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The 2020 Thanksgiving Cornu-HOPE-ia

Thanks Age of AutismHappy Thanksgiving.

I have a "4oth" anniversary New Yorker cartoon book.  The dates of the cartoons are 1955 - 1965.  I was paging through it the other day and came across this Thanksgiving cartoon below. The cornucopia translates to "horn of plenty." In this cartoon, you can see that the horn is full of past due bills and troubles. This is our 2020 Thanksgiving in an acorn shell, wouldn't you say? The lock downs and sanctions and rules and rule changes have decimated businesses around the world.  Businesses are families. Men. Women. Moms. Dads. We're all feeling a pinch, to some degree.

On this Thanksgiving 2020, I am grateful for food on our table, health, friends, family and all of our AofA readers. We quietly celebrated our 13th year this month. Lucky 13 indeed! What a year! Onward, we will honor Dan's mission as long as we can. XOX  Thank you.  Kim Make a tax free DONATION here.

Good old fashioned paper check? Autism Age PO Box 110546, Trumbull CT 06611 EIN 14-1831987







@ Gary

Speaking of freedom of the press, Candace won a huge legal victory in her lawsuit against a Facebook Fact-checker who censored her true statement that “Joe Biden is literally and legally not the President-elect. So why is the media pretending he is?”

After losing they posted this:

"Correction: PolitiFact originally labeled this video false in our capacity as a third-party fact-checker for Facebook.

On Nov. 20, an appeal to that decision was made on behalf of Ms. Owens.

PolitiFact approved the appeal on Nov. 20, determined that a correction was appropriate, and removed the false rating."



Gary Ogden

Emmaphiladelphia: Robert E. Lee was indeed a great American, as well as the nation's top military leader. President Lincoln wanted him to lead the Union forces in the war between the states (it was not a civil war, but an attack by Lincoln on the southern states), but he refused to go to war against his home state, Virginia. In the beginning the U.S. was a confederation of states, and the states had a great deal of sovereignty. 1865 saw the end of that, and began the inexorable expansion of the federal government into the oppressive behemoth we know today. Lincoln had no interest in freeing the slaves. He, and others, preferred solving this vexing problem by shipping them to West Africa or Central America. Preserving the union was Lincoln's only motivation for this incredibly destructive act. While very few in number today, in the middle of the 19th Century most white Americans were white supremacists, and understandably so, the way blacks were treated as something subhuman, as property with no rights.


Currently, freedom of the press is under fire. Vandalism is now "free speech," with the toppling of statues. One targeted statue was Robert E. Lee. I just came across this article about his father, "Light Horse Harry" Lee, a Revolutionary War hero and ally of George Washington. Evidently, he took seriously the freedoms enumerated in the Constitution, and nearly died defending them...twice.

This is an account I had never heard before of his defense of freedom of the press, EVEN ONE HE DISAGREED WITH.

"Light-Horse Harry's Tragic Fight for Freedom of the Press:
In the bitter debate over the War of 1812, the decorated veteran nearly died fighting a Baltimore mob in defense of an unpopular Federalist publisher."

I am thankful for those who have defended this right, even to the point of death.

Kathy Sincere

Things to be thankful for this holiday season: Age of Autism, Kim Rossi, Laura Hayes, John Stone, Bob Moffit and all the wonderful people who comment on this site.

Laura Hayes - Thank you for your very generous donation offer! I just donated to AoA a few weeks ago but heck, I'm going to do so again! I so appreciate everything you have done to support our autistic community through your writings, speeches and general activism. You are an inspiration for all of us!


Thank you Kim and AOA. It is an oasis of free speech and truth. A place to find fellowship in our unique and often challenging world. Thank you Laura for your generous matching donation challenge. I am thankful for my family and the MANY blessings that have been poured out on us IN THE MIDST of our present challenges.

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever." Psalm 23: 5-6

Gary Ogden

Thanks Kim, Laura, Bob, and everyone else in this wonderful community. Another reason to be thankful today: the Supreme Court has just struck a blow for religious freedom!

Laura Hayes

Dear Kim,

I am happy to match all donations which come in during the next 2 weeks, today through Thursday, Dec. 10th, up to $5,000. This includes donations made online, or postmarked today through Dec. 10th, 2020.

AoA readers, please join me in supporting:

- AoA Managing Editor, Kim Rossi, raising 3 young adult daughters with "autism", who somehow manages to maintain this blog on a daily basis...no small feat
- This important news outlet, which does not censor, and which questions, challenges, and exposes false narratives on a daily basis
-The wonderful support this website provides for so many of us whose children's lives were derailed and decimated by "routine" childhood vaccinations

Please click the donation link above, or write a check payable to Autism Age, right now, lest you forget amidst the holiday festivities...and know that your donation will be matched/doubled until the $5,000 limit is met, through 12-10-20!

Bob Moffit

Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful AoA community … we are truly THANFULL that AoA remains a steady influence in our often troubled lives. GOD BLESS ALL

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