"There is a race to get the public vaccinated, so we are willing to take more risks"
The Emergency Use Authorization for Covid-19 vaccines: Ignorance is Bliss

The Ugly Truth Autism Families Are Enduring

Autism RealityNote: Below is a post I read on Facebook (and got permission to share) that sums up the experience of  thousands of autism families here and around the world. Our children, from early intervention to adulthood, are suffering, and therefore, so is the entire family.   We will always write from the perspective INSIDE the autism epidemic. Even when it's painful. Especially. 

Feel free to share your story in our comments.

Posted with permission from the author:


As this pandemic/shut down continues indefinitely, my family’s overall well being continues to worsen in almost every way. I’m pretty sure most people can not understand what it’s like having two severely autistic young men (18 & 19 yrs old) to raise, keep safe, and live harmoniously with.

They simply can not function without in person therapy, education, and support. They are spiraling into a deep depression and confusion while years of progress  are dwindling daily. Crying, biting themselves, and coming after their father and I everyday all day.

Our lives and existence were difficult without the pandemic but this is absolutely excruciating to witness and live with. I understand the reasons why most schools are closed though I absolutely do not agree with a solely special education school completely shutting down. The hybrid program they eventually tried to do, that lasted a few weeks, was only two days per week, with only three students per class. That has since shut down completely.

The fact that these schools do not see themselves as essential workers is beyond cruel and selfish. That’s right, selfish and cruel. They are supposed to be the people that understand this population. There has to be some exceptions and this should surely be one of them.

My sons can’t stay home alone while my husband and I go to work. That means, we simply can’t go to work. My kids need constant supervision. My kids receptive language skills are not high enough to explain why they are trapped at home and not aloud to go anywhere. Staying in this state of affairs is only magnifying the problem.

If we have to continue this way much longer, they will most likely never recover from the damage that is being done. I am past angry. I am beyond sad and disappointed. My spirit is crushed. My soul is broken. I’ll never trust them again. I now know that my children are just a number. Looked at as not important enough to do anything for.


Jill in MI

Fauci now calls for schools to be open. Is that an easier conduit to give the vaccines? Just my opinion.


Kim - allowed? Not aloud...
Thank you!
"For Irena" - relax, just another typo


New Study Shows 84 Percent Decrease in Hospitalization Rates for COVID-19 Patients Treated with Hydroxychloroquine

"The doctors responsible for a controversial pro-hydroxychloroquine study are defending their work after it was attacked by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Dr. Anthony Fauci at a recent Congressional hearing.

Drs. Adnan Munkarah and Steven Kalkanis wrote in an open letter that “a whole scientific field exists in which scientists examine how a drug is working in the real world to get as best an answer as they can as soon as possible,” which Dr. Fauci did not acknowledge in his complete dismissal of their work.

Munkarah works as the chief clinical officer of the Henry Ford Health System while Kalkanis works as the chief academic officer for the system. They are standing by their findings and refusing to buckle under the political pressure.

“Our promising Henry Ford treatment study should be considered as another important contribution to the other studies of hydroxychloroquine that describes what the authors found in our patient population,” Munkarah and Kalkanis wrote. “We — along with all doctors and scientists — eagerly support the need for randomized clinical trials.”

“Unfortunately, the political climate that has persisted has made any objective discussion about this drug impossible, and we are deeply saddened by this turn of events,” they wrote, noting they they believe that the science should “speak for itself.”"


This is heartbreaking. I think it also illustrates that autism requires treatment, not just Special Education. Treatment is medically necessary and essential. I am grateful that medically necessary ABA has been provided to my son through the pandemic by dedicated and caring providers. They have recognized how critical these services are to my son and our family. It's a shame and a public policy failure that special education and medically necessary treatment are so rarely combined effectively. Families are forced to choose one or the other or sometimes don't even have access to both. Many end up choosing by default instead of what is most appropriate for the child and family.


Fauci is now calling for schools to be open.

Did N.Y. winning lawsuits have anything to do with it? The science was on their side. So is the state Constitution:


For all those who have prayed for my brother in-law, thank you! His oxygen levels were stabilized over night, and while still on oxygen, we are hopeful he is turning the corner to recovery from Covid 19.
He and his wife are public school teachers and have been in the classroom during this time. My brother in-law has diabetes and was susceptible, but his wife and son have been fine. I think public schools should furlough teachers who are in the high risk category, and ALL OTHERS should teach a regular classroom schedule, including special ed programs. There is no reason not to do this. We have enough data on who is really vulnerable. We also have hydroxychloroquine, vitamins, and monoclonal antibody treatments. There should be a national protocol to get these treatments started EARLY, and hospitalization could be avoided.

My eldest received the beginning of the new 1987 vaccine schedule. There was no help, there was no knowledge of what had happened to him, and later that information was covered up. One of mine developed full blown autistic behaviors- delayed speech, biting tic, severe constipation, headaches, high fevers, and massive meltdowns. He was two years older than his baby brother, and I had to protect the baby from being bitten by the elder, 24/7. A horror story. I never was able to enjoy my babies. I can relate to the pain and suffering this Facebook mom is suffering.

My only help and hope in that very dark time was Jesus. I prayed one prayer constantly, "Help me Jesus." And He did. I won't go into the long story, but the outcome is that the child with "autism" is able to live a completely independent life and earns a good living as a computer programmer. We all have different situations, and each child is unique, but in any situation, God can give us the "peace which passeth all understanding."

The following is a short, relevant Bible study that you might find encouraging:

Donna L.

Amen to what Cherry Misra said: "it is the same people putting on this scamdemic who caused the autism."

Beleaguered Autism Mom

I wanted to advise the person who posted this on Facebook that Aces ABA services has multiple offices across the country. Your health plan must cover ABA services. Although group sessions at the local office closed briefly in the beginning, in home support services never stopped (no masks required at home). They view their services as essential. We should support and recommend all providers who continue to provide services. The local school district started providing services in September, but I think most of the time there is wasted hassling my son about not wearing his mask properly. So be careful of what you wish for - I think we are setting our kids up for further abuse by demanding services from people who clearly do not want to provide services. I agree with Cherry Misra "the same people putting on this scamdemic caused autism." This is an epic battle. Don't give up. There are people willing to help. Find them. Ultimately solutions will occur, and they should be defined by the injured not the perpetrators.

Sherri Peters

Grace - That's the point, there is no one else who can watch them. There is no place else to go. Trying to find help for the older, non-verbal ones is nearly impossible due to aggression, behaviors, recurring infections, food issues, etc. etc. The chronic exhaustion for the at home parent is brutal. This is what it's like for this percentage of the autism population when they age out of school and no day programs will take them because "aggressive behaviors" is noted on their record.
Living the same day of OCD and whatever else over and over again is torturous at times. It's not about not trying hard enough to find solutions or lack of love. If the love weren't so profound it wouldn't beat the shit out of you the way it does when you see how your children, through no fault of their own, suffer.

Grace Green

people around the world are waking up to the fact that this situation is being imposed (on those who are willing to put up with it) by a criminal organization. many are starting to resist. You do not have to comply with the orders of a criminal gang - or a nazi government. In Scotland they have even said you do not have to comply if you can't, because of illness, disability or emergency. It's common sense. I understand that essential services have been removed from your children, but if there is anything you can do to relieve their suffering, and yours, you should not hesitate to do so. If they prosecute you, then you will have an opportunity in court to tell them what caused your children's condition - and they won't want that to be heard in a public court of law, will they?

Cherry Misra

Thankyou to A O A for publishing this tragic account - for not running from the truth. How I wish I could help these beleaguered parents. Autism is truly a vail of tears and so few realize that. In my opinion it is the same people putting on this scamdemic who caused the autism. Why would they want to focus on it at this time. ?
Can we say Autism the real pandemic Covid the illusion pandemic. ?


Same situation here.

Bob Moffit

The man once said … 'THE CURE FOR COVID CANNOT BE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE" .. yet here we are … with tens of thousands of families caring for their beloved autistic children in their isolated homes .. absent any compassionate understanding and relief from SPECIAL EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS … who have CHOSEN to abandon their former students with special needs in favor of isolating THEMSELVES.

God bless all who find themselves caring for their children who … ".... simply can not function without in person therapy, education, and support. They are spiraling into a deep depression and confusion while years of progress are dwindling daily. Crying, biting themselves, and coming after their father and I everyday all day."

In my humble opinion .. the description provided is one which defines the CURE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE.


So terribly sad.

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