blog previously), essentially states why I do not believe there will be any sort of mandate.

I could be wrong -- but I just don't see it.

I remember the 1976 swine flu vaccine fiasco all too well, which is probably another reason I don't see a mandate happening w/this particular vaccine. Honestly, with the numbers of individuals who seem to have had severe reactions to this vaccine during trials, I cannot imagine what will happen should they try to mandate this vaccine on a population which is fraught with immune disorder issues.

The people used in these trials, or at least we've been told -- are some of the healthiest people on the planet. Yet, leaks have occurred as to reactions in some of these individuals - severe reactions.

Ii would imagine, therefore, that should this vaccine be rolled out and given to a large number of individuals, we will most likely see a huge reactivity rate, the likes of which can only be imagined.

I also believe there would be a huge pushback (huge) should they try to mandate this vaccine, on any level, and not just within the U.S.

My opinion, of course.



Yes! This is very, very true. Our mainstream media has been bought and paid for, for quite some time now. I've long ago given up hearing 'truth' on any of our mainstream media outlets, including FOX news.

Further, I do not trust either one of our political parties; both sides are corrupted to the core, although the Dems have definitely rolled over and become more fascist with some of its policies/statements throughout the year. I was raised in the mid-west and remember that the Democrats always seemed to be the party of the 'middle man.'

I have lost completely faith in this system we have here in the U.S. But that's just me. For me, there is very little truth on either side of the fence and NO ONE, for the most part, speaks the unvarnished truth about any issue on mainstream TV, although at times I have to say I've sort of admired Tucker Carlson.

I've long ago quit complaining (for the most part) about the lack of veracity with our mainstream media. It is what it is.

Our planet is suffering on so many levels, not the least of which is a spiritual issue, which is, for me at any rate, what we are dealing with. And there is absolutely nothing in the course of our political system which will provide a 'fix' to this spiritual issue, because that can only come...

...from within each person.

People have to WANT to change on a heart level in order to fix this mess humanity is now confronted with.

Hearts can mend and change, but it is a mighty slow process for most.




"Biden made it very clear he would make the case for state and municipality vaccine coercion; his policy directives will create financial imperatives that are defacto mandates, as has been done by Governor Newsom in California to vulnerable families on food stamps."

He can "make the case," etc., but he does not have the authority to mandate vaccine policy on a per state basis.

I don't happen to be one who feels they will be able to mandate a covid vaccine, for a variety of reasons. There are just too many issues with this particular vaccine, the least of which its high reactivity rate. Time will tell, of course, but at this juncture, I still feel that the mandating of this vaccine is premature, given it's not even been rolled out yet, and further, it's been repeatedly stated that there will be a "limited' roll out, should/if it gets rolled out at all.

Also, as reference to my earlier statement regarding 'proof' of election fraud: As I've said, stating there has been fraud is one thing, but there has to be evidence!

I'm all for providing the evidence, and should there be those who state they witnessed fraud, then by all means, PLEASE provide this evidence to an appropriate authority.

The link I provided regarding research into election/voter fraud was a REAL eye-opener for me. I hadn't even begun to consider some of the issues borne out in that article. I happened to run across that paper by simply googling "election fraud."

Personally, I do not believe there was some sort of huge ballot 'dump' in this election, but again, if that's the case then I would hope that those that claim to have witnessed this activity will quickly resolve that issue with the appropriate legal authorities. There are penalties for voter/election fraud, including prison for such type activities.

I really get tired of reading repeated statements about election fraud and then reading that thus far, no one has provided strong evidence to support these claims.

And just to note: I am neither a Trump nor a Biden supporter -- didn't vote for either one. But if one of these individuals was truly wronged in this election via election fraud, then of course that issue needs to be resolved in a court of law.


Biden made it very clear he would make the case for state and municipality vaccine coercion; his policy directives will create financial imperatives that are defacto mandates, as has been done by Governor Newsom in California to vulnerable families on food stamps.

From Civil Rights lawyer Leigh Dundas



Angus Files

Cruz on Fox: ‘The Media Doesn't Decide Elections’

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Democrat Vernon Jones Exposes His Own Party in Georgia for Election Fraud

Media Announces Biden Victory...Then Rudy Giuliani Takes the Mic With Bomb About What’s to Come

Democrats vow the election is not over until Biden wins. (AND THEY DID)
Sep 2, 2020

Pharma For Prison



Here is the link to the article that for some reason didn't paste into my last comment:


..."you are happy about Biden, knowing he will demand mandatory vaxx policies from states and municipalities?..."


Can Presidents mandate vaccines?

Answer? NO.

Why the US president can’t mandate a Covid-19 vaccine

Why the US president can’t mandate a Covid-19 vaccine
Katherine Ellen Foley
The US president can't make mandate vaccines—but they can find ways to incentivize states to do so.


..."Given that a vaccine is going to be one of the catalysts in ending the pandemic, could the president mandatethat people take it? In a word, no. The US president has never been able to impose a federal mandate of vaccines across the country, and that won’t change anytime soon..."

Also - and not taking sides here, but just saying: IF there has truly been voter fraud committed in this latest election, it is up to those of whom are stating as such to prove this with verifiable evidence in a court of law. There are penalties in place in all states should voter fraud have occurred, most especially on the scale that is being asserted by Donald Trump.

I don't mean to be a thorn in anyone's side here and although I understand the angst by many on this blog who are aghast that Biden is now our President-elect, the fact remains that there have always been assertions by both parties in the past that the other side has committed fraud, but very little in the way of verifiable proof that such ever happened.

susan welch

Cait, your post is almost exactly what I would have expected from you.

I am from UK and, completely irrelevant though my thoughts and feeling are (and I most certainly would not have been expressing them if you had not posted), I would expect an erosion of freedoms generally and in matters of health choice in particular, over the next couple of years.

For the sake of the American people I really do hope I am wrong. However, it has been the Democrats who have stripped away Religious and, even, medical exemptions in D. States in recent years. However, I expect you would find a way to defend/justify that too?


you are happy about Biden, knowing he will demand mandatory vaxx policies from states and municipalities?

He will facilitate the violation of bodily autonomy, the most important civil right of all.

For Cait


Well, if Trump can make an effective legal challenge it is up to him and courts will then have to consider it. It is unlikely that you have any special knowledge of the matter or insights. Either way people here are obviously bothered about their medical rights, from whichever part of the political spectrum they came from, and obviously you have come to crow. I wonder if Biden can heal anything and maybe you have just shown why.


Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris!

Trump is predictably claiming fraud, but then, as I recall, he was all set to claim fraud back in 2016, until... oops, he realized he had won. If the Democrats had wanted to — and been able to! — defraud him of the presidency, why didn't they do it then?

The truth is, they didn't do it in 2016, and they didn't do it in 2020. Biden's lead increased with the count not for any nefarious reason but simply because more Democrats mailed in their ballots, and in some states the mail-in ballots were counted last.

'Biden has won the election. Whether Trump concedes or not is irrelevant.

Laura Hayes

Tim Lundeen,

Thank you for the link you posted to the important and well-written article!

Angus Files

I read this one and thought cant be done surely? but its real.I dont know what Trump can do about it but the vote is not legal.

Pharma For Prison


Tim Lundeen

Trump is Right: The U.S. Election is Being Rigged -- Anthony Colpo


Ballot-count watcher claims 130,000 votes dumped for Biden
Describes incident in Detroit early Wednesday amid Trump lead

"Now, a ballot-count watcher is reporting she spoke to witnesses who described the ballot dump as "major fraud on a major scale ... that was very well organized,"

"Her report, orignally posted to Facebook Live, corroborates videos and photos from Kellye SoRelle, a Texas lawyer and member of Lawyers for Trump, of vehicles pulling up and unloading large coolers and suitcases onto wagons and roll them into the secure area."



I stayed up and watched Trump announce this about 3 am:

Frankly, we did win this election’: Donald Trump claims victory, plans to go to Supreme Court

"President Donald Trump claims he has won the election and that “fraud” is underway to snatch it from him. He said he will ask the Supreme Court to protect the integrity of the process.
The incumbent president spoke early Wednesday morning at the White House, claiming victory in several states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, where the media has so far not projected victory for either candidate."

Fulton County (GA) had a HIGHLY SUSPECT water main break that is being used as an excuse to put off final count until as late as Friday.

"A broken water pipe at the ballot processing site at State Farm arena caused a delay in Fulton County’s ability to process thousands of absentee-by-mail votes Tuesday night."

"Despite the broken pipe, which did not lead to any ballots being damaged...."

"Fulton Commission Chairman Robb Pitts told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday evening that the pipe burst at 6:07 a.m. and was repaired within two hours. The burst pipe wasn’t mentioned by county officials during a 10 a.m. press conference."

"Elections officials were still expecting results from the majority of ballots cast to be counted Tuesday night — including the roughly 315,000 early in-person votes, which represent the most popular way of voting this cycle. As of 10:15 p.m., Fulton was displaying the results of more than 170,000 votes. "

"They planned to stop scanning absentee ballots at 10:30 p.m. and pick it up back in the morning. No official could explain before press time why Fulton was stopping its count of absentee ballots at that time, only saying that was the procedure."


I voted early - three hour line.
My spouse voted today - back in 20 minutes.

Go vote! The choices are clear.


Right on, Bob Moffit.

Gary Ogden

Voted yesterday, in our high school cafeteria, and got my "I Voted" sticker. I agree with Bob. This is the most consequential presidential election for all of us.

Bob Moffit

Thanks for not endorsing one candidate over the other .. this election has split our entire country in half .. and we do not need a similar political split within our AoA community.

I believe this election is probably the most crucial election in my life .. and … casting our single vote is imperative … GOD BLESS THE USA

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